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  1. My boss told me he heard gobbling today at 11:30 I feel like I’m wasting my time , I haven’t seen only one bird for weeks and that was on my trail cam
  2. I’m out now , windy, haven’t seen or heard a thing in days it’s gonna be tough from here till season ends I think I had a long beard on my cam a few days ago , all alone not sure if I should hang it up until fall
  3. A hunter near me said he saw a hen with little ones yesterday . Isnt this early ?? I thought they were still breeding
  4. the weeks before and first week of season I was getting lots of pics of big long beards and hens on my cameras . They were coming out of the woods to a field area I kept mowed . i set up my ground blind and had one big Tom come close .. I haven’t seen a turkey on any of my cameras since ?? would it still be worth putting out my hen decoy on this mower of and calling ?
  5. Seems like cables breaking is what I hear more of . Im 65 so I don’t take chances .. I’m attached to a lifeline as soon as my feet leave the ground , then I have another wide strap around the tree above my head that I hook into as soon as I’m seated . I pull my gun / bow up once I’m seated .. I feel pretty secure
  6. Seems like most treestand accidents are with climbers
  7. Man I think a ladder stand is much safer than a climber , I have multiple straps on my ladders and I’m attached to a safety line before my feet leave the ground
  8. I posted this on turkey hunting page too but thought maybe others could help too number 1 and 2 are with a turkey choke , the un numbered one is with full all 3 are 3” mag 20 gage . Remington Nitro Turkey and Kent Turkey load
  9. So here’s with a turkey choke number 1 is Kent 3” 20 gage number 2 is Remington nitro turkey And the pic above is with full choke Kents which would be best
  10. I’m shooting 20 gage 3” mag turkey load full choke
  11. Ok so I set a target up at 27 yards the number 4 s 2-3/4 only had like 2 pellets in the head The number 5s 3” mag pic below Should I try a turkey choke or ? thx
  12. So I’m seeing lots of birds on my trail cam I want to use my 20ga 1187 3” mag with 28” bird barrel I have a full choke tube , do I need a turkey choke ? I have 2-3/4 “ 4 Shot Remingtons or Kent 3” number 4 and 5 shot Turkey , assume the Kent’s would be best ? Should I camo wrap my gun or doesn’t it really matter ? Thanks for the help This pic is from the other day
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