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  1. Haven't seen on shelves in over a year .
  2. Using a spy point micro link s,no issues to report . Pondering trying one of these tacta cam reveals .
  3. We all don't need a badge to justify knowledge or our abilities. I'll just keep chugging away.
  4. Shim will work or try to re set scope to see if that will allow more adjustment. I like the mirror trick. Look at the crosshairs. If the scope is optically centered, you will just see the reticle. If it is not, you will see a shadow of the reticle in the reflection. To reset to factory zero, you need to line up the shadow of the reticle with the reticle itself. You can do this by adjusting the elevation (top) and windage (side) turrets. There is no particular way to complete this step. It is more trial by fire. Keep adjusting the turrets until the shadow and reticle are lined up.
  5. Between work, soccer all day Saturday and softball all day Sunday added in still mowing the lawn twice a week I'm way behind . Wife wants me to re open pool since its nice and we closed on 9/10. Not happening i said!! Hoping to get my ll bean boots waterproofed and gear in order soon .
  6. God i thought it was just me
  7. I'd still love to know the towns
  8. Sweet I know they did a limited production on it. I use my 1994 mini 30 for deer myself .
  9. I had wanted him to,being 3rd in waiver order I figured he would go before my chance. If we're me I'd start him. I think San Fran can be very good this year
  10. I'm in need of one box of .32 Winchester special should it be seen in the Capitol district. Smitty is great know him for years .
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