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    I couldn't get out this morning because of work but my son went and got his first Bow Kill, couldn't be prouder. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Ive had luck rattling this year, rattled in a 4, and a 6 on seperate occasions. This morning had a doe and button buck in early. Then around 815 i rattled in a 4 and a small 6. They came in together and moved off behind me. I rattled again at 9. This time a nice 7 came in i was tempted at first. Had the release hooked up but decided i didnt want him to b the buck that ends my bow season. So i started video taping him on my phone. I got about 1.5 mins of video then he walked off behind me. I look up and a much larger buck is walking in on the same path. Hes already only 40 yarfs out. He works his way in to about 25 yards and crosses behind some trees, i drew back and he walked into a swamp behind me. I took the shot when he was just over 20 yards. Shot looked good but didnt look like it penatrated that much. The arrow fell out after he spun and took off. I thought i saw him drop but wasnt sure. The 7 took off with him and wasnt sure what deer i was looking at. I climbed down after 20 mins, found my arrow that was missing about 5" of arrow and the broadhead. I backed out for 1.5 hrs. Brought my son back to help with the track. I circled around the swamp and picked up blood on the other side. It was a easy track that led to the spot i thought i saw a deer drop. Heavy bases split browtine. Beautiful buck.
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    I killed a buck last night around 5:30.......got in the stand at 3:30 prepared for the cold and wind. Man was the wind blowing, there was NO doubt what direction the wind was coming from as it was steady as can be from the north west. I was wearing my glasses and not my contacts so my eyes took a while to get used to the bright leaves and darn near full foliage. This was my first time bow hunting this year and I was excited to be back in the saddle. I had a doe sneak behind me around 4:00 while I was seated so I decided I'd better stand for the rest of the shift. The wind was crazy and with that and the wet leaves, you'd never hear one coming. My head was swiveling left, center and then to the right when all of a sudden as I was looking to my left I see a blurred brown flash off to my right and below me. I steal a quick glance down and here's this buck skidding to a halt STRAIGHT down. He's withing 12" of the base of the tree where just two hours before I'd stood and hooked my bow to the haul rope. He looks right up at me and I quickly made the decision to go for the bow, regardless of his next move. I got the bow, hooked the release on and drew back; he freaked out and took two quick bounds to my left and stopped, quartering away. Before I could react, the arrow was gone, slicing right through the boiler room. A quick 40 yard run and he was down......... Well now I went and did it. I punched my buck tag on my first sit, not what I was figuring on. He looked good as it was all unfolding, now he's dead and I'm hunting doe. I'm figuring 2.5 years old, 4 on the left and two on the right. 17.5" inside. I didn't weigh him but probably 140lbs.
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    Thank you thank you thank you...I can't believe it...sitting here with tears streaming down my face...wish my dad was here ..
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    Got in the stand about 7:30 am yesterday got set up and grunted a few times about 7:45. This guy walked out of the brush lot into the grass plot and he only went 40 yrds after the shot. Glade I shot him only 400 yrds from the road. My Nephew and I had a heck of a drag getting him out.
