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  1. It’s going to play right into the lefts hand to stack the court , I’m sure the cop will get off
  2. He was in the car , why take him out ? The threat was under control ... he was cuffed . The cop screwed up !!!
  3. The Marine Corp teaching was NOT what I saw on the video that he used on Floyd !
  4. Not approved even the other cops interviewed said so
  5. I can’t imagine killing one any further than 30 yards
  6. The 870 is a youth model synthetic stock.. Its a short vent rib model probably use the full choke ? the 1187 is wood stock... safe queen , in only use it shooting clays
  7. I have an 1187 with removable chokes and a 870
  8. Again , that cop and his buddy are idiots !
  9. Ahh no that wasn’t proven , part of the time it was on the shoulder but also much of the time was on the neck . That along with the position of Floyd caused restricted breathing . That cop is a punk ! He knew what he was doing . And to be stupid enough to know you are being filmed and just continue shows he’s also an idiot !
  10. Closing arguments Monday i don’t think the defense proved its case
  11. I’ve never Turkey hunted before .. I have 20 gage shotguns and a crossbow . which would be my best choice ? if the 20 what size shot ? now for spring birds it’s best to find the roost area by getting in the woods before light ? and hide / camo up and call ?
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