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  1. Still the same old crud ring . I think I had my best luck with the Remington clean bore but the crud ring was still there.
  2. Wasn't it originally a marketing ploy to eliminate the crud ring caused by using t7.
  3. If that passes it would be huge for our 2nd ammendment rights . There is an article in latest NY outdoor news too.
  4. Does it say if it would be allowed in bow only mdus?
  5. I think he died in over ten movies . My favorite sons of Katie elder “I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the hell they please.” – John Wayne
  6. The Duke , but man grand torino was good
  7. I disagree with " sportsman " buying ammo if they have enough. What constitutes enough ,let's use common sense here . We all try to encourage new shooters and hunters alike, to be hoarding ammo is discouraging said hunter's and shooters alike .
  8. I'll agree to dis agree ...... Shoot straight and shoot often ...
  9. I have bought 2 or 3 boxes at a time over the last 30 years of my life . I too have plenty for all guns and hand guns . That is exactly why I am not buying during the current price hike . But we as sportsman are . I dont know how much you , Tom , Dick or Harry need . My point is if you have enough don't buy more . That's whats driving the cost up.. You live in Saratoga Co if I recall or there abouts. I'm in latham neither of which are high crime . Heck one day maybe we can go shooting at the gun club.
  10. Its we as sportsman who are creating this . We all just need to sit back some . I know it stinks to say it . If you need a 1000 rounds of 9mm to shoot the guy trying to break in your house you need more practice. If you think your going to the range and blowing off 500rds of 9mm then going to store to replace its not happening. Hoping things settle down by spring but I have my doubts
  11. To everyone that's thinks covid and the vaccine is BS ,lose a family member to covid than come talk to me .
  12. My 72 year old mom had a heart attack Thursday caused by the covid virus attacking her heart . She is 95lbs soaking wet ,walks 6 miles a day 3 in morning 3 at night with my dad who only has a lung and a half . She fought the fight with medical help and is coming home today . My dad moved in with us and is in lock down until his test results come it . Postive he goes home negative he stays until lock down over As I said before that vaccine can't come soon enough Fu covid don't F with my family
  13. I've lost an uncle this week to covid ,my wife was sick for two weeks ,my daughter one day ,now my mom is in hospital after covid caused her to have a heart attack. That vaccine can't come soon enough for my family
  14. Just won't find ammo until 2025...
  15. By the intended tool for intended use. Snow blowers are meant for intended use ,atv with plow is not. My wife wanted to buy me a plow for my 2015 sportsman 570,I said the snow blower much better buy me a gun instead.