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    And done for the season 1025. Had good gobbling off roost this am had a bird coming and a coyote flushed it about 80 yards from me. Went checked some cameras and saw bird were coming by later in am, went back to house took nap and headed out about 940. Set up in front of camera and called ,soft purs and clicks every 15 min. About 10 15 decided to cutt and had 2 birds answer 200 yards or so out. I cut again and bird gobbled right below me , I turned on sight and shifted to my right and he popped up about 35 yards away in middle of rosebushes. He found his way thru and at 30 yards I pulled the trigger nothing dam safe was on.. correct that quick and my season is done! 9.5 in beard and 1 in spurs
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    Yesterday.........went to my spot in Arcade. Got there plenty early and around 5:30am I had some very distant gobbling in an area I know well. Got as close as I dared as they were on the ground already and got set up. It sounded like an adult and a jake to my untrained ear. They appeared to be separated by 75-100 yards and I kept having to focus my attention on the one that sounded like the adult. After coming to probably 100 yards they headed towards a big open field, one that they like to head to and strut their stuff for their hens. I decided I'd better try and cut them off if possible so I backed off and circled down around towards the field. I made my set up ready and hit them with a couple horeshoe call yelps. I got some hot replies and here they come but my elation was short lived as the came to just below the crest of a little rise I was on and hung up, maybe 50 yards. They backed off and headed in a different direction this time! I gave them some time and devised a new plan. They were heading east and I knew that area good too, as I've been fooled just about everywhere on this block. I decided to sneak as best I could up the hill to a flat between two big fields but trying to not be exposed to the decent chunk of open woods between these two fields. Well I got into position and made a quick excited yelp or two on the mouth call with no reply, then after a few minutes I hit the crow call and got the same thing, NUTHIN'. Oh crap, here we go.......another dead end with henned up birds and and empty game bag. BTDT So I reached into my bag of tricks and pulled out the old Lynch box call and figured why not? It's always my last choice as I like my mouth calls better but I cranked out a series of yelps and holy kielbasa they hollered and close too!! I shimmied over to another tree about 15' away with a better trunk structure for that direction, it was risky as the gobbles were close but I went anyway. All was quiet for a couple minutes and I decided to scratch out another short series on the box and BAM, here we go, set the call down and up with the gun. Within seconds here comes two red heads, damn jakes. Then a big white head popped up, then two more red heads. The first two jakes were getting close, like 15' away and they started to putt putt. Damn, ok big white head gobbling Jake today is your day. About 9:15 AM No excuses, I shot a Jake and I'm proud of it. He had a 5" beard with a second beard 2" (2 1/8" for Bizzy) although it wasn't totally vertical it wasn't horizontal like his four other red headed buddies. I shot the bad ass of the group.
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    Positives. Ana is now home. Woo hoo! And latest CT scan shows no cancer in abdomen. May give us more treatment options. Going to beat this thing my friends. We/God will! Thanks.
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    I have been trying to figure out an excuse to "have" to make trip to pa earlier than our last week turkey vacation. So one of my customers wants a custom built balcony railing and staircase railing and with what he wants I "needed" to build it in my shop in pa..that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! I got here yesterday evening and once I got the truck unloaded it was off to gather intell for this morning. I saw gobblers at all 6 properties 5 of which had multiple longbeards heading into the woods for the night. I decided I was going to hunt the co-op farm as I had unsettled business with an ivory spurred gobbler. This farm gets pounded as it's open public hunting. I parked the truck at 245 am and by 345 I was in an outside corner of the woods off a fresh drilled corn field. It finally started getting bright in the sky to the east and no gobbles close but 8 other birds gobbling that I could hear but none close. Finally it's full light and he blasts a gobble 100 yards out front just over the the steep bank. I can see him barely through the leaves but I could make out the black bump against the tree trunk. I dont know why but this bird always has roosted right tight to the tree trunk not out on the limb. He gobbles 3 more times hitting crows and I figure you better do your thing b4 he calls in another hunter. I set the bomber in my lap got the wing and knew it couldn't be a full flydown cause he would see me. Did a quick flydown while he was faced away from me and quickly grabbed the bomber as he blasted a d&l gobble at me. I did 2 really soft clucks that even I could barely hear but he gobbled and as I was setting the call down and grabbing the gun he pitched out and his feet hit the deck at 30 yards. I had to let him walk into an opening at 25 yards b4 I could see his legs in the scope to make sure it was the right bird. As soon as I saw the ivory white spurs I eased off the safety and dropped him where he stood. He is the 3rd gobbler with ivory spurs I have shot on that farm and hoping he passed those genetics along. His tail sure ain't the purtiest but he will do with 1 1/16 & 1 1/8 inch sharp spurs. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
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    Yes he did. Details tomorrow afternoon, I’m at my friends house and will be staying over tonight, he has some chores for me to help with. I’m whipped so bad now.......
