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  1. I never gave much thought on how much the moon phases affected deer movement until I saw it first hand out in West Texas 4 weeks ago. About 3-4 days before and after the full moon , you could not find an animal to save your life in the dawn hours to mid morning.I would always see mule deer does, javelinas, black buck and Aoudad sheep at the feeders. During this moon phase you saw nothing ,I mean not an animal until about 10-11 am. Then there would be a lull until about 4-5 pm. , then unbelievable movement into dark. I don’t take the time on the tables , literally but in general, deer movement is in blocks of 4-5 hrs alternating between bedding and feeding. Now I if feed is abundant, movement would be suppressed due to not having to travel far for food. The rut or chasing phase puts a spin on this , but when the doe bed , buck movement will slow. Didn’t mean to ramble ,but getting into another lull period. and killing time.