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  1. Ahhh I’m near Auburn so probably a ways for you but thx
  2. Where u located ? There used to be guys here that hunted them but haven’t seen them in years
  3. I have one on every stand now. Too many people failing and I’m old enough that even if it doesn’t kill me it wouldn’t be good
  4. Most important is a lifeline , hook and stay hooked before your feet leave the ground Glad u are ok
  5. I’ll meet u in Rochester again some Wednesday
  6. Yea this new scope came with both , im ditching the caps and using the soft cover when I’m not hunting
  7. Hey who let u out of your cage Feel free to pass any post by instead of making idiotic comments .
  8. Again …… that’s great but it seems like they would catch on brush etc … My point is they really seem more of a burden than anything
  9. Uhhh no I don’t , guess u missed my point . Let’s say I’m walking into my stand , or out to my truck or whatever in DAYLIGHT And I jump a deer . I’ve jumped them many times and they run 20 yards and stop and look at me ! My point is , even with the flip up caps they just seem to be a PITA to have to deal with and more trouble than they are worth . And leaving them flipped up walking in or out in the DAYLIGHT seems like just one more thing to catch on brush etc. Hope this makes my question more clear . Now at least the bungie ones can be see through. I just don’t see the need for them. I understand they help protect the glass but I’ve never had the glass get damaged without them . Again just asking a question Thx
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