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  1. Yea it’s a legit place but … the guy messaging me on Facebook is using their logo and name . Scammer , he’s uploading pics from Gunbroker
  2. I was looking for some ammo , they messaged me they had it but …seems pried too low ?? Something seems weird but maybe they are legit
  3. Yikes ! Yes this still blows my mind that the neutrals had 120v to them, so power must have been shorting to the neutral bar inside the panel. Why didn’t it trip the breaker or the main or knock me on my butt when I touched the panel
  4. Assume u are talking to Real Tc111 I already found the problem as I explained above
  5. Yea I’m really surprised that breaker didn’t trip . Somehow the water was making the neutral and the line side both hot
  6. Neighbor calls today and said he had 4 outlets in his house not working . he said all the breakers were on . I stopped over and checked the outlets , testing the normal way with my volt meter between the two slots I had nothing .. But testing the hot side to ground I had 120v and testing the neutral side to ground I had 120v .. Wtf .. so I took the cover of the panel and he had a spare 20 amp breaker , I pulled out the one feeding these outlets and water came out ! It seems that the entrance cable is allowing water to run into the meter pan and follow the entrance cable inside the outer covering and dump out in the panel ! I’m surprised it didn’t trip the breaker if it was putting 120 to the neutral and the hot leg ? Hes having an electrician there Monday to change the entrance cable and check all the other breakers. As soon as I dried the panel out and replaced that breaker everything worked as it should. Its been doing it awhile because the robots in the breaker were rusted and had been that way awhile .
  7. I thought it was Oct 1st ? But someone said no , November 1
  8. If you can breathe thru the mask, any virus can also get thru
  9. So if it isn’t working is there much that goes wrong with them ? Seems like if it has a good battery and starter it should run ??
  10. I wouldn’t shoot that doe that was with the fawn .. But I’d shoot this one
  11. Does it have a built in battery charger
  12. I think it’s a Generac I saw the box on the wall in the basement by the panel Wonder if the have a battery tender or charger to keep the battery up . Ill check it out if we buy the house , again it shouldn’t cost much to get it going or to service I wouldn’t think . Are most of them air cooled ?
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