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    As far as the. Buffalo incident with the old man , he came to a protest, he violated the curfew in place , and physically touched a cop . Honestly it was a very mild push on the cops part , Ive shoved people much harder while shutting off hydrants they’ve opened in the hood ,then thrown water on me as I shut it off . One guy got knocked on his ass and If he came at me again he’d have ate a hydrant wrench . its pretty simple dont touch us and things will be cool, your choice .
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    Nice bow on the west branch tonight Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It makes me sick to my stomach that they are going to charge those two cops......... https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/crime/suspended-buffalo-police-officers-expected-to-be-charged-on-saturday/71-95cb1e0e-2acf-4b4c-8ffd-1c42be85c56b
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    Forgot post yesterday.hooked into one LM on Cleo and parents stopped by.mom hooked into her first smallie(unexpected).made her evening!
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    Mutton Snapper in Islamorada
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    Venison speedies (state Fair speedies sauce of course) and salt taters. Bionic tater topping.
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    55 and woke up on the right side of the dirt so I call that a win. Thanks for the wishes.
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    PUUUUURTY, Chef...Reminds me of the wild leopard rainbows that I caught on a few of my Alaska trips.. They were also the best TASTING rainbows I ever had...Never been too fond of rainbows caught here in NY and Pa, but the ones I ate in AK while moose and caribou hunting were wonderful... Of course, given my surroundings, probably a carp would have tasted great....Hehehe...
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    2 of my pepper plants have 1 flower like this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I'd confuse myself and track the same buck all day in a circle.
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    Jerkman’s nuts!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My buddy Mort and I just finshing cleaning 42 bluegills, taken in about 2 hours from another friend's pond...We kept nothing under 8 inches, and many of them were were 9" to 9 1/2"... I got two and a half pounds of filets from my share of 21 fish...Those are some pretty chunky bluegills, and IMHO some of the very best tasting fresh water fish...
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    Have a great day @Culvercreek hunt club!
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    Water Rat feeling a bit SAUCY this morning!!!! Atta boy!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey Ratt...for someone who reads so much you sure do skip some details....”non political” is in the thread title...just saying! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy Birthday Bob!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day.....
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    Scaling with a tablespoon takes literally 15 Seconds per fish, I did a few bluegill a couple weeks ago and 13 rock bass today. Time well spent! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Follow-up: https://www.policeone.com/police-jobs-and-careers/articles/entire-ny-emergency-response-team-resigns-in-support-of-suspended-officers-mt4EZ8rXHM5StIGA/?fbclid=IwAR0NC4JGmxI-EVpoAM2za_Q7uxy3c8NIrrmkPZ59QJ558uqo6bBTbu5xUws
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    That's dedication to a cause! I thought this was about saving lives! I guess they realized protesting something that happened in another state 1200+ miles away and already has the outcome you want, isn't worth getting a little damp over.
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    Its Friday and work has cleared up. Wife drinking M43 and Julius for me. Both so delicious! Was going to break in the new firepit but raining. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Got home from work late and the crowd was already here. Bye bye quarantine. I was talked into relaxing and calling in an audible. $70 from Tom Wahl’s and we’re all having burgers, fries and onion rings. Cheers!
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    Moho Style! @Moho81 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Let’s kick off Paula’s weekend right!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi All, I have 2 brand new ACT study guides and practice exams. If anyone on here has a HS student, I would like to donate to him/her. please IM me and we’ll work out details. I am on LI, and will meet if you want but will also ship to you in NYS, I’d like to help ensure the success of a nice HS young man/woman who is prepping for college Have a great day and weekend everyone
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    Three Heads , Marge’s Lake Side Inn ,Tiki bar . Now Marge’s is a local joint along the Lake , a house turned into a bar . I’ve been there since high school ( 70s ) , the floors slope like a funhouse ! They have bands out on the beach and jam a couple hundred folks ,out between the ropes separating the bar from the neighbors. A fun place , that went from a locals bar to a destination. The beer is ok kinda like Hawaiian Punch with beer mixed in .
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    I never drink on Thursdays. How dare you
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    No idea. Can’t tell if this is a family or a group of friends. It struck me as people are talking about mobs coming down the street and this seemed to fit. Again, they seem to be standing on their own property watching the street. it’s impossible to generalise any of this. You want video of black looters? Look here. White looters? Look there. Cops busting heads for no reason? Here you go. Cops holding hands with protestors and dancing? Try these.
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    I would agree that the left tells lies about Trump, but you won't get the truth from FOX or any rightwing outlet neither. They all twist and turn every story in the direction they want to brainwash their followers and NO one is even close to telling the freakin truth anymore!!
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    I voted for him in '16, and being that I vote for actions and not words, I'll probably vote for him again. Is there another alternative candidate that merits consideration? No way can I vote for Biden. So it's Trump or no vote (even though it means nothing in NYS). That said, over my 45 years working for others, I have had bosses that were very difficult to work for. I outlasted just about every one of them. I couldn't possibly imagine working for Trump. As a person, he redefines the meaning of the word A-hole.
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    He might have squeaked by with 100,000+ Covid deaths and his incompetent response, but not with the pseudo tough guy postering of the last few days. Then again, I've been wrong before. The danger - and I truly believe this - is that he may try and burn the whole thing down before he accepts the loss.
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    Look at the number of falling outs that Trump has had with people in his administration. First the are touted as the best and brightest. Then honeymoon wears off and he turns on them. The short comings are always blamed on everyone but Trump. However he is the common denominator. TDS is real, except the people that have it are the ones still supporting him. He is toxic.
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    I will admit to being duped. I supported trump because I wanted somebody outside the establishment of both parties however he turned into the biggest Partisan hack of them all.
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    Wife used some of my old truck tires to make colorful planters for the kid. Did some herbs watermelon and blond belle peppers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Grew a couple sunflowers in solo cups this was the best. Over 6 feet tall, it went in the ground yesterday. Eggplant looks like it has seen better days except for a few plants but my peppers look great. Corn and sunflowers from seed went in yesterday as well.
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