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    This guy was 5 yards from me when I noticed him. Couldn't hear him with the crazy wind and rain. I had to let him walk until he finally went into my shooting lane. I let my 100 grain muzzy fly at 32 yards. It hit him a little back or I thought. I let him go 6 hours. My Dad and started at impact and found him 75 yards later. The 3 blade muzzy found both lungs. Awesome hunt and easy recovery. Thanks everyone.
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    Sat my first watch of the year this morning. I have been skunked a lot recently during bow season and with two kids we really go through the meat. I saw antler and a big body and it didn't take long to decide even though it's opening weekend to pull the bow back. My kids and I really cut out some good lanes this year and luckily this guy walked right through one at 38 yards. I saw him coming slowly, he stopped just before the lane and I thought maybe it wasn't gonna happen. He then took about 3 more steps. He was quartering away ever so slightly but stopped perfect in the lane. I put the pin on him and followed up my shot. I heard it hit really hard and at first thought it was to far forward, but it turns out it tucked just behind the closer shoulder/leg and buried into the opposite side. I watched him run and watched the arrow sticking out about half way and then the arrow disappeared. I heard him crash at least once then nothing. Gave it a good hour and went to the spot, not good blood which had me super nervous. About 20 yards away however I had great blood and a good tracks. Followed it for about 60 yards and saw a white stomach. I will be honest that one little tiny part of me thought wow no more hunting for 6 weeks but I got over it pretty quick. I can find some time to take the kids duck hunting now. I know I never post but I do read almost every post all day in the Live from the Woods thread. It's great to read all the stories and I am thankful I have meat in the freezer.
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    Was a great morning (10/10)...weather was crisp and very little wind. Decided to hunt before heading into work and if i got lucky i could always take the day off or head in late. Got in stand quiet and immediatlely heard deer moving around in the thick stuff to the north. All the movement shut down as the sun came up and birds and squirels started to make noise, i figured deer had been feeding all night and were headed back to bedding area before light. Around 7:35 i see a small doe coming thru the woods to my south working her way to the bedding area north of me. She got to 20 yards and was hung up for 15 minutes. She was nervous and something was not right for her to continue...I knew she couldnt smell me as wind was perfect for the direction she came from. She finally turned and took a couple big bounds back from where she came from. I figured another deer was in the thick stuff but i couldnt see anything and thought my morning was done. 3 minutes later i see movement in front of me and right away i see the antlers and tell myself its one of the shooters we have seen. I watch as the buck comes directly towards me head down and smelling the ground. He gets to 25 years and stops behind trees puts his head back and is licking the air, again i know wind is perfect so i wait till he puts his head down and just flicks his tail, i go to full draw as he steps out from trees and slight quarter to me, put my pin on his shoulder and touch release....i see blood instantly as he takes off, i can see him stop and i lose sight of him 30 yards from the stand. I make all my calls to let people know im gonna be late (and i need to settle back down as the aderenline was pumping)...i get down and go to where i shot him find blood right away. Its amazing how you watch and replay the shot and deer running marking every tree and bush from the stand but as soon as your on the ground it all changes! I follow blood for about 20 yards and there he is lying right where i lost him, double lung and one of the easiest track jobs ever. This buck was in FULL rut, his tarsel glands are black as can be, big neck and he had the definite smell of a buck in rut...makes sense now why that doe would not commit to heading to the bedding area, she was not ready for this guy to be around her. Good luck everyone, don't overthink the "rut calendar" or moon phases and when the "best" time to be in the woods is! The best time to be in the woods is anytime you can!!
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    3N first archery buck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Heard a gun shot really close. So close my ears are ringing. Hey. That was me ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Had a great night out hunting tonight! First set I had A couple of yotes howling, but nothing came in so I headed To my second spot. I started Out with some quiet distress calls, then went to an interrogation howl. Immediately I got A response from some yotes that weren’t that far away. I went Quiet for a bit and then started some fawn distress. As I scanned Around, I saw Eyes bouncing across the field about 200 yards out. I got The scope on them and saw 2 yotes coming in. One of them stopped at 150 yards and turned, so I put The crosshairs on it and dumped him pretty much in his tracks. I then Got on the second one, which was running off to the left and took a shot but no dice. First yote with the new rig and a good one at that!
