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  1. I bought Sawyers. Received it on Friday. Sprayed my shell down. Got dressed on Saturday AM and found a tick hanging out in my pants(not my shell pants) from last weekend. Everything has been washed at this point and appropriate items have been treated. Ticks have me freaked out this year.
  2. I'm actually in Montgomery County. Almost CNY.
  3. Thank you. I'm loving hunting. I'll probably love it more when I fill my freezer for the first time. It is becoming an obsession.
  4. Nice! Thank you. I'm going to check it out today.
  5. Hello folks. I'm a novice hunter from almost Central NY. I live amongst the cow fields about 20 minutes south of the ADK park. I'm here hoping that I can learn from those who know more than I do. That's probably most of you. LOL. This is my second season and so far I still have all of my tags. I have a rifle but I'm not comfortable shooting it in the area I hunt due to people being near. I'm hoping to fill at least one of my tags before Dec 19.
  6. Can anyone recommend a good tick repellent that doesn't stink too badly? I typically spray my gear and clothes and check myself over very thoroughly when I get home. I also have my wife look me over to get a second set of eyes and to have someone check spots I can't see. This weekend I went out for about 5 hours on Saturday afternoon. It was pretty warm so I sprayed and checked. Thought I was good when I was done but I woke up the next morning to a tick chomping down on my junk (yeah, that junk). I take tick nosode and tick pathogen regularly so I wasn't too freaked about infection. I got it out pretty quickly, took an antibiotic for 2 days. I feel OK and no bullseye so I think I'm OK but I definitely DO NOT want that to happen again. I'm a ground hunter so I'm sure ticks will always be a problem to deal with but I want to limit exposure as much as possible. Any recommendations?