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  1. Where have all the deer gone? We were inundated 3 weeks ago, now I'm not seeing any
  2. Foggy and rainy. Moved stands, trailcam had does this am but I was I'm the wrong place
  3. Oh dear, no deer. Seriously, I'm fuckin cold out here, where are they?
  4. Absolute bruiser walked past one of the hunting crew's trail cams tonight- Noone was there to shoot it. I saw nothing.
  5. I looked for about an hour, thrn called in the hunting crew (6 of us) and pulled out the thermal, we all searched for another good hour. Found a bunch of hair right where the deer was standing, but not a drop of blood. There were some tracks leading directly away from the stand witch matched where I saw him go, but those disappeared after a short bit with no blood around them as well. We called it for breakfast, I took another look for 45 mins or so before getting into my stand this afternoon, but I think I gave him a really clean haircut. I'm hoping he'll pop across one of the trail cameras this week, I won't have a chance to be out again till Friday. I'm in some pretty open timber, there just aren't many places he could have run off to and we didn't bump anything bedded down.
  6. Had a fork cross my path just at legal light. Pulled the trigger, felt good, but not sure it connected. Deer bounded off without the tell tale kick and I'm not seeing blood. Bit discouraged, will look again in a bit.
  7. Had a nice encounter with 3 fawns for a few minutes. Tiny little guys but it was nice to see something in the woods. I did not spring for any deer veal.
  8. Nothing seen this morning. Haven't seen a deer in almost a week now
  9. Was hoping with the changing weather the deer would be out in force, but no such luck. Biggest thing I saw all day was a grey squirrel in the morning.
  10. Was out last night, baghed a doe. This morning had a doe walk up to about 10' away from my stand. I'm watching the thing wondering if it's going to sniff the ladder when my backpack fell, hit three rungs on the way down, and scared the deer absolutely shitless.
  11. Stood up to pee about 2-2:30, spooked either a lone doe or spike, never had a clear shot. Here's to 5am tomorrow
  12. Been out since 5:30. Seen some rain and wind, but no deer nor bear.
  13. They weren't dumb enough to hang around the woods either
  14. Passed by a pine tree tree I had set up with screw in steps to saddle hunt out of, someone took the steps. It was private property. I have photos of who did it. I'm pissed, it's not the $10 in steps I'm mad about, it's that this mother fucker drove his atv onto private property, stopped, and stole my hunting equipment.
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