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  1. getting out early today.... looking for my first deer. Out on public land again today looking to get it done.
  2. Hi everyone, I just freed up my Sunday and want to get out there if I can. Anyone who drives and is headed out in region 1C that wants to do a last min link up on Sunday? Whether it's a super early all day or just an afternoon. I'm up for anything, Just want to get out there and learn more. I don't drive but happy to meet you (Uber, LIRR).. obviously have my own gear, permits (land access, parking, etc), tags. (usually I still or saddle hunt) Let me know if interested and if there is anything I can do to help your hunt. thanks -ChrisW
  3. Welcome ..... I'm in my 2nd year Bow hunting. I've met a few others here that are also in NYC. Lot's of helpfully and friendly guys on this message board. I live in Queens and usually practice at Gotham. A couple here practice at Pro Line. HMU if you ever want to link up.
  4. you live in NYC? Are you also in Queens?
  5. Once I went Bow it wasn't worth the hassle. The local PD made it very apparent they intended to make it a hassle. My impression was (I may obviously be wrong) was that whole processes is designed to be a giant hassle to keep guns away from people in the city. When I leave this state eventually then I'll get back into shooting.
  6. getting a federal charge over an airgun is something was to happen and it was found out would simply be 2 brain cell moronic. Not worth it to even suggest the risk.
  7. my application sat in queens PD for over 6 months with no movement, when inquired their response to me was 18 minimum was typical and my Vet status had no bearing ... that's when I canceled and started learning to shot a bow. not sure if different stations handle it differently though. There was an airgun I really wanted but oh well.
  8. Hey Mike, do you have an injury that prevents usage of most compounds or am I misinterpreting what you typed? Nice Buck your neighbor got! good luck. I hope you get a bigger one this week. -Chris W
  9. Wrist supported slingshots are unfortunately illegal in NYC (when I looked into that option as well) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. it was lowered to a 5 rock clip last year and you have to turn in anything bigger
  11. you can't even have an airgun or wrist support slingshot here in NYC
  12. My understanding of it: Pellet and BB guns also require a rifle permit in NYC. You need to apply and register it like any rifle with the local precinct chief, you will need a sponsor who also has a rifle license (to take control of the weapon in case you are not well) and the process typically takes about 18months (pre covid) .
  13. Thanks for the tip. Appreciate the example pics. I’ll keep my eye out for these scrapes this weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Nature’s Halloween candy, yummmmmmm [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk