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  1. I had a motor home on FB for sale for 45k A guy called me and asked me a bunch of questions and said he was from Idaho and wanted it IF it was what I said . Im picky and described it to a T He said he would send me 1000.00 wired to my bank account . I called my bank and spoke to my buddy the manager . He said we will open a brand new account , give him that number , after the funds are cleared transfer into my main account. I told the guy if he gets here and jerks me around at all I’m keeping the deposit . All went fine .. he flew to Syracuse and took an Uber to l
  2. I hesitated posting my issue until I was 100 percent sure it was a scam .. I hate scammers !!! I almost let my guard down when he said “ the scope doesn’t come with it “ I mean if he was going to scam me why would he say that … smart scammer … I hate not trusting people , but I have sold a few things here and had no issues
  3. 4 hours old,,, not a buck but a couple visitors
  4. So Pelosi was in charge of security as the SOTH And they say they knew this was going to happen … Why the hell didnt she have the place in lockdown ?? Why not more police ?? Because she wanted this …
  5. So I have traffic in this area so I thought I’d try a mock scrape with a licking branch
  6. Now how do I get him to show during the day
  7. Yea looks like the Deadringer is no longer available , Reviews on the others look sketchy
  8. I’ve never done much ground hunting except in a ground blind … Which brand did u buy
  9. I like my CP 370 but man it seems front heavy / bulky Whats a reasonable priced crossbow that’s light weight ?
  10. I saw a couple videos online Wonder how well they work.. I have a set of woods i hunt sometimes that I dont have a blind or stand
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