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  1. I do it the first week of February every year .
  2. I'm still baffled, why traditions. Clearly they are trying to compete with BH209 .
  3. Wow
  4. Congrats .... Pink camo will look good on her ...
  5. I guess it will be for some and not for others. I just wonder why traditions..
  6. If I understand it, it will be gun model specific. Not much of a market for that if you ask me .
  7. Is by chance he a LEO . Many of them do 20 and skate, then get another job and collect a double pension.
  8. I increased 2019 by 112k , I am fairly aggressive at age 44. My company matches 6% along with my 14% contribution. Rob dont set an exact amount for you to retire, keep the funds going to what ever you can until retirement. I bet it's safe to say for all you'll need half a million minimum for retirement with a nice lifestyle..
  10. I see the market staying like this until election time . I may even up my contribution from 14% to 16% .
  11. Most people look like 401k investment geniuses, if you didn't get 30% YTD increase in 2019 I highly suggest different funds .
  12. Get ready and enjoy the ride..... I have two girls , like they tell me , " girls do it better dad ". They are 9 and 7 . Soon as that coin is tossed I just hope one of my many squares comes in .
  13. Not a connor fan, but everyone feared his left , looks like they didnt expect the kick .