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  1. Ice Fishing Chautauqua Lake

    We're all geared up to go sat. Looks like the temps are going to be lower then first expected. Pretty excited even though I'm hearing less then stellar fishing reports. Either way should be a good time. I'll let you guys know sat evening how we make out. You'll have to take it with a grain of salt though being our first time.
  2. Valentine’s Day plans

    We both had to work the 14. So we planned a ice fishing date for this Saturday. 1st time for both of us
  3. Ice Fishing Chautauqua Lake

    So I decided that I want to start ice fishing this week. I ordered a couple of poles and reels, fishing shanty, sled and other accessories this weekend. It all should be here by the end of the week in time to go out Sat. But wouldn't you know it the temp is suppose to be up in the forties and rain. It looks like its suppose to get back below freezing at night. As of now the lake has about 9 inches of ice. What effect will this have on the amount and stability of the ice for this coming weekend? (I'll beat any one else to it and say "yes I know ice melts when it gets above 32 degrees" lol) I'll be pretty bummed out if I have all these new toys and not be able to use them. Also anyone else that fishes the lake in the winter have any tips on the area. I fish it quite a bit in the spring, summer and fall but this will be my first time ice fishing here or any where else for the matter. Thanks for reading.
  4. Muzzle loader blow up

    I've got a savage model 10 muzzleloader and read double loads could catastrophic in the gun. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. 9x Question

    Anyone familiar with the 9x area? Seems like it has a good healthy deer population, but since we've had our property which is in the Olean, Cuba and Hinsdale area doe permits have all but almost impossible to get. The last 5 years you've had to have preference points to even have a chance at one. Between the 4 family members who put in for them in the 5 years only two have been drawn. I've always gotten one because of land ownership at least. Now this year only landowners can get one. Is our deer population in bad shape out there?
  6. Muzzle loader blow up

    I never would of thought that not pushing the bullet all the way to the powder could be bad like someone early posted. Make sense with more space to build up pressure. I always made sure for accuracy though.
  7. I screwed up

    Sorry it took so long to get back. I found one of those screws for my cleaning rod in a bunch of muzzleloader odds and ends I had. Don't know why I was trying to make it harder then it had to be. So simple. 5 mins of tug a war with the wife and I had it out. Thanks again for the help guys.
  8. I screwed up

    Hey guys long time member but haven't posted in awhile. So I got a traditions percussion muzzleloader pistol awhile back and took it to the range to try it out. Well I got to talking and not paying attention and I loaded a wad and ball in BUT....... forgot to put powder in the damn thing. I'm sure you guys can figure out my embarrassment at the time. So now what do I do. I don't think the barrel comes apart where I can just push it through on end or the other. I've thought of ways to drill it out in chunks but really dont want to do that. I know its a cheap gun but I still don't want to risk damaging the barrel. I've thought about drilling a hole through the the center of bullet and trying to pull the wad out and dump powder through the bullet but I'm thinking thats a far shot. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated. Or do I just take it to a gun smith or try sending it back to traditions?
  9. Good weekend for trip to camp.

    Thats a good looking shop. Just started rounding up tools to start wood working myself. I have a long ways to go before my shop looks like that though.
  10. Fisher

    +2 For Perrysburg. Got them on cameras and 2 years ago another one got hit by a car.
  11. RCBS Chargemaster Combo

    With the help of some gift cards I finally spent the money on this scale that I've been looking at for a couple years now. If you're not familiar with this product it is a scale and dispenser in one. Well finally got to test it out over the last few weeks and I have to say I love it. Makes weighing out charges easy and accurate. Sad to say my beam scales will be collecting dust from here on out. Anyone else use one and have an opinion on it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about it.
  12. 9x Bucks

    We were both super excited about his and it also put a little pressure on me to get out and get one two. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  13. we have a whole pack of dingos
  14. 9x Bucks

    heres a better pic of his.
  15. 9x Bucks

    I'm a little late to the party but here's our first two bucks off our property. My son got his first deer opening weekend. 9pt with 15 inch spread. A week later I got this 7 pt with a 19 1/2 spread.