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  1. Yea I doubt it will stay this way but who knows, 450k ranch houses are selling in one day for double plus assessed values
  2. Prefer a house in or near Cayuga Cty with 50 -60 acres or more wooded hunting land. Don’t really want an old house prefer modern newer open floor plan. The market is crazy expensive and I’m willing to pay up but can’t find anything . live in a village now and hate it,, too many neighbors too close by
  3. I doubt they want to put this on national news,,,
  4. I can bore sight my gun to get on paper , after one shot dial it in so second and third shot are right on,,, used three rounds ,,,
  5. How cold of a nose do you have , lol sure u can buy u won’t have as much fun or success
  6. Ahhh I always hunt alone, this Doghouse is plenty big enough,, and I can hold it in seconds , The loud zippers is my only complaint
  7. I can move around a lot more in a blind than a tree stand .. sleep better too
  8. I have a Ameristep Doghouse now , I like it except the zippers are noisy ! I’m looking at picking up a second one ,, I see the Guide Gear and Rhino are less expensive but .... are they less quality ? Which if any have silent zippers
  9. I see on GB 599 rounds of 22 hollow pt , current bid 165.00
  10. Wow ! Glad I don’t need ammo i got rid of all my guns when Obama told me they were bad .... lol
  11. So that box of 22s normal sold for ??