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  1. New hunter to NY here. Found some public land to hunt, it’s a WMA. I wish I read the regs more thoroughly because I threw up a ladder stand yesterday and today when I was re-reading them, I saw you can’t put temporary stands on WMAs, only on state forests and other such state land. I honestly didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to, I even put my name and license # on the stand. I was going to go take it down tomorrow but it’s an hour drive so I wanted to ask, what do DEC officers do if they find a ladderstand like mine on a WMA? Is this an automatic fine or whatever? Will they just call me and tell m
  2. I'm selling a brand new, never been set up or shot Bear Whitetail Legend recurve compound bow with hard case and some accessories. The bow has been stored in the case since it was brand new. I am asking $300 or will take best offer. Shipping, if necessary will cost additional or be set up paud for and scheduled by the buyer. If you have any questions or are interested please feel free to email me at [email protected]
  3. Maybe im jumpin the gun a bit quick but..... As the 2019 deer season is coming fast and the live from the woods thread is going to light up like a christmas tree(better train this kid at work fast so i can follow up on all the deer porn)...The quickly approaching season has got new topics popping up and me getting antsy sooo...... Is there anyone with a new approach to this years season different from the past? Different preparations for the season,etc. Accomplishment's/goals you are shooting for in the 2019 season? Shorter/longer sits etc. A few of mine..
  4. 2018 HuntingNY Bow/Archery Harvest Thread Post up pics of your 2018 archery season deer here! Only pictures with the associated story will be allowed in this thread. If you want to congratulate someone, please do it by clicking on the "like this" button for the post. There will be no exceptions. Feel free to start a new thread if you wish to have comments in addition to posting the photo / story here.
  5. Hello folks. I'm a novice hunter from almost Central NY. I live amongst the cow fields about 20 minutes south of the ADK park. I'm here hoping that I can learn from those who know more than I do. That's probably most of you. LOL. This is my second season and so far I still have all of my tags. I have a rifle but I'm not comfortable shooting it in the area I hunt due to people being near. I'm hoping to fill at least one of my tags before Dec 19.
  6. So I'm a hunter on the cheap. I'm a big proponent of used and budget equipment when it comes to hunting, after all it's about the cleanest kill, not the most expensive equipment. With that said, my bow is an old hoyt raider, it has wheels, not cams. I shoot 70lbs @31" draw and shoot carbon arrows to maximize my speed (its more than fast enough to kill deer). So here's the issue... I have the bow tuned surpringly well with the generic Allen (i think they're actually called kryptos?) arrows that you buy at walmart individually for about $3-4. The 31" arrows say theyre rated for up to 70lbs
  7. The 2017 what did you do to prepare for this hunting season? Did you add new stands? Practice shooting all year? Get some new land or land access? What are you looking forward to this year? What are your hunting traditions? Lets see some pics of whatever you did in the off season that are hunting related (Stands, fields, planting, bow/gun practice)
  8. We are only few days away from the 2017 Southern Zone Bow Season, the Northern Zone kicked off their Season a days ago. We want to wish everyone a safe, fun and successful hunting season! Please make sure you keep us updated with reports of your hunts successful or not. Again, please be safe and have fun. We wanted to point out a few important threads on the https://huntingny.com/forums/ forums to check out. The 2017 "Live From the Stand / Woods" thread is up with quite a few posts already for the 2017 season of live action from the woods, 8th year in a row! -> https://huntingny.
  9. Are there areas in 1C that do not require parking permits reservations etc.? Any public land you can just pull up to a trail head and get after it?
  10. 2011 PSE Stinger HP 50-60lb Limbs Single Cam, 75% Letoff 25" - 30" Draw 30.75" ATA / 4.2lbs I purchased this bow used over the summer and have since upgraded. The bow comes with stabilizer, 3 pin sight and quiver. Needs a rest and string. Cable is brand new and does not need replacement. I had the bow professionally tuned when I purchased it and it was pulling 27 1/8" and 61lbs. More pictures upon request. $100 and shipped free USPS to anywhere in NY or bordering states.
