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  1. Ok I printed the form for crossbow hunting and I understand it’s the last two weeks of regular bow.. and I need a muzzleloader tag.. but ... can I kill a buck or doe ? And what tag or tags do I use ? Then I can still gun hunt ? seems confusing
  2. Ok I sold the sling and swivels and sling mounts Still have the scope, mounts, screws and hammer spur..20.00 shipped
  3. I have a Simmonds scope with see thru QuickSite mounts, all the screws, also nice tooled leather Hunter brand sling with swivles and mag tube mount and stock lug hammer spur The scope has a small dent on the eye pc butnit doeant hurt the function 50.00 or BO for all
  4. I already have my licenses just never now hunted... now my boss has a Centerpoint Tournmetor Wisper 380 that he said I can have for free... are these decent ?
  5. I have a 200.00 BassPro Cabelas gift card I would like to put toward the new xbow... what brand would be a decent ny compliant with a decent scope ?
  6. So you answered NO to the last 14 day question ??
  7. So,,,I need a muzzleloader tag to xbow Hunt? and I need to sign that cert and carry it with me ? Is that as easy as it seems ? and it looks like souther Zone I can use it the last 14 days of reg bow? can I kill buck or die ? what tags do I use ? then can I use it after Gun is over and muzzle loader open again? what is a good brand to get ? ive never bow hunted before but would like to be able to get into the woods before Gun opens thx for the help
  8. Humm how many acres is woods ? Road frontage ? And cabin or buildings ?
  9. Looking for a 94 30-30 non safety model ,,, AE or older price , pics I’m near Syracuse so we can do an FFL near there thx
  10. Do you use the one that is a flat foam pad or the one like the old Hot Seats ?
  11. I forgot to bring mine in last season and something chewed it to shreads ! any ideas ?
  12. Looking for wooded land in Cayuga Cty would like 30 acres or more pm me what you have thx
  13. Well again I mowed the Timothy in late September so it wasn’t real high.. if I let it go this year it probably won’t be as high as the goldenrod around it,, maybe I should mow it in August or July then by November it will be tall ??