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  1. You sure someone's not fucking with you? Winds can stretch the straps, and we certainly had that, but the cold temperatures wouldn't loosen them, it'd tighten them. With this said though, all of the ladder stands on my hunting property are nice and tight to the trees just as they have been since I checked this summer.
  2. Duh, I know that. I was expressing the aggravation that the gun is all set to rock a can, except we don't live in the UK where they're considered a common curtesy.
  3. Barrel's threaded and the surpressors illegal, not sure which is worse.
  4. Having a problem with my phone posting in the woods- keeps doing weird ass typing shit. Saw what I presume was a button buck this morning nose down and cruising to never never land. Other than that- not a thing. I've switched up my game a bit and that hasn't even helped.
  5. Been sitting all day all weekend, haven't seen a single deer
  6. Late to the game, but last Sunday (the 7th) I found one crawling on me in the blind- was surprised they're still around, but they're still around. Pretty thorough investigation of all my clothes and self found that I had come across just the one.
  7. I find 30-06 is a reasonable comfort in the wee hours trecking alone in the woods.
  8. Oh this'll be a quality thread.
  9. If you don't have agg around right now, what are the deer eating? They cleaned the shit out of the acorns this year, literally none left in my woods. Got a few apples left on the tree but not many, anyone having any good luck? I hunt a big hay field with a stream and some open timber, not having much luck.
  10. "Its just as easy to marry a rich girl than a poor one" SHoulda married me a sugar mamma, you know, the kind with 300 acres of private land.
  11. Saw the doe I shot last week- she's fine, feeling a lot better about the whole ordeal.
  12. Well, the deer are out now, almost smoked one with my car on the way home.
  13. Sun is getting low, where the deer at? All I'm seeing are 3 turkey about 400 yards out
  14. Trying to make something happen. Not sure what something is gonna be but it's my last bow sit of the season
  15. Tried for a doe yesterday afternoon, it did not go well and I don't know why. I have many years of riffle hunting, but this is my first year hunting with a bow, but I've been a recreational archer for like 20 years- I'm a fairly reasonable shot, definitely know my limits. Last night I set up a blind in a good spot and chill out for a few hours, doe comes in at 22.1 yards. I line up my shot- 50lb draw weight on a diamond edge 320, 250gr arrow, ramcat 125gr head. I've got all the time in the world on what looks to me like a slight turning away (5*?), but basically a broadside. Sight is calibrated for 20 yards, I'm guessing I'll hit lower half of the pin, nothing to worry about given the distance. Draw, take a few breaths, release, felt good, hear the smack, I see the arrow hit a little bit off from where I would like, but should have been a solid upper lung or heart, doe does not buck nor jump, does a 180 and bolts. As I'm watching the doe bolt, I'm noticing a few things that don't make a lot of sense to me. First, the doe's taking my arrow with it, the doe turned 180, putting my arrow on the opposing side of the body, but I clearly saw the arrow angled down behind the front left leg as it was running away, and the arrow seemed to be dangling, as in not penetrated deep and just freely flapping as it ran. I watched the doe run off to a brush line where I lost track, and then marked the impact site and visual loss directions from my seat, took photos of each from my seat, and then packed up my shit in the blind. I get out and start wandering the impact site looking for blood. I know I don't want to start chasing this animal down, but I wanted to set up my base point for my search. After about 20 minutes I find absolutely no blood at the impact site, I decide to trace the exit path. Another 30 minutes of searching the path, absolutely no blood. I go back and start over again, an hour goes by, I come up with nothing but fresh deep hoofprints in the mud from the doe, but no blood. I decide to switch things up a bit and start looking at the brush line for blood higher up than ground level thinking maybe its just not dripping. I check my phone for a time, it's now kicking 4:45 I'm not sure how long I've been walking this brush line but I'm not seeing any blood. Behind the brush line is a steep hill and open timber. I know which deer I shot, I've caught it on trail cameras many times up the hill, I make what I think is the reasonable choice to blindly push farther- I'm now over 2 hours out since the shot and loosing daylight, I do have a thermal imager I use for tracking, if I get into the open timber I can probably pick this thing up assuming it's bedded down. I head in slow and quiet, and cover at least 200 yards, and sure as shit, I see a deer hop up maybe 60 yards in front of me (about 330 yards form the shooting site). I freeze, the deer looks at me, being on the deer's left again I can see a small dark patch perhaps 3" in diameter on the deer's side. The deer takes a few steps with a very slight limp, and I'm convinced this is my deer. I stay absolutely frozen, and watch. Deer decides to bold and is off into the yonder lands like a gazelle. Time since shot: about 2.5 hours. I searched round where I saw the deer jump up looking for either my arrow or a pool of blood, and again came up empty after about 40 minutes of looking- its now dark out, I was hoping the thermal might show a pool of blood somewhere, but there's no sign of any mortal wound on this deer. I'm pissed to say the least, but given the lack of penetration and the dangling arrow when it sprinted away I'm left thinking I've hit bone or something to stop the arrow before delivering a reasonable blow. Anyone have any insight on what went wrong with the shot from experience? I don't know if I should be thinking about new heads, I think I probably should have aimed a bit farther rearward, but I also didn't think at 20 yards a bone would flat out stop penetration. Anyone have constructive insight on what I could do better?
  16. No bigge confronting about 99% of people who've wandered off their land- happens to us almost every year. I'm in agreeance though that it was weird he's hunting squirrel but didn't know the season? Not from the south but is it normal to just wander through the woods with a 22?
  17. Bailed with the rain. Had a spike pass at 40 yards again, went walk about around 11 and stalked up to a small buck laying in a bed- he was 20 yards out which is awesome, but he transitioned from laying down and just seeing his head and full tilt run so dang quick I really didn't have a chance.
  18. It is, but I didn't have any other way to get him to close the or so 20 yards I needed
  19. Biggest buck I'd ever seen, last night, about 5:32, 44 yards away in brush. Hit the can to try to lure him in, he didn't like that at all, pretty sure I could still hear him snort wheezing about a mile away.
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