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    18 lbs 8 oz. 9.5" beard, 1 1/8" spurs.
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    1st 2020 NY Gobbler Down-- 5/18/2020- 5.45am.
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    Story later but man what a hard hunt down to the wire for jason. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
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    Well my buddy matt got here at camp last night and I already had a plan devised for this morning and had warned him it was gonna be a long hike up and down through 2 deep hollows to get to this gobbler. We were headed to where I listened yesterday morning and Mr. Spock was the intended target. The bird threw me a curve ball as he was roosted in the pine flats in the old strip mine. He would answer my calls but didn't want to budge and I knew he had at least the brood hen with him. We eased up next to the hidden plowed field and i saw 1 of her jennies out there. Game on!!! Got set up and got the Jenny coming in and got her up on a high point where the brood hen and the gobbler could see her. Got aggressive o. The call and he is now cutting me off and closing the distance. I see the brood hen and she is gonna walk right past matt at less than 4 yards. She makes it past him and meets up with her Jenny and they come looking for me she purrs I purr she clucks I cluck I Yelp he blasts a gobble I see the split fan coming over the rise.... He is blasting us with gobbles the 2 hens are right on top of me to the left. I see matt slowly ease up to almost a standing position and then the shot. He goes out to get the bird comes back and I go how ya like those spurs?? Lol matt looks at me funny and says howdja know? Open mr spocks tail fan he is missing the middle feather. I didn't want to tell him ahead of time in case it would psych him out lol. Got him tagged and pics taken and started our 1.5 mile walk back to the truck. Now to try and find an easy access bird for my buddy jason, he is on a 6 week recovery from a knee rebuild surgery. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
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    Been a fun few days, called in a longbeard for a buddy and his kid that they ended up boogering up cause they couldn't sit still. Yesterday I put a loudmouth hen right in their lap for 20 minutes so they got the whole gammit of hen talk and close. This all day hunting is a joke around here, from guys whacking birds from their vehicles to late shooters...we were all standing on the porch last night devising a plan for this morning when we heard 2 shots from 2 different guns and I said well those 2 Jake's we watched heading for the island of trees at Darla's just got limb lifted! The time? 9:18 PM! And no that's not a typo and yeah there was enough light that so.eone could shoot but WELL past legal time. So this morning I decided to go way down the hollow from the gas line where I called that longbeard in the other day. I knew he roosted below the cow pasture right in the base of the hollow. An old log skidder trail would give him a open path to me if he decided to play. With a slight drizzle and overcast skies he gobbled late, after 3 gobbles with long waits in between it was finally light enough in the woods for him to feel comfy but he was 250 yards out but I didn't know where all his hens were as I only could here 5 close to him. Found out where hen number 6 was after my first series of calls as she literally knocked my hat off when she flew in and scared the crap outa me. She landed 5 feet from me and started feeding . She got out 39 yards and my next series of clucks and 2 yelps and he cut me off 100 yards out and my close hen started purring and came back to me. Within a couple minutes a train of hens came down the logging road with a white head following that was all I could see 3 hens walk past me at 6 feet as I am leaned against a big tree with multi floral roas around it just on the edge of the logging road. Finally he is in the clear of hens and lights out at 25 yards. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
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    Text book hunt this morning. Soft tree yelps in the early morning darkness. 3 gobbles from the treetops 100 yards away. 3 hens glide down and hit the ground. Hens slowly saunter and feed nearing my low pitched purrs with Tom following behind. Bang!