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    So ive been with my wife for 10yrs now when we first got together we had nothing, both working crap jobs, shit credit. But with the kids we kept pushing ourselves to get better. We bought a crap trailor for cash so we had no rent and managed to get alot of our debt payed off. Wife worked up to admin. in her company and i switched jobs and worked my way up a little bit as well. So this year we made the decision to get our forever home and we found it on a little lake in our town. We dont have a lake view but the view out the living room is my favorite. Sorry for the story. Maybe hoping if it helps someone on here that is in the same situation i was 10 years ago. That with hard work you can get what you want. Not easy but it can happen. Thanks for reading.
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    7:30 this morning this guy comes in behind me and passes 15ft from base of ladder stand while I've just hung up my bow to check weather on phone. Crap! Quickly get phone in pocket grab bow which makes a slight click. He stops behind a tree nicely while release gets attached to bowstring and I come to full draw and analyze where I will have a opening. 3 steps and "thwack" as the rage tipped arrow finds its mark. He goes maybe 50yds all in line of sight and piles up! Only the 2nd time I've ever experienced that. Normally they go to the thickest, nastiest cover. 168lbs on scale and loaded with fat. Backstraps on the grill tonight! Good luck out there. Be safe. Shawn
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    First time, long time. 8pt in 4j. First bow kill. Great success!
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    Shot him at 10:47 a.m. 11/18 State land, 1/2 mile off road DEC Biologist aged him at 4 1/2 years old 100 yard shot. Shot in upper quadrant of heart, ran 50 yards.
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    Finally able to upload pic of the buck I got on 11/9. Main frame 10Pt with a 1" kicker off one of his bases making him actually an 11Pt! This is the buck that I've called my #1 from trail cam videos and posted a trail cam pic of him in velvet from August. I almost had a shot at him on 11/7, drew back bow on him on 11/7 @ 30 yards but couldn't get a clear shot before he bolted away after a doe...he was walking directly at me at about 40 yards and then was broadside at 30 yards behind a tree, of course with his head sticking out of 1 side and his back end sticking out of the other side while the doe was about 25 yards from me. Then she bounded away taking him with her ... tried grunting and some doe bleats but to no avail, so no shot that day. Then he came through cruising alone on 11/9 and offered a clear shot @ 28 yards!
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    Got out with sis again this morning for our 2'nd hunt of this spring. Things have been awfully quiet around here so far, and the way our day started. we were expecting more of the same today. Finally after 3 hours of being bored out of our minds in the blind, a jake showed up silent to our calls and caught us both off guard. We finally got things situated in the blind and sis got the gun out the window as the bird made his way towards our jake decoy. When sis finally pulled the trigger on that dude, he dropped right in his tracks 30 yds away! THAT'S what I like to see! Nothing but awesomeness after that folks! This was her first SPRING turkey and he even has a double beard(not that it mattered to her) (4" and 3") Couldn't be happier to see my favorite hunting partner make a great shot and the joy it brings her.... and mostly me! Congrats sissy on a great hunt and thanks for being there for me through everything! Love ya, and congrats AGAIN!
