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  1. You sure someone's not fucking with you? Winds can stretch the straps, and we certainly had that, but the cold temperatures wouldn't loosen them, it'd tighten them. With this said though, all of the ladder stands on my hunting property are nice and tight to the trees just as they have been since I checked this summer.
  2. Duh, I know that. I was expressing the aggravation that the gun is all set to rock a can, except we don't live in the UK where they're considered a common curtesy.
  3. Barrel's threaded and the surpressors illegal, not sure which is worse.
  4. Having a problem with my phone posting in the woods- keeps doing weird ass typing shit. Saw what I presume was a button buck this morning nose down and cruising to never never land. Other than that- not a thing. I've switched up my game a bit and that hasn't even helped.
  5. Been sitting all day all weekend, haven't seen a single deer
  6. Late to the game, but last Sunday (the 7th) I found one crawling on me in the blind- was surprised they're still around, but they're still around. Pretty thorough investigation of all my clothes and self found that I had come across just the one.
  7. I find 30-06 is a reasonable comfort in the wee hours trecking alone in the woods.
  8. If you don't have agg around right now, what are the deer eating? They cleaned the shit out of the acorns this year, literally none left in my woods. Got a few apples left on the tree but not many, anyone having any good luck? I hunt a big hay field with a stream and some open timber, not having much luck.
  9. "Its just as easy to marry a rich girl than a poor one" SHoulda married me a sugar mamma, you know, the kind with 300 acres of private land.
  10. Saw the doe I shot last week- she's fine, feeling a lot better about the whole ordeal.
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