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Excellent condition Mathews Z7 Extreme.  Right handed. 70lb. limbs 28.5" draw length.  Axion 5 pin sight. Axion stabilizer.  Apex 5 arrow quiver. QAD Ultra rest. Tru Fire release. One dozen custom fletched with white wrap Easton Flatline carbon arrows. SKB bow case. Bow is in mint condition. $700. Will ship only without the bow case for $600 plus shipping. Located in central NJ9f22c097f6468743cf4a452d9dbc6741.jpg60777378c1f5b5dd96c854b011e3ff05.jpg0801a632b7c8b1799cb18e61a3fae65f.jpg8112ff726ba01f07cbb5b5e24e49c491.jpgc1dc18c7c4fe48b80e8fa1b9393fbcdb.jpg


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