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  1. some of the herd in my backyard from last spring I have large hickory trees and they come in with a Turkeys in the spring To vacuum up anything left
  2. My favorite part of hunting season and spending time with family and friends in the memories that are created that is what is really about for me harvesting A mature deer is frosting on the cake. In the early 2000’s I was part of a hunting club that the farmer was QDMing at first it was frustrating but we had great times lots of laughs and shout a few nice bux. Unfortunately we lost that property and I was lucky enough to purchase a fixer-upper with some property that I couldn’t really afford In 2012 I began to try and manage it like our club did and relied on Cameras to tell me what was there and left the does alone for a while. The herd slowly build up and then I put food in in 2017 and since then relied heavily on the cameras and now try and manage to take more mature deer. It has gotten better as seven of my neighbors are doing the same so management cooperation and of course luck help
  3. https://share.icloud.com/photos/03jqfYoRHoQeoeAZuxDDDPhmQ try this
  4. yeah he was a beauty we called him seal team six I had him at 30 yards in 2018 with a crossbow and couldn’t shoot them he was only a four pointer almost just as bad. My son shot at him on First Tuesday morning of gun season eating in our beans 270 yards away and we never found him or got him on camera again☹️ I sure hope you made it
  5. Here are the other bucks A nice 10 and a big six that me and my son targeted Then this real tall eight showed up Two days before gun season so we passed everything else I like hunting but I like horns to
  6. I had two other larger bux I was targeting and then a third showed up as well so I passed him with the bow In the video that I don’t know how to upload
  7. Cory here is crappy buck pic working scrape
  8. Oh and one in velvet was thinking he was a 3 1/2 year old but maybe only a 2 1/2 I don’t know guess it doesn’t matter now
  9. Can’t get iPhone video to upload. Here he is couple days before neighbor friend got him
  10. Trying to figure out how to upload video so one can decide
  11. Thanks all I appreciate your positive comments very uplifting as I am worried for their well being. I pray for the same for all of you as well Thanks for listening
  12. My daughters are both on the front lines of this pandemic my younger one 20 works at upstate Hospital in Syracuse and has had to help out with the folks that are infected my other daughter works at Saint Joe’s And their ER she is 25 both have to gear up like they are going to battle. Both are RNs and are also being recruited to go to Albany and New York City I don’t want either of them to go the younger one lives with us the older one has her own apartment I just pray that we can get through this without any casualties anymore that is as quick as possible
  13. They do great eating all winter since I bought a tractor and a 60 inch tiller and put in soy beans 4 acres 2 acres of corn and deer radishes winter bulbs and beets 2 acres in different spots in the field. I ran the soybeans down the middle with a few off shoots where I put ground blinds it works great I have a herd of deer back there now. I really enjoy watching deer grow and age and become mature and those are the ones we now target here’s a few of them from primetime
  14. Thanks Grampy that is the Buckform. Me and my son and grandkids enjoy spending time enjoying the wildlife