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  1. Whatever type of land, the more pressure, the harder to hunt. I've been to gun clubs, state lands, private lands where only one or two members/land owners hunt and game is plentiful, yet the same type of lands where your lucky to see an animal after opening day because of hunting pressure. SJC
  2. With a good dog, Pheasants are child's play anywhere. As you know, Turkey hunting takes a lot of recon no matter where you hunt, but I find the birds in aisle 8 taste the best. SJC
  3. If you have electric available, this beats doing it by hand any day of the week, or get a 12v winch for more portability. Hoist
  4. Three more bite the dust in one evening. This one paid his friend a visit and went to mouse heaven. This poor mouse thought it was going to sneak on by. Silly mouse, leaves aren't pelletproof.
  5. When the other site started, this site became tolerable again. Now your back causing trouble and slinging mud. Did you get tired of reading about what others had for dinner or what cigar they smoked that night ? Don't let door hit you where the lord split you. SJC
  6. Why post what's already known and make others sad too ? It was just a given that NY and the other blue bastions of regressive lefty lib run states were going to go to shit, but after warning other states of the impending doom and them laughing at us while lefty's are getting a foothold to ruin those states too, it's like the whole country is going to shit now and I have nowhere to go to die in peace. They stopped teaching and are rewriting history for a reason, as those who don't learn from it are doomed to repeat it.
  7. Their eye's opened last weekend, so we're going to take a ride to meet him soon. The mother is a tri color roan, so I'm hoping he gets a little roan coloring as he gets older.
  8. It's been almost three years since we had to put the last of our three dogs down. When I was told by my Brittany breeder friend that he has a litter of puppies that were born on my late mothers birthday, it was a done deal. Liver/White male, two weeks old. Yankee Bean II
  9. We cut and teddered several hay fields last weekend and usually would see a few chucks wandering about afterwards to pop, but not this time. With all of the coyote eradication we do in the area, it was surprising that we didn't find a fresh chuck hole in a field. SJC
  10. You need to mount a thermal scope on that baby and start hunting mice before the state bans mouse hunting !
  11. Two more down, this time I remembered to hit the record button.
  12. Most wolves are double the size of a coyote, they move, act and sound differently too. Wolves don't like populated areas and unless they can't find food to eat, stick to remote areas and deep woods. Coyote have been found in city limit's and thrive in suburban areas. They both look the same in a thermal scope. SJC
  13. I've heard that Hawk tastes just like Eagle. SJC
  14. Nature has a better handle on things than man ever will. Nature has no time constraints, but mankind does and that leads to overreaction when dealing with nature. I've been hunting coyote all over for decades and in states that have no season for them, their numbers are better kept in check and not because people hate them. Most of the places I get asked to hunt are homesteads that let the problem get out of control or are in areas that don't allow hunting. Coyote are far from stupid and sometimes their too smart for their own good. Those are the ones I like to hunt.
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