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  1. 50/50 water and windex then finish off with butches bore shine .been using that combo 30plus years
  2. Grampy ,as a Texas fan I got nothing for a winning record . I think you nailed it, they need hungry talent more then superstars cashing in
  3. Is the fat lady singing in NY. 8.5 out
  4. Good theory . I cage half my cuccs but never thought about zucchini .
  5. Biz what's with the cage on the zucchini, never seen that before
  6. Texas got rocked by LA , I think we were eliminated from the playoffs after May 1st,unreal. Kershaw was looking good . How crazy is it that he was Matt Stafford s center in high-school football and Stafford was his catcher in high school baseball. I dont think I know of another duo of that caliber to play at the same high-school together.
  7. Been looking for a gbl myself a long time .people are asking triple what they are worth.
  8. Yes my employer in order to go mask less in the office .
  9. Congrats there are some nice old houses down that way especially off New Scotland Ave. Have her check out Ragonise deli by new Scottland elementary school. My wife teaches at the school that deli has fed me good over the years
  10. Trump will make America great again in 2024.
  11. I never posted a pic but he she is ..
  12. I only see deer like that on my calendar!!! Wow some nice slammers .
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