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    Retired now, have a small hobby farm, raise a few chickens and have a small herd of Irish Dexter cattle. I enjoy all of the outdoor sports although as I get older I do not get out much as I once did. I like hunting small game best and I am especially fond of hunting with dogs. Always a firearms buff doing minor mods and smithing to individualize my firearms to my taste and loading custom ammo to fire in them. I also like the shooting sports from competition to just informal plinking and target shooting which is what I do most these days.

    I also run the Traditional Working Airedale Message board,

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    central ny
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    I have several that I like a lot but if I had to pin it down to one it would be my Ruger 77 220 Swift
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    Vintage Bear Alaskan compound, Vintage Bear Super Kodiak recurve bought in the 60s also a vintage Browning Explorer 1 compound bow.
    Read about it on a craigslist ad

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  1. Relying on tracker/dogs is out of control!

    Tracking dogs have little or nothing to do with lousy hunters and poor shooting, they have always been in the woods. I would bet most of the guys that do this stuff will take the same poor shot time and time again with tracking dogs available or not. Probably are hearing about more incidents because they are dumb enough to admit to what they are doing on a public forum asking for tracking dog owners help. Al
  2. MAY BE? There is a tax or fee on just about everything one does or buys in this bloodsucking state! Starting with state income tax, then state and county sales tax that lops off close to 10% right from the get go, then we have local property and school tax, throw in the endless tax and fee parade like the Thruway, Gas, Booze, Tobacco, Phones, TV, vehicles, restaurants etc, etc, etc etc, etc, etc, ! If there is a way to bleed another penny from it's citizens this state will surely come up with some kind of innovative way to do it. The high tax liberal state politicians have been piling it on for years and the chickens are coming home to roost. Al
  3. Mad bomber hat

