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  1. Thank you. I put out less and less the last few years (none last year) and I've seen more nice bucks that years prior when I was checking cameras every 2 weeks. I think cameras do more harm than good for the most part although trail cams are a lot of fun.
  2. RIP Screech, grew up on this show. That was a quick decline, I just saw the article that he was diagnosed with cancer a week ago. Damn.
  3. I got mine 11 years ago and still haven't gotten around to buying a pistol. I should get on that.
  4. I understand it. Last year I killed 2 bucks and went out late season to hopefully fill a doe tag. On the last day I had two doe run off the hill ride and hung out in front of me eating acorns at 10 yards. I liked watching them just continued to watch for 45 minutes and just didn't feel right shooting them. Not sure why but just wasn't in the mood.
  5. Stopped doing scent control 2 years ago and have been just as successful and have not noticed any less sightings. I have gotten a lot better reading and paying attention to the wind. That's what I think matters.
  6. Looks like a 150lb bear.
  7. Anyone hunting here recently? Been here 4 or 5 times this bow season. Saw 3 doe, had a shot on 2 but they were small. Haven't seen a scrape or rub or much sign at all. Walked an hour in this morning and saw 2 small deer tracks and 5 coyote tracks. Going to give it a break and hunt another property and return in a few weeks.
  8. Bought an '06 Switchback in 2011 and haven't looked back since!
  9. I had an $80 food saver that lasted me about a dozen deer. Just bought a cheap $50 chinese one off amazon that seemed to handle two deer no problem.
  10. Saw a big 8chasing a doe and doe fawn through a big open field last night driving home from work in westchester.
  11. These are similar to the sausages I've had in Slovakia/Czech Republic. They are great. What size grinding plate do you use? I've made a similar recipe a few times but I grinded the meat way too much, the inside has a hotdog consistency.
  12. Got 8 during bow. He came in to 12 yds on field edge to my doe decoy. Got an bigger 8 last weekend with shotgun. Came through a funnel to 15 yds following does. I was on the ground sitting on a fold up chair behind a burlap blind for both hunts.
  13. I find the less I use them, the more deer I end up seeing and killing.
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