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    Retired now, have a small hobby farm, raise a few chickens and have a small herd of Irish Dexter cattle. I enjoy all of the outdoor sports although as I get older I do not get out much as I once did. I like hunting small game best and I am especially fond of hunting with dogs. Always a firearms buff doing minor mods and smithing to individualize my firearms to my taste and loading custom ammo to fire in them. I also like the shooting sports from competition to just informal plinking and target shooting which is what I do most these days.

    I also run the Traditional Working Airedale Message board,

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    central ny
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    I have several that I like a lot but if I had to pin it down to one it would be my Ruger 77 220 Swift
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    Vintage Bear Cub recurve, Vintage Bear Alaskan compound, Vintage Bear Super Kodiak recurve bought in the 60s also a vintage Browning Explorer 1 compound bow.
    Read about it on a craigslist ad

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  1. What is this

    Gray Fox
  2. Yelling Goat rendevouz part deux

    I would like to meet some of you folks but it is a little too long of a drive for me. Al
  3. Pistol cartridge for Black Bear

    I will surely be firing some full powered 357 ammo, but this revolver will be fired mostly with 38 special target loads as I have a large quantity of cast and swaged lead 357 bullets laying around here on the shelves along with a bunch of once fired 38 special cases I acquired. Also a big container of "titewad" powder which should make up some good plinking loads for a song so I will be more than likely leaving the grips as they are as recoil will not come into play much. While Pachmayr are more comfortable when it comes to recoil I just can not warm up to them and prefer wood, and even though they sting a bit it don't bother me a whole lot. Al
  4. Pistol cartridge for Black Bear

    I am in the market for a compact 357 revolver myself, I am leaning toward the Ruger SP 101 Match Champion and will will be taking the plunge soon. Al
  5. Would you shoot a piebald deer ?

    For me the key word in that quote is "little" the color would have very little bearing. I have come across quite a few odd color mutations when hunting such as an almost all white coon, black squirrels and woodchucks, red coyotes and almost black foxes, none got a free pass because of their color. If I had a nice size piebald doe present herself during season and I had a permit she would get shot and the same would go for a piebald buck. Al
  6. Henry .22 Fireman’s commemorative

    I too have difficulty with open sights these days. The best solution I have come up with is converting most all of my open sighted firearms to fire sight type front sights which have helped me quite a bit especially in low lighting conditions. They standout really well and are easy to install on most guns. A couple of days ago I was out blasting away with my Kingston Garand 22 LR and decided to try a fire sight on that rifle too because of poor sight acquisition against certain backgrounds, ordered one of these. Al
  7. Anyone considering going on some big game hunts that is a very nice rifle and scope along with that 338 Winchester mag cartridge it can handle with ease just about any big game animal that walks and all of them in this part of the world. Once upon a time I owned a 338 and have fond memories of that rifle, a Sako Finnbear mounted with a 2x7 Leupold scope that had a three inch dot reticle. Killed an Elk a Caribou and three Whitetails along with a bunch of woodchucks I would hunt for practice and for getting a good feel for that rifle in field conditions. Al
  8. Henry .22 Fireman’s commemorative

    Henry makes some very nice commemorative rifles and your Fireman's model is no exception. They are a little fancy to beat up in the woods but great to bring to the range for some target and plinking fun, take her out of the case and she will draw a crowd. Congrats on your new rifle and your retirement. Al
  9. Escape from New York

    If I frequent a place with a lot of snakes I will be packing. These here work good for snakes, I buy the empty capsules and load my own. I bank fished on the Black River years ago and it was loaded with big water snakes. The bank was mostly big flat rocks and and in the cracks between those rocks was snake city, when the sun came out they would slither out to warm themselves all over the place sometimes just a few feet away. The shot capsules also work good on big eels, when reeled in they would be wound up in a big slimey ball. Hold them up and give them a charge of rat shot and they straighten right out for easy removal of the hook. As for Tennessee I think it is a great place for retirement, been down there several times visiting friends, had a good time and liked what I saw. Al
  10. "Crotch Rocket" motorcycles

    This was my crotch rocket until some dirty son's of bitches broke into my Barn and stole it.
  11. South Dakota is a real sleeper when it comes to hunting, it is some of the best in the US, the Black hills area is beautiful.
  12. Worst Employment Ever Held

    Growing up in the country a half hour from town with no transportation farm work was pretty much all that was available to me in my early teens. Occasionally some yard work and snow shoveling would be offered. None of it was what I would call pleasant. Dairy farms was helping with milking, feeding cows and haying. Crop farms, was planting and harvesting along with irrigation on some crops. Beans, Beets and Brussels Sprouts is what the farms I worked on grew. $7.00 a day was the most I made and I was damned glad to get it. Al
  13. Wasn't her time

    Commonly known as having your head up your ass!
  14. Big Woods Coyote hunting

    While I have never hunted the Moose River Plains I have done quite a bit of varmint hunting in heavily wooded terrain, I have taken mostly Fox and only a few Coyotes. I can tell you the action is fast, the shooting is quick and the ranges are short, I have come to believe a fast handing, tightly choked short barreled shotgun with the appropriate shot charge is best for hunting varmints in heavy cover especially when the leaves are still on. Al
  15. The Royal Weddin’

    Personally I have a big time problem with the whole concept of so called "Royal People", I do not believe in any of the King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess bullshit, they are no better than anyone else. Al