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  1. sbuff


    Any takers
  2. sbuff


    Anyone try this, Sean Hannity is always talking about it . It's on my try list ..
  3. sbuff


    Nothing beats a hot cup of Stewart's coffee, by far my favorite .
  4. sbuff

    More snow

    I just got it to for Camden, constantia,and panther lake areas.. Latham is 55 and sunny now,just fired the Weber up...
  5. sbuff


    Keurig family here, brands include caribou, green mountain, DD, and coffee house . Big fan of green mountains lake and lodge . Just a splash of regular creamer..
  6. It's like cars, it's all about comfort even in an ATV. As said, my 570 has done everything I asked of it, drags logs, large logs, cleans trails, drag deer ,helps me get to further out on back line quicker and takes my girls around the yard for a fun ride. I guess it all depends on what one needs . Good luck with the new quad .
  7. To my knowledge it's the same 570 ,44hp or so. Your one of the first I've heard to have issues, it's been a bullet proof engine
  8. My 2015 sportsman 570 has been issue free . It does what I need ,clean trails, pulls logs and drags deer.
  9. sbuff


    We are not a soda family at all, a two liter would last all year Every now and then I'll get a Stewart's cream soda, delish ........
  10. sbuff

    Batteries for trail camera

    I'm running four cams years round at camp, they all get ray o vac batteries . They work great, I've compared and tested them to Duracell and Energizer and saw so benefit to spending the extra money . I change them out every 4 to five months depending when I get to camp. I then just use them in TV remote and flashlight until fully dead
  11. Someone got a deal, I'm a hour late ...
  12. sbuff

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    I run the same cam, love it .
  13. sbuff

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    Browning or moultrie, what type of battery did you use. I run my cams all year and change battery every six months just to be safe. The cold sub zero temps in winter to number on them . Your 2019 season looks promising.