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  1. I was in the woods yesterday morning for half an hour.. below freezing, thought I had a thorn on my pant leg .. Fricken tick walking up my leg
  2. I have a friend that had a place in Rochester apply it He seems to think it’s great
  3. Yea wasnt froze until I got it home . And it was in my barn for two days before I took it over , shot it Friday afternoon , took it in Monday am It was skinned and hung … well past rigor
  4. Sorry just saw this .. For the last 7 yrs I’ve done the same , or should I say my butcher has . He has a huge walk-in that he leaves skinned deer hanging in for 7 days or more. This deer was done the same as I’ve been going to him as I said , for 7 years . Ive for sure shot bigger deer than this one but NEVER had the backstraps be tough like this one . And I cook them rare …
  5. My bad , I thought they were a cartridge like a shotgun slug
  6. The cartridge loaded fire stick , are they legal in NY ?? If so then the description of a muzzleloader needs to be changed right ?
  7. So… the federal and traditions “ fire stick” loads like a single shot shotgun but it’s legal as a muzzleloader right ? Even though it’s not
  8. Nope, I’ve processed many many deer and I did this one the same was as always . All my meat is aged the same way..
  9. I tried the baking soda because I didn’t have any kiwi It is more tender but seems like it took all the natural flavor out of it
  10. The one buck I shot this year seems tough .. Killed it with the crossbow during the rut , not sure if that matters .. Even the backstrap seemed tough. So my Chinese buddy said use baking soda to tenderize it . You guys ever try that ??
  11. I pulled two off a few months ago , wife sent them for testing one came back positive for Lyme and the other came back positive for some other tic borne disease . Short run of Doxy… they were only on me half a day so far no issues
  12. Ouch … where’s that we are -4 now in the fingerlakes
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