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  1. Free for a 100 photos,you cant beat that ,even the 250 price isn't bad. I got burned by spartan once ,they would be last on my list . Glad to see that soy point photo looks good and nice buck to boot .thanks
  2. They should have rested Holmes hes had a high ankle sprain for a couple weeks . Now knee injury,who knows how long he'll be out .
  3. For anyone who bought it hows it working ??
  4. His nickname is duck from when he played at Samford
  5. He was good in college I'd keep the hot hand and start Kyle Allen I remember when he got benched for kyler Murray and transferred to Houston
  6. Believe me I don't like NE but they beat everyone to date including buffalo who looks good . Many thought buffalo should have won against them but then again the jets should have beat buffalo in week 1 if they didnt have a kicker who blows . The big question is does Cam start once he is healthy!!!
  7. I was just happy to get a W . My pick for superbowl was Dallas /NE . NE looks unreal but who knows with Dallas. San Fran looks legit and don't count new Orleans out when drew breese comes back.
  8. I think someone just scored on KC again .. wow biz that D is weak. My jets finally got in the win column.
  9. I'd welcome sportsman warehouse to Latham to replace F and S here ..
  10. Is he coming or going on your property?
  11. Anyone stumble upon any new processors?
  12. As a northern zone hunter in the Adks, you guys see more deer in one sit then I see almost all year !
  13. I'll keep you in mind and pass info to local hunters What town ? Steve