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    I couldn't get out this morning because of work but my son went and got his first Bow Kill, couldn't be prouder. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    So tonight I was rewarded for not allowing my stomach to make me stick the Doe that came in at 3:30 when I climbed up at 3:25. At 4:50 I hear a stick snap to my 4:00. Interesting. At 4:55 I hear another snap just a bit closer and look to my right(the direction deer do not usually travel). I see bone and more bone than I have ever seen on stand before. No need to count; if the shot comes I am taking it. He then meanders off the TRAIL(not a hiking or biking trail but a deer trail!!) and kicks the shit out of a sapling that wanted nothing to do with him. If he continues off roading he will be under and behind me with no shot - that’s my typical luck. But not tonight! He caught a whiff of something yummy (BUCK BOMB!) and makes a slight turn on the correct course. At 10 yards from my tree, I have no shot but I draw and hope he continues along the course. A few more steps to clear the saplings and some brush, slightly quartering away 7 yards from the base of my tree, one 1/2 step to move that front shoulder and .....zip! (5:05pm) He ran off through a thicket they use regularly, crashes around, breaks right and I lose sight of him; more trashing bushes and then silence out of my sight. And now the doubt creeps in. I cannot see my arrow but I KNOW the shot was good even though the angle was steep. Climbed down at 5:45 good blood but no arrow at hit sight. Pack up and head to my car on a different path then he ran. Call my buddy who is at work and he starts over after picking up his 10 year old son for the journey. 6:30 we start the track at the point I know he last was seen. Find good blood where I expected it, and more and more and there he lay! My best deer ever, shot from the same tree my buddy killed a big 8 (11/2) last year and I killed two doe(10/31 & 11/3). That’s the exit- double lung..no more than 100 yards. Entry was high but clearly blew up front lung as well. 188 dressed weight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got off work around 245 yesterday afternoon and rushed home for an evening sit. I was not expecting a sit like this... had a doe and fawn trot through around 530 acting like they were being dogged by a buck. All in all, I had 4 bucks in the area and ended up getting a shot on this brute at 30 yards. He went another 30 after the hit and I watched him pile up.The biggest buck of my life. I can’t put into words how grateful I am.
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    Nice big doe, 115 lbs dressed. 10 yard shot with rage trypan. Fell over 50 yards later. (Yes she has 4 legs) sorry for the awful pics, flies were driving me nuts.
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    Got him 10/19 coming in about 45 min before dark. Came down into a ravine rubbing some good size trees. Great to watch and great to have the opportunity to harvest him. 8M
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    Shot my first ever bow deer tonight. 5 points, with one little nub trying to be a 6. 135 pounds dressed weight. Had dinner reservations for my wifes birthday, which were promptly cancelled! She understood, but tomorrow's dinner locale is getting upgraded! Two things to celebrate now Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    This guy came into range for me today. I had seen 3 earlier, but they were behind the brush so I wasn't able to get any shots with them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got to my favorite stand at 330pm. My brother in law sat in it in the a.m. but only saw a spike. I sat thinking about how little time i had left to hunt this archery season due to work. I had seen nothing but a squirrel but at 540 i caught some movement 65 yards ahead of me. I could see antlers as he crossed a path and was walking away from me. Took out my grunt call and gave him 1 grunt. He stopped immediately and turned my way. He came in and stepped into a path in front of me at 16 yards. I should have tried to stop him but i took the shot. As he spun and ran i saw my shot was farther back than i would like. I stayed in my stand for 20 mins then climbed down to check for blood. Real small amount at th he hit site, i followed my path around in the direction he ran. I ended up seeing my nockturnal glowing ahead, just before i got to it he stood up and walked off. Damn it!! Checked the arrow and backed out. Got back to the house and waited for 2 more hours. My son really wanted to come help track so he came along. We started were i saw him get up and moved on. It had rained for those 2 hours and finding blood was not going to be easy. So we faned out and just started looking for a dead deer. We walked for 45 mins and ended up pretty far away from where we started. I decided to head back to my arrow, we were almost there and i spotted WHITE BELLY! He ended up going my 50 more yards from where i bumped him. We walked within 15 yards of him at the start. Sorry for the upside down picks.
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    First opening day buck. Tough track and yotes got to him. But happy especially with a Nov 1-21 scheduled trial.
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    815am, not a giant but real nice for this property. Was arguing with myself in my head on whether to give this one a pass on not,mostly because I saw a monster buck on another property I hunt 2 weeks ago. No regrets though, could always use another European mount. And that's number 2 for the freezer so I can not complain! Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
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    After getting busted by a doe with her fawn early i wasnt feeling very optimistic. Around 9am a group of 4 deer came out to my right. 2 fawns started feeding around the base of my stand. The 2 larger doe stayed back were i had no shot. This doe eventually came right in and ended up right under my stand. She looked up at me and spun around, made one hop and stopped. She was maybe 10 yards away when i shot. Got down after about 15 minutes to check out were she was standing. I decided to walk in the direction she went, and soon saw her piled up maybe 50 yards from were she was hit. Now onto hunting for a buck!
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    gettin it done on day one!! 102lb doe. she definitely winded me, stomped her hooves, and snorted at me twice. then walked right into one of my shooting lanes so I let her have it. 730am good way to start the season
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    Got her Sept 30th. Had to let 3 bucks walk by at less than 30 yards this season until i finally got this mature doe to make a mistake (post requires to take a antlerless before shooting a buck).
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    First afternoon sit of the season overlooking clover and turnips. He made his way into the food plot around 6:20 along with two doe and a smaller buck. He was about 25 yards quartering away when I took the shot. My best deer!!!
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    My son and I both had deer on the ground 200 yards apart, 10 minutes after getting to our stands on Sunday morning. It was the most amazing thing, we arrived lated, bumped 3 on the way in and didnt even have time to really get settled when the action began and texts started flying! I shot a doe and he arrowed this this big 8 at 22 yards, nose to the ground hot on the trail of the few we bumped only a few minutes before. I swear it is the fattest heaviest buck I have ever seen, taxidermist is keeping the jaw to age it. His first words were “oh man thats an old deer!” My son said he was shaking so bad, like never before and thought for sure he would blow it, but pulled it together! I couldnt be more happy for him! For size reference, he is 6’2” 220... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got it done today in 8H after a slower than normal season. He came right toward my treestand from upwind. Turned sharply at 15 yards and gave me a perfect quartering away shot. Double lung with a rage... he ran about 75 yards and I watched him drop.
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    Got my first bow buck tonight! Special thanks to The Real TC III for walking me thru the after shot routine! Kept me on the ground. Had a pretty easy 50 yard track and he expired 5 yards from the ATV trail. Had to cancel my wifes birthday dinner reservations for tonight, but she was cool with it! Tacks I did have pass thru, but did not find that arrow. I stopped looking for it when I found the deer! My daughter took better pics which I will post up when I can. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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