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    21lbs, 9.5" beard, 1" spurs. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    15 minutes and done. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    @Lawdwaz just for you a sneak peek at the headache I gave out this morning. I'll post up more pictures with full story later. I just finished field dressing it per taxidermist request. He said to gut and drain it and put in fridge. Hopefully I can bring it by today and he can skin it so I can eat it still. My first solo Tom and really first Tom overall. Any guesses to age? Also his head is gigantic! You can call me Doctor from now on because I'm down right surgical with my shotgun! Nice rear cranial brain excision leaving all else intact! Buhbam! Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
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    Congrats on a hard earned public land longbeard! It's been a ROUGH season on private land. I haven't been able to post on here for a month but I was lucky enough to punch tag #1 last week...
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    I’ve been too busy to post, but I had some luck on Sunday morning. Set up perfectly near roosted birds, had some gobbles but he was henned-up. The group walked off gobbling but this Jake came back silently to check out my decoy. Not a big one, but I’m happy.
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    As I mentioned, the story. So yesterday morning I had no gobbles off the roost and started to make a trip around to the south trying to elicit a gobble. I came to one of my trail cams that had a card that hadn't been looked at in a couple months. I pulled the card and then made a couple yelps, getting a good gobble maybe 150 yards away but across a very steep and deep gully. I had to at least try and get him to come across as you just never know.........the thing is, if I'd have tried the crow call first like I usually do in a situation where setup could be tough, I'd have got that gobble and went way the heck up and around to get on his side of the gully but no, that didn't happen. So after about 20-25 minutes I could tell he wasn't coming. Then I hoofed it up and around to his ridge and all was quiet there! Hmm, maybe he went up that ridge, crossed a pasture and was headed up to a known strutting area?? OK now I had to head back to the north and sneak up the outside edge of the little pine brush lot and get to the top edge and THEN, find an open area to make a call. After another 20 minute sneak, I was where I wanted to be and scoped out a likely tree. I stood there, made my fairly quiet yelps and damn, GOBBLE GOBBLE right to the south of me, CLOSE. I quickly saw the tree I liked sucked and had to find another yesterday. I sat down and within just a few minutes here comes to adult Tom turkey. They were close, inside 40 yards. As they came closer I tried to look for my opportunity to raise the gun and suddenly the 2nd bird putts twice. The first one is closer now, like 30 yards close. He turns to retreat with his buddy and has to go behind a good sized white pine; now or never! I pull up and the second bird putts some more, the first one steps out from behind the pine and............ He was a good bird; 19lbs, 9.5" beard and 1" and 7/8" spurs (measured at home) The picture above I took when I got back to my truck with my camera, not phone. Nicer color with that camera.... I mentioned in another thread here that I saw a bear track in the mud yesterday, the first I've ever seen.
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    Well while I’m stuck in Florida still with medical issues the nephews are still hunting. Nice to know traditions that you passed on continue without you. DEP property in 4P. Came in with another gobbler. 9” beard. Don’t know what time yet. Mossberg shotgun. We bought a 5 acre a lot that gives us good access to a very productive DEP piece in Roxbury Township. Update: Just talked to the kids. Very exciting morning. Cold. Lots of deer. Turkeys gobbled from the trees. Picked up hens and wandered around for a couple of hours. Nephews just waited them out. Two gobblers came from behind could only get a shot at one. 40 yard shot with #6 3” Long Beard ammo. First shot hit low was shooting uphill. Second shot ended it. They said lots of hunters out this morning. Lots of bear sign.
