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  1. Happy Birthday. Hope it’s a great day for you!
  2. Good luck today and Happy Birthday @mowin I hope your birthday wish of a BBD happens and no matter what you get birthday cake later...cake is good makes the day better. Enjoy the day!
  3. Sounds pretty cool JeremyK I am sure you’re gonna get to use it soon to recover your deer. Please let me know how it goes it looked pretty straight forward on TV perhaps cost will come down in time but it’s pretty cool technology and seemed to work well in thick stuff fields hillsides etc
  4. Wolc I saw that Leuopold came out with a monocular scope that can pick up heat signatures very sensitive I guess and can do it over long distances I saw some TV hunters use it and it looked like it worked pretty well but it’s 400 bucks perhaps it could lead to quicker recovery? but following a blood trail is a lot cheaper as is calling a dog tracking service but I guess once they get over on the neighbors and neighbors who won’t let you recover deer none of this matters.
  5. Wolc perhaps he died after midnight perhaps he died before midnight we will never know I hope just lucky gets em either way. I have searched for wounded/dead deer at night and found some and lost some I have also waited overnight and found some and did not find some I guess I’m just lucky to because in all of my cases where I waited and recovered the deer the coyotes had not got to it yet Typically you’re talking about 14 to say 17 hours or so window is short The other thing was he did not want to push the deer to the neighbors so guessing it might’ve been close to a property line I’ve always kind of found these our case by case scenarios you never know until you encounter it and sometimes it’s good to push and sometimes it’s good to wait we will have to see if he is just lucky
  6. After the first 3 or 4 days believe early season afternoon hunts are better than morning hunts. Around October 18 to the 20th morning hunts become as productive as the afternoon hunts. From there on out until about this week or next morning and afternoon’s are equally productive in my mind. By late next week I believe that it shifts back to afternoon hunts. late rifle muzzle loading our prime times to take a big shooter in the afternoons as they turn their attention back to food and if you have food plots and it’s cold you’re likely going to draw some deer you haven’t seen as the pressure drops in my opinion this is one of my favorite times of the year to hunt now. But pretty much afternoons only sunny cold blue sky afternoons in ground blinds overlooking food plots will improve your odds I also think the first few days of bow season can be magical if you can find a shooter before the season starts and put a good plan together on nailing him. BTW all of the above really doesn’t matter if you only have limited times to hunt So go when you able or when friends and family go to
  7. Might end up being 11 waiting with fingers crossed for Justlucky
  8. Way to go @Bowshotmuzzleloader The bux just keep fallin today. Congrats
  9. Lomax


    Yupper towing heavy stuff eats up tires and brakes. I don’t miss towing my camper or boat I sold... it may have saved my truck. plowing and towing equipment are hard on a vehicles tires so 20k lies isn’t too bad
  10. Lomax


    @mowin i had cooper starfires on my truck for last 3 years I got 48k miles out of them. Mostly short commutes to work and clients. I was actually surprised at how well they hold up so I got them again hopefully they last like the last set did fingers crossed