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  1. It’s weird other years , last year included, my 6 acre clover field always had deer/does right before dark This year none so far This warm weather I think messed things up
  2. No the other way I’d have to swim across a deep creek
  3. I’ve heard guys say it scares more than it attracts
  4. I’ve heard pros and cons any experience
  5. So two days ago my camera goes off with a nice fat doe at my ground blind at 8:30 am So yesterday I get in the blind at 5:45 am and sit till noon …. Nothing Now I didn’t go today … 8:15 am here she comes again … Now I’m wondering am I bumping her walking in or is she on a two day pattern
  6. Seen lots on my camera lately All after hours
  7. Saw two does last night around 4:45 I let them walk I my ground blind now cursing squirrels
  8. I’m tempted to sit in my truck this afternoon watching the field
  9. I laugh more when I see almost every vehicle off the road is a 4x4 suv or truck While I’m driving my 2 wheel drive car 100 miles for work
  10. Moving around walking or doing chores etc is easier to stay warm than sitting in a stand
  11. I stayed home , it’s fricken crazy windy here and 21 degs
  12. I never saw a deer the whole day Heard good amount of shots
  13. 23 Degs and 20 mph wind Not seeing much daytime activity on my cams…. All after hours
  14. I have Arctic Shield jacket and bibs I also layer but still get cold …
  15. I got the heated vest and socks …may as well add these
  16. I got in my blind at 5:45 today 6:30 is legal time Seems like 45 mins early is enough
  17. 7 here but u can start shooting at 6:30
  18. I’m 63 , I’ve hunted small game , big game , fished hundreds of bass tournaments etc since I was 14 yrs old. I’ve never seen a DEC officer yet let alone been asked for a license
  19. Man I hate being cold .. I think I’ll sit in my ground blind instead of the tree stand in the morning . Got a heated vest and heated socks but I still get cold . I didn’t bring my heater yet so I’ll tough it out …
  20. No it says fireproof but then says plastic case is ok
  21. Yea I could but I got enough stuff to carry in the morning .. May just tough it out…
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