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  1. reeltime

    2019 Pennsylvania youth turkey hunt

    Pics of them with their birds. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
  2. the following hunts took place is Pennsylvania on 4/20/19 during the youth turkey hunt including the mentor youth program which allows kids under the age of 12 to participate also under the guidance of an adult mentor. worked a ton of hours to be able to take a few days off to take the grand kids down to camp for the weekend. Gavin and I arrived wed. evening after finishing up with my electrical inspection on a new cottage build I have going on. We got camp opened up, truck unloaded and were off to put birds up for the night. Thursday morning we were back out to listen as best we could with the wind, and then it was off to run and scout as many properties as possible. we were able to find a handful of gobblers through out the morning and had to run to town for early dinner to meet the rest of the gang that was on their way to camp. we were back in time to put up birds on some properties to free up others to be hit Friday morning off the roost. Friday morning was a perfect morning clear, sunny, and fast rising temps and not only greeted with numerous gobblers but even laid the spotting scope on a few of the target birds to confirm locations. Friday evening we hit all but 5 of the properties and I left Scott to put the flock of birds on my place to roost. while Gavin and I headed off to find his bird. We had birds put up to roost and had all the gear ready and kids to bed just after dark. Addison and Scott ( her dad) were off to my hay field where I told them to set up, Gavin and I were off to a different property. we were in and set up well before gobbling started and we had birds all around us except the target bird had flown way down into the stripmine during the night when a massive thunderstorm moved through. we got the text picture of Addison with her 3yo longbeard about 7:15. we had been having lots of response to sporadic calls but birds were being stubborn so we decided to go be aggressive and see what we could do. we walked south about 100 yards stopping a few times to call and got responses each time and finally the bird we had wanted to set up on opened up back to the northeast and we started back and just before cresting the ridge I gave a call to confirm his location as he was closing fast it seemed. we had our hats about blown off with 2 gobbles directly behind us. we sat down quick and as fast as possible got Gavin in position just as 2 white heads came running down the edge of the field right to 20 yards and stopped and stood there and blasted a gobble right at us. I guess the excitement was too much as Gavin completely wiffed the shot. His first miss in 6 years and at 12 years old won't be his last. so back to camp to shed some gear as it was warming up considerably. off to the races again, I drove up to my field and there were gobblers there but decided to leave them and go hit a piece of public land I have killed a pile of birds on. We were greeted with finding 2 longbeards all alone about 800 yards out with my spotting scope and I knew exactly how to enter the block of woods south of them and have had good success accessing from that direction. We parked the truck and as we were trying to hustle to get geared up they gobbled twice, it was 10 am. We had a main deer highway to sneak along with huge boulders between us and the field. We could only go 125 yards without being picked off in the sparse woods cover, I got Gavin set up against a huge rock and belly crawled 20 yards and stuck myrtle on a little dirt mound on the edge of the logging road. Crawled back to Gavin and they gobbled again. got him in position and my first double cluck into a 3 note yelp on the bomber was blasted with a quad gobble. I told Gavin to watch out front I made another call and received no response, I told Gavin they are coming get ready they can pop out from behind one of these rocks in a hurry. All of a sudden 2 white heads appear from behind a big moss covered rock at 25 yards. I could see the birds and could of killed either of them but Gavin setting just to my left couldn't see them.......they moved to our right and he can see them but they wouldn't stop walking and strutting, every time I would cluck they would stop and he couldn't see them, finally they get to a spot in the open at 20 yards and he is on them and as the barrel is doing figure 8's he fires and missed they gobble and as he racks another shell they gobble again and I am clucking and purring and as they stood there I said calm down put the crosshairs on that bird on the lefts head and shoot him. at the shot the bird dropped in its tracks another solid 3 yo gobbler. Gavin was on his feet in a split second and said he is laying right there I can see him. LOL time of kill 10:11 did some pics, filled out his tag and headed back to camp for pics, bird cleaning and packing up to head back to NY so I could get back to work to get caught up so I can head back for regular opener this weekend. pics to follow
  3. reeltime

    Pa changes opening day..

    in the traditional deer hunting heritage towns and villages of the northern tier of the state of Pa. this will with out a doubt have a heavy financial impact on a good number of them with the loss of several days of income the friday and saturday prior to the monday opener. this change was not widely accepted by hunters nor was it accepted by all of the commissioners as the carrying votes were from region 7 and 8 covering the eastern end of the state. no matter what day of the week ANY season starts some will not be able to get off work or get out of school. it will be interesting to see if the monday after thanksgiving gets taken off the pa state holiday list. many stores held deer hunter widow sales on the first day of deer season. the heritage of deer hunting in the state of PA runs deep, BUT as all are aware hunter numbers are decreasing and new recruitment has slowed considerably since the early 2000's. As much as some of us try to recruit kids the bottom line is no matter what the season is, when it is, how long it is a vast majority of kids do not have the desire to take up the sport either because of peer pressure or a busy life, or just simply no patience to set and wait for a deer or turkey to walk by. traditions and history being wiped away almost on a daily basis with a stroke of a pen simply to satisfy the whats in it for me crowd. many people today only care about themselves and want everything to benefit themselves no matter how many other people it negatively affects. The days of orange leaning against every other tree the first day of gun season in PA are GONE and will never return, people have changed the way they hunt, since the inclusion of crossbow archery tag sales have increased, antlered harvests have gone up, early antlerless season for kids and seniors allow the early kill and some people are 1 and done for a deer because they cant eat more than 1 a year. the biggest majority of folks set in a stand, blind, shooting hut and don't move because they don;t want to push deer off their property. a lot of land is now posted and deer in some areas don't even know its deer season. folks don't see deer, don't hear shots close, and crappy weather just adds salt to their wounds and some just give up. the "doing it to help in recruitment" statement is nothing more than a feel good statement to play to peoples emotions. You want recruitment step up to the plate and do something to recruit a youngster, don't wait for the state to do something in hopes it will work.
  4. no to an earlier start, and absolutely no way to all day hunting during the spring season! I for one am glad the biologists are only worried about managing the resource and not coddling to hunters that want easier kills. its called hunting not everyone "gets a trophy"
  5. reeltime

