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  1. sbuff

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Looks good, my buddy's were crushing them down near Henry Hudson park area . Many Lakers active on lake George...I might try to get out this weekend
  2. sbuff

    Truck Long Gun Storage

    Was in same boat, carry a ruger lc9s instead
  3. sbuff

    Youth baseball thread

    Sounds like a bright future across the board, awesome...
  4. sbuff

    Youth baseball thread

    Fun is what it's about, one sport ,two sports or three sports . I see to many parents who think there kid is the next Derek Jeter. Those dads are past gym glass heroes, nothing more then living through there children now putting tons of pressure on them Grampy , does he go to guilderland. congrats on his young success. I'll keep an eye out in the TU ...
  5. sbuff

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Oneida? Have you hit godfrey poit yet??
  6. sbuff

    Spy points new cell cam

    Hows it working , it's on my radar to purchase before the season starts
  7. sbuff

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Texas is dropping like a rock.
  8. sbuff

    Live From The Maine Coast

    Love Maine, old orchard is where we go. Always nice to hit kittery or cabelas. Enjoy
  9. sbuff

    Shorts out

    Spy point is taking 50% off a new force 11D, [149.00] can't beat that. No complaints from me in dealing with spy point. They are equal to browning customer service .
  10. sbuff

    Sharpening chainsaw

    I think my dad taught me how to sharpen a chain before riding a bike . The only log splitter we had was the ax in mine and his hands. That old buck stove thanked us .. Once you get the hang of it ,its a piece of cake. I'll look into that file .
  11. sbuff

    Antlers growing?

    I've seen them 5/1 opening of Turkey
  12. sbuff

    Shorts out

    Been working with spy point to resolve, been very impressed with their customer service.
  13. sbuff

    2019 Lawn Thread

    That what happened to me, almost got ATV buried pulling mower out. By far wettest my yard has been . Another week of rain it looks like
  14. Or are others that easy
  15. sbuff

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Golf cart got stuck last week, mower got stuck last night . Had to use ATV to get it out. I dont know how everyone is mowing, my yard is soaked Kids want me to get a jet ski !! Softball got cancelled after sitting in opening ceremonies for two hours .. Hoping for sunny days