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    I have been fortunate to take a few deer with the recurve this year but never expected to kill this bruiser, although he was on the radar. Was really hoping for a good 3 year old. Anyways, we named this buck the Monarch in 2013 when we first had him on camera as a likely 4yr old. Been chasing him ever since to no avail. This morning, I almost slept in since Phade and our friend David couldn't hunt. Pulled an all day hunt yesterday with Larry302 and I was tired. But I eventually convinced myself that time in the stand is one of the biggest keys to killing a good buck and dragged myself out of bed. As I mentioned earlier in the live from the stand thread, I sat an oak flat downwind of doe bedding that has a trail in between where bucks cruise scenting does. Didn't see a deer early and started to grunt a bit. About 10 minutes later, I caught the smell of a buck. Slightly encouraged I waited a bit and saw nothing. Then another whiff. No buck to be seen still so I did 3 short grunts like a buck pushing a doe. Sure enough, I see a big body and tall tines to my right a few minutes later working his way though some brush. He was perfectly positioned upwind and working his way towards my shooting lane. I slowly stand and turn around in my stand to shoot to the right. Put my tab on the string and start to get ready and, oh NO, my arrow is stuck in the arrow holder and the nock comes of the string. I hold it together enough to release the arrow from the holder and nock the arrow again just as he is just starting to enter my lane. Guessed yardage at 25 and as soon as I could see full body I focused on that pocket and let it fly. I thought it was a good shot but wasn't certain. Backed out and went back with my buddy David to track. The buck ran 60yds uphill, collapsed and slid back down. I had no idea it was the monarch until recovery The Lord really blessed me. Hard to beat your biggest buck, pope and young, 3 plus years of history, with a recurve and then to top it off a heart shot. I sure won't forget this anytime soon.
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    This guy was 5 yards from me when I noticed him. Couldn't hear him with the crazy wind and rain. I had to let him walk until he finally went into my shooting lane. I let my 100 grain muzzy fly at 32 yards. It hit him a little back or I thought. I let him go 6 hours. My Dad and started at impact and found him 75 yards later. The 3 blade muzzy found both lungs. Awesome hunt and easy recovery. Thanks everyone.
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    One more for the recurve and my biggest buck to date Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
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    Sat at a spot last night with hopes of filling a doe tag. Around 4 pm had 3 deer move through but too far off. Then moments later had a solo deer off in the distance work in my direction to pop out at 30 yards through some thick stuff. I saw rack and my heart started thumping. I got to my feet and while waiting for a moment to draw I got hit hard with buck fever! He started working to within 20. He was facing me head on. Ha legs shaking and I thought I was gonna pass out. I was in mid draw and he picked me off. I was stuck. Between being cold hungry and shaking from the fever i was a hot mess. I couldn't control my legs shaking and he bolted! I grunted and stopped him around 30 yards. I finished my draw out the pin on his body and let it rip. Shot went higher than I wanted and I heard a CRACK! He bolted and the arrow fell out in 15 yards and that's all I saw of him. Thought I got 6" of penetration from my perspective in the tree. Instantly I thought I hit shoulder from the sound and reaction. Called my dad and buddy and said I just hit the shoulder of a buck. My heart must have been 200 beats a minute. I waited 30 seconds and got to the ground. I sat at the base of the tree till dark and then went to the impact spot. Immediately I saw blood in snow. I said man muscle blood? Then I followed blood to the arrow. I love rage hypodermics but the hypo shaft that screws into the insert broke off! Wth! Never had that happen, but the arrow shaft was covered in blood! I left the arrow and in the snow I saw the prints and kept following the spray paint of blood. I said maybe I got lucky. I looked up and saw body! Couldn't believe it. He went all of 50 yards. Didn't hear a crash between the snow and me crying on the inside. He was dead in about 4 seconds which I feel great about. I was so pumped with emotions. Biggest NY deer for me and first tag that was used in the late season. Upon field dressing the broadhead shaft broke while cracking