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  1. Pistol cartridges are inherently limited when it comes to lethality. You don’t have as much leeway with shot placement as you do with a conventional rifle cartridge. With that said, I’m using my .357 mag to track and dispatch wounded game, not hunt healthy animals. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. M&P R8 (basically a S&W with a few tweaks here and there). I also just picked up a Diamond D Custom chest holster custom fitted for the pistol; very pricey as hostlers go, but after trudging around with this revolver on my waist for a few tracks, I think a well-made chest holster is worth every penny. Already shot this thing a few times at the range. The action and trigger was tuned by the S&W performance center. The DA trigger pull is, well, a weighty DA trigger pull but still decent and predictable. The SA pull is very crisp and allows for very good shots. As far as revolvers go, this thing shoots very well. Love it so far, especially since I can pick a few boxes of .38 special on the cheap for practice.
  3. The actual law (Penal 400.00) is a bit hazy on this issue. Technically, all pistols are illegal unless you have a NYS pistol permit (which provides an exception to that regulation). There are only certain types of licenses issued as per 400.00: Section (f) is the license type that most people get and is informally referred to as "unrestricted." There is no target/hunting only pistol license according to the actual law. As you can see in the above text, it states to "have and carry concealed." Most people interpret this to mean that you can only carry concealed. However, handgun hunting is allowed in NYS. Just about everyone I've talked to, including DEC officers, have acknowledged that it would be impractical to have your handgun concealed during a hunt. The practical interpretation I've received from most pistol instructors and LE is that open carry is allowed at designated ranges and while hunting afield. I've also seen some people open carry pistols while walking out in the woods to do some target shooting, but I think LE's acceptance for this practice would vary greatly from one county to the next. Also, it should go without saying that you can carry any legal firearm (pistol, rifle, shotgun) however you want on your property. Clear as mud, but that's NY for you.
  4. I’m away from my house for the weekend. I’ll post a pic when I get back. It’s the m&p r8 (pretty much the same as the s&w trr8 with a few minor differences). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Ended up getting an 8 shot S&W chambered in .357 magnum. 5” barrel. Scandium frame, so a bit lighter than the average stainless steel magnum revolver but still heavy enough to tame the more powerful loads. Perfect for my needs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Congrats on your hunt! Where did you get the bear?
  7. Middle of the middle is what I've always heard. Bear hunting magazine is a great resource. They just started a podcast too.
  8. Just FYI, shooting a sow with cubs is NOT ILLEGAL in the Northern Zone (which is where this incident took place). The man was ticketed for taking more than 1 bear and hunting over bait. I would not be surprised if more than a few successful bear hunters up there committed the same crime as this man (hunting over bait) as finding bear up there is not easy.
  9. It’s a moderately technical 4x4 road. Last time I drove it (2-3 years ago) I was in a 4Runner with skid plates and a rear locker, also with a friend in another vehicle. Unless the road has seen significant maintenance since then, I would only go down it if you have a good 4wd vehicle. I did use the locker at least once, though I suppose good throttle application would have worked too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. There is a 4x4 road which goes all the way to the southwest corner of that lake (approaches from the west out of the Independence River Wild Forest). You could just drive in instead of going by float plane. As for hunting intel, your best bet is to get in there and do some scouting. It's rugged terrain and you'll have to get a feel for the local food sources and the travel corridors used by the animals. Consider bringing some predator calls with you.
  11. Big Otter Lake west of Old Forge?
  12. How did you get your dog trained for bear? I have been laying artificial deer blood tracks for my dog and as well I have used deer hide. Did you use a similar method for bear? I've heard that bear don't leave the same sort of scent trails as deer.
  13. There are plenty of areas that are 5 or miles away from a road, dirt or paved. There are many roads also listed on maps that are either closed off to the public or no longer active at all. Also, traveling 5 miles, or less, of off-trail terrain can easily take a half day depending on the type of terrain. How many miles from a dirt road? It seems like you're playing with the semantics there.
  14. I was up in the central Adirondacks this past weekend. The weather was hot (low 80's) and the foliage was still up and green. I might make an attempt in some areas next weekend if the weather cools down, as it is predicted to do. But the foliage will still present a problem...there wasn't much visibility in the areas that I had checked out. I appreciate the DEC's gesture by allowing for an early bear season, but I haven't found it all that productive over the past few years. Trying to still hunt a black bear in warm weather with heavy foliage on the trees in a place like upstate NY is a tough endeavour.
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