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  1. My jets have a brutal schedule ,Adam Gase has to go . As much as I don't like NE they still win the afc east and buffalo finishes second .
  2. I thought if you displayed more then one symptom your primary doctor gave you a number, that number was needed to go to covid drive up testing . Maybe I'm wrong ?
  3. I'm thinking 25% they start it 0% they finish .
  4. Not a qb I can think of that won another superbowl after cashing in on big contract .
  5. Modern muzzleloader and this . Along with forest rivers RV forum .
  6. What do you contribute the boom in walleye to ,my cousin fished it last week and said the same thing the lake has never been so good .
  7. Make a heck of a duck gun too I love mine
  8. 5-6 for cuccs and 7 -8 for zucchini if your asking me .
  9. It will taste better if you pick them smaller in size ,same for zucchini
  10. Condolences to you and your family May he rest in place god bless
  11. Phade I hear ya fully . Greg keep us posted . Its priced right and I'm sure it will sell....
  12. Could be a game changer
  13. sbuff


    Breakfast in bed