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  1. I'll be honest I have no idea what the issue is, I'm googing around and checking tapatalk support.
  2. I'll have to work on the color scheme, seems the theme changed a bit.
  3. Tapatalk Issues?

    Ok i'll dig into it more.
  4. Tapatalk Issues?

    Biz, another iphone user just tried and its working again for him. You tried it this morning?
  5. Funky how? I may need to re-do the theme again, there was a major forum upgrade.
  6. Tapatalk Issues?

    I have to do a few things this morning, then I'll try to re-install taptalk on the server here and see if that fixes the issue. I'll update once I do. Thanks!
  7. Tapatalk Issues?

    The issue is it says no permission to reply? Everything else works though?
  8. Try tapatalk again, updated the pluigin. Seems to be working fine on Android, I do not have access to a iphone to test. Anyone else having iphone tapatalk issues?
  9. Tapatalk Issues?

    Hey guys, please try tapatalk again. I upgraded the forum software and also the tapatalk plugin last night/this morning.
  10. Things may be a little slow over the next 60 min, running a backup after I finished all the fixes / upgrades to be safe.
  11. Last night was not fun. I had to take the site down for a bit, we are running through storage like crazy. Anyways site should be back up and running fine now, upgraded the forums and fixed a few issues. Please let me know if you notice any problems, in addition tapatalk was updated to the latest version (for those that use it). Thanks!
  12. Hi All, hopefully the site issues are resolved. Sorry, was out of my control, the data center we are in had applied some aggressive firewall rules at their core routers which caused false positives and blocked part of our site.
  13. Kaepernick

    Cut the crap out. Its not needed or wanted on these threads. If you want to talk trash to each other by all means do it in a PM or go meet somewhere and hash it out. Last warning.
  14. Please Note WMU 8N is also included above which was not part of the original press release from the DEC.