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  1. Love Norm's style, had a delivery like no one else. Such a bummer. RIP Norm.
  2. Thanks, I'm just seeing that you posted above about boletes. Do you know which type I found?
  3. Found a ton of black trumpets and red chanterelles today. Most I've ever found. How do you guys like to good the trumpets? Can anyone I.D. these boletes?
  4. Nice chants! Only found cinnabar chants so far, really tasty! Found a bunch of random boletes, still have not kept any, too tough for me to ID. Found about 3 lbs of pearl oysters today. Super fresh.
  5. Looks like Conor broke his leg on Dustin's elbow with the teep kick. Brutal.
  6. I think he damaged his ankle throwing kicks earlier in fight. Might have been the reason why he went for the guillotine as well, that's my theory. Absolutely crazy.
  7. Definitely carpenter bees. They come out in full force in May. These work really well. https://bestbeebrothers.com/products/best-carpenter-bee-trap?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_dWGBhDAARIsAMcYuJwr4m_chaTDVQAuGXZ4sg0obsK1nM7scyiL32aibS6qRWsJGsRkH9kaAubYEALw_wcB
  8. Post on your local homebrewers facebook page. I'd say you could get over $100 each.
  9. Seems like it's winding down around here!
  10. Love Mammoth Lakes. Such a cool little town.
  11. Yosemite- Felt live I belonged here the instant I arrived. Amazing place, you just feel so small here. Dublin- I have strong connection to Ireland because of my heritage. I love the Irish warm and friendly culture and also love a good pub and a pint. The Irish people are so welcoming and always up for a conversation. I'm always in the process of planning a weekend here. Slovakia- My wife is from here so I have been here a lot back and forth when we were long distance. Much more simple way of life in the small villages here. Many people say it's like how America was in the 50's. I don't know if that's true but it seems like it is. Everything is made from scratch, they get by on very little. People are very old fashioned which is a nice change from here. Always fun to visit and unwind here.
  12. Had a good haul tonight. Again, my wife saw these on the side of the road while walking and we went back later to get them. We found 6 first in another area and then found the rest under this dead (elm?) tree. This was the most we found in one area so far.
  13. People say they do but I've never seen any evidence.
  14. I thought of 3 local high end restaurants that I thought might be interested and messaged them via facebook. 2 replied with interest and I sealed the deal with 1. It was pretty easy.
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