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    Retired now, have a small hobby farm, raise a few chickens and have a small herd of Irish Dexter cattle. I enjoy all of the outdoor sports although as I get older I do not get out much as I once did. I like hunting small game best and I am especially fond of hunting with dogs. Always a firearms buff doing minor mods and smithing to individualize my firearms to my taste and loading custom ammo to fire in them. I also like the shooting sports from competition to just informal plinking and target shooting which is what I do most these days.

    I also run the Traditional Working Airedale Message board, http://traditionalairedale.proboards.com/

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    central ny
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    I have several that I like a lot but if I had to pin it down to one it would be my Ruger 77 220 Swift
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    Vintage Oneida Eagle Aeroforce, Vintage Bear Cub recurve, Vintage Bear Alaskan compound, Vintage Bear Super Kodiak recurve bought in the 60s also a vintage Browning Explorer 1 compound bow.
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    A link to it on a craigslist ad

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  1. That about sums it up for me, but I am having a blast! Al
  2. Put up some new reactive steel targets today on the backyard range, got them as a Christmas present and painted up the old ones. The Rod and Gun club I belong to is going to have a rimfire challenge shoot Wednesday afternoon, something that I know nothing about but it sounds like fun and I think I am going to give a try for the heck of it. Al
  3. Here is mine, an ebay score on a 3X9 compact US Burris Scope. All I need now is a rifle for it BWAHAHAHA! Al
  4. A few years ago I purchased a Burris Timberline scope and the vender that I bought from also sold a Burris neoprene scope cover that would fit most hunting scopes. Since the Burris did not come with lens caps I bought one. I have come to like this cover better than the typical scope lens caps as they go on and off easily, work well for keeping the lens clean and also provide nice protection for the scope body itself especially when taking rifles out of a cramped safe. Have a couple of naked scopes and poked around on ebay for covers and found the ones seen below, they appeared to be exact
  5. A very rare sight in my neck of the woods and when they are seen this is the type of setting they are found, close to buildings and Humans. Went out my back door and spotted this one ducking under a shed, I filled his hole with rocks and yelled into the hole if he wants to stay alive he had better use his back entrance which if protected by fencing. If he keeps coming out onto the lawn my Airedale will get him for sure, that is what happened to the last one seen around here about ten years ago. Well I looked out the kitchen window and he dug his way past the rocks and gave me the finger,
  6. "TYM" not a well known name but a big player in the Tractor field in recent years, They are a Korean manufacturer and make many Mahindra models also the tractors Cabelas sold. I have had mine now for about 10 years, it works hard and I can say nothing but good about it. They had a 5 year warranty when I bought mine and their prices are good. Al
  7. The Babe was an outdoorsman for sure and enjoyed and participated in all that was available, a few more photos below. Al
  8. LOL, Dan I have to agree somewhat on the look of the TC Encores, they certainly do not have the beautiful flowing lines of design like a Ruger Number 1 or a Winchester High or Low wall. What captures my admiration for them is their versatility, it is truly a single firearm for almost any kind of hunting. Once a frame is acquired the sky is the limit, muzzleloader barrel, Turkey shotgun barrel, regular shotgun barrel, just about any rifle barrel can be had including rimfires. Stocks of many designs and materials are also available. To top it off they perform, accuracy is top notch and despite t
  9. It is pretty heavy with that 28 inch barrel and beefy walnut stock I am guessing around 9 lbs with the scope. The 338 kicks a bit so the extra weight will calm that down some.
  10. It is finally alive, been acquiring parts from all over the US to build a three hundred and thirty eight Winchester mag Thompson Center Encore. She came out pretty well I think. Waiting for some brass which is terribly hard to get these days to handload some test rounds. I once had a very accurate Sako Finnbear in 338 and still have the loading equipment so getting this one stoked will be easy. Took several head of big game and and probably a couple of dozen woodchucks with that Sako rifle, some good memories. The hardest part was getting the 338 barrel, they are rare and I was outbi
  11. Got the Man Licker zeroed in today, so far only tried one brand of ammo, Federal Match. She shows a lot of potential and has exceeded my expectations as Mannlicher stocked rifles are not known for fine accuracy, two five shot groups at 25 yds, good enough to splatter flies. Al
  12. I have become a fan of CZ firearms, like you I have found them to be very accurate and of nice quality built in the old ways using walnut and steel, a great buy for the money. They have become a major player in the firearms industry acquiring both Dan Wesson and Colt. I have an early 452 Lux 22 and it is a tack driver, also acquired a 527 years ago in 223, it is very accurate and I love that set trigger. There are no flies on their shotguns either as I picked up one of their Ringneck doubles in 28 ga and it is sweet. I have been after a Mannlicher stocked rifle for some time in a 22
  13. "Style stock" that is, picked up this little CZ 455 22 with a beautiful fiddleback Turkish walnut Mannlicher Stock at a price I could not refuse, one of those deals that I have always wanted and finally got around to getting. Had a good Japanese vintage Simmons 22 mag scope laying around and mounted it up and bore sighted her. Going to be doing some rimfire shooting this weekend with one of my Sons and a couple of friends, should be fun. Al
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