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  1. HuntingNY

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Please don't post that crap here, there are plenty of places on the interwebs for those kind of pictures.
  2. Nope. Posts don't take up much space. The images do though.
  3. We are only a day away from the 2017 Regular Gun Season for the Southern Zone, the Northern Zone kicked off their Season a few weeks back. We want to wish everyone a safe, fun and successful hunting season! Please make sure you keep us updated with reports of your hunts successful or not. Again, please be safe and have fun. We wanted to point out a few important threads on the forums to check out. The 2017 "Live From the Stand / Woods" thread is up with quite a few posts already for the 2017 season of live action from the woods, 8th year in a row! -> I just added a new topic, What did you do to prepare for the 2017 Season and what are your Hunting tradtions? This is always fun, please go ahead and post here: As always there are some amazing trail camera photos up, some real nice deer have been posted, check them out -> Be sure to also check out the 2017 Archery Harvest Thread -> - lots of great deer taken this year already during archery. And of course check out the main Deer Hunting forum here - > Hot Topics! Bucks Movement, How Far Will They Go? - > Why would gun owners want a shorter hunting season? - > Buying Deer Bait - > Whats for dinner tonight, game recipies -> 2017 DMP Swap Thread - >
  4. I'll be honest I have no idea what the issue is, I'm googing around and checking tapatalk support.
  5. I'll have to work on the color scheme, seems the theme changed a bit.
  6. HuntingNY

    Tapatalk Issues?

    Ok i'll dig into it more.
  7. HuntingNY

    Tapatalk Issues?

    Biz, another iphone user just tried and its working again for him. You tried it this morning?
  8. Funky how? I may need to re-do the theme again, there was a major forum upgrade.
  9. HuntingNY

    Tapatalk Issues?

    I have to do a few things this morning, then I'll try to re-install taptalk on the server here and see if that fixes the issue. I'll update once I do. Thanks!
  10. HuntingNY

    Tapatalk Issues?

    The issue is it says no permission to reply? Everything else works though?
  11. Try tapatalk again, updated the pluigin. Seems to be working fine on Android, I do not have access to a iphone to test. Anyone else having iphone tapatalk issues?
  12. HuntingNY

    Tapatalk Issues?

    Hey guys, please try tapatalk again. I upgraded the forum software and also the tapatalk plugin last night/this morning.
  13. Things may be a little slow over the next 60 min, running a backup after I finished all the fixes / upgrades to be safe.
  14. Last night was not fun. I had to take the site down for a bit, we are running through storage like crazy. Anyways site should be back up and running fine now, upgraded the forums and fixed a few issues. Please let me know if you notice any problems, in addition tapatalk was updated to the latest version (for those that use it). Thanks!