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  1. Making a noise works. Spooked a buck last year, gave it a good yell of "hey!" and it stopped dead in its tracks and turned. And then I missed because I rushed and I'm a shitty hunter.
  2. Ammo was extremely difficult to come by this season if you didn't have any. Where I was hunting in VT the local ammo shop didn't have anything in the popular calibers and hadn't for a while. My recommendation would be to keep what you need to sight in your rifle and survive through the season. I'll probably pick up 40 or so rounds throughout the summer, that'll tie me over for a new scope and hunting. If I wait and don't have any on hand I'm sure finding the bullet I want is going to become difficult.
  3. Come up empty shed hunting two weeks ago, looking forward to better luck on sunday.
  4. Coming up to the last hour in the woods for me, aint seen shit in 6 sits now. Been a tough one this year, grats all who have picked up a deer or will pick one off late season, I'll see you on next years opening day.
  5. Last weekend out. Got meat in the freezer, looking for that 8+ to walk by
  6. Trail cams are sending back plenty of deer pictures, but they're not moving in daylight hours. I read somewhere in the spring turkey licenses were up 30%, if you even just assume that the number is the same for deer licenses (and I'm going to assume there's more people interested in deer than turkey) you could be looking at the same 30% or maybe as high as 50% more hunters in the woods- That's a shit ton more pressure. Just in my own hunting property this year I we added 2 people to our hunting party, the abutting property added one, and another abutting property (which is a privat
  7. Squirrels everywhere tonight, no deer to be seen. Got my platform all set up for hunting this weekend, going to see ifnI can pick off Mr Big in the morning.
  8. With the record bumber of deer I've seen at the processor getting it done (especially on a buck tag) is going to be real tough. There's record number of hunters in the woods shooting record numbers of deer- my top 3 processors all closed to new deer by Wednesday of opening week because they were inundated. Its going to be tough.
  9. Took a doe this AM, first deer I've seen since Monday. Sure enough, about 45 minutes later two bigger doe walk by.
  10. Didn't see shit this afternoon. No birds, no squirrels, just me and the wind
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