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  1. I’m thinking it’s a balance beam maybe used in a foundry or something
  2. It’s heavy like 60 pounds its a balance beam scale but what’s it used for ? Only markings are “ Vulcan” in the hooks and “406” on the brass graduated pc
  3. Hummm I see people on here all the time saying “ tag soup again “ and saying they never saw a deer all season.. So “ filling tags “ for some is a tough problem
  4. I didn’t even see the thread but I know who u are talking about
  5. And it’s always the same ones starting trouble
  6. A number of places i did mine thru Boat US Foundation They are recognized by the US Coast Guard and NYS
  7. Yup takes hours to do online , I did it yesterday . Scored 98 Its a series of different like 50 page study pages for like 6 or 7 different category's Then a 10 question test at the end of every section
  8. Yup that’s what I said in my post , doesnt make sense
  9. So in 2025 anyone operating a boat will need to have a NYS boaters license . Except people renting a boat , which in true NY fashion , makes no sense
  10. Isn’t it getting kinda late ?
  11. No , he wrote it in 2018 for Clint Eastwood and the movie The Mule but it sure rang true for TK
  12. Haven’t seen in in weeks now
  13. That’s fine , I believe the three largest tranny experts near me , I also know several who own the same truck as me and have had the TC convertor failure . Pretty sure the guys that are in the business may know just a little more than the internet guy And if your Transmedic isn’t telling you the real issue with the TCs or perhaps he doesn’t even know … I suggest he educates himself because it’s a well know issue with the springs breaking and running metal thru the tranny pump and valve body .. Let’s face it , they are both garbage TCs , replace now or gamble .. Give a call to any or all of the three I listed .. They have done thousands , avg 4 a week ! Both 6 and 8 So yup , these are the guys I’m gonna believe , none have any reason to lie and the one shop is a personal friend of mine I’ve know 30 yrs ! What’s the name of your friends shop ? Have a great day
  14. No it’s both , and it’s the springs in the TC , I’ve talked to three different shops , all said the same Terrys Speedy Bracys im also on several gm forums and it’s both the 8 and 6 speeds All kinds of miles but most seem around 70k I did the thermostat delete a couple years ago..but that doesn’t help the springs breaking , the new replacement TCs don’t have springs . they now find they are not needed im at 41k
  15. So I have a 2017 with 41k miles , my tranny seems to be having issues when going into lockup . I have a friend that owns a tranny shop and is very good. I talked to him and told him my issue .. he said “if it wasn’t for. Heavy we would be out of business” He said they see three to four a week. Issue is the torque converter springs are weak and let lose and chew up the tranny and send metal through the whole thing . He said they wave seen them from 24k miles on up to 100k or more . He said if we catch it before it’s a replacement TC , the new ones don’t have the springs because they are not needed .. cost 1500 If it blows then it’s like 5 k rebuild .. Have any of you that own one seen issues ?
  16. I always thought there were only a couple real trouble makers here . Most were here to offer help and act respectful .
  17. I remember seeing part of Skaneateles frozen from the south end heading north ,and seeing people go to the edge of it and fish the open water
  18. https://www.grizzly.com/products/grizzly-8-razor-sharp-edgemaking-system/g5937?gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAkp6tBhB5EiwANTCx1OMfX5xLwCZAO7G0ABoka1_v70oQZLp2MriNWFxKs8s6SkscNhejFBoCeSMQAvD_BwE
  19. I use the Razor Sharp system of cardboard wheels i still have my stones but this is much faster and I can do a razor edge in minutes
  20. Where’s the best place to buy them ? if I do eBay how do I know for sure they are viton
  21. Nope haven’t seen a thing However I wouldn’t doubt it ..assume it would be hard to enforce .. People better start waking up
  22. I have a stand in that ridge line now , killed two bucks there this year and see lots of does.. that whole field IS golden rod with a roadway all the way around it you can see in the one photo there is a gravel bed at 1:00/ 2:00 The only issue with that whit spot is in watching a golden rod field , and it gets tall. Now maybe if I mow some paths thru it ?
  23. The more I think about it the more I’m thinking out it in the woods watching a golden rod field doesn’t sound like a good thing even if I mow a 1/2 acre in the middle with trails going to it
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