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  1. This is a 1.5" piece of foil tape I use for sighting in my thermal scopes. That's 5 shots at 100 yards with the scope being removed between shots. I don't keep my scope mounted on the rifle while traveling and between hunts, so I need to know it'll hold a somewhat respectable zero.
  2. This is an example of how the rifle looks when disassembled. I did this between every three shot's taken.
  3. My only issue with the Impulse was it being very barrel heavy. I had the factory barrel spiral fluted and while it looked cool to me, it didn't reduce the weight as much as I wanted. The Carbon fiber barrel solved that issue, but it's a $700 barrel. The rifle and my wallet weigh less now. If it was just going to be used for hunting a couple of times a year, a cheaper thinner profile barrel would be my choice.
  4. If you use good QD scope mounts, the rifle holds zero after changing barrels. I swapped between .243 and .260 without much zero effect. Here's a pic of the 50 yard target after full disassembly of the rifle and scope with the factory .243 barrel. 3 shots, disassemble, assemble and three more shots. Last group was a hotter 38 grn load, as I just wanted to test them with the chrono. Although the three shot group was nice, there were pressure signs. The bull is 1-1/8" dia.
  5. Your dilusional if you think your going to counteract the monumental pollution that China is spewing out. It takes a lot of power to supply the world with everything they sell on Amazon, which is funding the power plants their building. Chinas Energy plant construction China is leading the world in new coal power plants, building more than three times as much new coal power capacity as all other countries in the world combined in 2020. It isn’t alone in its reliance on coal, however. China and four other countries, India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam, account for more than 80% of the coal power stations planned across the world, according to a June report by the think-tank Carbon Tracker.
  6. Don't forget their Ivy league entitlement education. Which is all BS anyway, as once they find out your an educated conservative, your automatically labeled a racist.
  7. I'll be training a friend and his crazy lab pup to hunt pheasant in the Am and after a pheasant or lab dinner, hunting Coyote in the PM. Abby isn't the only one that's stoked for Oct 1st.
  8. Sighted in and ready to go for Oct 1st. Sold the folding brass catcher because it weighed a ton and added the much lighter QD NCstar catcher. Also sold the XG and Rattler scopes, so I ordered and am waiting for the new AGM Adder TS35-384 scope to arrive for use as a backup scope that can also be mounted on the .20 cal rifle for use in restricted zones.
  9. Anything is crap when it go's outside of your indoctrinated liberal thought process. Hopefully you'll wake up before the medical politicians turn their backs on you when there might be an unorthodox treatment that could save you. People are alive today because they were given Ivermectin and I bet those people are glad their families tried to do something to save them, not just let them die.
  10. Are you lubing the cases before sizing ? Check the expander ball size before tightening the die down anymore. If the ball is to large in diameter, your not going to do anything but ruin cases by sizing them more. If you tighten it to much, your going to oversize the case and that'll cause excessive headspace and that's bad. You should also get a case gauge for the cartridge your loading, as that'll let you know if you've oversized the case or not, unless you have a rifle with a custom chamber. Since your getting better projo tension , load a dummy round and see if you can't pull it out after seating and if it'll chamber + extract in the rifle your loading for.
  11. I bet if we atomized Ivermectin and sprayed it into the atmosphere, it would end global warming and with such a large dispersal it would probably wipe out Covid too ! God save the King.
  12. Are you taking a sail boat overseas ? If not, your part of the problem or is it just that only the serfs need to suffer to curtail global warming ? Maybe your going to cash in some of those carbon credits that climate expert Greta gave you ? It's also amazing that you try to tell others what they believe and if somethings true or not by the amount of experts that agree with your thinking, but that's just the typical thought process of a leftist. Wear a life preserver and Have a safe trip.
  13. Start at 9:40 Sizing Die Adjustment
  14. You mean the modern world has never gone through a man made Pandemic before. All of the other nature produced pandemics didn't have the death rate of Covid19, because they weren't weaponized. The issue is that it didn't take long to figure out what worked and what didn't. Knowing that, the "Experts" still mandated their asinine ideas because of the power to control the populace. The layman Governors that didn't follow the experts educated guesses, but followed what was found to actually work had half the death rate of the Liberal run states and they also didn't shut down their states economy's either. Yet those Governors were chastised and called stupid from the bully pulpit of educated scholars hiding in their masks surrounded by toilet paper. We trusted some of the experts and they failed because they got politicized and used by the libs to do their bidding. If they were really experts they would've followed the lead of the states that were winning the fight against covid early on and adopted those methods to help their patients.
  15. According to this guy we should be in the middle of an Ice Age, but thankfully the Human race has stopped that. My wife and her friends hate the cold, so their all running their car's 24/7 and are buying everything off of amazon to support the billions of polluters to keep the planet warm. Milankovitch Cycles
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