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    Retired now, have a small hobby farm, raise a few chickens and have a small herd of Irish Dexter cattle. I enjoy all of the outdoor sports although as I get older I do not get out much as I once did. I like hunting small game best and I am especially fond of hunting with dogs. Always a firearms buff doing minor mods and smithing to individualize my firearms to my taste and loading custom ammo to fire in them. I also like the shooting sports from competition to just informal plinking and target shooting which is what I do most these days.

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    I have several that I like a lot but if I had to pin it down to one it would be my Ruger 77 220 Swift
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  1. Good Lord, tell you what if it bothers you so much I like hunting Pheasants send me a PM of what you figure I am stealing from you out of a $22 license fee, send your address and I will mail you a check and I am for real on this. Gman and FSW don't want to discriminate the same deal goes for you. Al
  2. airedale

    New rifle.. What scope??

    Those old Conetrol rings and bases pictured above are about as clean looking as it gets and were a touch of class on a fine rifle in their day and today for that matter. I mounted a scope on one of my Dad's rifles using the Conetrol system, it was a sweet looking setup. Al
  3. airedale

    Ammo storage

    I use both the plastic and metal ammo cans that have rubber gaskets to store ammo, as long as it is kept fairly cool and completely dry it lasts for a very long time in fact I read not too long ago some of the very first modern ammo manufactured that was stored under ideal conditions for many decades fired reliably. I fired some Varmint ammo I loaded some 40 years ago a little while back, it was completely reliable and grouped pretty much the same as it did the day I loaded it. Al
  4. One of my favorite kinds of hunting and for the $150 in license fees I coughed up this year it was not feeding no dead horse!
  5. The only stocked fish I ever fished for was Salmon up on the Salmon river back in it's infancy, fished for Steelhead once, to be perfectly honest it was not for me. I have been up there watching many times, fisherman from all over the Northeast elbow to elbow pulling in some impressive fish, saw many memories, smiles and good times being made, having those kinds of opportunities, that is what it is all about. Even though I do not participate and really do not care for that kind of fishing I still buy my and my wife's license every year {this year I did not fish once) and have no problem fully supporting that fishery and stocking the lake. Also have no problem supporting the stocking of Trout in local rivers for the masses that enjoy that kind of fishing. Al
  6. That is the whole point of stocking!
  7. If anyone wonders why small game hunting has gone down the toilet this thread is a great example of it's lack of support and why the decline continues. Back in 1970 there were around 40 million hunting licenses sold in the USA. Today with nearly "100 MILLION" more people in the US population the number of hunting licenses sold has declined and dropped to around 12.6 million. WOW! and if that is not cause for alarm it should be! As I reflect back on YES "those good old days" it is hard to believe how much hunting opportunity has been lost from then to today and so relatively quick. I was hunting back in the sixties and small game hunting was the backbone of the sport, seemed like everyone I knew participated in some sort of small game hunting, grownups and youngsters alike. Waterfowl, Squirrels, Grouse, Woodcock, Pheasants, Rabbits, Coon and Fox, seemed like everyone had a hunting dog, the only animal we lacked were Turkeys. How far it continues to plummet who knows but I can say emphatically I am sure glad to have lived in the times that I did having those varied hunting opportunities with all my many hunting friends and feel sorry for youngsters and older hunters alike that are up and coming missing all that great action and fun. While there are other contributing factors to be sure the almighty Deer and it's seasons that are "WAY" to long, greed, posted land and just downright selfishness have played major factors not only in the huge decline in small game hunting but sporting license sales in general and that is my opinion. Al
  8. airedale

