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  1. With the feeble old guard dog in charge of the US of A now, Russia, China , North Korea, ISIS and Al-Qaeda, have all started to circle the sinking ship. It's not a question of "If", it's a question of when will America be drawn into some type of war or be attacked by the sharks that have been circling. It's what happens to a room full of children when the parents leave the room, Chaos. When Biden called for Unity, He must've meant Unifying all of our enemies !
  2. It is a green new deal, as their making the dollar worth nothing, so Americans will be burning green paper money for heat, instead of wood.
  3. I agree with her, lets start with the capitol police that are guarding the capitol building !
  4. I put coyote into the same category as skunk, woodchuck, crow, starling and English sparrow. I try to give them a quick clean death, the same as any other animal I hunt. I don't eat coyote, but bugs and other critters do, so it's not going to waste. Deer, fowl or fish never go to waste.
  5. These type of actions aren't going unnoticed, so as long as the people are kept up to date, the Dems will be in trouble when election time rolls around. They burned the Trump card, so now they only have themselves to blame.
  6. I started out with lights 43 years ago and got into thermal in the early 90's. Thermal prices have gone way down and the resolution has gone way up compared to what I paid back then. I'm not in it for style, I want the best gear for my money to to be able to kill more efficiently. To some of my hunting friends, $5,000 is an entry level price for a thermal scope. I try to get the most for my money and I've had scopes that cost twice as much as my XP38, but I didn't get twice the performance for the money, so away they went. It can sometimes be a very expensive learning
  7. I'm boycotting MLB until they fire the CEO and the flunkies that went the extra effort to take the All star game out of Atlanta. The Devil is collecting the souls of the newly elected Libs in GA. It's fun watching them squirm.
  8. You want to play, you have to pay ! 640 res thermal scope + extra batteries $5,000+ Gen 3 NV goggles for navigation - $1,800+ Decent 384 res thermal scanner - $1,300 Decent Electronic call - $200+ Trigger stick tripod and rifle clamp - $175 Ruling the dark - Priceless
  9. The future is nuclear energy, yet we're trying to power the world and travel on electric cars that run on batteries that pollute more than any type of fossil fuel. The audubon society said that wind turbines kill a lot of migratory birds ? Do you not care about the birds future's ?
  10. The image and detail you see in the scopes display is much better than what you see in the compressed footage. I was going to get the XG scope with the BAE core, but they didn't have it in stock yet and they only offer it in the 50mm version. The base mag is 3x and I wanted to have the 1.5x base mag and FOV of the XP38 for the terrain I hunt in. If I lived out west, I would've bought the XG. I've looked through scopes and mono's with BAE cores before and the clarity and detail of that core is almost as good as a cooled sensor unit. With the low prices of decent therma
  11. Their sense of smell is incredible. We hid a camera in a stone wall about 15 feet off a main trail and within an hour we had pics of multiple doe checking it out. Like a Dolls Eye !
  12. I cut out a lot of the down time I had in between, as I had a fellow hunter with a NV scope that was with me, that has never shot a coyote at night and I was waiting for him to shoot for a couple of minutes, until I couldn't take it anymore. I had several times that they were side by side and it would've been nice to shoot a double with one shot, but I was using the 20 practical that night and a pass thru might not have happened. Thermal rules.
  13. Thanks. Pulsar Thermion XP38. Love this scope and it's been a real performer. Going to mount it on the Savage Impulse predator.243 I'm picking up from my FFL tomorrow and it'll be my main 2021 predator rig, if it performs.
  14. Well, I got my confidence back and redeemed myself on the 27th by killing a coyote that was harassing bovine at a local farm. These coyote probably were responsible for the death of a newborn calf the weekend before. We spotted them at over 350+ yards away and closed the gap with a 250 yard stalk. One of my most memorable coyote hunts. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/OgSh6tetSfU
  15. You would think that after so many news organizations, journalists and "reporters" have been caught lying to the public, that maybe they would try to gain the publics trust back and maybe stop inciting hatred, but the lies and hate baiting just keep on coming. The latest attack on an Asian American woman in NYC has brought out the press vultures again and of course the last statement's from the reporter are filled with lies and false numbers that the average person would think was the truth, as their expecting the truth. This is just one article from hundreds. It's the latest i
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