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  1. In quietly and good wind the rest is up to getting my herd of girls to drag a shooter by.
  2. Plots are drawing in more as it begins to cool down finally. By mid to late Nov early Dec they should be prime by then.
  3. Perhaps but have sights on different one and it’s early still and have next week off so really looking to see this one up close but not sure yet. Maybe tomorrow I will catch him closer. Tomorrow morning is looking excellent for early bow.
  4. That’s still a little too far with the bow but with a rifle you can see a nice laneway and shoot 400+ yards if you’re able. Last night he circled in behind me in At about 70 yards in some thick stuff behind the Buckform. He And a few small bucks have been doing this for the past three days now. Hopefully he gets tired and makes a mistake when he’s chasing them by me that’s the plan anyhow
  5. 285 but cut into hillside after does. His MO is to harass a group of does and then MoveOn when they aren’t receptive. Since this weekend the camera show he has been moving day and night especially today in the cold I think tomorrow morning could be epic.
  6. He has been feeding in front of my blind end of the field. Wind is in my favor.
  7. Just settled in and have the same 8 in my field bumping does Come on girls bring him my way
  8. You forgot riding up to the camera on the 4 wheeler. I do about a dozen cameras this way on my 4 wheeler. Very quick in and out and downloaded 500 pics plus weekly. Game is used to it.
  9. Bucktober Bucktober Bucktober….just sayin you got this. Kinda like squid games they signed up for this.
  10. Do the same use an iPad and it syncs w my iPhone so easy to use download and store pics and videos… several years worth. Perhaps one of the better technology scouting improvements for hunting folk
  11. Congrats good practice for the big buck your gonna bag this week. Yup out of the bullpen on the mound it’s the big show now.
  12. Just settled in and have good 8 pt chasing a doe around in front of me just out of range.
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