    Turkey decoys

    I use 1 hen decoy for the youth hunts just to give the gobbler something to focus on while trying to get the youngster into shooting position and to double check their aim before they shoot. when I am hunting alone I haven't used a decoy in well over 25 years and have not had a problem killing longbeards every year no matter where I hunted. I will say that you will never see me setting anywhere close to a gobbler, jake, or fan decoy in the spring EVER. if folks wanna do that its their choice and i wish them luck and safety.
  6. reeltime

    Poached Eggs

    sunny or egg in the baskets.
  7. reeltime

    Happy Birthday Pygmy

    happy birthday Dan, have a great day.
  8. starting at 1:53 the girl seems to be talking about what the turkey is doing, he has his head down now his heads up and looking around. shortly after the bird gobbles. note that the girl appears to be kneeling in the grass, which would lean more towards as they were walking they heard the bird gobble and snuck up to the field edge. 2:18 she says hes gonna walk right to that other guy, so they KNOW there is another hunter already there and he is much closer to the bird than they are. but still coming closer so we might have a chance. so at this point they are now aware of another hunter already being there, a gobbler working back and forth in direction between them and the other person THIS SCENARIO is a recipe for disaster and they chose to continue with their calling in hopes of pulling the bird towards them. notice that she appears to be keeling in the high open grass just off the edge of the field, also take note of how much she is moving around and with very little face paint on. I'm actually surprised she didn't spook the bird with all the movement. the only right thing she did was not take a winging shot as the bird flew past. some assumptions of a miss also, could very well of been 2 birds together and if the other hunter heard or saw these folks sneak in there and dropped one bird he may of stayed seated for fear of receiving a movement shot from them, I have been in that situation and waited till the other hunters moved off to retrieve my bird. this isn't a "public land" issue only it happens on private land just as much if not more. does not matter where you are you are going to have 2 styles of hunting happening, the set, call and wait folks and the run and gunners. Its simply a law of averages as you are eventually going to have to 2 styles interact, meaning the setter may be working a bird and as the runner finally gets close enough to hear the bird and moves in. What the hunters choose to do when this happens defines what type of hunter they are. in this video they knew another person was already there and closer to the bird, they chose to continue calling to try and lure the bird away from the other hunter. Their choice in doing so created an unsafe situation for all parties. with today's turkey loads and chokes people are using it can be a deadly decision even at longer distances. not sorry at all but I call a spade a spade and I don't care if its a man or woman in the video, what they did in this video was questionable at best.
  9. reeltime

    Personal attacks

    its cluttering up the BSOPBB
  10. reeltime

    Hunting Crows In The Woods?

    sorry, too many Rob's on here to keep up with. LOL oh well if your out this way in early march on a fri-mon trip and its warm and breezy from the west bring your shooter and lots of shells.
  11. reeltime

    Hunting Crows In The Woods?

    Rob, If your timing is right meaning the right wind and temps, being right on the shoreline of lake ontario can be a world class crow shoot. early march hard south west or west wind rising temps you can burn through a ton of shells. generally you want to be within a few hundred yards of the lake. this morning was a different story as the crows were 4-500 yards inland but they were coming through by the thousands. as far as setting up in the woods goes, yes it can be done but generally its field edges/fencerows that folks set up on.
  12. reeltime

    Under water cameras

    Aquavu 715c Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
  13. reeltime

    Happy birthday reeltime!

    thanks for all the birthday wishes. worked on blueprints and material lists yesterday so I didn't perch fish yesterday,,,,did the day before and last sunday. drill a 4 inch hole on 3000 acres of water and fill a bucket with iced gold. lol . fishing has been good. turkeys are back to visiting me every couple days, bucks are still carrying antlers. Judy is healing and is up and around, post op follow up next week to remove staples and go over pathology report. hoping its all good. again thanks all for the birthday wishes.
  14. This is one of the most often looked over pieces of the turkey hunting puzzles especially when dealing with older gobblers. Chances are good that if you are set up where a bird doesn't feel comfortable it does not matter who is doing the calling or what calls your making that bird will not commit Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
  15. reeltime

    New world record non typical

    So who is going to pay for all these tests and for what??? No matter if it's proven that it's a legit harvest there will still be the storms out there saying it's crooked. A typing example of why many record qualifying animals never get entered every year. I know first hand and after having 1 record entry I would never do another one no matter what the score was. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk