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  1. I know, the shot placement was less than perfect but it was very lethal. My father drove an arrow through one of the kidneys and I'm shocked the buck lasted as long as he did. After the shot we backed out for a few hours and when we returned the buck was laying right where we last saw him.
  2. Its that time of year, turkey season is rapidly approaching and here is a short video clip to help set the mood. Turkey Hunting Video>> https://youtu.be/Q3tZ1dB4pe4
  3. Last archery season we tried something different, we hunted on public land for the first time and it paid off. Deer Hunting Video>> https://youtu.be/eceVxmVZ3TM
  4. I'm a huge fan of Federal shells, they have always been the best, hands down. I've shot all types of turkey loads and it always seems like the Federals have a little more bang to them. I prefer the 3 1/2" #4 shot size because they're are a little bigger and can shoot through some brush if need be. Lets face it... any gun/bullet combination has the potential to kill turkey, you have to use what YOU feel confident with and just get out there and make it work. Good luck this spring!
  5. Just a little bonus video>> W.N.Y. ADVENTURES Intro
  6. If you can buy the camera that I have for 400 dollars... buy it! The 120 GB harddrive and the 25x optical zoom make this camera nice for filming hunts.
  7. Just make sure you look at the new Hoyts... they're the best bows ever created by man.
  8. MMA at age 47?? Don't do it man! LOL Anybody else watch fellow New Yorker, Jon "Bones" Jones win the UFC Light Heavy Weight belt? It was a very impressive performance... Plus just before the fight he ran down a mugger and retrieved an old ladies purse. I guess it was just his night! Welcome to the forum Sasquatch.
  9. Hey 33Canuck, the camera is a Sony Handycam HDR XR-150 and it cost about 650 dollars. I was using an old Panasonic before this camera and when I compare the two its like night and day. I believe this camera is worth every penny I paid and I intend to get more than 600 dollars worth of fun out of it.
  10. Just want to say thanks to everybody for their comments.
  11. Hey Geno, I can understand the confusion so let me try to explain. The footage I captured is from multiple days, I just used the best clips for this video. Also... Beast wasn't ever going to shoot that smaller buck... we were just having fun with the camera. Hope that cleared it up for you. Thanks to everybody for the good comments.
  12. This is a clip of my buddies farm, its an old apple farm that didn't get worked for several years. Now its extremely overgrown and the deer love it... its prime deer habitat. My buddy finds huge sheds every year so the hopes were high this past season. We seen a ton of deer and had a lot of fun and I hope you can appreciate the video I created. DEER VIDEO>>
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