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  1. reeltime

    Under water cameras

    Aquavu 715c Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
  2. reeltime

    Happy birthday reeltime!

    thanks for all the birthday wishes. worked on blueprints and material lists yesterday so I didn't perch fish yesterday,,,,did the day before and last sunday. drill a 4 inch hole on 3000 acres of water and fill a bucket with iced gold. lol . fishing has been good. turkeys are back to visiting me every couple days, bucks are still carrying antlers. Judy is healing and is up and around, post op follow up next week to remove staples and go over pathology report. hoping its all good. again thanks all for the birthday wishes.
  3. This is one of the most often looked over pieces of the turkey hunting puzzles especially when dealing with older gobblers. Chances are good that if you are set up where a bird doesn't feel comfortable it does not matter who is doing the calling or what calls your making that bird will not commit Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
  4. reeltime

    New world record non typical

    So who is going to pay for all these tests and for what??? No matter if it's proven that it's a legit harvest there will still be the storms out there saying it's crooked. A typing example of why many record qualifying animals never get entered every year. I know first hand and after having 1 record entry I would never do another one no matter what the score was. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
  5. reeltime

    PA Hunting Changes

    Nothing in stone yet. It's showing promise that the move from Monday to Saturday will likely happen. I am sure the small towns in the traditional deer rich mountains will suffer imensly from this change. I guess now if this happens the Monday after Thanksgiving will no longer be a state holiday. Sunday hunting is on the table but is certainly not a given yet. The farm bureau is staunchly against the Sunday hunting as are a lot of land owners. The hunter numbers and mentality in PA is so much different than anywhere else. NY is a cake walk compared to PA. The last I heard was that the farm bureau was maybe willing to compromise IF some changes were made to the trespassing laws...something that has been needed for a long time. Semi rifle for big game is not looking good for making it through again this year. Surprisingly the biggest opponent to this is hunters themselves.
  6. reeltime

    NH Moose Units

    when I shot my NH moose in 2004 we hunted up around pittsburgh NH. back then you had to attend a moose hunting seminar that gave information on hunting and field care. it also went over how to retrieve the reproductive organs if you had a cow or either sex tag. if you shot a cow moose when you went to the check station you had to have those organs and you also had to give exact kill location. You do NOT need a guide in NH or Maine. You CAN quarter the moose to get it out. Do your homework if you get drawn, you can do scouting at your desk even more so today than back in 2004. most importantly be properly prepared with tools when you are successful. the fun is over when you pull the trigger. my buddy insisted on driving that day and ended up not having a single tool in the truck so we couldnt take the cap off. you can not even imagine what 800lbs of dead weight is like trying to get into the back of a truck. i was so dehydrated and sore I could barely get out of truck at the check station the next morning. shot the moose at 3:10 pm got to the check station at 10 am the following day and did not go back to the motel first. take an extra $200.00 with you and if you shoot one go find a logger to use his skidder.
  7. reeltime

    Under water cameras

    I bought an aqua vu 715c 3 weeks ago and have been using it ice fishing. UNREAL! an absolute blast fishing with that camera. if your quick enough you can pull the jig away from the dinks and catch the bigger fish. biggest advantage is it leaves no doubt how the fish want the bait presented. either deadsticked or slow jigging or fast jigging. you also get to see what is there for structure. its like looking at the fish in an aquarium. lol. my buddy climbed in my 2 man hut the other day and within 15 minutes he was online ordering the same camera. I am anxious to try it out on the boat that should be a blast.
  8. reeltime

    Hell of a fine!

    the amount of racism in this thread is to be quite honest sickening to read! I would bet that if some of these things were said about other races of people this thread would of been locked and or gone by now! there is also a LOT of mis information being posted. The amish folks DO pay taxes! local, state, federal. the ONLY tax they do not pay is social security because they do NOT draw on it. they most certainly DO pay school taxes, and they do not utilize much if any of the school system. the amish charge what they feel their work is worth, most people have no idea how much work goes into the things they build, and to be honest most english "carpenters and or cabinet makers" could not build comparable products by using the tools the amish folks use. no matter what people think they are no different than any other race of humans, there are good ones and bad ones. this is 1 poaching incident, how many English folks got caught poaching this season, the reason this is such a big deal is because of the size of the buck, no matter what race or religion the poacher is irrelevant they are simply a person that got caught poaching.
  9. reeltime

    PA Girth Chart vs Live Weight Comparison

    But less than 3 inches qualifies for an antlerless tag. Lol Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
  10. And if all of the 10 commandments of firearm/hunter safety are followed there should be NO chance of 1 hunter shooting another. Positively identify your target and what is beyond. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
  11. reeltime

    Dads only turkey.