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    Ok quick back drop to this. My 8yr really wanted to get a deer together this yr. I've been slacking because I've just been buying.using single ladder stands. So our only option was a ground blind I made or a permanent stand that we barely squeeze into. So last sunday after we hunting in the am I had a double stand to hang and I gave him two options on potential sites. So he chose this spot where we sat tonight. My brother bought an xbow this summer but since he tagged a nice buck already he didn't plan on hunting much so he told he I could use his. So my son and I went over this afternoon and got the low down on how it works and shot it a couple time came home and headed to the land around 330. We were about 40 minutes into the hunt when I caught movement way off and could see it was a buck. He quickly headed our way. I grabbed the bow off the hook and told my son this might happen. As he got closer he started drifting to our left. He hit the lane way I gave him a baahhh and he stopped. I took the shot (42yrds) and watched him run a short distance and then into some brush where I couldn't see him. I keep trying to glass into the brush looking for any sign of him but couldn't see. A few minutes later I see a deer to the left of this brush in a little more open area and its him standing there appearing to be tending is wound in the shoulder area. He does this for a long few minutes and starts coming in behind us. I see all sorts of black stuff on his back side and I start wondering what the heck did I do. So I reload the xbow in all of this and he comes in around 35-40 behind us I baahh him again he stops I shoot off he goes. We waited for my brother to arrive take up the track and he was 30yrs from the 2nd shot. The first shot was just under the heart/chest area not a kill shot and the 2nd was a direct heart shot. It was awesome and my son was so excited through out the whole thing. We talked about it all they way home and reminded him were very lucky and fortunate for who we are and what were able to do. So the bucks nick name is dingle berry. I've never seen a buck with crap and dingle berries all over the place. Best hunt by far super pumped. I guess I wont need my week vacation next week. Main frame 10 with a broken droptine that just measures an inch
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    3 came in 2 left ..not big but fresh venison...
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    Biggest to date... gonna fit right in on the wall ! Story to follow
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    Killed mine Friday morning......6pt at about 10 yards. The shot angle was steep and he was quartering towards me. Hit the back of either one or both lungs and down through all kinds of things. At the shot he took a couple bounds then started walking slowly away and waging his tail in that "odd" way. I watched him for probably 2 minutes before he disappeared in the goldenrod. I figured I'd give him at least two hours and then take a walk. I went back to my buddies and had a cup of coffee and some toast. At the 2 1/2 hour mark I figured I better get moving, it had started to snow real lightly. I went down into the basement to get dressed, my buddy came down and we ended up BS'ing for 20 minutes or so. I climbed the stairs and opened the Bilco door to a BLIZZARD. SOB........ I quickly drove over and got into the woods were I last saw him. (back up for a second; when I was still in the stand after shooting him I could see all kinds of blood where he was walking with the binos so I knew he was leaking good) I got on the blood fast but it was covered in 2-3" of snow and it was coming down harder and harder. Making it more difficult was the way it was piling up on the branches, brush and ME. Sometimes the only way to see the blood was after walking a likely trail then going back and seeing it in my boot tracks. I'd catch some blood on the goldenrod and other brush too after I got into a second stand of incredibly thick pines. I was soaked, beat up and getting dejected with all the snow. It was getting worse..... I took the trail to a power line right of way and for the life of me couldn't tell if he stayed in the pines, crossed the ROW, back tracked, zigged or zagged. From the shot he'd gone about 150 yards and never bedded that I could see. I quit..... The day before I'd shot a coyote and couldn't find it. Between the 'yote and this buck I was beating myself up pretty good. I went back to my buddies, took my soaking wet clothes of, hung the bow up to dry out and had some lunch. I laid down for 15 minutes and couldn't sleep. I had brought two rifles with me and wanted to confirm zero so I did. It was about 3:00 now and the snow had changed to rain. I noticed that much of the snow on the brush around camp had either blown off or was dropping due to the (slightly) warmer temps and rain making me think I better get my ass back over for another look. I quickly swapped out some clothes and headed over. Within minutes of getting there I was at the spot I "lost" blood. I went to the north just 15' past my mostly gone boot tracks from earlier and there he was, deader than a door nail. I assume he was covered in snow at the time and so was all the surrounding brush making him darn near impossible to see. I quickly dressed him of in the failing light and headed back to camp for my buddy the Honda Foreman. I honestly can't remember the last time I was so soaking wet, from the waist down I was drenched from the rain and wet snow. Sorry the pic suck as I was not in the mood to snap any hero shots in the sow hole where I gutted him. The barn was drier....... My face looks like I'm having a stroke, I think it was just 'cause I had snot pouring out of my beak. Persistence paid off and I was thrilled with the outcome.
