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  1. haha since I specifically posted this in the Region 1 forum I wasn't really expecting all the "you should hunt upstate" type replies but no worries... hahaha. But if any of you upstate want to host a couple of new hunters that live in NYC for a long weekend to show us the upstate ropes let me know. It comes with the territory of public, was just wondering if anyone had relatable stories in the area... Likely won't be as bad once the weather gets a little colder and we get some snow down here.
  2. Most of the areas that are dense there that I seen deer run into and I have no idea how to hunt look like this pic (that’s 6-8ft of thorns). Only place to set up and wait for them to come out is the trail trees which you have to be 50ft off trail. So the areas that don’t look like this are packed with hunters (especially when more hunters than legally allowed). At this particular park the hiking trails are plenty. The distance between most of the parallel trails is only 100-250ft. Yeah totally part of the experience and not mad at anyone. Was just a frustrating day. I did get to see a guy take a doe from a ghost blind for the first time which was cool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Went out on Saturday to Wildwood. Got in early and found one legal hunting parking spot still left and got in before sunrise. The weird part is it seems, with the parking allowed, there should only be 12 hunters on the whole property yet I bumped into more than 20 fellow hunters during the day. Assuming people are having more than 2 per car, walking in from local neighborhoods or parking illegally. At one point while trying to find a new spot/tree to set up, after getting frustrated the hikers kept walking up into my spot while going around the blockade closing of a certain trail, I seen 6 hunters in almost a straight line about every 30-50yds. lol Seen a lot of deer but mostly all were on the run after being spooked by other hunters or the never ending hikers and joggers that came out Saturday (it was a beautiful day), some of which were stopping thru the middle of the woods off trail. When I was spotted most were nice enough to back out and go around back to the trail but ended up having 2 separate groups come right up to my tree to ask me questions (in a friendly way) "get anything yet?" "cool, what's that thing called?" (i'm in a saddle w/ DRT ropes), "what do you do if you have to go pee?" (haha, i laughed at this one from a younger kid with his family),. I even had a deer spooked off when a jogger ran by on the trail with headphone and yelled over "Good Morning, good luck!" ..... haha, what can you do, most were all so friendly. Near sunset though I did have a, seemingly drunk, couple on a sunset hike come out to me to "inform me" that "hunting here is illegal" and "this is a protected animal sanctuary" (lmao) they then proceeded to run off-trail thru the woods and blow out that section for any of the other hunters in that area. Walking back to the car I felt like that day was like trying to hunt in times square..... I'm now looking forward to the snow more than ever. You guys ever have days like that on Long Island Public too?
  4. by this statement I'm guessing you are not a fellow veteran as it shows you have a complete misunderstanding of what West Point is, likely based on movies and not on first hand experience, am I correct?
  5. To all my fellow Veterans, I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing day. If you also happen to be out there hunting then I hope you have a day full of solid opportunities. Good luck and get a monster. -ChrisW
  6. can you direct me to where a urban vs rural tax collection comparison is listed so I can further educate myself on that? umm, NY state is about 19.5 million, NYC alone is about 8.4 million and that does not include any other urban area in the whole state like Albany. Do you have a site that has a population density comparison that supports your statement or are ya just pulling statements from a convenient rectal orifice? I'd actually be interested in reading the details.
  7. haha I actually misread your post count... you actually have 327 total posts... LMAO.. you are over 80% (approaching 90%) political posts hahaha
  8. hope it ends up being the weird start of a good neighborly friendship going forward
  9. have you tried closing the app completely out and restarting it?
  10. Hey @phantom, you currently have 149 post... of that 149 only a grand total of 39 post are in forums sections outside of Political Discussions. Of that 39 the vast majority of those are in the General Chit Chat forum....... you got about 10-13 posts total that are vaguely about the main subject of this site...... Do you even hunt?
  11. a "disproportional amount of special interest groups" has something to do w/ the vast population density difference? puff puff PASS bro
  12. I'm jealous, was hoping to get out today but it didn't work out. Living thru your pics today guys. keep them coming!
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