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  1. Here is a decent sized one living in my landscaping keeps the chipmunks in check BTW got this butterfly pic today but it’s not a monarch which I am seeing a lot of now. Any ideas on what this is
  2. Got my fall throne browsing book as well. Love looking at the new guns and rifles. It reminds me of getting the Sears and Roebuck catalog for Christmas when I was 7.
  3. That’s a ringer. Same buck me thinks.
  4. Chef Charlie checking on the steaks
  5. Great place little bit swanky lots to do Enjoy. Hope weather is good.
  6. Some nice bux. Great pics
  7. Tremain State park at base of Cayuga Lake is a great park not far from WG you’ll need to make reservations. Though not sure if they have cabins. Also Selkirk shores state park outside of Pulaski has nice cabins but highly sought so reserve in advance. I like this place in late Aug cause you can go to the Salmon River and sometimes catch early runs of kings and cohos And visit friends at Brennan beach big camping trailer park type place. Enjoy and post up pics wherever you end up
  8. I guess I could probably retire now if I wanted to but I really don’t I am 54 and I have two payments left on my mortgage plenty of money in the bank and in retirement to live off of if I wanted to but truthfully I enjoy work still and doing it about 30 years now. I would like another 8 to 10 years God willing. I originally had plans to retire at 55 but now that it’s looming that plan seems to have faded guess I want to feel I still have it and can contribute like my younger coworkers and I help teach them do not make the mistakes I did. Sometimes perspectives change as you age and what see
  9. That is awesome Cory. Looks like a great patriotic day. Here is a coincidence my daughter is working down in Baltimore as a traveling nurse and went to the Nationals game and the fireworks at the national mall too. She said best fireworks ever.
  10. Nice Bux. Gonna have some choices this fall
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