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    Group of 5 doe 3 fawns came out, wasn’t gonna shoot but they need some thinning out where I was hunting. 15 yards quartered away hit opposite shoulder. Rage trypan is a winner.
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    3N: My Dad’s 8pt on 11/29. Story in my journal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My father/best friend is gone. Wow what a roller coaster, I still feel like I'm living a nightmare. It's been almost 24hrs and still doesn't seem possible. My father has been suffering from leukemia for about 6 years now although no one other than close family knew that. At 55 He was in better shape than most men 1/2 his age still jogging nearly every day. Yesterday started out as a totally normal day for us, my brother and I met for coffee and dads house at 5 "brother lives next door to my parents I live within 30-30 range." With our coffee I argued with dad about what stand he was going to hunt and why he was dumb to not to be in this one and that no I wasn't sitting until 9! The same thing we did everyday my brother just sat across the table throwing verbal jabs at both of us just to keep me and dad going. We talked on the phone a couple times throughout the morning. I was still hunting as he was bouncing from stand to stand in case I bumped anything. Around 10:30 he shot a doe we kept hunting until around 11:30 when my brother and I met him at the end of the blood trail and helped dad gut his doe. After the gutting job was done we were talking as dad was looking at what she had been eating. And he went down with no warning landing on top of his recently killed doe with my brother and I on either side of him. We got him off the deer and we were yelling at him trying to get him to wake up but he wouldn't I told my brother to call 911 while I was trying to give dad sternum rubs trying to get him to wake up. My brother went to the road to meet the ems while I stayed with dad. It felt like forever but about 5 minutes into it all Dad took his last labored breath. I started CPR immediately and continued for the 20 minutes until ems and Fire got there although looking back I don't think it was a heart attach as everything leads to a stroke. My father was the most dedicated hunter I have ever known he bordered on being over the top. He hunted everyday of the season morning and night. Dad always said he wanted to go while hunting and never wanted to be in a hospital. My brother and I have been crying and laughing since it's all happened, you couldn't make this stuff up. He literally died on a doe he had killed with his 2 boys on either side in the woods. He never stayed 1 day in a hospital or missed 1 thing he wanted to do do to his health. Although he went 40 years sooner than we all had hoped I couldn't be more thankful for how he went. When they finally got him out of the woods and had him in the ambulance my mom, sister in law and wife were there and they let us say good bye to him in the ambulance he looked so at peace. Him laying on that stretcher with his camo bibs button up wool shirt and laccrose rubber boots damn near with a smile on his face was the saddest thing I have ever saw but it also has really put me at peace knowing that we never get to pick when or how our last day is but damn I feel like he got to pick how. I'm sorry you guys are reading this but it is truly helping me just by being able to type this out and put my thoughts out there, thank you all for the support I have gotten this season as many of you have already reached out to me with thoughts and prayers. Some of you guys I consider good friends even if we have never met. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Harvested Nov 10th at 0845, he was trailing a doe by 50 yds. She must have been close to being ready to be bred. Gave me a twenty yard broad side shot.