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    Third day in a row on this bird could have killed him Monday morning but it wouldn't separate from a satellite so I passed on the shot and the birds got spooked by another Hunter. Yesterday morning he hung up at 50 yards i already passed up three two year olds and I just didn't feel right shooting at 50. So this morning I left the truck at 3 a.m. ease back in got low on hardwood Ridge by 430 had birds Goblin all around me but I finally heard his distinctive Hollow gobble when it was light enough to I think they would be comfortable on the ground I did a fly down with a handmade real wingfeather wing do really soft clucks on the bomber call set it down he was like a B-52 coming in for a landing his feet hit the ground at 25 yards and I could tell by the crappy beard he had it was the right Bird ended my season for New York Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
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    Boy oh boy had birds almost every day . Bill knows his shit . He had that bird gobbling for about 2 hours . He made him mad . L I'll lol we found him around 8.30 . Called and called he was coming closer and closer but then he crossed a trail and was walking away from us so we got to the top of the ridge . Bill called and called that dam lazy bird would not come back up the hill he was a fat lazy bird . So we finally moved around to were we thought he would come. Bill sat down about 40 yards from me . And I go all comfortably . Here he comes . Bill chirped and he turned my way . Watched him fan out his tail . He gobbled . Then made himself all fluffy . He came under a fallen tree. And walk about 30 yards and I let him have it he dropped right where he stood. Ran down and put my boot on his neck. And yelled wooohoo . Lolol
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    Long story short I finally have my first archery deer and first deer with my daughter back from the beetle guy. I was getting pretty nervous for a while but they are home. Now I just have to get them up on the wall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I feel sorry for those of you who's wife or family (or YOU!) won't eat venison but I certainly understand. I feel so fortunate that my wife and family all enjoy venison so much that we'd be lost without it. Tonight my wife made stuffed peppers with ground but not with just ANY ground! Last night I put a big neck roast from last fall's gun buck in the fridge to start the thawing process. Today I sliced the meat into strips and ran it through the grinder. It was tremendous......... No pics of the peppers but I do have this:
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    My Mom came home today, what a blessing!
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    It’s a wrap. Second one down.
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    Me and my 5 year old on his first hunt. Setup a little after 6, not so bad. Out in the fields away from the roost. We will see how long he lasts haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've been unable to log in to the forum for about a month now but thought I'd posts pics of a true Steuben County monarch that I recently sent home...
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    Well I remembered my nephews bear paws I buried 2 years ago , dug them up and found most if them should of dug them out last year..oh well been working on claws to make into keychain or necklaces.
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    My 5/18/2020 Gobbler weighed 17lbs. Beard- 8 1/2"s,+ Spurs just under 1" and Sharp.I would say he is a 3 Year old as his Spurs were Sharp- not Blunt like a 2 year old . Not the Biggest Gobbler for Sure-- but the Blackest Gobbler, I have Taken. His Brother who walked in behind him was just as Black. I think, I shot a fabled ( Mossyhead) thatflew up from the deep South-- LOL! Another pic upcoming.
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    Finally tagged out in NY after what has been an unusually difficult season. I've been out 12 mornings and only heard gobbling on 5 of those, and other than a group of jakes that I called in earlier this week I haven't heard a single bird gobble more than an hour past fly down time. I had a chance to end my season back on the 5th but the bird snuck in off to my right and busted me as I was trying to get on him. This morning though I got set up between a roost site and a field where I figured they might head after last nights rain. There was at least one bird gobbling on the limb so I tree yelped at him a few times and then did a flydown as it was starting to get light. Half a dozen hens pitched right over me and straight into the field, but two gobblers decided they would walk instead, which turned out to be a very poor choice for one of them. 20lbs 4oz, 9 1/2" beard, 1 1/8" spurs While taking pictures of the bird I stumbled over a nice 8-point skull in the creek. It was hung up in a log jam when I found it. This is the 2nd year in a row where I've found lead shot in a bird coming off this property. Not too surprising, these birds come out to a large corn field pretty regularly and two years ago I watched someone take a 90 yard shot at one from the field edge. Some people should really invest in a range finder. The little ones are my Heavyweight 7's, the other two look like lead 5's. I pulled four or five of them out of his back.
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    Reading Trail153's awesome adventure in Newfoundland inspired me to post pics from my Yukon sheep hunt from last year. I hunted the end of September into early October. The weather was surprisingly pleasant. The temps only fell into low teens overnight and warmed into the 40s during the day. I was lucky to shoot a fannin "stone" ram on the second day of the hunt. I'm told that he is one of the largest & oldest rams ever shot in the Yukon. 14 + years. Spent the rest of the 10 day hunt looking for a grizzly. We saw bears but nothing large enough to shoot. Pictured are myself and my guide Grant. Grant is a great guy to spend time with on a once in a lifetime hunt. Also are pics from my new friends from Wisconsin with their Alaska Yukon moose. Everyone of them were over 60". One of the other hunters shot a nice grizz and another took a beautiful Mountain Caribou. I'm saving all my loose change so I can go back again.
