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  1. Sorry to here that hope u get better soo. , may i ask what type of masks you guys were using Surgical or n95 ?
  2. Btw are you liking bidens gas prices ? Or you cant figure out the conection to biden with that to .
  3. Who is president? You did not see this crap when trunp was in charge is wbat im talking about . If you have no voter ID laws how would you know that illegals can't vote .
  4. Yea going to be hard to find someone on short notice like that . Probably people are going to want to get to know you better first like at a meet up at a restaurant or something . At leaat on this site i dont think i seen anyone who just started hunting with someone with out hanging out with them first at a bar or restaurant . Joining a hunting club probably the way to go . Or use a smart phone and you can be chatting with people here as you hunt .
  5. So dems dont want ilegals to vote ? So why they bring them here for, for what the cheap slave labor ? Sex trafficing ? Or to help the poor ? O wait what about the Poor in this country ? They cant fix that yet but bring poorer people from other countrys instead to suck off the limited resouces that should be going to americans.
  6. Personally l like the old 30_06 Or 12 ga for deer hunting but i dont see why a 223 would not do the job especially under 70 80 yards which is what most guys are shooting deer at in new york state . Farther then that if it was me i go with something bigger . You probably want to just empty out the mag with something like a ar anyway I mean that is what they are made for really fast fallow up shots right? 2 or 3 of them i figure = a slug or 30cal bullet .
  7. if that happed here they would put a 10 Arrow restriction i bet lol Or come up with some other crazy bow law .
  8. Man armed with bow and arrow kills five people in Norway attacks, police say https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/man-kills-several-people-norway-bow-arrow-attacks-police-say-2021-10-13/
  9. Bowmanmike ,Sorry thats all I got think this is same spot diffent angle but im not sure now as this was taken about 2 weeks ago . It looked different in real life WAS looking for tracks but i did not see any . Pretty sure it was deer. But there are bear in this area to .
  10. Did not see any tracks deer I'm assuming did that what do you think? picture taken few weeks ago
  11. O when i was a kid 70 80s some of the tuffest S O B s i new are that size they got the Napoleon complex they friggen attack you if you say anything about them just to prove that they're tough i know 2 guys like that . The thing is they are fast to fight but i seen the end reault not pretty lol but they dont back down a inch . The big guys usally dont start trouble they just end it thats usally the way it goes at least that is what have seen in my lifetime .
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