  11. This is my second year bowhunting and have yet to take a buck in gun (4 years) or bow. Today I was out deer hunting and about 10:30 3 doe stroll through so I took a shot at one and missed, luckily found my arrow. 25 yrds 15 minutes later a 4 point comes through from the direction that the 3 doe's went to, took a shot again and missed. Keep in mind I am in my treestand and its the first time I have shot an arrow from my treestand. This is the third time I have missed this year. The first time was from the ground at about 30 yards. Last year I did well during practice, a
  12. Are you an outdoorsman? Do you hunt frequently? Do you experience the struggles of lifting your deer, elk, bear, or other kill onto your truck, ATV, or Gator? We’d like to interest you in our hunting hoist. My sons and I also had these problems. I created a solution with my portable hoist system. Our simple to use design allows flexibility to your hunt that other hoists can’t compare to. Simply attach our hoist to a tree, tie up the feet, crank the line, and you’re on your way! Check out what other customers had to say at http://huntersportablehoist.webs.com/testimonials where you can also fin
  13. Hey all, I've recently got interested in hunting last season, mind you, I've never been hunting and I did not grow up in a family that hunts. I've been reading through articles, books and trying to apply everything I've read in the field and scouting. I'm probably going about this the hardest way possible but, since I already have a recurved bow, that is what I'm starting with. It is a 58" recurve with a 50lb draw weight and it was made by my father. He took up archery and building bow and arrows in his retirement. I haven't found anyone in my profession that hunts, thus why I'm turn
  14. Does anyone have experience with odorless bow oil? I'd like to add some lubricant to the cam pins, which have a faint squeak when drawing the string. I've also read that vegetable oil is a suitable alternative, but I'm curious to learn of other bowhunters' experiences using one, the other, or both. Thanks in advance...
  15. The DEC today announced the availability of a Draft Environmental Assessment for Deer Damage Management in New York. The Public can comment on the draft by close-of-business January 15, 2016. Here is a link to the draft document: http://www.regulations.gov/contentStreamer?documentId=APHIS-2015-0093-0001&disposition=attachment&contentType=pdf Comments can be mailed to: USDA APHIS Wildlife Services 1930 Route 9 Castleton, NY 12033-9653 Comments can be entered online here: http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=APHIS-2015-0093
  16. Hello everyone, I am a member of Ron Kings Quiver Loops Prostaff, our company has designed a great new product that makes bow hunting a lot easier. This new quiver loop that has been developed attaches to your quiver and allows something to hang your quiver while in a tree stand. They're made here in the USA out of high quality para cord, available in several colors! Check out our website @ www.ronkingsquiverloops.com Thanks! Brian Morrison RKQL Pro-Staff Fort Plain New York
  17. My buddy Tom was luck to get his first buck this year and it is his first year hunting for deer! Congratulations Tom, hope this is first of many!!!
  18. We are only a few days away from the 2014 Bow Season for the Southern Zone and Suffolk County, the Northern Zone kicked off their Season on the 27th. We want to wish everyone a safe and successful bow hunting season! Please make sure you keep us updated with reports of your hunts successful or not. We actually had someone in the Northern zone already post with a buck down, check it out here: http://huntingny.com/forums/topic/24478-2014-hunting-ny-archery-harvest-thread/ If you are a part of the 2014 Whitetail Challenge please find your thread that was made just for you to post, your usern
  19. NFA-ADK

    ADK Bow

    Good luck to all the bow hunters tomorrow up in the Northern tier. Hope you get to use your tags!!! Be safe, hope to see some early success!
  20. I'm a new hunter (this past season) and new to the state (this past year). Stationed at and living on West Point, in Orange County. Hunted my butt off this past season with a bow and some good friends that showed me the ropes and brought me out to some drives. Got 2 does back to back on the second to the last day of bow season here, and am doing my reading, research, scouting and practicing so I will be ready to go next year. Found the site today trying to determine if "Deer Cane" and other attractants are illegal (and now know they are) in the state, and am glad I found the forum.
  21. Hey, I know it's late into the season for this but I'm just feeling it out for the future. I'm new to hunting, and I live in Brooklyn. I have a couple of friends in 3s that hunt but its not that easy to coordinate with them. Anybody closer to Brooklyn that would possibly be looking to partake when possible. I have no problem traveling a bit if timing is right. I also own a trailer in nj that is about 15 minutes from Orange County and from what I heard there is state land there but I have no information about it. Oh btw I have bow and I'm In the process of going through the nyc process in orde
  22. This is one of the coolest hunting vids I've seen in awhile. Felt like a movie but clearly real life! cheers http://huntervids.com/videos/ambush-montana-wild/
  23. Since they introduced Oct 1st as the opener I never get to be in the woods on opening day for Bow Season. However, I always get up there for the opening weekend. Taking off Friday and heating up Thursday night, can't wait! Good luck all.
  24. Twas the night before bow season, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The bowstrings where waxed and in their cases with care, In hopes that deer season would soon be there. The Northern Zone already had their early bow season kick off on Sept. 27th, the Southern Zone kicks off tomorrow, October 1st. We want to wish everyone a successful and safe hunting season, let us know how opening week / weekend goes! We wanted to point out a few important threads on the HuntingNY.com site to check out. The 2013 "Live From the Stand / Woods" thread is
  25. I just recently read an article on my Field and stream reader app on how removing your bow grip can improve your accuracy. They are saying the less you have to hold, the less of a chance you have to torque or alter the bow when releasing. I understand the logic behind the theory, and it seems to make some sense. Has anyone ever tried this? Does Removing a Bow's Grip Improve Accuracy?
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