    I have a couple of mad bombers and would rate them as being the best hat for keeping the old coconut warm in extremely cold weather. I have chores to do here on the farm and have to go out every day and get them done regardless of the weather and when it is snowing, blowing and cold I wear the Bombers. Al
  4. Here is an update on my Kingston M1 Garand 22 LR rifle I picked up during the summer, it has been an adventure for sure right from the get-go, in one word a "JAMOMATIC!" after my initial go around with this rifle. So it's a long one, let's start at the beginning and the timeline, I started out by going to for some research, I have been a member there since it's beginning and it is the source for information on Rimfire firearms. There are several members that purchased M1s and all had somewhat similar problems as myself and we all tried putting our heads together diagnosing the maladys these rifles possessed. I started with an attempt to contact Kingston Armory, below is an email I sent to Kingston after trying a bunch of times get them on their contact phone number that is always giving a busy signal,and the email I sent to them.. Hello, My name is Al from Central NY, I have tried to contact you by phone but keep getting a busy signal so I will give an email a shot. I purchased one of your M1 Garand 22 LR rifles from Herb Philipsons in Oneida NY a few days ago. Yesterday was the first chance I had to shoot the rifle, and as per instructions I cleaned the gun up well of any excess packing grease wiped the barrel clean and with several brands of different ammunition proceeded to try this new rifle on my own back yard range. I know new guns especially autoloaders require a breakin period to gain reliable function but this rifle showed to have serious problems right from the first magazine shot through it. Failure to function properly came in every possible form I can think of. Stovepiping, failure to feed, failure to eject, weak firing pin strikes, I had another Ruger 10/22 magazine on hand and the results were the same. So after around 150 rounds with no improvement I quit for the day and decided to see if I figure out what the problem was. I have been a big time shooter my whole adult life, I can usually diagnose most firearms problems. I cleaned the rifle up extremely well and the only thing I could come to and see possibly wrong was that the bolt was not going completely into battery after every shot. I hoped that maybe being a steel receiver gun it may take a little more shooting than an aluminum receiver Ruger 10/22 does to smooth out. (wishful thinking) But I believe precise bolt face and chamber alignment may just off by a just a tad or the extractor size may be off ever so slightly. Next day it was back to the range with three different brands of ammo for another try. Malfunctions did start decreasing from the previous session to around one or two every magazine full, still way too many but I was hopeful and especially happy with the accuracy I was getting. The last two magazines full fired flawlessly. I thought to myself maybe after a couple of hundred more round she will smooth out and work properly. I went into the house and brought out a new box of Winchester 555 32 gr hps and a box of Federal Champions and loaded up the magazine with Federals to start. When I fired the second shot KABOOM!! the magazine flew out and the steel plate glued to the bottom had been blown right off. The case head on the cartridge had fractured most likely from not going completely into battery. That was pretty much it for me, I own a couple of dozen various rimfire rifles, many that are autoloaders and several autoloading pistols and never had anywhere near the function-reliability problems this rifle has. There is no possible way this rifle was inspected properly by quality control in house at the factory for function and reliability before being boxed up and released to be sold. Any other time would not have been able to box this rifle up fast enough, send it back and tell the outfit that made it to shove it where the sun don't shine and give me a refund. All that being said I absolutely love shooting this rifle, I have a 100 yard range set up especially for rimfire shooting and I was making music on the reactionary steel targets when it functions, I could not miss with this thing. Somehow I will get this rifle to fire reliably. So in the back of the booklet that came with this rifle instructions say to call first with any problems, I just tried calling again and again and keep getting a busy signal so here is an email. Epilog, several days still getting busy signals and no replies to any emails yet. ======================================================================== It is a pretty good bet that not many of these rifles were made and released because of the problems it has, one of those deals where everyone was in a big hurry and they failed to get the bugs out which ended bringing down the works. Because of having no success contacting anyone from this outfit I smelled a rat and from where I stood as time went by with no response the hand writing looked to be on the wall. The life time warranty did not mean squat to me and there was no way I was going to box up and send this rifle in for repair. I knew if they folded I would not see my rifle again and possibly not be compensated at all. The saving grace is the Ruger 10/22 design this rifle has, I know it can be made to function with some extra tinkering and to me it is worth the effort because as bad as it has malfunctioned I still love the gun and it will work 100% when I get done with it because I will do whatever it takes ========================================== My gut suspicions were correct and sure as heck this Kingston Armory folded and sold off whatever assets they had a few weeks ago, I have been trying hard to make contact with anyone affiliated with this outfit with zero success,there is nobody to complain to or get help from. ======================================================================== At first I was just going to pack up the barreled action and send it to Connecticut Precision Chambering, they are top notch Ruger 10/22 gunsmiths that will make the Kingston work like it is supposed to. But I decided to give it a shot myself and see if could get it done myself. After reading what the Kingston Garand owners on RFC diagnosed as their possible jamming problems I sat down and disassembled my rifle again and proceeded to address all of what has been discussed as a perceived problem. First of all I gave the action a good cleaning again and then polished all moving surfaces of the bolt and receiver where there was contact with very fine crocus cloth first and finished up with a buffing wheel on a dremel. I then replaced the extractor with a Volquartsen. I also have a Volquartsen firing pin but it would have required some slight modification as the pin hole is not the same so I polished up the stock firing pin and made sure there was no burrs and tried it before messing with the Volquartsen. Put in an extended length JW charging handle along with spring and polished charging rod. Put everything back together and fired off several magazines full of various ammo and the rifle performed without one hitch, so far so good. When I get a little better weather temp wise I will give her a good test. I think I may have got this rifle straightened out, this is a great rifle that with a little better quality control and better parts sourcing could it have been a real winner, Too bad! Al
  5. Would not bother me to cut it back and I mean way back! When I started hunting in the early 60s Deer season opened October 25 - December 5 in the Northern zone. In the Southern zone November 20 - December 5. These days there is some kind of Deer season going on from September 27 till December 19. Deer management permits back then were called party permits for the reason 1 extra Deer of either sex was allowed per party, that deer was split between usually 3 or four hunters named on the permit. Now as the op posted in some cases it is possible to shoot seven Deer. In my opinion you have to be pretty greedy to be killing 7 Deer but that is what Deer hunting has spawned in recent years greed and a lot of posted land. These long dragged out Deers seasons have virtually wiped out small game hunting during fair weather periods in the fall. Deer hunters think they trump all other kinds of hunting as something spoiling their hunts with little to no tolerance rabbit and bird hunters especially those that hunt with dogs. Al
  6. Rifles & Blood Trails

    It is all about bullet performance and matching hunting bullets to the game that is being hunted. Large caliber big game cartridges are designed to penetrate large animals and break through big bones (Moose, Elk, Big Bears, African game) consequently their jackets are heavy and will take a lot of resistance to make them perform properly. There are also many calibers used for Deer hunting that are also used for larger game and there are some loads manufactured with heavy duty bullets for that job. A Deer is really not a big animal and does not require that heavy duty type of bullet at all, those bullets made for larger game with thick jackets just make a pass through with little or no expansion on Deer. High velocity along with explosive controlled expansion will provide the best drop em in their tracks performance. Take the popular 30/06 as an example, for me I would be using the thin jacketed 150 gr bullets for Deer hunting and maybe the 180s if I was in Bear country with an opportunity to take one. For large bodied big boned stuff like Moose and Elk heavy constructed 180s, 200s and maybe even 220s depending on the terrain and cover. Bottom line when you match your game to the right bullet and make a good shot it is all over. Al
  7. Why do you hunt?