a far side rib. Blood trail was insane. Gonna enjoy this one for a while! Threw him in the truck, grabbed a pick , filled out my tag proudly and drove to my dads house to share the story. Thanks for reading boys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Crazy late night recovery. Finally had a NW wind at my property after work tonight, snuck into my stand@ 410 pm. Was watching several does and 2 little skippers feeding in my standing soybean field just after 6pm, when I noticed this buck standing ten yards into the woods just off the edge of the bean field. He was studying the field what seemed like an eternity, then he finally committed to enter, where he ran into my 100 grain muzzy. I run a ton of cameras, but I've never seen this buck before. I'm guessing he's gone on an excursion from his normal home range. Bonus buck for me. He's definitely the largest bodied deer I've taken on my property. I'm anxious to age his jaw bone and see how old he is. Had to hang a block in a tree at edge of a step ravine and use 150 ft of rope and my tractor, but I finally got him up, buy myself. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    Woohoo !! She got it done !! Bang flop. I’ve never killed a deader deer ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is my sixth season hunting and over the past 5 I have been blessed to shoot a handful of very nice bucks. Primarily because I was fortunate to be mentored early on by Phade and I am fortunate to have some really good properties to hunt. Anyways, as this season approached, I was a intent on shooting another pope and young. In fact, I promised myself I would draw on nothing less. Frankly, reflecting on my approach, I realize I was becoming obsessive, arrogant and greedy. And this really all hit me last Saturday when I invited a newer hunter out and he shot a nice 2yr 11pt. While I was happy for him and showed excitement, in the back of my mind I was thinking that would be a great buck in a year or two. I wished he had shot something else. That night it really really bothered me that I even had that thought. He was on cloud nine. It was selfish and wrong. I was really upset with myself. I realized that my attitude towards hunting was taking a bad turn and it had to be corrected. There is nothing wrong with trying to shoot a monster and I plan to continue to do so, but I also want to be sure to maintain the right perspective, remain humble and be selfless. So yesterday afternoon, despite having passed better bucks this season and knowing that I had some big boys roaming, I decided to shoot this little guy to prove to myself hunting is not all about getting MY BIG BUCK! It was fun as he busted me but I still was able to close the deal. I know some may not understand, but this was the right buck for me this season. He will be a reminder for years to come regarding the proper attitude. As I said, I will continue to strive to shoot the big boys, but I won't forget what's really important when doing so. So with that said, here is THE REMINDER BUCK. He won't make ant book or even the wall but he may be even more meaningful. Hope you all have a great season. I am off to chase does and watch the big boys I may get a crack at in regular season.
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    Hunter's 2nd deer. Last night. 25 yards, quartering away. Hit some arteries above the heart. Ran 70 yards and piled up.
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    Killed a beauty this morning, my best archery buck ever. 13 points, 18.5" inside-21.5" outside spreads and 205 pounds dressed and witnessed. Killed him in East Aurora. Perfect shot (although I'd have been pleased with JUST a double lung) dead center in the heart. He went probably 150 yards before expiring..........on the neighbors land! I made a quick phone call to the neighbor and they denied permission to drag him to their driveway so we had a longer more difficult pull a head of us. "Us" is the extra help I called in; a friend and his son from Hamburg. I'd have had to scramble for more distant recruits if they couldn't make it!! It was about all we could do to drag him back to the truck but we got it done.
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    Super stoked with this one. I had an encounter with him earlier in the season at 45yds, but he knew the area wasn't good and slipped back the way he came from. He knew again this time, but didn't clear out. He was about to walk through my lane at 8yds, but spooked and ran to my left. He stopped at 35yds, turned brood side and looked back at me. I wasn't sure if he would stay long enough for me to get a shot off, but I was blessed. A lot of first came with this hunt. 12pt, 210 dressed.
