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  1. Squirrels everywhere tonight, no deer to be seen. Got my platform all set up for hunting this weekend, going to see ifnI can pick off Mr Big in the morning.
  2. With the record bumber of deer I've seen at the processor getting it done (especially on a buck tag) is going to be real tough. There's record number of hunters in the woods shooting record numbers of deer- my top 3 processors all closed to new deer by Wednesday of opening week because they were inundated. Its going to be tough.
  3. Took a doe this AM, first deer I've seen since Monday. Sure enough, about 45 minutes later two bigger doe walk by.
  4. Didn't see shit this afternoon. No birds, no squirrels, just me and the wind
  5. Sittin this one out today, I put a good 11 hours of rack time in and I'm feeling pretty good today after 3 all day sits in a row. Here's hoping to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  6. Grats to those who got it done, didn't even see a squirrel during daylight today.
  7. Did a 11 hour sit yesterday, bumped a spike on my way out Today will rain luck upon me though, for I am hunting alone and in a world of work if I do see a monster.
  8. 4z checking in- Been on an all day sit, seen 6 jakes, 2 crows, a hawk, woodpecker, and thats it. I'm getting very discouraged.
  9. Trail cams showed deer buttoning down about 3am. Cold and windy with no life yet