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    Ok, so I am starting a YouTube channel. Most of you know I have an Instagram to try and give back, from all of the opportunities I have been so fortunate to receive. I figured if I start a YouTube, I can engage with others, to encourage, and show life goes on. Anyways, I bought a second camera to start getting into it during our Maine trip. I plan to just film what I do routinely, since I am very active, and the people close to me say they forget I have a fake arm. Here is a starter video, I hope it isn't too weird.
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    Caught my largest smallmouth bass today on beautiful Skaneateles Lake. I was using 6 lb. test line with a 5' ultralight spinning rod and a Mitchell ultralight spinning reel. The bass hit like a freight train and it took quite awhile to get the fish in with it making several long runs. Oh I love the sound of drag running out! When I got the fish in it was completely exhausted and near death and I wanted to release it alive so I did not weigh or measure it. As soon as the photo was taken I got it back in the water and with a little resuscitation it swam down deep. I felt really good that it made it and will spawn another day. valoroutdoors.com [
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    Pulled a cam today that had been out for two weeks only to find the card was full after 6 days. Two days after I put it out a stupid vine drooped down and the camera proceeded to fire away. Still got a couple of "deere"pics but it sure gets boring going through vine pictures
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    Isn't weird at all. If I needed to do research to figure out what to get, would love to hear from people about what they have used and had the best luck with. Talk about an investment in your life, more important than a vehicle or something that people feel is a big purchase. Some great info and maybe help someone make the right decision. Esp when they have to live with their choice and insurance might not give them a second chance if they make the wrong choice and it doesn't work out. Good job. My only thought is the music isn't needed. Would rather be able to hear what you are saying better. Cause that's what matters and it's what people will be wanting to hear. But I know zero about this kind of stuff and maybe there was a way to mute that anyway. Again good job.
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    Buck , Doe, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, it all gets me pumped up. If I stop getting that feeling I’ll stop getting up at 4am to dress in multiple layers .
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    Anyone going to the airshow????!!!! Tomorrow and sunday. ****TICKETS GOOD FOR ONE DAY ONLY**** Being that i work right behind the airport,my employer gives out free tickets.I have two general admission tickets if anyone is interested in them?I didnt plan on going but always grab atleast 2 for someone who may want to go.Kids love it! Willing to meet up local..Chili,Henrietta area.Got my free little show on lunch break thursday as the USAF Thunderbirds fly in and around the airport.Amazing is an understatement!!!
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    He might be able to point though? I rescued a young coopers hawk a couple of years ago from the side of the road in Schoharie. Never did hear back from the vet on how he made out.
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    Looks like hard horn to me??im like a little kid in the candy store with this trail cam stuff!!
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    Oh wow! I thought background noise would be a neat addition ....you guys make me think that editing is not needed! I appreciate the input...thanks for watching, its not about me, its about the people who need help, so my ears are listening
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    Friday mowing beer. Love this stuff Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It’s Friday!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Worked all day yesterday and forgot to eat. Making up for lost ground. Daughter had last day of summer intensive for ballet. So full send Pepper popper balls and this loaded stuffed burger. sweet tater waffle fries with honey butter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Genesee ruby red kolsch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bottled 8-6-2019 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I can only speak for myself. We are all different G-Man. I know from your posts, that you are still passionate about your deer hunting adventures and land management. I think we will all know when our own time comes to hang up our hunting hat. I feel very fortunate to be sitting in the deer woods after 46 seasons, and still have my heart skip a beat, when even a doe fawn just appears. And my brain shouts.....DEER!!! It's what keeps me looking forward to next season, as I make my way out on the last day of this season. Even if I didn't kill a deer. It's part of who I am.......... Getting older, and looking at hunting through the eyes of a younger hunter you are mentoring, is another way to keep the experience fresh and flowing. Some of my best "kills" were made by someone else.........
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    Dropped the prototype arm off yesterday so it can be sent out to California to be finalized. I miss it already! It will take 3 weeks to get back, and it will be done in carbon fiber. We are going to start my new insurance arm too in the upcoming weeks.
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    I don't understand why no one you called did not step up and help. Curmudgeon- if you see this Thread-- what can be done?
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    Great view!up at grandmothers(property i hunt).wanted to move a stand/check cam
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    It’s a good idea to do some observation sits but I really don’t do that. No time or perhaps lazy. I often see deer when doing some work like today. No BB today though.
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    I find it amazing how my senses immediately sharpen and focus when a deer comes into my hunting zone. The blood is pumping a little faster, but I haven't felt any adrenaline dump or "buck fever" yet. Maybe that's because my limited kills were all on fast moving deer that came to a sharp stop? I didn't have time to think about anything except lining up a good shot. Then again, I haven't had a close encounter with a buck that made me mutter, "Holy F#$&!".
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    We did have a blast, besides running a green one in and the 5'rs.... LadyO doesn't give a care about a charity event, she's ruthless Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    What a great set up!!! Hmmm.......I plan to be there the last weekend in October? But if he walked in front of me and stopped at 15 yards, I'd be shaking too bad for a clean shot, so he's safe with me!