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  1. Just the mulching kit and blades ... I opted for the kawasaki engine over the Briggs
  2. I bought a new ferris in October, can't wait to fire it up this weekend for first cut.
  3. The mystery makes it all that much more worth the find . My first thought was bullet second was sheared off by mower type implement and or then dragged to current found location
  4. https://cabotguns.com/better-than-custom-1911-pistols/ Hear good things about them
  5. Bad day to start my diet after looking ill wait until tomorrow
  6. The thing helping trucks today are these 8 and 10 speed transmissions allowing for smaller gears like a 3.73 instead of a 4.10 Use to be buy the biggest engine for towing now your seeing smaller engines able to do the same
  7. My truck gets 11mpg , I have my wifes old pilot for my daily driver . Gas will be over 3 bucks for sure by memorial day.
  8. Not my hunting season but membership at gun range has fallen by 50% .
  9. Doe tags are grandfathered in free if you bought before a certain date. I have to dispute this with license sales every year
  10. I bought mine the first year it came out . But for life of me I can't find when that was . Does anyone know the year it was introduced? Been hunting free for a long time
  11. Wish we had a few more shops in area myself
  12. Ill keep my eyes open for ya
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