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  1. Neighbor has the Bone Collector . 29.90 at Wally World hes happy with it
  2. I can’t find the little tube of rail lube what else can I use ? and do you do the string too ? thx
  3. 30 yard shot, you see it hit. Deer runs off,, How long before you go look
  4. Thx i have only seen a couple does here this year but I don’t hunt it till crossbow and gun. there is a pretty well used trail and the trees get ripped up pretty good
  5. I want to be able to see and open the windows is this good ?
  6. Ha, yea that’s the blown up pic.. I’m still playing with the settings its brand new
  7. It looks to be a feral hog the have been spotted a little south of here
  8. Only up a couple days ... im waiting for my safety role to arrive and I will put my stand up here this week and take the cam down
  9. Well it’s where the main trail into the gully and thick woods start, on a ridge , open corn and soy bean fields to the right of the pic, thick woods and creek to the left.. every year by opener of gun the trees along this trail are torn up
  10. Not sure what to do for opener of crossbow.. im getting a couple for pics and fix and coyote .. not seeing bucks... cam is in the woods on a trail that every year is used and trees are scraped up good ... maybe like others have said it’s too early ..
  11. I shot this slob on the last day of gun at 3:15 pm
  12. Had it dialed in with field tips,, decided on 4 blade Muzzy broad heads, used the practice tip at 20, 40 yards. it seems to be a little low at 20 like 1/2” but on at 40 i lost one arrow / Broadhead not sure what happened but it’s in my field someplace So I have 3 brand new bolts all rigged with brand new broad heads, rail is lubed ready for action