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  1. Yea I’m a meat hunter , if I get one doe that’s all the meat I need for a season But …. If I see this bad boy and I’m in the stand , I’m letting one fly The smaller one came out first Then Bubba ! First and only ever sighting
  2. You mean the plan of buying modern ranch then separate hunting land ?
  3. Wife is retired , I’m almost there , no kids , home in the village on a 1/2 acre Nice older ranch but very nice shape . Lived here 30 years.. I want to move either to a more modern newer ranch but with an acre or two or try and find land with a home , wooded , hunting land , like 40’acres etc But I want to keep the style home a ranch. I know prices are crazy now but we will be able to sell ours easy and get a good price. My thinking is buy a modern ranch home in a nice neighborhood that has water , sewer , gas , cable etc but is on a big semi private lot . That way if I croak my wife wouldn’t be stuck out in the boondocks alone and would be able to stay put. Then I would buy a hunting camp with some land near us ( fingerlakes area )that she could just sell off if I die .
  4. Yea I hear ya. last year I dragged a big doe out of a gully about a half mile alone .. Im 62 and it wasn’t easy . Using a 4 wheeler from now on
  5. Humm , I guess I’m weird , i prefer hunting alone
  6. I always used a regular white penlight shined down Maybe why I don’t see many deer
  7. Yea it’s a weird layout ..big woods I don’t own to the East of my “ field” Big cornfield to the north and south that I don’t own Hedge of trees to the west that I do own and monitor . Not much activity.. I’m sure these bucks come out of the big woods
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