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  1. Lomax

    2019 Gun Buck

    Nice mature buck great mount to boot
  2. Campfire nite. Burning up some olde dead pine and it’s a crackling good
  3. I own 48 acres and it’s right out my backdoor. I have another 80 acres that is also family farm but really haven’t hunted it much in past 5 yrs. I have several clients that have offered permission to hunt their properties and occasionally I do. But for the most part 95% of the time I hunt my own. Pretty good habitat mix of field and woods part Used to be an old Christmas tree farm and part of it was in abandon dairy farm. Small creek runs through it soil is really good and neighbors are not big Deerhunters only a few and picky like me. I have a couple different bedding sanctuary areas plenty of food and light to moderate pressure. I call it the zoo
  4. I put this blind in 2 days ago went out this morning to brush it in and pulled card and the deer already seem good with it.
  5. He’s a nice buck but would give him a pass til next year see if he rebounded and balanced out his rack
  6. Lomax


    My son got 3 birds. He is making jerky out of his. Can’t wait to try it
  7. Lomax


    There were five of them they handed out and Cato yesterday here is their set up
  8. Lomax


    My son Eric and his friend Joel along with a few other friends did pretty well yesterday on the geese
  9. Maybe I should practice out the front window this beautiful morning
  10. Nice pics Red. Nice buck he has put on some mass. Would like to see your hands wrapped around the bases come Thanksgiving this year good luck
  11. Same here...used to shoot year round...now a quick tune in prior to the season...then just a couple of shots here and there to make sure still on. I keep my shots 40 yds and under so no long range practice. Sometimes too much practice w a bow can develop bad habits that are hard to change.