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    This is my first post in the thread, as I haven't taken a deer with my bow in 3 years? It may be 4 years? Lawd can help me with this as I got my Elite bow the following year after you got yours. Anyway, I was hunting an area in 9F yesterday not seeing anything, A friend calls me and says he just got run over by 2 bucks grunting after a hot doe. Literally 400 yds from where I was! So I moved to a stand I have near there, 5 minutes in the stand and I could hear the grunts. At 5:00 I heard a grunt real close and looked up to see this buck at 15 yds. There was a doe in front of him and she moved into my little food plot, perfect broadside shot, I waited and he moved right to the same spot. I shot a little high and as he ran off I could see my arrow hanging out on the opposite side about to fall out. I waited an hour and got down. I didn't see any hair or blood at the hit spot, so i followed what I thought was the route he took from what I could see from my stand. No blood at 40 yds. I found my arrow and some blood, he went right down a mowed path, but there is a lot of water, I went 30 yds to next blood, another 30 yds and no blood after. I tracked the lane about 100 yds to a creek and never saw any sign. I went back to the last blood and found some more blood, and blood with bubbles in it! I don't know how I missed it the first time. he left the lane into thick stuff and 1 small drip at a time I found him 30 yds later. Pics coming
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    While loading up the car this morning I thought to myself “ this is the day for Samantha “. Cold with virtually no wind. Even called it in the Live from the woods thread. So after 2 years of nothing in youth turkey and regular season and this year and last of youth deer season and last regular reason the stars aligned today. We hoofed it up the hill to our ground blind she helped build last summer. Perfect light wind in the face As daybreak cracked we realized 6-7 turkeys were roosted almost above us. Some light tree talk kept us entertained for daybreak. At about 8 o’clock I noticed movement off to my left and lightly nudged her. She slowly got the gun up atop the top log making a perfect rest. Circle T optics tirned on , gun shouldered tightly , Good cheek weld ( all things we’ve gone over so many times ) Buck took a few steps to the right and had small cluster of trees between her and him. Then he changed direction with a few more steps to the left and towards us. Perfect broadside. I hear the safety click off of her Remington 870 youth 20 gauge ( thank you again buckmaster 7600 for sending her the slug barrel last year ) I whisper “ take him “ and hear a boom. He dropped in his tracks at 29 yards. Not even a twitch I think I yelled “ holy $hit “ followed by her woohoo. She gave me the biggest hug ever. . Can’t believe it finally happened for her. So many hours of us hunting together , her checking cams with me , build the blind , many rounds downrange This smile hasn’t left my face all day. Hers neither. While I dressed out the deer she asked to see the heart. Well it was totally gone but a few handfuls of jelly. We continued hunting and saw the darkest color phase deer I’ve ever seen. Like almost black. Guns were up and believe it was a button. He got a pass. Started the 1.5 mile drag out. Little snow made the drag easier. Kept seeing daughter eyeing up her deer and smiling. Strapped him on the deer carrier and off we go. Well about 10 minutes left of our drive I hear and feel something odd. Well then I hear metal scraping. Carrier had apparently rusted from inside to the out. Doing 45 mph I quickly pull over It didn’t break all the way off and luckily buck still tied securely and no harm. Pick up truck immediately behind us pulled over. Younger gent all dappered up for dinner. Said he’s heading our way so throw deer in his truck and follow us home. So that’s what we did. Thank you kind sir for your generous kind favor. Deer processor closed today so he’s chilling in detached unheated garage with a 20 pound bag of ice in a heavy duty garbage bag stuffed in the cavity. Well hunt the morning again and hopefully have another to drop off with him. Going to suck to get him roof top on Outback. Dinorocks ( best friend and recently joined forum ) said he’d help with a euro mount. Thank you everyone for your kind words , encouragement and congrats Her smile says it all. Brother got an offer on his property 2 days ago so looks as if we’ll have to find another place to hunt It’s been on the market for awhile so knew our fun run at 70 acres would eventually come to an end But I’m sure as heck taking her and her smile knocking on doors in the spring
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    My brother tested me around 9:20 just shot big buck. He waited 30min grabbed the arrow and backed out. He said it looked a little low, it was a 28yrd shot. We met up at my dad's and waited 2hrs and headed in to start the track. We followed the trail and finally found blood, not much though, we maybe went 15yards and we jumped him so we backed right out. Lucky for us our neighbor is an expert tracker and volunteers for deer search. We gave him a call and he was headed back from two calls, both times he recovered. About 3:30 we hit the trail with his dog. My wife dropped off my 8yr old son to tag along. Dog follows trail right off the bat, found his initial bed not much blood. About 150yrds later we jumped him and he takes off fast. Now the bloods pumping and he's leaving a decent trail not that the dogs needed much. We decide to press a little further, another 100 yards or so later u can see where he would stop so we kept going. Shortly after the dog does an quick right towards a ravine. My son and I stay back. I'm thinking the buck might have dropped into the gully, then my son says dad the deers right here and points to my left and it 5yrds away just laying there with his head up unable to move so we put a quick finish on him. Looks like he clipped one lung and maybe the liver. I have no cam pics of him. He did walk my camera seconds before my bro shot him. It's the best one off our land and out of a stand location I picked! He maxed out the 200lb scale, dressed out 175.
