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  1. Prince Harry Slams Social Media’s Role in Capitol Riot: ‘There Is No Way to Downplay This’ ( He reminds of the character in that movie the jerk with Steve martin Prince Harry is arguing for a change to the digital landscape as we know it. In an interview with Fast Company published Friday, Harry — who has long been outspoken about the negative impact of social media — said that the digital world needs "remodeling" from a humanitarian standpoint. "We have seen time and again what happens when the real-world cost of misinformation is disregarded. There is no way to downplay this," he said, noting that the failed insurrection attempt at the U.S. Capitol earlier this month was largely organized online. "There was a literal attack on democracy in the United States, organized on social media, which is an issue of violent extremism," Harry continued, going on to cite more examples of how misinformation on social media led to humanitarian crises, including genocide in Myanmar and destruction in the Amazon.
  2. Just pay to avoid going to court and pay even more there . Unless you know someone or have a good BS story all you are going to do is piss the cop and the judge off frankly you should have asked the cop nicely for a warning and tell him sorry and you probably would of gotten off after he checked your record never lie to a cop it just pisses them off .
  3. Don't know for sure but voter ID laws and in person voting would have been the way to do it to make sure it was not rigged . Tell you what the media and big tech definitely was rigged against him that's for sure did they trick enough people to vote against trump or it was rigged either way trump got screwed.
  4. Now the left thinks . just not going along with everything they say makes you a racist from what I hear on tv they already are burning biden flags and rioting . Antifa Riots In Portland And Seattle, They Don't WANT Biden, They Want 'Revenge' - YouTube
  5. Its funny all these leftist just got used by globalist and china to get them back in power of this country wondering how long it will take them to figure it out and start burning down city's again.
  6. Well since there are so few real racist anymore the left just lowered the bar now its anyone who doesn't agree with them obviously scary times we live in .
  7. yep I notice gas is up already 15 /20 cents already and he just got in .
  8. If the left really thought they are right on things They would not have to try and censor the other side all the time, Enough said .
  9. As a experiment maybe we should ban guns from all the smart people that vote blue all the time . Bet you the crime would not change at all .o wait they already did that in Chicago and Detroit . We need people control not gun control never saw a gun walk off a table and shoot someone .
  10. Maybe he doesn't trust the stock markets with all his money . The guy is worried about over population so he is betting people will need more land and food in the future . There is only so much land in the world
  11. They are also more likely to get seriously sick and take up space in hospitals, shouldn't we first take care of American citizens in hospitals ? how many .Americans died because they couldn't get medical attention fast enough because someone that was here illegally was taking up space and time of doctors at the hospitals.
  12. You personally know hundreds of doctors ? are they witch doctors ? or non medical doctors ? most hospitals barely have 100 doctors , usually a little less like around 80 is average .
  13. well think of it this way unless your are a health freak do you really think that this vaccine could be more unhealthy then drinking smoking and eating garbage fast food and people do that all the time , cold symptoms is about the only side effect I have heard from this thing so far that has been verified .