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  1. If I played and won, I would hire the best doctors to heal my wife, so I could see her really smile again. Then I would try to heal all of my family and friends that have medical issues. I would donate a large sum to the vets and children's hospitals. I would spend a very large sum to hire the best attorney's to get Cuomo locked up and then help elect a governor with a brain to run this state. Knowing NY would be on the right track, I wouldn't feel bad while traveling the world seeing sites with my healthy wife, family and friends. After that, I'd sit back and take a breather. Good luck to all who played.
  2. You need to set up closer to them next time. Maybe there's some type of barrier keeping them from committing when their solo and they only commit after the pack assembles. Another thing is that while red lights work, you might not be seeing the coyote that's spotted your movement while your scanning around, especially if you hunt from the same stand location. A friend would always hunt the same time each morning over a bait pile, once he would drive away, the coyote would hit the pile. One day he stayed in his blind and had his wife drive his truck down the road, Coyote didn't know what hit it. Their smart bastards, so you need to change your routine around and see what happens.
  3. Or as the Dems have proven, just find enough stupid people that will vote for a candidate they tell/bribe you to vote for.
  4. There's no better way to gain support from the other side of the aisle, then by insulting them. I expect no less from a slave that's only regurgitating what their master has told them to say. Reason and Fact based Discourse ? You would need an open mind to discuss them and you've proven that's way above your pay grade. Maybe one of your Marxist Czars, or AOC would do a better job, but I doubt it, as their too busy depositing donations into their bank accounts, while your hiding in fear from Covid and climate change.
  5. Since most small game seasons start the same day Deer bow season starts(Oct 1st), your not going to be able to use the land from then, until the end of December, after deer muzzleloader season ends. Unless your hunting squirrel in Sept, your only getting a little over two months of small game hunting on the lease, if your not allowed to hunt it during deer season.
  6. After you clean the carb and change the fuel filter, Add some Seafoam marine additive to your gas.
  7. As with the Evil white privileged slavery Statues, lets remove everything that has anything to do with President Trump. You think the AP will have an article getting Mitch McConnell's or any republicans opinion on that ?
  8. I hope your wrong, but Americans have been preparing for such a day, as evidenced by the unprecedented amount of firearm + ammo sales over the years.
  9. He never said he would approve it either. AP news also reported that Elvis was seen playing golf with OJ last week and that the sun will rise in the west. They also reported that there was a whole lot of repubs that would go along with the witch Pelosi, but it's all talk and made up, like all things coming from the press these days.
  10. Biden received 5 deferments for Asthma conditions and Trump received 4 for bone spurs. Biden played football and worked as a lifeguard in high school, despite his Asthma condition. These are details he included in his memoir, "Promises to Keep," per the Associated Press. So, are you OK with electing a draft dodger ?
  11. Kent State. The Inauguration will have more troops in DC, then in both theatres overseas.
  12. I set up a trail camera on the bait and a pop up blind (with a heater in the winter) not to far away. The first bait pile is the enticement and I don't hunt off it for the first few nights, as you want them to keep coming around. Check the trail cam after a few days and if your lucky, you can get some sort of time frame they visit. Then add more bait and sit there around those times. You scare them off to soon and they might never come back, no matter how hungry they are. Try to be as scent free as possible when adding bait.
  13. Our First Amendment rights are being trounced upon, even before Biden (The great Uniter) takes office, when do you think they'll start with the 2nd ? In NY, we've gotten use to living under the guise that we have second amendment rights, but the rest of the free states think their immune to what our carpet bag politicians have been putting us through. I think a big wake up call is coming to those free states.