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  1. Most of those votes came from the cemetery.
  2. Another point that I just thought of this Administration has been saying they've been targeting white supremacist making it a priority but yet they let this guy slip through the cracks ? Think about it . So they couldn't even get that right .
  3. Yep , Maybe im being paranoid but did they intentionally let this guy through the cracks cuz he fit the profile of somebody that they would want to do something like this you know what I mean , needed a white guy shooting blacks to fit the narrative. these smart phones spy on everything you do here everything like it or not and you're telling me nobody knew nothing ? come on . Like I heard he was doing crazy stuff a few months before even saying that he wanted to be a mass murderer who says stuff like that to people . The subway guy waa another one they let slide for other reasons . anyway media needs stop gas lighting this stuff . And less of them will happen they're looking for attention and to go out in a blaze of glory these guys. Years ago you could buy guns everywhere like in hardware stores like in a Sears mail catalog with no id and this stuff was much less common back then.
  4. Well i see it this way the left obama the media them put out bait to get people to do exactly what this guy did so they have a excuse to grab more guns and more power for themselfs. By bait i mean they put out storys to piss people off get them all of us to hate each other .
  5. You ever noticed these things seem to happen a lot when the Democrats are in trouble and it's around election time just saying .
  6. Like how many times does the media have to lie make up stuff about trump to figure out its all bs trump has no freinds i guess you missed those articals . By these very same people . So which one is it ? Or its what ever they think makes him look bad.
  7. So that's where you keep all your victims.
  8. Yea its more like 1% that still like that old dinosaur.
  9. Yes but kinda isn't that how we got to this point of woke insanity ? Everybody just kind of ignores the lefts crazy ideas thinking they would just go away but insted they just get crazier. Now they want to teach 5 year olds about sex in school . This would have not been tolerated few years ago whats next ? Media just goes along with any dumb idea they come up with these days with no pushback.
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