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  1. never say never if they get enough power the left they will get rid of the 2nd amendment.
  2. yea he is full crap it is right on his website that he is for the green deal which is a code word for a new way for crooks in gov like bidens family to steal money from the government and make themselves some green money .
  3. He said he would to any group or something to that effect that was another BS question by wallace trump has denounced racism many times before since when did trump ever say he was for white supremacy ? That's just another example how the bias media messes with peoples minds gives the false impression that trump was for something he was not ever for . Why didn't wallace do the same to biden and ask biden if he condemns pedophilia because there is actually proof of that from biden then trump being a racist ,but nope they never ask those insulting type questions if its a democrat . The fix is in.
  4. vote the policy positions not the personality you want more government corruption and a crappy economy with less freedom vote biden you want freedom and a better economy vote trump.
  5. Trump most feel like a animal in a caged that's constantly being pocked at with a stick at this point the fake news will just not cover him fairly at all that's why he acted like that last night he new wallace was going to try and make biden look good and him bad if he didn't take control .
  6. my guess undecided voter means will vote trump but does not want to say it and the others will not vote at all .
  7. i don't know if that Is a good idea biden was lying his ass off and unlike trump media will not call him out on his lies so if trump just let him talk their are lots of people that would just listen to the fake news and believe bidens bs they are what causes trump to act that way they totally ignore his accomplishments and then exaggerate anything bad that happens and try and blame him for it like the china virus .
  8. It was a shit show for sure but trump kinda of won or you can't say he lost . Trump showed biden was just as much a jerk as they say trump is he did not look presidential at all and he had 47 years in politics to learn trump had only 4 and still did a better job . Trump got him to flip flop on the radical left and trump got him to loose his cool .Trump pointed out biden family's corruption that the media ignores trump pointed out that no law enforcement organization will support him . Trump pointed out that he has been getting illegally spied on and mess with since before he was president they never gave him a chance . Also trump by interrupting biden will make it almost impossible for the biased news media to edit the video in a way to make biden look good like they have been doing , That's why he did that trump knows all their tricks at this point .
  9. biden likes to say this" come on man you ant black if you don't vote for me" biden also said obama was a clean black man that sounds pretty racist if you ask me
  10. pence obviously hands down . biden is a jerk just as much or more then trump from what I saw . He also lied his ass off about his son hunter getting millions he actually called the president of the united states a clown at one point ,and I bet you he was on something .
  11. good read about them both .
  12. to those that think trump is a ahole well think of it this way . The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  13. So do you think biden will crap his pants tonight during the debate i give him 30 mintutes before he asks for a bathroom break .. but then again they probably have him on drugs and with electronic ear piece to get instructions like a cyborg . trump asked for a drug test and inspection of his ears for electronic devices biden refused lol