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  1. I have another question for you hunters without land , I have a 46 acre piece that is currently for sale , but have not sold yet, I do not plan on doing much hunting there , as I have another parcel closer to where I live,, does anybody know what a reasonable rate for the day or week or weekend would be to rent this kind of a piece out, ? It has many deer blinds, and trails and deer are here, not monster bucks but avg size for the area,, I am thinking of putting a 27' camping trailer on the property to use with the rental,, so a generator would have to be used, but would have water and bathroom, and sleeps I think 6,, not that the property would handle 6 safely, this is just a thought at this time to help with the taxes and utilize the property, and maybe give someone a chance to hunt without traveling to and from a motel etc,, there are many state land parcels very close, a few withing 1-2 miles,, thanks for any help and info,, get out there,, love the outdoors, God bless you, pat / this is the land
  2. plymouth ny, hopkins crandall rd,, its listed at this time with whitetail properties, they have it as smyrna,, the road is in both townships depending on the side you come in on, taxes are paid to plymouth though,, it is a great place for deer and game, thanks
  3. turkey season coming, need a place to relax and get out of the city for a while,, still available
  4. Thanks everyone for the input the interest and the help.., I think being fair to a potential leasee, I will probably not go the leasing route , as the longevity for a secure felling for hunters will not be there, again I appreciate the help with something I knew nothing about,, have a wonderful New Year, God bless you guys,
  5. I would say about 30 acres + is woods,, road frontage approx 300 feet,, and no cabin or buildings, there is a small 8x12 lean to in one of the upper fields,, but basically for sitting and relaxing, could be finished,
  6. chenango county , plymouth ny , area 7m,, off route 16, close to norwich ny. lots of stateland around as well, 46 acres open and wooded, plenty of places for a home or camp,, I have some info in the post under this one in for sale, thanks to the left of the driveway, including the driveway
  7. thanks guys,, I appreciate it,, I didnt really think about the selling part,, I was thinking temporary until I sold, but leasing it the group or person is thinking long term,, I may not go this route, I was just kinda sad it wasnt being used like I used to,, maybe open it by the day,, hmmmm,,, thanks all, Merry Christmas
  8. thanks for the info guys,, just weighing my options,, not sure what to do,
  9. I am located in 7M... about 7 miles outside of norwich ny,, close to rt 23, its chenango county
  10. I have a question, what is involved in leasing a 46 acre parcel of land that is for hunting land, ? would it be for the whole year and would exclusive rights to hunt be on it, and can the leasee put in food plots if desired, what kind of use would they be entitled to, just hunting, or would they expect use year round for camping and such as well? what kind of dollar amount would be reasonable and worth it for both parties involved? the land is mixed harwoods, pines, open fields, trails, some tree blinds already set up on productive trails, easily accesable, just checking on options with this piece I have for sale, I would rather sell it , but , trying to figure out if its worth it to do it another way, I see people looking for leases alot,, and the "neighbor" just leased his and its almost 90% open fields thanks pat
  11. I am not that big on getting pics , but here are a few that I remembered to take,,
  12. hello, thats a legit question, we kill bucks, every year me and the neighbors take at least 8 bucks off the hill possibly more,, and we take does as well, I dont have trail cams set up, as I am not that 'committed", I usually go in the " back yard' and sit in my stand and come down with one,, for a committed hunter manager I am sure this could be a dream, There is very few times I drive through the drives or trails and not see deer, I have a box full of antlers, been culling out the weird ones too, last year got a nice 7 so they are gaining, -- we actually have a deal on the hill that we can walk and kill anywhere good or bad, not sure but it is an advantage at times.
  13. there is a small 8x12 leanto, on the top side of the property, electric is close to the road, no well, it was part of my 62 acre piece with my home on it, so all the utilities was on that side of the driveway, recently sold the house and 15 acres,
  14. looking for a place to hunt, ride your 4 wheelers, put a camp, build a forever home, I have 46 acres of land for sale, has views, maintained trails, plenty of wildlife, many sights for a camp, beautiful spot for a house, habitat is wonderful for wildlife, mixture of hardwoods, pines and open, easy access to all, success every year, may not be the biggest bucks yet but they are there, abundant doe population, turkeys,and small game, many spots for food plots 46 acres , asking 80,000
  15. more than likely you havent messed anything up by walking there,, I have seen and many others deer walk right in our foot prints,, its hard to stalk a deer, sit and wait in the best possible area with sign, and a shot, which appeaes to be the advice here,, and know that you will seldom see a whole deer at a time at first,, look for a leg, and ear, something that is perfectly horizontal in the woods, you will get better with time,, good luck