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  1. I'm moving from Dutchess to CT. Bought a house in Cornwall. Need to study up on the hunting regs but a Sep 15th opener is nice!
  2. Have 11 trees like this on a property I just bought. All dead and need to be removes. 6k in work, oof.
  3. Hunted there opening day yesterday, and 5 or 6 times durring bow. Saw 4 doe early season and nothing since. Sat from 5:40-11 with no sightings and then walked to the north end of property until 3 pm and no sighting. Not much sign either. Only 2 other cars in parking lot on opening. Very weird. No deer and no hunters.
  4. In the same boat. Sat from 5:40 to 10 on state land and then walked a mile further in and walked/sat until 3 pm. No deer, no hunters and almost no sign. It's early, we have time. Don't get discouraged.
  5. Drinking a can of Marzen from Mill House in Poughkeepsie. Pretty good although I like it a little more carbonated and a little less caramel in an Oktoberfest but still enjoyable.. Also drinking a Spaten Oktoberfest. Classic, good and clean and a little biscuity. Very easy drinking.
  6. I use them as more of a hobby. I put 1 cam out on state land 2 months ago and only checked it once. I hunted this same state land the past 2 days but haven't checked it as it's 1 mile in. If I am walking 1 mile in to check the cam, I am hunting that area regardless of whats on the camera.
  7. Hey guys, anyone hunt here recently? Haven't been there or even heard of it but a cooworker mentioned that it was a decent spot.
  8. Love Norm's style, had a delivery like no one else. Such a bummer. RIP Norm.
  9. Thanks, I'm just seeing that you posted above about boletes. Do you know which type I found?
  10. Found a ton of black trumpets and red chanterelles today. Most I've ever found. How do you guys like to good the trumpets? Can anyone I.D. these boletes?
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