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  1. My real goal is to find a house , ranch house , with 30 or 40 acres of land ( woods) I. Cayuga County or Onondaga Cty ... then I’d sell my house and move and have a house and land !
  2. Couple nice 8s several 6s no monsters
  3. 75 yrs old and owned it 35 yrs... getting tired
  4. How much land ? And where is it located
  5. The cabin is a shed 12 x 24 but insulated with bunks no electric anywhere close seasonal road
  6. Timber value isn’t much for the size and type of trees .. some of the land is a steep grade
  7. It was logged 17 yrs ago ... decent trees but if not pursue cutting anymore
  8. Again , the 60 acres is surrounded by thousand acres it’s in the middle of the woods ,,,
  9. No water nearby and other than acorns no real food plots or farm fields again like the north woods but minus water source
  10. He wants 100k which I think is steep for location with no hookups etc
  11. Ok I’m looking at 62 acres a friend owns, all woods surrounded by thousand acres of woods.. He has a small cabin on it very basic ... no electric ... it’s about 3 miles in on a seasonal gravel road .. Fingerlakes area.. I’m used to hunting 30 acres surrounded by farm land .. This almost seems like too much land for good deer hunting , kinda like being in the middle of the Adirondacks
  12. Neighbor has the Bone Collector . 29.90 at Wally World hes happy with it
  13. I can’t find the little tube of rail lube what else can I use ? and do you do the string too ? thx
  14. 30 yard shot, you see it hit. Deer runs off,, How long before you go look
  15. Thx i have only seen a couple does here this year but I don’t hunt it till crossbow and gun. there is a pretty well used trail and the trees get ripped up pretty good
  16. I want to be able to see and open the windows is this good ?
  17. Ha, yea that’s the blown up pic.. I’m still playing with the settings its brand new
  18. It looks to be a feral hog the have been spotted a little south of here
  19. Only up a couple days ... im waiting for my safety role to arrive and I will put my stand up here this week and take the cam down
  20. Well it’s where the main trail into the gully and thick woods start, on a ridge , open corn and soy bean fields to the right of the pic, thick woods and creek to the left.. every year by opener of gun the trees along this trail are torn up
  21. Not sure what to do for opener of crossbow.. im getting a couple for pics and fix and coyote .. not seeing bucks... cam is in the woods on a trail that every year is used and trees are scraped up good ... maybe like others have said it’s too early ..
  22. I shot this slob on the last day of gun at 3:15 pm