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    I know some people in this country forget what this weekend represents. It means a lot to my family and was made sure I new what it was for growing up and my kids know as well. My father lost one of his brothers in Vietnam when my dad was only 10. So every year we lay a wreath at his grave stone in our little way to thank him. I have a long list of military members in my family and am truly honored to say they are family. Remember those that have lost their lives for us to have the freedoms we have. Take the time to thank service members current and former when you still have a chance to thank them. Today we will be having a going away party for one of my closet friends. He will be deploying to Afghanistan for a year. He heads out for training tomorrow morning at 2am for a month before he goes over. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE
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    I love it . Cany wait to put it together .
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    Well I’m still stuck in Florida. Should get the go ahead from the doctor to leave in a week or so. Might make the last weekend. But nephew #2 scored this morning. Same area Roxbury Township 4P. This time private land. 37 yard shot with the 870 I gave him. Old school Remington #6 3 1-2” Nitro’s. So proud of these kids driving 4 hours from Long Island keeping up the traditions of the family. Hunting and fishing. True outdoorsmen.
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    Interesting fishing trip after turkey hunting today. Targeted tiger muskies in creeks, ended up seeing 5 tigers, missed 2, landed one. Also, while I was walking past a big log jam in the river I noticed what looked like a time sticking out of the water. I prodded it and realized it was a dead buck. I went back to the truck, got some Paracord and attached a noose to it and with a long pile and standing on a log over 6' of water I was able to pull it out! Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    Got this little one on camera this week.
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    Was at a friends getting his bass boat ready to fish soon. Took a Kabota ride and saw 3 deer. Brother taught me years ago this trick and don’t be afraid to use it to close the distance. Deer associate humans as 2 legged threats. I jumped out of wheeler. Crawled on all fours , foot stomping my hand and occasional doe bleat verbally. Doe foot stomped , curious as all get out and never blew . I’m reaching for phone for pic not the 9mm FYI lol. I got pretty dang close. My buddy says to me after they finally left “ that was so Fn cool watching you do that “ Also pic of LMB who’s COD apparently was choking on a bluegill Nature has so much to offer. Also saw 3 tiger swallowtails together fluttering about. Mature bald eagle while we were fishing yesterday too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally my 13 year drought of not a single bird taken I have finally broken my drought! 7:20am this morning 5/25/2020 I finally slammed a monster! While I admit I haven't gone nearly as hard on all of those 13 years or so the past 6/7 have definitely been out as many weekends as I possibly could have trying to get a bird. The season started strong with some great noise from the birds in the begging stages, then they would shut up and never make their presence known. Today all that changed!!! Was calling earlier in the day finally decided to use my box call to try to call the birds from the lower part of the property up towards me. The peacocks on the property were going wild with their usual other worldly noises. As soon as a peacock would sound off then the turkeys would start really hammering it. Around 5:44am I was texting with[mention=4567]turkeyfeathers[/mention] and he suggested some sexy clucks and purrs. I had been trying some yelps to get the turkeys to know where my sexy self was seemingly to no avail. Finally around 6:20am things started to get real exciting with the Toms really starting to go crazy as the peacocks squaked. I texted Jay that I heard one coming up the property to my right. I hit my box call for some luscious yelps and then got an extremely aggressive response from the toms. I was thinking to myself oh man this guy is aggressive, like wanting to fight aggressive. Luckily I was armed with my trusty 12 gauge so don't think I really had much to worry about from a bird. 6:44am I hear another gobbler going off around 60 yards ahead of me behind a hill. GAME ON! Then I heard a hen yelping from behind the hill too! I started to relax a bit and around 6:56am the birds went quiet again. I thought to myself well shit this seems to be another strike out skunking for me. I figured the birds must have been gobbling at a hot hen and figured I wasn't worth it. Around 7:10am I turn and saw a massive hawk but as soon as I looked at it, it decided to fly away bumming me out. Apparently my gaze can kill if I look at something of the avian variety for long enough and the hawk must have known that and decided Not Today! 