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  1. Wash clothes in scentaway and spray before I go to blind. Spray inside of blind with dirt scent.
  2. For those of you who ordered your hunting licenses with the new online DECALS system: I ordered mine on the 12th of August; the wife ordered hers on the 19th. Yesterday, her license arrived in the mail. Mine didn't come until today. I was kinda worried yesterday but it seems they have some kind of dumbassery going on in the way they ship them out. They must be batching them in some weird kind of way. So if that happens to you, don't freak out. Just thought I would share because I doubt I am the only one this will/has happen to.
  3. Want to trade? I've seen 1 spike horn twice all week here in 5h. That's it. This too can be yours.
  4. Been out here in 5H since 6:30 am and haven't seen a thing. Hoping for some afternoon action.
  5. I rarely see bucks on my camera, but see many does. When it comes time to hunt, the bucks show up.
  6. I have had far more luck hunting in the rain than not. In my experience the deer don't care. hunger trumps rain so they have to move and eat. I am sitting in my blind in 5H. nice and dry in here. :)
  7. All I can say is, I see more deer after my property has been logged. The old timer there who oversees the business thinks it's all the tops the deer are attracted to.
  8. My local radio station has a segment called "swap shop" which is basically a radio version of the classifieds. I was driving my daughter to school one day and decided to turn it on. Someone was selling their old Servel propane refrigerators for $200. It was 7:30am but I decided to call the guy right then and there and risk ticking him off for calling too early. I bought it right over the phone, site unseen. I have been looking for one of these for a LONG time for my off-grid yurt up in the Adirondacks. Turned out to be friends of the family who were selling it and after catching up, they told me 4 other people called right after me lol. Anyway, the thing is a beast. All of 300 pounds. But my brother and I got it into camp and after some adjustments to the burner (All that transportation knocked it out of whack) it worked! The flame is nice and blue, but to be safe, I installed a second carbon monoxide alarm as some of these have been know to cause issues in the past. I am getting used to it. I had to set it to its warmest setting to keep stuff from freezing lol. No more lugging around ice and several coolers! As soon as I get to camp, I light the fridge hahahaha. Here are some pics:
  9. Yes, makes sense. I think I will drop a single "grain" or two in the nipple for good lucks sake.
  10. Thanks. I think I am going to load it that morning as the wood stove will hopefully dry the camp right out. I will leave it in the truck that night, bring it in, swap it, fire 2 or three caps through it, then load it. I guess that's the best I can do.
  11. I have been checking the weather report over and over and it looks like it is going to be a damp couple days here in 5H. I am curious about something. I have an old ball & cap kit ML that my grandfather built in the 80's and in his memory, I figured I would try to take a deer with it this year. I am a little concerned about when to load it though. You see, camp is damp, especially in the rain.. Should I load this thing up here at home, where the AC has been on for a couple days and the air is nice and dry, then saran wrap the end and the nipple until I am in my blind Saturday morning or should I load it that morning? Thoughts?
  12. Yes, I rarely ever see the same bucks that I get on camera. This one though had been a repeat shot for the last 3 weeks. The logging that was done on my property this year seemed to somehow funnel them right past my blind. Dumb luck really lol.
  13. Not far from Remsen at all. I agree with your statement too!
  14. Town of Ohio, close to Forestport.
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