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  1. Looks good. That should fill up with woodies and black dux and teal this fall. Can’t wait to see the pics.
  2. Here is a better pic not sure why but lately when I download pics they just turn out black out
  3. Just pulled cards and this is from Friday morning about 11 30. When I was driving around to the cameras pulling cards he was hammering away must have gobbled a dozen times. Think I’m going to have to try the nine to noon hunt this week see if I can get him.
  4. Up and getting ready to try and get a bird or donate a pint to the mosquitoes whichever comes first
  5. Looks great Rob All the hard work and sweat equity will pay off it takes time but very rewarding
  6. The fisher pics were cool as hell we don’t have them here in my area yet no bears yet either Kinda like that but don’t think it will stay that way forever. Got 1st bobcat pics in 18 yrs here this winter. Covered in deer this morning but not a Turkey yet today. Good luck TF just a matter of timing for you.
  7. Hmmm. Well the guy at BP did say the new real decoys worked like a charm. Perhaps a deer deke will pull in some turkeys.
  8. All quiet here in 7f. No gobbles or hens wandering through yet. Poke and hope mission.
  9. Giving it a go this morning. Good luck
  10. Congratulations Moog. Beautiful new home and deer retrieving rig. Victor is a nice place spent a lot of time at Pinnacle for my daughters softball always saw a lot of deer there.
  11. I hunt mostly by myself during the week but on weekends my son will join me as that’s when he can go. I enjoy both but it’s better with him. Have a few other friends who I occasionally hunt and fish with and some clients from time to time too. Hiking with weapons is a great way to create memories w friends family or by yourself
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