7:13am things are really heating up now! I have hot hens yelping at my 1:30 or so and then I also am hearing birds hammering behind the hill to my 11:30! At this point my heart is starting to quicken and my taste starting to disappear as my focus becomes hyper vigilant and my adrenaline really starting to pump! 7:14am I text[mention=4567]turkeyfeathers[/mention] "My calling must suck because I hear that one yelp they go crazy I try it they do nothing...I see a big TOM!!!" 7:15am "In yard hes looking. cant see me I'm behind a massive rock. Hopefully he finds my hen and I blastcoming to me". It was a rush text job making multiple thoughts into one as things were really heating up! 7:16am HENS COMING IN! They came up the property and entered into the woods in a break in the stone wall. The hens were looking all over and less than 6 feet away from me as they were coming in looking in the stone and log blind. They were looking me right in the eye as I was trying to do my best impression of a statue of leaves holding a shotgun on my knee. They must have been trying to figure out why there was a big pile of leaves holding a shotgun with eyes looking out at them sitting in front of a giant rock. Apparently they seemed to approve of my stealth. All the while these two hens are within grabbing distance there is an old school wagon caravan worth of birds making their way to my set. There had to be 15-20+ birds all mixed between probably 10+ toms and jakes along with hens as well. It's as if all the birds I was supposed to see all season long decided that today was the day they would finally make their presence known. The lead long beard the guy pictured below with a posterior lobotomy seemed to be the dominant Tom of the flock. (those with more turkey experience may be able to confirm this for me) I'm looking at you[mention=5029]blackbeltbill[/mention] At any rate the time is now near 7:20am and the big boy is attacking my jake decoy who at least in his head must be trying to invade on his harem. Well let me tell ya that was a bad move big boy! Once the two hens finally determined I wasn't a threat I only had to contend with 40+ other eyeballs. Luckily I had no trouble getting my sights on the overly aggressive Tom. He is no more than 15 yards away at this point. The Shot rang out! He Flopped! My left ear is ringing as the blast echoed right off the big rock behind me and seemingly directed it back into my ear even louder. Oddly enough my right ear was perfect normal hearing; the jury is still out if that was a good or a bad thing. He is still flopping as I jump out of the blind and start pumping my fist. He winds up flopping damn near 25 yards which I have no idea how the hell that is even possible when you just had your brains turned into a pink mist. All the birds scattered at the shot and as I walk up to my Toms final resting spot I hear the hens start up again around 80 yards further down the property and gobbling continues. How dumb are these birds really? And now for the moment we all have been waiting for. The ever important stats! He weighed in at a hefty 19lbs with a luscious 10.5in beard(almost as glorious as mine, but not quite) and 3/4 inch spurs which was pretty odd given all his other stats leading to believe he was an older bird. His beard is a thick dark color all the way through. Currently he is sitting in my fridge awaiting his trip to the taxidermist tomorrow and possibly this weekend a trip to my dinner plate! After all these years finally connecting on my first solo bird and a tom of his quality makes all the long sits so worth it! It was a hunt I definitely will not soon forget! Hope you enjoy the pictures and sorry ladies of the forum, this guy is already taken. More pictures in the next post Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
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    FINALLY! Only took me 11 months but today I took that boat I bought last year to Waneta Lake and finally had a successful shake down cruise with zero issues. Just fished for 10 minutes with nibbling perch. I wanted to spend time to more or less get used to it and learn everything. New lowrance GPS/fish finder with side scan, got the fore and aft livewells working as they should, and OMG how did I go 60 years of my life without a bow mounted trolling motor?! Cruised around for a little more than two hours, wide open, cruising speed, trolling speed, engine ran well at all speeds. Started nice too. Just a tap of the key on a warm engine. Ready for Bass season!
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    This one's ready to go to his permanent home with the resident trailcam expert!
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    Not a single gobble today, but i am set up for tomorrow morning in a new spot. I found my first morel of the season and checked in on my wood duck box. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Few birds talking this AM on adjacent property so I gave up early. Grabbed the camera and scouted out a fox den I found while shed hunting hoping to catch some pups out. Before I even got to the den I saw mama and her 4 pups on the field edge. The pups were racing all over playing but mama was on guard. I couldn't get any closer without her seeing me. Pics aren't very good at this distance but here's a few. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    New boat is officially fished in!
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    Seen this hen and at least 10 poults.
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    Thank you All. Unfortunately her biopsy was pushed until Monday due to OR conflicts. But results wouldn’t have come back until next week anyways so hopefully not much of additional delay. Grateful for all the prayers. Wonderful family here - a bit dysfunctional at times but wonderful. Lol ana is reasonably comfortable on a strong mix of pain meds and we are able to FaceTime now.
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