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  1. OK so I didn’t check for a frank and beans but I did ask him if he wanted some of the frank Thomas stuff and Houston I think we have a problem he asked for Goli and the J Lo stuff instead ha. He she gets a pass from me I don’t wanna burn my buck tag on it nor do I want to burn a doe tag on it I can pursue larger ones. My guess is it will flee during the rut may not make it if it does there’s always next year.
  2. Here’s another pic of stubs today I believe he’s 11/2 yrs old as he similar in size to this full grown doe.
  3. Well Stubsy did ask to be identified as a doe this year but who knows he she could just be insecure…probably turn into a Booner in a 5 yrs ha
  4. I bet that button buck tasted good on thanksgiving your plate of food and can of Genny are spot on I like Turkey and all the other fixings and am thankful for that. My wife is a great cook and turns cardboard into delicious moist white Turkey breast and we usually have some venison too. I probably could shoot a dozen fawns a year if I wanted and it was legal but I’m glad it’s not I have taken my share of little ones…just not my thing i would rather see them mature a bit as it’s more enjoyable to me to be patient and hunt the older wiser heavy ones that are a challenge.
  5. Yeah good gene pool ha. I call him Stubbs. He was about 10 yards in that pic last night he came down and investigated while I was checking cams he’s done that a few times though that was the closest he’s got I think I’m going to use him as the weak buck decoy this year
  6. 1 1/2 yr old stubby i took video of last night checking cams they can still look like button bux though.
  7. Plots are looking good for this season though haven’t seen any good bux yet. Mowed today hopefully done doing that
  8. I did got a 2 gallon sprayer and used it for glyc roundup first then rinsed it and used it for plot starter and plot boost. No issues Since they’re pretty cheap 20+bucks just bought another. So have one for both now.
  9. No worries Biz…my grandsons old school when it comes to opening day jerseys but his team pulled thru ha
  10. My grandsons first football Sunday and his team pulled off a opening day victory.
  11. Charlie enjoying September. Ha whats your front yard view this fall?
  12. I planted radishes in those plots. Yes I put in several plots of various sizes and offerings. the herd seems to like more being spread out when the feed. I don’t do any soil tests but figured I’d try the sprays this year. Haven’t fertilized yet but I might but the plots are doing well. Another month and they should be like this size
  13. Good progress so far and healthy looking green
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