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    Dec.3..This mornings hunt I had plans to hunt doe and I knew I had to beat them to the blind area.. Didn't work out so well for by 5:30 everyone was either there or on the way, when I pushed them walking down the road...I was snorted at just as I reached the blind so the last steps I used the grunt tube then took a stick and beat a bush at the bottom of the ladder before climbing...I glassed a doe in the laneway feeding my way at about 7am ...I watched her as she headed my way very slowly.....Oh man 22 mins please please please..nope 7:10 she moves into the slashings behind my blind and heads up hill... Now you have to understand doe are harder to hunt than buck here...always have been and I was mad.Next thing I know I see what I thought was the neighbors dog, I about flipped until I glassed it and it was a nice sized yote...Hhhmmm snorted at, pushed deer,doe left,and not seeing many turkeys..This hunt was ruined.... I draw down on him about 80 yrds Bang!.miss and he's now running at me for he has the fence on one side and brush piles on the slashing side...bang! I see the slug hit just past him WTH! am I blind ! He stopped at the last shot and I shoot one more time and think I clipped his foot he was close and I was trying not to shoot over him.....Off he goes running funny into the neighbors swamp after rounding my fence.. Talk about feeling down 3 misses in a row! I'm sitting there beating my self up and now it's 7:25 and I see deer...Well those shots were like some sort of call because there are deer at the end of the lane way and filing out of the swamp across the fence...I glass and all 8 are fawns!...I just laughed and grabbed my apple to eat, when I look up.....Here comes the buck charging out of the swamp...I can't tell how long the tines are because he's close to my fence and it's now snowing pretty good...I grab my gun and get ready...he jumps the fence and before he barely touches the ground half way across the laneway,he lunges into the saplings and stops...I reposition in another window not even looking at him...The slashings are so thick and hes around 70 yrds out...I settled on a small brown patch on a trail I'd cleared this fall it was my only shot and then he broke.... the second he hit that trail I squeezed off the shot and he never kicked just went on a full stretched out run...I never even followed him the trees were so thick and I was sure I had missed yet again...about the time those thoughts raced through my mind I heard the crash!...glassed out the back blind window to see white belly...Mind you my Browning only holds 4 3" shells and I had forgotten (in my frustration) to reload...So I literally had just one shot....Now this one I could handle...unlike the bow buck......... he hung on the scale at 105...and has very little smell...so I'm sure will taste great!
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    Hi there, I know I never post in fact my last post was 2014. However I watch this thread all day every day. This morning was my first sit this year. I really hunt for the meat and not the antlers. I have gotten skunked on bow for a few years without even getting a good opportunity to shoot and I don't have a lot of time to hunt. Anyway this guy stepped into my lane at 38 yards just quartering away a hair. I tucked it just behind his shoulder. Hit the other side and he took off, watched the arrow snap off while he ran. Listened to him crash a few a few times and then heard nothing. Gave it about an hour, followed a massive blood trail a out 100 yards and he was piled up. Not a giant but he is mine.
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    Stacking ‘em. 3/4 this am and the fourth punch a doe last evening. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dropped the Hammer on this guy at 10:30 this morning. He was tending a doe, they circled in front me three times before I had a shot opportunity. 8 pt with split brow, 24” spread. My biggest to date. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I arrowed this cool looking buck yesterday afternoon. I had 4 bucks within 15 yds of the stand but managed to get drawn back and put a Rage hypodernic in this guy. He was slightly quartering towards me but I had no choice and took the first shot presented as the 8-pt at the bottom of my tree was getting a bit restless. I ended up leaving him overnight and recovered my 13-pt this morning. He's not wide but has super mass and tons of character. What an awesome two days of hunting!!!
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    Harvested on 10/6/18 about 730am. 25 yard shot and ran about 30 yards.
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    Great night in the stand...I tagged a doe at 6:00 and my wife let the air out of a bear a few minutes later!!!
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    Checkmate! 2 gobblers entered , only one left Not the one I missed other day. I think other was. Took the clear shot and they were getting close and spooky. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So it’s actually been a long season for me so far... I bow hunted my ass off passed on this buck a few times during bow, I had some nice 8’s I’ve been after. So any way I was away in mass for work the past few days. At yesterday’s meeting I found out I was going to be traveling the next 2.5 weeks and wasn’t really going to get a chance to hunt. Between that and my 4 month old. My hunting season was shot. So any way I got in the car yesterday at 4:30 and made the almost 7 hour drive up to camp. In my head I thought I was crazy driving 7 hours to hunt opening morning. I have to be home tonight to spend time with the wife and kid before I travel. Any way at around this guy showed up and just kinda milled around for a while. Needing meat and having a very limited season this year I said screw it, and heart punched him at 80 yards. Also this little guy is the first deer taken at our new camp, so even though he’s small I caped him out and he’s going front and center about the fireplace here, never to be replaced by his bigger friends to follow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Took a nice doe this am, she didn't go far, quartering away hard.