    Mom brought some pics up to camp and when I ran across this one it brought tears to my eyes. I had shot a nice 8 point with the bow the evening prior to this hunt and shortly after I killed a Jake. I allowed the birds to fly up and snuck out at dark so I could get dad to be there while I tracked my buck even though I watched him drop. We found the deer gutted him and before we headed down the hill I told dad I wanted to flush the birds so I could bring him back in the morning. Got a good scatter and we were back before the tree talk started in the morning. I started them up with a fly down into an assembly call. Soon there were birds talking every where and a hand full were closing the distance. I saw this Jake sneaking along the hill kee kee calling as he came in. When he got to 20 yards I told dad to shoot him first chance BOOOOM he got. Lol. This was his first ever turkey and sadly his only 1. The following fall I had scattered birds came and got dad. Went back set up and I had birds talking all around us. I heard something sneaking in behind us and when I turned around there was a guy with a shotgun shouldered pointed right at say there was a profanity laced statement made would be an understatement. The guy had the balls to say you sound just like a real turkey with that call. Dad said he was done hunting and when we got back he said please don't ask me to go again as after this incident I will never turkey hunt again and he never did. But he never forgot his only bird and often told people about the hunt. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
  12. reeltime

    Huge Thanks to Reeltime!

    My pleasure Brian. My only regret was I didn't get to use any of my truckload of toys. Lol just kidding. Always best to be able to drive it out as its less likely to cause damage. I ain't gonna lie that machine is HEAVY. Lol. It did walk right out once you got up on fresh ground which was a good thing. Thanks for the conversation as well, it's been a rough week for sure. I did get my pa buck butchered and ended up with 78 lbs of deboned meat, cooked up a back strap steak that was just melt in your mouth delicious. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
  13. reeltime

    One last pa buck with dad.

    Don't know how well this is going to go but. I will give it a try. Life has been crazy busy since spring and although I've checked in I've not posted for a number of reasons. Hunting season arrived way too fast and had to do a lot to make the time to prep camp for the PA youth hunt. 3 of the kids arrived wed. Afternoon and were all ready to hit the woods Thursday morning. The 4th youth was on her way with her dad and by the time they arrived at noon the other kids all had adult doe's hanging in my Kubota barn. Abby had just turned 7 a few weeks prior and had been doing great on the target range. We set up a blind in mom and dads back yard and brushed it in good. 10 minutes before end of shooting time I heard her .223 savage bark and we were 4 for 4 with the kids. My dad was having the time of his life with all the kids and listened intently as each one told him their story. We had a great camp meal with everyone gathered around the table. While the guys were here we moved one of our tractors up to the shop to see what was wrong with it. By the end of the weekend I had the tractor split and the motor on my engine stand as it was set up so tight it wouldn't turn over. So first weekend of Nov we came back and brought judys son as dad wanted me to build a trolley system in the shop. Got that all done before he had to go back to my sun. Am. Monday am it was pouring rain so I sat in the barn and passed a nice 9 at 7 yards...the rain bothered me more than anything as he met the spread rule. Tuesday am was met again with rain and once again he came through the barnyard. Tuesday evening it had quit raining and I passed a nice 2.5 chocolate rack 7 point. When I got back judy said dad wasn't feeling right so I walkked downn to the house and knew immediately something was wrong. We finally convinced him that we needed to go to the hospital. My worst fears came true when I saw the film and saw he has developed a brain bleed. By 4 am we had him in icu and resting comfortable. I got back to camp in time to shower and go climb in my pasture stand. As I set there I had a million things going through my mind, most of which I knew I had to accept but certainly did not want to accept. About 650 am I turned to look in the barnyard and here he comes. He crossed the road and entered the pasture on the other side of my island. A spike had walked under me as the bigger buck was walking parallel to the fence and just before he cleared the brushy island I eased to full draw and when he stepped out I uuurpped to stop him at 8 yards and he locked on the spike who turned and started walking towards him. At the shot he just stood there for several seconds even though I watched the arrow go through him. He finally bolted up the hill but I could see the red circle getting bigger. As he hit the top horse trail and turned south I saw him cartwheel over. Tthe flood of emotions hit me like a freight train as I knew this would be the first pa buck in the last 38 years that I wouldn't go get dad to be there when we tracked it. Ther last 7 days have been a real struggle. My dad never wanted any invasive care nor ever wanted to be a burden to anyone. He wanted to come home last week and we made that happen last Friday. I got to spend time with him and had a really good talk on Sunday afternoon. He got a huge smile when I told him the buck we saw last Sunday was hanging in the Kubota barn. He knew that buck was in trouble lol. My dad passed peacefully yesterday morning. His final wishes were granted. I owe the world to him and his passing has left a hole in me that can not ever will be refilled. From starting out hunting to through ems up to being a paramedic acls certification.. He was a leader a mentor a supervisor but most of all not only my best hunting buddy but he was my dad. God speed medic 25 we will take it from here, all I ask is keep a good tree stand location open for me when I join you. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
  14. reeltime

    2018 Live from the turkey woods

    for the internet game wardens where we were hunting was clarified before I ever left camp.
  15. reeltime

    2018 Live from the turkey woods

    Addison just got her bird a bearded hen that strutted and spit drummed all the way in. Tough to tell a 9 year old not to shoot a legal bird Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk