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  1. Friendly dekes in the field here in the Fingerlakes Perhaps Tom will swing by and sit for a spell.
  2. Cold 36 degrees here no snow and wind is 7 NNW. Not your typical May 1st but ain’t gonna get them from the couch. Good luck
  3. Was just out listening for any goblin or fly ups into my pines but holy wind Batman. My blinds haven’t blown away yet gonna be cold and they are calling for snow overnight brrr. Cards showed a hen wandering a few days ago. good luck to all that make it out and be safe.
  4. Caught some movement in the front lawn this morning and thought we had a couple turkeys out there nope just some geese think they were looking for a nesting spot
  5. Great pics Jerry Good luck if you’re getting after them this weekend
  6. Springtime leftovers with nubs. Going to be a lot of fawns soooooon.
  7. Charlie is back overseeing the grill
  8. Nice looking dag.
  9. Congratulations on some great birds and memories to boot
  10. Great pics looking good for May
  11. I am hopeful looking forward to getting out in May. Good luck to you as well
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