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  1. I assume your talking week 4 not 3 ?
  2. Steelers / titans postponed to Monday or Tuesday. That said if one starts a player from either team and game gets moved out later in the week I assume we are are SOL for given players?
  3. I can't say nothing bad about my 2015 polaris sportsman 570, drags ,deer,logs,ice sled and kids around with no issues . It serves my purpose well.
  4. I really hope my Jets fire Adam Gase after Thursdays game and eventually hire Eric Bieniemy to coach . I don't think the issue is Sam Darnold and I am not sold on drafting Trevor Lawrence
  5. Everyone is still so close. Couple teams do stand out as contenders.
  6. Did we decide we are doing a six team playoff, I'm not for changing rules once the season starts but I like the six team playoff much better then four with a 12 team league .
  7. Darn shame
  8. Trades are always tough everyone thinks the guy the person wants to trade isnt worth what they will be giving up, most time
  9. I'm for 6 in the playoffs, all settings are the same as my other leagues . If we do 12 in the playoffs Biz might make it then !!
  10. adam gase has to go i dont think my jets could beat our local high school team
  11. I still think if Hill gets called for removing helmet in end zone its a game changer .