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  1. Post on your local homebrewers facebook page. I'd say you could get over $100 each.
  2. Seems like it's winding down around here!
  3. Love Mammoth Lakes. Such a cool little town.
  4. Yosemite- Felt live I belonged here the instant I arrived. Amazing place, you just feel so small here. Dublin- I have strong connection to Ireland because of my heritage. I love the Irish warm and friendly culture and also love a good pub and a pint. The Irish people are so welcoming and always up for a conversation. I'm always in the process of planning a weekend here. Slovakia- My wife is from here so I have been here a lot back and forth when we were long distance. Much more simple way of life in the small villages here. Many people say it's like how America was in the 50
  5. Had a good haul tonight. Again, my wife saw these on the side of the road while walking and we went back later to get them. We found 6 first in another area and then found the rest under this dead (elm?) tree. This was the most we found in one area so far.
  6. People say they do but I've never seen any evidence.
  7. I thought of 3 local high end restaurants that I thought might be interested and messaged them via facebook. 2 replied with interest and I sealed the deal with 1. It was pretty easy.
  8. My wife found all of these on her daily walk between last night and tonight. We went back together to pick some tonight. 1.5 lbs total and I have a text in to the restaurant =)
  9. I'm officially a pro mushroomer. I sold 2.75 lbs of morels to my local restaurant for $120 yesterday, that was the most enjoyable $120 I've ever made! My wife found another 1/2 lb tonight, hoping to get another lb or 2 in the next few days and sell them again. This is addicting!
  10. Went back to same spot tonight after dark and found some more. Today's total haul on the cutting board. Can't believe the year I'm having with morels this year. Hopefully the luck continues into hunting season =)
  11. My wife found a few more today on side of the road while walking. Heaviest morel so far at 5.4oz.
  12. Wasn't purposely looking for morels today but found a bunch. As we were leaving work today, my wife spotted some growing in a grass lawn under some maple trees. Those are the small ones on the seat pic. Later in the day, my wife was on her daily walk and called me and said she found some next to the train tracks. She came home and we took the car down and found 1.5 lbs, some nice big ones.
  13. Venison eye of round seared in cast iron skillet and morels cooked in butter.
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