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  1. I never got a flu vax in my life lol still here . My dad got it because he past 80 and has medical condition . My mom same age did not get it . I'm a little worried about her getting it from us and getting real sick . Main reason I'm thinking of getting that plus I want to travel with out having to think about this . I mean they vaxed all of Israel with Pfizer most be safe enough for most anyway . Trump even got it .
  2. Yep of course they are not going to advertise or spend much time researching anything that's not going to make them money .lol
  3. Israel offers third shot of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to adults at risk My dad his brother and a bunch of relatives got that one with no problems . If I get it going to be that one I figure chances are if it did not effect my relatives negatively its not going mess me up either . See I did my own research a lot of them just blindly follow with out a clue , not good . If you have family that had problems with it obviously its smart to think twice about getting this stuff . People can have different reactions to different drugs happens with any drug .
  4. They are already saying everyone over 60 needs a booster shot now .
  5. This delta virus does not seem to effect illegals who are flooding the border just saying why isn't the gov. looking to lock down city's again but not the border ? Make any sense ? Not to me it don't . See this just another thing that makes people not trust anything they say .
  6. Sad to here that but to figure out how much of a danger this is you would need to know more about there health before this . Were they very healthy people before this or sickly ? Because even the flu does a number on people to especially if you are already a little unhealthy. I personally don't know anyone healthy that died from this . The one person I know that died had heart problems .
  7. I don't know what to believe anymore can't trust CDC media or the government That about the only thing I'm sure of .
  8. Yea that's cool and trump lost or got it stolen probably , but lets move on it looks like some cant let it go seems like democratic politicians and cnn have nothing to do but bring up trump and keep up the bs story line that trump is some super criminal that some how escaped there 20 investigations that turned up nothing except grab them by the p tape . Now lets move on I deer hunt with 30-06 any reason why i should buy my next gun in 308 when ammo is crazy pricey now if you can find it and i don't mind the extra recoil . I'm just talking to my self not changing calibers . A
  9. Nope its poison what has happened in the past should stay in the past if the gov really wants to investigate what happened they would do it in secret the way real criminal investigations are done . What is going on in congress is a circus just bs made for cnn and fox to get ratings and to get everyone to fight each other while gov. robs us blind with trillion dollar kickback deals to there friends and family . And sadly most the population is clueless to what is going on . You want peace with each other then you need to stop bringing up the past over and over again what's done is
  10. I want to see the audio video of this . Because you can't trust nobody these days .
  11. Lol people showing up at that thing are less then .0000001% of this country they represent nobody but themselves what you said , that's like me saying all vegetarians are nazis because Hitler was a vegetarian . Or should i think every one on the left likes riots because that all i see of them on tv ? This was obviously Inside job and the ones calling people the n word if it even happened most likely worked for the gov totally rigged event nothing new from are lovely government surprised anyone can't figure this out the whole point was to do exactly what they are doing right now . Gov has t
  12. Those are beautiful some of the fencing looks old any chance of a break out ? Maybe tree fall Boy your neighbors probably praying for that day lol
  13. Not sure about the first one second one has to be at least 40 50 years old .
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