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    Retired now, have a small hobby farm, raise a few chickens and have a small herd of Irish Dexter cattle. I enjoy all of the outdoor sports although as I get older I do not get out much as I once did. I like hunting small game best and I am especially fond of hunting with dogs. Always a firearms buff doing minor mods and smithing to individualize my firearms to my taste and loading custom ammo to fire in them. I also like the shooting sports from competition to just informal plinking and target shooting which is what I do most these days.

    I also run the Traditional Working Airedale Message board,

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    central ny
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    I have several that I like a lot but if I had to pin it down to one it would be my Ruger 77 220 Swift
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    Vintage Oneida Eagle Aeroforce, Vintage Bear Cub recurve, Vintage Bear Alaskan compound, Vintage Bear Super Kodiak recurve bought in the 60s also a vintage Browning Explorer 1 compound bow.
    Read about it on a craigslist ad

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  1. The key word in your statement is avid which could be substituted for any of the following words also describing real hunters and shooters such as, fervent, passionate, ardent, dyed in the wool, true, impassioned, intense, vehement, fervid, sincere, profound, deep-seated, heartfelt. The people that vote for Democrats are none of the above, like John Kerry who outfitted himself with a shotgun for a photo op hunt the people that say they are hunters and pro second amendment that vote Democrat are posers, the loss of the second amendment and the right to hunt in truth means little to them. Remember every single anti hunting-second amendment organization supports Democrats and Socialists, they would wipe out hunting and shooting and this board off the internet if they had their way. It is part of the dem's political platform! Keep America Great!!! TRUMP 2020
  2. airedale

    Big Case Load

    I would like to mention that back in my gun shop days we had a customer come in with a blue model 60 chambered in 38 spl, he fired some "Plus P" ammo out of it and blew out the side of the cylinder and also knocked off the top strap. We sent the gun back to Smith and Wesson with a couple of stuck empty Plus P cases still in the gun. I got a phone call from the company a few days later that under no terms was Plus P ammo to be fired out of their J Frame revolvers and for us vendors selling those gun to make sure customers know that fact. Now that was some 40 years ago and manufacturing has come far as they now make model 60 J frames chambered in 357 mag capable of firing full powered loads with no problem. I do not know if their policy is the same with Plus P ammo when it comes to current production. I would fire just regular 38 spl in a model 60 chambered in 38 spl to be on the safe side. By the way they replaced the gun but the owner was lucky he only got a nice dent in his forehead firing the high powered stuff. There was a warning printed in their manuals so the customer was at fault. Al
  3. airedale

    Big Case Load

    Thanks for the offer but I prefer a 357 model because I also have quite a bit of 357 ammo and I like to have adjustable sights because I screw around with different bullet styles, weights and powders so most of the time point of impact changes with those different loads. I do like the S&W model 60 pro model pictured below a lot. Al
  4. airedale

    Big Case Load

    I did own a Ruger stainless Blackhawk in 357 many years ago, it was accurate and a good solid piece, I just would prefer a double action now. I also owned Pythons, a two and a half inch blue and a six inch nickel and a Ruger Security six four inch stainless. Years ago I worked in a gun shop and was a wheel and dealer back in those days and just decided to get rid of most of my handguns mainly because the permit system puts on to many limitations for wheel and dealing. Now with this dumb safe act nothing is easy any more when it comes to firearms. I do have a nice 1894 Marlin rifle that I can use this ammo in so I do have something to go bang with for now lol. Al
  5. airedale

    Big Case Load

    Will do, I have been shopping around and there is a problem with this Corona crap closing down stores for being non essential, hopefully things will get back to semi normal soon. I am also wondering if the permit offices are being affected? Al
  6. airedale

    Big Case Load

    So back around 40 years ago at a softball game I met an Airman that was stationed at Griffiss AFB in Rome NY, we got talking about firearms and he told me he was in charge of cleaning up the small arms range on base and had a ton of once fired 38 special brass that was just going to be thrown away and if I was interested he would get me some. I said sure as I had a couple of 357 handguns at the time and figured I could load up some plinking rounds. Well he shows up at my Buddy's sporting good store I was working at with a cardboard box packed with 38 special cases, somewhere around 5000! He did not want a dime but I made him take 10 bucks for his trouble of bringing them out to me. Never did a thing with those cases, they sat up in the loft of my barn all those years. So I got to poking around up there the other day and spotted that box of cases and said to myself I really need to do something with them LOL! Got the box down and found mice had got in there and made a filthy mess, they had a good old time for 40 years chewing up the boxes and case holders. So for the past few days I got down to business and started cleaning up the cases. I first took them out of their dilapidated boxes and washed them in a bucket of hot soapy water. Dried them good and then de-primed them all and then ran them through the case tumbler to polish them up. What a job! For loading I have 500 swaged semi wadcutters and 500 hard cast semi wadcutters to get thing started, I will be using a fairly new powder called TiteWad mainly used for shotshells but also it works well for plinking handguns loads using only 3.5 grains. The bad part is all this ammo is going to make me have to buy a new pistol, Geeze! I was set on the new Colt Python but see they have been having some problems with their early production, The S&W model 27 is a strong contender along with the Ruger SP 101 Match Champion, I will be making up my mind soon. Al
  7. There is no place for that kind of behavior anywhere!
  8. Review the "Charter" or rules for the message board and abide by them. If you don't like the rules, search out another board that is more in line with what you feel is appropriate or are willing to abide by. It is the right of the owner of the message board to dictate terms of use. If you don't like them, rather than ruin the experience for all the other participants, find another message board or start up your own. Most rules are common sense and in place to ensure an enjoyable constructive experience for all members. What about my right to "free speech" to say whatever I want where ever I want? Use of any site or message board is not a right! To participate, you will be asked to follow a few simple rules. The "freedom of speech" guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution that folks so willingly throw around many times to justify their poor behavior, only protects you from governmental intervention in your right to express yourself -- it does not give you free reign to use computer resources, paid for by others, against the wishes of their owner. Again, if you don't like the rules, search out another board that is more in line with what you feel is tolerable.
  9. Actually there is only a small handful of the membership that has to worry and you know who they are. Al
  10. Now you are getting the idea! Al
  11. The board has rules nobody is above them!
  12. He more than used the F-word he basically ridiculed and attacked the membership here who had nothing to do with that post. He broke board rules big time and deserves to be banned as far as I am concerned. Al
  13. That fellow's tirade was and is totally indefensible, non stop personal attacks and foul language both against board rules. Al
  14. One of my favorite Bond lines.
  15. Almost comical ain't it? But I do not put any blame on her, Cuomo, DeBlasio, Trump or the CDC because regardless what the armchair medical quarterbacks are spewing these days for political gains, "NOBODY" had a clue this deal was going to be this bad. The blame rests on the Chinese government, instead of covering this mess up, they should have stood tall and warned the world the serious potential and consequences this virus has right from the get-go! They have not learned anything, they are still lying today. Al