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  1. Hudson mohawk travel softball .
  2. Since switching to a composite bat my daughter has hit three triples. Last night she hit her first inside the park home run, another triple ,double and a single in a 13 to 12 loss heart breaker. That was after receiving nys attorney General award at her moving up ceremony. Proud parents day for sure .
  3. My mouth is watering thinking about the Friday fish fry ....
  4. Took me 25 years to get concealed carry , hoping this is a step in the right direction for others trying to.
  5. I have the solar version no complaints from me They are suppose to have a new model out the end of this month called the flex.
  6. I don't know how one could know that answer . I know of one with over 600 in stock guns
  7. sbuff

    MLB 2022

    The yanks are due for an epic departure come postseason. Will they beat 116 wins and not win the world series?
  8. Ok we are in the Hudson mohawk one. Albany County area . June and July booked solid with games and tournaments Good luck to them
  9. I have a 2017 genesis, grill away and enjoy . Built like a tank.... Keep them clean and it will last a long long time
  10. Are you in the Hudson mohawk travel softball league by chance
  11. Well we made the switch to a composite bat, don't think my daughter will go back to an aluminum one unless at the batting cage . What a difference....
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