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  1. I saw weather warning flashing on my truck screan the night b4 decided not to bother always tomorrow its 1 hour 15 minute drive in good weather to my hunting a spot with snow forget about it be on the road all day Probably.
  2. Im good my rifle case has a lock on it but i lost the key at the Moment so im using bike cable lock much strunger anyway. Of course the rule is dumb because they will just take the whole case and break the lock off when they get home .
  3. ron desantis would be better but trump if he acts more like a politician and biden keeps making things worse could win again . it's just the odds would be way higher if ron desantis gets the Nomination .
  4. At this point I don't care as long as it's not Biden who i becomes president again Or any of his minions .
  5. I use to hunt with 6 guys now down to one besides me , they Either passed away or just not in best of health to go anymore.
  6. So are you one of the guys writing hunting articals ? Just trying to figure out what you deal is.
  7. Just to let you know I had no idea those poltical posts come up on the front page of this site on my phone you have to look for them i just found out now that was the case if i new i would probable not bother posting as much or at all on that poltical thread Especially during hunting season..Apologies. Still you could have been more polite next time
  8. Maybe collusion on these sites should be Against the rules I notice bunch of them when they dont like what you post start Accusing you or spreading the rumor of being a old member That they didn't like had issues with or something Anybody new sees that they're gonna think twice about posting obviously and maybe that's the point of why those guys do it. Someone new comes along Never said a word to you negatively just post stuff Once in a while in Is political thread why are you Accusing them of being somebody else As if only one person has that Particular political view on things , doesn't make any sense. Thats just a sneaky way of them getting Around the no personal attacks rule Because for whatever reason they just wanna post themselves Don't want to hear anybody else's point of view , I know 1 or 2 of them write books or Articles or something I heard them say maybe that's the reason self Promotion ? That's fine by me you know I don't want to make this my business so they can post all they like I'll keep on the sidelines thank you very much.
  9. So who are you going hunting with for opeaning day gun season this year
  10. That was nice of you to rag on me just for asking a question about posting videos on the political thread on the other site it was just a question and you blow up on me . Thanks for the warm welcome over there but i think i will¹ be spending most my time here happy hunting guy .
  11. I never really notice how much of this site was just like the same 20 or 30 people posting on here anyway thats like basically what you see on that other site now with the Occasional different person posting They got the impression that they're gonna get more views over there but I don't think makes a Difference if anything they're gonna get less views over there Because that site doesn't even come up on search engines.
  12. The other site dont come up on search engines the loging in with your email instead of nickname is Annoying to dont care for the layout that much either overthere . I guess ita ok like a backup site if this one goes down.
  13. How to walk in the woods. how to live off the land if you had to .
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