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    You got that right Dan, I just hit the big Seven O and am not half the man I once was. Hope it was just some kind of a minor fluke deal and a speedy recovery back to normal. Al
  9. I guess it is because I grew up in a different time where there were different values placed upon the country's outdoor activities. Sticking together and terms like "all for one and one for all", "hang together or hang separately" were used to defend hunting, fishing and shooting. When I see fellow hunters and fishermen having no qualms about throwing other hunters likes under the bus it makes me sad and makes me feel like a fool sometimes. Between the wife and myself I spent around $150.00 for licenses and tags and have done so for many years. Because of the lousy weather the wife has not hunted at all, I have only been out a few times myself. No big deal, if I get a few Squirrels and maybe a couple of birds I am good and as far as I am concerned the money spent hopefully did some good for our sport. Yes I am getting one Hell of a deal! I belong to Ducks Unlimited and have not hunted Ducks in years, the NWTF and have not killed a Turkey in several years, I even donated to the Rocky Mountain Elk foundation several times admittedly for contests. NYS Houndsmen, National Shooting Sports Foundation, NRA among some others. Along with funds from the Pittman Robertson from all the stuff I do in shooting I do to do my best to help preserve this country's outdoor traditions and I do not have a lot of money and I am not bragging or complaining! When I see the things that were posted in this thread because a few stinking bucks of a hunting license about funding some Pheasant hunting which about the only small game initiative this state has it makes me want to puke!! Al
  10. I stay out of there during warm weather because of the tick hoards, every time I went in there when it was warm both me and my dog came out covered with the sobs.
  11. I have hunted Verona Beach many times and driving down Poppleton Rd I have seen Pheasants on the side of the road, but they can not be shot there. The hunting grounds itself is full of swamp and thick with brush with some brush hogged trails winding through the place. Many years ago before some of the area was let go to seed the ground had been plowed making for some of the toughest uneven walking I have ever been in. Finding and getting a shot at a Pheasant is not easy even with a good dog. The last few times I hunted in there I did not even see a Pheasant, took a couple of Grouse and Woodcock. I was not alone, the sign in log showed hunters only took a handful birds the weeks previous. The notion that they can be shot like chickens in a pen is not true for that place guaranteed! Last time I was there as I was putting my gear in the truck getting ready to leave the parking area I met a fellow that drove all the way from Rochester to hunt there. Al
  12. "There are many different types of activities in the hunting, fishing and trapping sports realm that are not my cup of tea. Stuff I do not care for or like?, my solution is to just not participate and I leave it at that, if one does not care for pheasant hunting "don't do it". If one does not like hunting over a planted field of Deer attracting feed, don't do it" if one does not like fishing for fish that have been hatchery reared and stocked "don't do it", if one does not care for shooting man reared big horned buck in a pen and pay massive money to do so, "don't do it". Even though I purchase most all of the available tags and stamps for hunting to support all hunting and fishing, I just participate and enjoy the types of hunting I like and mind my own business instead of sticking it to those participating in the stuff I do not care for so long as it is legal. When it comes to firearms, hunting, trapping and fishing I do my best to defend it all.
  13. As far as insinuating what my ethics are you don't know me so stuff it! I have not even been hunting Pheasants yet but I can say I have never been hunting right behind release vehicles and would not if I could, besides that is not the way they release them around here, as far as I know most are put out well before season even opens, the typical Deer hunter's whining excuses. With your philosophy if someone fishes for Bass they should see no reason to be wasting money on a Salmon hatchery that stocks fish that do not reproduce naturally or Walleyes that are eaten by Cormorants as soon as they are put in the lake. My License money is just as good as your pal! Al
  14. airedale

    Flying squill pics

    I see them at night on the bird feeders. Cleaning out my Blue Bird nest boxes one spring I reached in a accidently grabbed a sleeping Flying Squirrel, scared the Hell out of me, let out a scream that would have made Fay Wray proud. Al
  15. Have been more of a small game hunter myself but yet along with my small game tags I always purchased a turkey permit, big game tag with a muzzleloader stamp and a fishing license even though I do not spend much time participating in the latter in recent years. I still do it to support our DEC and it's efforts to maintain the outdoor sports for our state's sportsmen. The Pheasant release program is about the only thing the DEC does for the small game community and one of the types of hunting I like doing best. Pisses me off when I see posts like the ones above. Screw the pheasant hunters "I don't do it so don't spend a penny on it!" With all the greedy Deer hunters out of the woods maybe I can get out a few days to enjoy myself with out having to worry about screwing up someone's Deer hunt or some moron shooting one of my dogs. Al