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    Killed an 8pt buck tonight. I'm going to be crippled up as I had a long uphill drag and I swore I'd never drag another. He's probably a 2.5 year old I'm guessing. I'll pull the lower jaw and see what the DEC has to say about it. One of the biggest bucks weight wise I've ever killed, actually the third heavyset I think, he dressed out at 172 lbs. The drag was about 200 yards. I took this pic as soon as I found him, no hero shots in the field. I'll grab some pics for the contest tomorrow.
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    Got the kids on the bus, look out the kitchen window and see this bastard in my field. Ran and got my 308. 220 yards dead big male yote.
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    Gonna be a long bow season lol. Pretty happy with the shot and buck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    October 15'th.. I almost didn't shoot... but I did.
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    My little buddy started his journey into the educational world this morning. Brought a small tear to my eye as he was proudly getting on the bus! Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Hard to describe the mass on this crazy ole 4pt. Pearling 2/3 up cow horn. Congrats David.
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    Had a spike and a doe come in. She was bigger than him and walked right under me so I was sure it was a she. Turned broadside at 30 yards. She went 30 yards and fell over. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Having a great year! Called this doe out of a standing corn field using the Extinguisher fawn bleat call.... 32 yard shot. I am using a PSE Stinger bow
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    My cousins wife was was lucky enough to draw a moose tag in zone 19. He was the sub. On our first afternoon, we called up this guy. It was incredible. We heard him grunting back at us a thrashing the brush as he came in. Alan dropped him at 70 yrds.
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    Well as we walked up to Gavin deer we heard a shot from where I put our other Jr. Hunter and his dad. Just as we finished gutting Gavin deer I got a text and Colton had a 7 point down, he made a great shot for only being 10 years old. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
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    I Know it's not an in the field pic but I was not in a good photo condition in the field. It's a long story,,, outcome is dead deer and no trip to hospital for me needed. I passed this buck the last Tuesday of bow because I could not guage his antlers or get an age on him with my small area where I could see him. Him and 3 other bucks came out in the newly planted hayfield which gave me a long time to look him over before I shot. 250 yards off the cauldwell field pod system. 18,5" wide , 5.25" bases, 180 lbs dressed. i have 8' ceilings in the shop and still had to tie his head up to get his nose off the floor. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    This guy popped out of a stand of pines and was heading in the wrong direction. At 66yds I decided to grunt which turned him around. He came back to about 40 but had no shot. Started to leave again so I grunted and snort wheezed. Why not. And low and behold he came back and two my left for a 32yd shot. We have several cam shots of him. I actually told phade I would be happy to shoot him. Big bodied and named him tank. Not the biggest of those we have on cam but I couldn't be happier. First time I truly called a buck in.
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    Was very fortunate to run into this guy the last Saturday of muzzleloader. Shot wasn't great as I had a tight window, and he was quartering away. It was good enough that he bedded down within 20 yards of the shot and gave me the opportunity to reload and put another one in him. He didn't have a liver left which is probably why he bedded down so fast. No idea what he scores (upper 140s/low 150s?), but he field dressed at 195 pounds. To say my wife is excited for a new wall decoration is an understatement
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    Opening day 9pt. First minute or two or legal light. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    Nice 8pt. down ! It's been a kind of tough season for me this year. I've been doing a lot of zigging and the deer have been doing a lot of zagging. But was very happy to meet up with this buck today! Will post story in harvest thread.
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