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  1. It's a small world, so if you hear some very loud gunfire coming from the south, you'll know who's having some fun !
  2. Blauvelt now, but my dad moved us up to Nanuet in 69, after the NYPD let it's officers live outside of the city limits. My grandfather lived in Pearl River since the mid 50's and we always joked how it's called the town of friendly people, as long as your a cop, fireman or con ed ! Rockland is a target for that reason, but it's also a very well armed populous, with very well funded PD's and Sheriff dept.
  3. First off, most rifles that come with pistol gripped stocks and detachable mags are made for tactical match shooting. The rifles usually have very heavy stocks, long heavy barrels and aren't really suited for deer hunting, unless you plan to sit in a stand overlooking big fields that offer long range shot opportunities. If your going to be carrying the rifle around, hunting in the woods and/or doing deer drives, a standard wood or synthetic stocked rifle would be a better choice. Many have detachable magazines. A short action .308 chambered rifle with a detachable magazine would be my recommendation. SJC
  4. I'm just NW of the city across the Hudson, blue collar LEO family towns, so I'm praying for the looters to be smart and not come up here to loot or cause mayhem. I not looking for a fight, but the criminals should be well aware by now that their actions aren't going to be tolerated outside of the city. I'm really more worried about one of the thousands of untrained yo yo's that have bought a firearm in the last few months shooting themselves in the foot or someone else unintentionally, than being attacked by a mob. SJC
  5. I've been working in NYC and NJ Hospitals for almost 30 years. Covid19 has been the most devastating virus I've had to deal with. In the past my family has been lucky , but this time it hit home and my 86 year old uncle and 65 year old cousin died. Covid is nothing to mess around with, but states need to get back to work in a safe and feasible manner. Also, I don't want to hear "the new normal" one more time either ! If past generations gave in to the "new normal" way of thought, we'd be speaking German or Japanese. Town Populace and Covid case numbers should determine what safety practices should be undertaken, not just a blanket approach. Rant over. SJC
  6. Obama's teleprompter and BJ Clinton lied out of their backsides, but spoke candidly and with class I'm told, and look what good that did for America. America needed leadership, not another classy apologist. You take the good with the bad, and hope the good outweighs the bad. SJC
  7. My Grandpa used to say that you judge a man by his actions, not his words, as actions speak louder than words. Trump does so much behind the scenes, but because of the liberal bias media, it never gets out there and (believe it or not) Trump doesn't mention them, because he's not a politician. That's the main reason I voted for him. He's from outside the beltway and that scares the swamp rats, which amuses me. They've thrown everything at him and he comes out smiling. I think anyone ( I'm biased being a 5th generation NY'er) except a NY'er would've folded under the pressure by now, but Trump seems to thrive on it and even stirs the pot with his twitter posts. He posts controversial stuff, as it keeps him in the spotlight and that's where he likes to be. It doesn't cost him a cent either. Never Forget and Never Surrender, SJC
  8. Back then we were free men and woman and guns weren't considered evil, just tools. We didn't lock our doors, or need car alarms. With the liberal pussy's running the state now, a Dildo rack is the latest craze. SJC
  9. Most rifle buffers on the AR-10 are shorter and heavier than the AR-15 to accommodate the longer .308 bolt carrier group and the force from a larger round. This means they cannot be interchanged. However, the buffer tubes are the same length, making them compatible with either rifle. It should be noted that the buffer tube for the Armalite style AR-10 collapsible stock carbine features a unique length and only works with this model.
  10. Sorry, busy trying to hide from covid, while working in the heart of it. Yes, it's still available. $50 shipped with discreet PP friends & family. SJC
  11. I have a take off Black Thordsen Gen II stock that needs a good home. Never been used. Tape is holding in the mounting bolt. No box. $55 shipped to a member here.
  12. Not what I wanted to see when signing on too, been around to much sickness lately and my faith has been waning. Just as I was going to say a prayer, my wife yelled at me to come outside and there was a bright and beautiful rainbow across the eastern sky. I took this as a sign from God, letting me know that although times are tough, he's still there and not to lose faith. So we're all hoping for good results and a speedy recovery for your wife. SJC
  13. I work in NYC hospitals and with this crap going on, I said F@#K it and put a bid on and won one of my bucket list rifles. I'm saving on gas and time getting into and out of the city, except for the freaking tolls. It usually takes me an hour or more to get home, but now I'm getting home in 25 minutes and that's with being easy on the pedal. My wife has been laid off for almost a month and she's going stir crazy, but she's been pretty frugal on spending here and there to clean up the house and check off some of the items on the honey do list. So I'm saving in some places and spending in others and I really don't care if I come out even. SJC