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  1. Very interested in this I have 25 hp tractor and want something just like that as I have been hand planting corn beans and food plots. Have been doing some research and searching for units most are fairly expensive but these are so versatile and much more efficient. Believe you’re gonna like having it should be fun planting this spring and summer with it. Please post up when you use it that would be cool to see if you don’t mind
  2. Perhaps you could brand it Aunt Jemowin. Kinda catchy don’t you think ha Seriously can’t wait to see more it looks like a ton of work but my guess is very fulfilling. Final product is gonna be Sweet!
  3. Buddy sent me this one.....same deer or different....pics are one night apart. Time to look for sheds!
  4. Pretty cool looking. They both look great on that wall. Congrats
  5. Venison pot roast in the skillet sloooow cooked.
  6. Lomax

    Muzzleloader Buck

    Pretty cool. I like that look.
  7. Key Bank continues to trend up and pays very nice dividends too.
  8. Maybe this will help I just googled finding baseball card values and a ton of sites popped up this one looked free perhaps you can check it outMaybe this will help I just googled finding baseball card values and a ton of sites popped up this one looked free perhaps you can check it out
  9. Look for rookie cards for players like Derek Jeter Barry Bonds Arod Ken Griffey Jr. Albert Puljos Rickey Henderson Mark Maguire Randy Johnson the pre rookies or rookie cards are typically the money ones. error cards can be worth a ton but u really have to know them to find them. good luck and let us know if you hit any Homeruns on this find.
  10. Still a ways off from retirement at 54 and I enjoy my job and have the ability to make more $ so not looking at retirement til like 64 nother 10 yrs. Drive isn’t bad though it can be stressful sometimes covering large area of the state w clients spread out geographically. I think I could probably retire earlier at 55 or 59 and be financially comfortable but have kids in college and jr in high school so want to help them to stay out of debt and get careers started so no retirement for me anytime soon. If Aruba doesn’t turn out I think when I retire I am going to buy a zero turn mower and a p
  11. Been to SC FL Ga all nice places to visit in the winter to get away from cold NY. Been to Aruba 7 times and Turks as well. Leaning towards Aruba I would eventually decide on a location and would find a temporary and then semi permanent residence. Staying Four or five months and then coming back here for summer and fall. Would keep my residence here in NY I have kids who could live in the house and give the wife and I life use The Buckform and property will go to them as well of course I will be buried back there one day. Haha
  12. CCIV and SDGR and KEY all did well today but most others suffered good time to buy as corrections occur helps lower ur basis making more when market recovers. Not sure Yellens comments about bitcoins inefficient way to transact will have long term effects on growth price maybe short term but it’s transacted globally and blockchain tech is unique and will be used in many forms to generate revenue and hold assets she can’t stop it and billionaires are figuring out its value. Gonna be a fun one to watch ride perhaps some index purchasing if values fall a bit more. when there’s a blood
  13. Agreed she gets a pass every time she’s a survivor. She also still breeds here are some pics of her and her fawn from a couple years ago
  14. tripod made it into 2021. Have pics of her going back to 2016. Respect
  15. Be nice to have this for spring Turkey. Can’t find it available anywhere. Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey Gun in 24 or 26 O/U.
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