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  1. sbuff

    2018 Football Thread

    Grampy, that was from an illegal pick that KC got away with. I think they scored a TD on that play.
  2. sbuff

    2018 Football Thread

    From a fan perspective it was a great game. Bad calls on both sides of the ball.Neither team fan should be complaining over the calls. Who ever won the coin toss in OT was going to win it. This is from a jets fan.
  3. sbuff

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    I'm with ya now a solid 14-16 in latham.temps dropping boys
  4. sbuff

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    Maybe a foot to date in Latham now.
  5. sbuff

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    I'll go 8 in Latham
  6. sbuff

    New NULA is here!!

    You lefty nula guys are killing me that's my dream gun, lawdwaz ask my same question. How's Melvin doing these days, he has to be mid 70s. I haven't spoken to him in awhile.
  7. sbuff

    2018 Football Thread

    I'll be in, I missed last year's somehow. I'll keep my eyes out for it. I like the colts and cowboys in upsets . Maybe my jet's will be there next year
  8. sbuff

    Born On A mountain Top In Tennessee

    No, a 4473 form isn't needed to ship a muzzle loader in nys
  9. sbuff

    Smokeless build

    Sweet ...
  10. sbuff

    Smokeless build

    Was going to use xtps in sabots before trying to size some furys or Pittman's.
  11. sbuff

    Smokeless build

    I've spoken to both recently,both are classy guys for sure. I might have just landed a omega action too !
  12. sbuff

    Smokeless build

    Anyone doing any smokes builds, I think I am going to build one with an omega action and a brux barrel. I lost out on a 45/70 cva scout that was for sale here, that was going to get a make over to a .45 cal smoker ..
  13. sbuff

    Hunting boots

    LL Bean Maine hunting boots if temps are above 30, my first pair lasted 20+ years ,pair two should last me another 20+ . If below 30 degree's it's field and stream 1000 gram rubber boots, think they swamp tracker 1000s they called. I know most dislike the llbean boots but I sure love them. Show me any other boot that can last that long , that must show something .
  14. I run from 6-8 cams Year long, as I said before they are outside all year long,six at camp in the tug hill range and two at the house . Spy point ,browning,moultrie and one wild game innovations is the herd .Bushnell burned me so I am not a fan. I've been debating if I am going cellular for the past few years. Obvious concern is reception and sprint doesn't work but Verizon does in spots at camp. Question can a Verizon cam transmit to say a phone with spectrum mobile ,sprint ,at and t or any other data carrier. Question two ,spy point sends X amount free per month, why would you go another route if you know your only getting ten pics a week . I see lots of guys running the moultrie external modem, has that system improved over previous versions. I said I won't strap anything more then a 150 dollar cam to a tree for fear of theft, will they ever come down that low in price.