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  1. Nice. would find a nice Evening the 1st week or so and sit for the 10 pass the rest you might catch him them before the bachelor group breaks up or smack down come Nov.
  2. Nice Bachelor groups on pattern can lead to fantastic opportunities in the first week or so of bow. Good luck hope to see you w your hands wrapped round that tens bases by Columbus Day...,if they don’t cancel that too haha
  3. Yeah Zag lots of Daddyball coaches out there we have learned to avoid them. We looked for and found former college players who still love the game and who have lived the life of playing at highest levels are the most experienced most important w no daughter on the team. Then they care about all improving instead of just their own kid especially on the local level but in travel ball too.
  4. We play in Jessup Pa on Sunday and staying In Moosic. Not sure of Sunday game time. Hoping we get tomorrow’s games in w rain coming.
  5. We have 2 games in Scranton tomorrow and one on Sunday.
  6. Getting ready for 1st pitch.
  7. Lunchtime in the AC office today too hot to eat outside
  8. We won tonight 7 to 5 which is amazing because we were down five to nothing for five innings then exploded for five and tied them and then eventually beat them in the heat it was a good game for both sites my daughter went O-fer 3 w a walk and run scored and she pitched the last inning in relief. We only played one game but it was good
  9. Haha we are usually at Spring Lake Park but some other teams are there tonight I like that park no shade here at this one it’s a hot one good night for a road soda Good luck
  10. Harris Whalen Park in Penfield
  11. Looks like rain in Scranton this weekend so yeah maybe some day drinking if we get rained out.....a six pack six feet apart...
  12. We are en route to Rochester for doubleheader tonight. We are in the Scranton tournament and staying hotel. We mask up in the hotel and do takeout and sit by ourselves at games Oh use stairs and avoid elevators Kids are made to socially distance best they can coaches too. Wash hands w sanitizer everywhere so far so good but there is stlll some risk but yes it’s great to see your kids enjoying the summer game we love. If anything for 2 hrs it’s seems like old times pre pandemic then back to this crazy batshit world
  13. A little chickon tonite. It’s a warm one later cook out tonight. Shooter be a good night swimming evening