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    So I got the word that the corn got cut Friday at a favorite local doe spot. Went there yesterday and saw 4 doe that came out with plenty of daylight. I was glad as this spot has alot of local pressure. I held of on the doe in hopes of a rack but nothing but another doe came out. Got out of work at 3 and hauled home,changed and was on stand around 330 ( yea, I know... I'm that guy). Had a small basket come out within minutes of me sitting down. Cruised through the corn and headed to the thick stuff. 10 min later I see this guy pop out the same spot. Glassed him and decided to pass as I thought he was inside his ears and a standard 2.5 8pt. He headed across the field and got into a short row of standing corn. I decided to put the Nikon to work and get a close look. I immediatly saw a little point on his main beam and when he looked up I saw something going on with his brow tine. Game on... I had sticks so I settled down on the third bubble on the Nikon (183yrds) and he would not go broad side. He started to come back at me and when he went to a quarter to I sent a meat missle right through his chest. He wheel barreled for about 40 yrds and I saw him flop. Now, I will tell you I had the exact opposite of ground shrinkage !!! He is a stud. I assume 4.5 and can prob be a booner. One of my best with the gun and first with the savage 220. That ends my buck tags for 17' and I am tickled !!! Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Wow..... Been a long time since I have had the shakes after putting an arrow in a buck..... That is up until an hour ago when I called a doe in that didn't appreciate all of pickets advances. Been down that path before and once again tipping the can over when the doe stopped running brought her right to what she thought was a ready doe.. Picket followed and stopped in the only open shot from that stand that is over 10 yards. 15 yard shot, I don't even know when I shot a deer at 15 yards last was I know it was a long time ago. Said a quiet tribute to picket for the great chess game we have played over the past 2 seasons and sadly my my season is done, even likely for gun I am done. Scrappy selfie but gotta do what ya gotta do, ain't no setting way back on this pic. What a stud of a buck. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
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    10-25-16 Recovered 10-26-16 AM 25 yds MEAT!
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    Possibly my most exciting hunt yesterday. Spot and stalk in high grass field to 40yds and waited until she fed a bit closer. Broadside shot at 27yds on the money with the vintage 1970s Bear. Couldn't be happier about 2 for 2 with the recurves and to top it off, my first spot and stalk.
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    Just got home. Buck down! Shot him at 4:30. Saw him run out and stop after the shot. Found blood followed it for 50 yards, didn't like what I saw and pulled out to give him more time. Went back and found him! Went about 200 yards. This has been a very trying year for me. With some medical issues. My season will end on the 28th of this month. I was so happy to get this deer! Hunt like every deer could be your last. This is a trophy to me. 3 year old 4 point.
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    Hi all, i got my first bow deer on Saturday, a small 4 point. Not a big deer, but a big deal for me. I spent a lot of time researching how and what to do, and a lot came from this site, so thank you to those that spend the time educating others. It helps. The shot was about 18 yards and he only went 15 yards. I am very thankful that it went this well. Have to thank a new hunting buddy- Ron who really took me under his wing.
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    Hit this guy at 6:00 PM Tuesday evening at 20 Yds after grunting him out of a bedding area. I thought I may have hit him a bit too far back, so I went home and returned the following morning to track. He went about 80 yards. This is my very first archery deer ! Town of Delevan, Catt county. Have a pic of him on the trail cam also.