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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all! I have a soon to be 5 year old Beagle mix dog (named Walden) that I have had for just about a year now. He is 50% Beagle and 50% German Shepherd Dog. 55 pounds, great conformation, no health problems, easy keeper. I got him from a shelter in Elmira. He lived with 2 elderly people for the first 4 years of his life before one of them passed away and the other was unable to care for him due to physical limitations. Since I have had him, I have changed him from a couch potato to an experienced outdoor hound. I have also found that his nose runs his life - he is very good at sniffing out and chasing rabbits and other small animals. The longest he has ever hiked with me is 17 miles and his longest run is 11 miles. He will travel to follow a scent and his recall is nonexistent when he has a scent. He has never ran away - he always comes back, but it may take some time if he is on a track. He does not care about birds, only fur. Here are the main reasons I am looking for a different situation for him. All of my hunting experience is with deer, so I am not a very knowledgeable scent hound trainer nor do I see myself entering that world soon. I spend most of my time in the woods running and have steered away from hunting lately. I live in a dense living situation, with lots of neighbors. While the humans are not a problem at all (Walden loves all humans, kids included) the dogs are a problem. As a vet student, I have a lot of friends with dogs, so this is an issue. Walden is very reactive, though can make friends with most dogs (calm males and just about any female) after consistent visits and positive experiences. I think he would be able to hunt with a pack that he is familiar with. He is more interested in sniffing than socializing. He was neutered at 4 years old, and he unfortunately retained some inter-male aggression. He is also not cat safe. If you are looking for a scent hound that is very intelligent, has great endurance, and is a joy to be around in the house, give me a shout via personal message or on this forum. No money is necessary - just the right home. I will never put him in a shelter - he has a home with me no matter what. But I pride myself in knowing where an animal's potential lies, and this dog is a hunter. Thanks for reading.
  2. I'd like to introduce myself to the forum, I hunt mostly in the Catskills around West Shokan and Woodstock also spend some time in Dutchess County as well around Red Hook/Rhinebeck area. With deer season pretty much done I was looking for anyone who would want to go rabbit or small game hunting. I have been trying to find some spots but am definitely open to suggestions as I haven't come across anyplace with a lot of activity, could be the weather. I don't have my dog trained yet and do most of my small game hunting with a .22. If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks.
  3. As I sit here at my desk at work on a rainy saturday I cant help but think tomorrow morning is supposed to be fairly dry. Talked to the wife last night and have her convinced our 2 year old is ready to go out for a squirrel hunt tomorrow. Last night I checked to make sure his hearing protection and safety glasses still fit right( sun glasses if you ask him)lol.... made sure he has his hunter orange vest and hat.... It may be private property but better safe than sorry... poor kid was ready to go as soon as i starting looking at everything. looking forward to a good day in the woods with the little guy and hope some good results and lots of questions.... just reminds me of myself going out with dad and grandad all them years ago.....
  4. Hi everyone! Greetings from Argentina. I would like to spread a new special for HuntingNY members. It's a 5 days pacakge with a Water Buffalo and High Volume Dove & Pigeon Shooting for Us$ 4000 (We usually charge Us$ 4500). This package include Accommodation, All Food & Beverages (+beer, wine and whisky), Local Transfers, Ph guide and assistance. Extras: license, domestic flights, shells and gun rental. We own and operate 4 Lodges across the country and we have more than 35 years of experience. We run this program in our lodge located in Santiago del Estero Province (Northern area of Argentina). You will spot Stags, blackbucks, Pumas, Wild boar, peccaries, brockett deers and some others. This area is the new wingshooting paradise... you will be able to shoot 500/1000/2000 shells a day. It depends on you shoulder. Please, feel free to contact me (To get this special price mention HuntingNY forum) Best Regards, Tomas Mendez Tronge ).
  5. Hey, I know it's late into the season for this but I'm just feeling it out for the future. I'm new to hunting, and I live in Brooklyn. I have a couple of friends in 3s that hunt but its not that easy to coordinate with them. Anybody closer to Brooklyn that would possibly be looking to partake when possible. I have no problem traveling a bit if timing is right. I also own a trailer in nj that is about 15 minutes from Orange County and from what I heard there is state land there but I have no information about it. Oh btw I have bow and I'm In the process of going through the nyc process in order to be able to purchase a firearm. Hoping to lease some land next season if a good group forms. good luck out there tomorrow and every other day. Thanks
  6. Hello, to all my fellow squirrel hunters. I have been tryingto think of a way to get this going so here it is. Squirrel Competition Rules This will be a 5 round competition. Rounds will begin Oct 1, 2013. each round is to start the firswt day of the month and end the last day of that month. Therefore we will have a round for October, November, December, January, and the Finals will be held in February. if you would like to enter please log into facebook and find my page. you can search Bucks and Broads Hunting to find us. Like the page, send me a message with all your info, only info needed will be Name, Hunting region, DOB(year only), what firearm you are going to use. If you are unable to use facebook, please include the info in a message to me on this site and i will relay it to set it up for contest. To have an eligable kill- it must be shown in a picture with a tape measure showing an overall length from tip of nose to tip of tail. each squirrel will be placed flat on its belly to be measured. You must also have the date and time of each kill posted in a comment with the picture so we can judge it. Any picture without date/time and location or hunting area will not count to overall score. Each Squirrel will count as 2 points, the length will be the tie breaker. Remember NY Reg says only 6 squirrel bag limit per day. A Bonus of 1 point will be added for anyone who fills a bag limit in a day. If yo0u post more than 1 squirrel please have it marked in picture somewhere the number of the squirrel. Red squirrel is not protected and will count twords a total but they will only count as 1 point each. After I have a list of all parties interested I will create an Excel spreadsheet and have each hunters name on it to show a rolling total of squirrels, points and so on. I would like to keep this at a 20 team max. If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me. Dont forget to look our page up on facebook we need more like to get the word out about this and make it happen. Thanks again.
  7. I just got a Gamo Bone collector bull whisper.Does anyone else air gun hunt ?
  8. Hey guys, After seeing a post earlier i have to say this, I am an avid small game hunter, I currently dont have my archery tag as i couldnt get into a course this year(my fault i waited too long). But as i was raised and hunted with my father and grandfather growing up i was taught to respect any and all hunters in the woods. that means if im hunting small game in the early season and i see that there may be other hunters in the woods you pay even more attention and respect their hunting area, i personally have never walked up on another hunter in the woods and try to steer clear of them if i do happen to see them. but the woods are fair game for all of us and we should all be respectful of each individuals pursuit of their choice in game to take at any given time assuming it is in a legal manner. Now to what i read, you die hard archery guys that are complaining about the youth hunt and small game hunters ruining your day in the stand, wake up and remember it is those youths and small game guys and gals that help keep hunting a sport we can all enjoy. Now i also understand not all hunters have the same respect when they see blaze orange in a stand 100 yards away, i personally am not going to pull up to pick off a squirrel if i see an archer in stand. thats just not right, there is alot of game in season this time of year and we all need to be able to respect and enjoy the sport we have to spend so much money on to enjoy. sorry for going on and on but it pisses me off when i hear people talkin bad about the youth hunts and small game hunters "ruining" a day in the archery stand.