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  1. Just look at the major companies that are gone. at one time these were all customers of mine . Carrier , New Process Gear , Miller Brewery , Nestles , Pass and Seymour , GM , Emerson Power , Cooper Tools ,Rollway Bearing , Oberdorfer ,
  2. Can fit a recoil pad ? Or between Seneca Falls and Rochester area ?
  3. I think I do but to be honest , I maybe was on the “ other” site like once but never since in over a year I believe
  4. I have the above and my aging eyes like a scope thoughts of adding a scope I believe the receiver is already drilled
  5. So do u hunt the woods when the corn is not cut ?
  6. So the 60 I hunt has about 30 in golden rod , rest woods and scrub brush He is going to lease the 30 to plant corn .. I’m thinking this may help me as long as they cut it or some of it before season ??
  7. Perfect BPS had the 54” for 59.99 but they matched Runnings 39.99 sale price and gave me 20.00 more off for signing up for a CC I’ll never use So I got it for 20.00 and change
  8. Agree , I took my first one in during bow and they had 31 that day alone went back last Wednesday with another and they were loaded
  9. Got a decent 7 with the crossbow and a decent six with the rifle let several small bucks walk and several small does the one big doe had her fawn and I let her walk i have 4 doe tags but I really don’t need any more meat so I may lay low
  10. So… is the 43” one large enough ? I think there is only one property I would ever use it on that I hunt the others I can use my wheeler
  11. We’ll time to admit dragging deer at 64 yrs old isn’t fun anymore . most of my spots I can get to with my 4 wheeler but one spot I can’t so it’s a sled or cart i know the cart is cheaper but which is best ? have you guys tried that hawk hauler cart ?
  12. Couple comments on FB Wayne Cty page said “ make sure you get along with the people you hunt with “ Not sure how to take that
  13. Yea seems to be kinda hushed . There were several different versions online but most removed .
  14. I just heard about this but there doesn’t seem to be any details , other than FaceBook ,which have a few different versions . Did they ever finish the investigation ?
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