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  1. Well over a week has passed .. I read on Mayo Clinic site that the tick actually has to feed for the 24/36 hour time frame to transmit and even then it’s not for sure you will get it . I find in avg about three or four stuck to me a yr .. Probably better off having the vet write me a script for Bravecto
  2. I think they don’t like prescribing antibiotics if you don’t have an active infection , something about building resistance and then when you actually need them they won’t work ? Ive taken Doxy before and it spikes my blood pressure ..
  3. Yea it’s been proven that this single 200 mg dose really doesn’t work
  4. No she has sent in a dozen others , these were the first positive
  5. Checked with 2 docs , both said no treatment needed due to time on me
  6. I guess if they wernt on at least 36 hrs nothing ??
  7. One I was aiming at the head , the other the neck
  8. Well I took a few of the 4s I had and set up a homemade target this is three rounds.. the hole is from the wad on a shot from about 40 ft away
  9. It’s not that …I sent pics to DEC Pretty sure it’s demo mange
  10. Agree .. again in the hundreds of pics of deer I never had seen one like this
  11. So … I’ve never Turkey hunted before , I’ve got some nice birds on my property. I only have 20 gage shotguns , would a 20 gage full choke with a 2-3/4” 4s kill a tom ? Im sure it has to be a head shot at close range .. Thoughts
  12. Humm well again ive gotten hundreds of deer pics … never seen this
  13. I’ve gotten hundreds of pics of deer at all times of the year This looks like a Llama
  14. Wife sent them in … positive for Lyme and some other one I never heard of
  15. No it had been there a few days and was pretty ripe
  16. Someone hit this near my house, believe it’s a Fisher Never seen one here before
  17. Starrett. what do you use them for ?
  18. What size is the pole barn
  19. I have all Ridgid and love them
  20. Nyt 2 today skunked yesterday
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