    I grew up in the culture liking everything about hunting and believe I have a natural born predator mindset doing what I was born to do and lucky to have had the opportunity and means to do so. Al
  8. Your Hunting Bino Size

    Like firearms for different types of hunting I have acquired different weight, styles and power binoculars for the same reasons. Open open country big game and varmint hunting I will use a good pair of 10X for glassing long distances. If I am doing a lot of walking I like compacts. For the woods it is all about field of view for me, the distances are relatively short so a good quality 6X or 7X is plenty with as wide an angle as possible. As far as brand I have been using the high end Bushnells for many years with zero complaints. Al
  9. Fastest compound bows

    There is a point of having a debate because unless all hunters are truly educated on all of this it is far from being some simple yes or no matter. As long as every faction thinks they are right they should have nothing to lose with such a debate and demonstration and totally welcome the scrutiny. As for the DEC their position is nothing about being fair it is all about adding coins to the till. Al
  10. Fastest compound bows

    Been watching this "FULL INCLUSION" banter for years with all factions entrenched in their positions on the matter with no positions being changed. I say before making any laws the DEC should put forth something like a trial judged by a large panel of actual hunters that do not hunt with archery equipment or have any connection to archery. Let each faction (Traditional Bow, Compound Bow, Crossbow) present their position to that panel on what they believe the essence of hunting with archery equipment is and their give opinion on how fair for all archery seasons should be implemented. Each faction should lay it all out on the table giving a live in depth demonstration on how their equipment operates including firing arrows and bolts at target of various distances. Also I think it would be good for each member of the panel of hunters to give each weapon a try for themselves, nothing like first hand experience! After all factions make their best case for fairness let that large panel of hunters decide on resolving all this as to when each weapon's season should be allowed with fairness to all. Al
  11. CNY Rifle Range

    Type in a google search for central NY Rod and Gun Clubs and you will come up with quite a few that have shooting ranges that are within reasonable distance of Syracuse, most have a website and or contact info. The Rod and Gun clubs I have been involved with require you to be a member to use their facilities, some will allow members to bring a guest. I have belonged to a couple in central NY, the Toad Harbor club in Hastings north of Syracuse and the Camden Rod and Gun club north and east of Syracuse both are decent clubs with rifle ranges and have nominal membership fees. I did not really use either facility for rifle shooting much myself, Toad Harbor was affiliated with a Coon hunting club I belonged to and I shot winter league Bullseye pistol on a Camden team. That being said I did shoot a couple of times on both club rifle ranges and they were decent. Al
  12. Help identifying a duck

    Never shot one when hunting but I have seen Buffleheads from time to time on rivers when fishing, they are small and are mostly B&W. Al
  13. What's the best hunting knife?

  14. How much do you shoot your deer rifle/shotguns

    I have always considered myself to be as much as a shooter as a hunter, these days I probably lean more so a shooter-firearms buff and just like messing around with different guns. Some of my guns have never been fired at game because they were purchased to be shooters-plinkers or dedicated target firearms as I competed in both rimfire pistol and rifle matches. Any new big or small game hunting firearm I acquire goes through the wringer to find out if it is something I like and want to keep or send down the road. When it comes to my big game firearms I must say once I find one I like and get them settled on suitable ammo then dialed in they are not fired a whole lot other than to check them for zero or the occasional shot at game. My shotguns get fired quite a bit at clay targets which I enjoy doing and that helps keeping my wingshooting skills halfway decent, just got me a new electrically operated thrower this past summer to replace my old manual cocking thrower. I am a believer in practice , I just like pulling the trigger and doing some shooting-plinking. I am a big rimfire fan and over the years have assembled a nice collection of good quality rifles that duplicate the feel of my centerfire rifles in dimension, weight and trigger along with their scopes or open sights. Many are capable of putting a bullet in a Squirrel's ear at 50 yards if I do my part. These firearms do get shot a lot at my back yard range on reactionary targets, paper targets and used for small game hunting. This type of method works well for me as I can enjoy myself and keep honing-maintaining my shooting skills for a much lower cost with firearms that mirror my centerfires saving them wear and tear. When I get wound up I can easily go through a brick of 22s in an afternoon, also the noise factor firing rimfires does not have the countryside far and wide sounding like a war zone. Al