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  1. While talking with a fellow night hunter earlier this week, we were going over the scopes/mono's we have/had and I decided to dig up the thermals I currently have at hand. I kept the AN/PAS and Specter because they have sentimental value and I know I couldn't get a 1/4 of what I paid for them anyway. Just got the Halo and it is an awesome scope, so it's going to be my Primary scope this fall and the XG is on the chopping block. TM15 is an amazing spotter, but am saving for a spotter with LRF capabilities. The Rattler and HD19A are my backups. I've bought and used a lot of different thermals over the last couple of decades and have always thought that It can't get any better, then brand X comes out with a new gizmo and my wallet gets a lot lighter. This lineup spans from 1990's top of the line 160 resolution, to 2022 top of the line 640 resolution scopes. Rear left to right; AN/PAS-19 (HHTI), Elcan Specter IR SP50B, AGM Rattler 25, Thermion XG50, NVision Halo X50 Front left to right; AGM TM15-384 , Pulsar Quantum HD19A
  2. Who was in control of Congress when prices started to drop and before prices went through the roof, Again ? You guessed it Chef, the GOP, Elections have consequences.
  3. We've been told that there was no election fraud in 2020, but the Dems are complaining about how stricter election oversight in key swing states is considered voter intimidation ? Yet when elections and voting results have had strict oversight, the Dems lose candidly in long time held districts. No correlation there, just some nutty conspiracy theories. Never Again. November is rolling around and it's going to be scary + funny watching the desperate measures the left will be trying to save their souls.
  4. Obviously you didn't have your spectacles on, because I said "our" numbers of hard headed individuals are dwindling, me included. I like this forum, I don't like the call for banning anyone, even the babies like you, who try to belittle with your childish rants. License sale numbers are up compared to other years in NY, but that had to do with covid. Now that the state is getting back to normal and most hunters have fled for greener pastures, it's going to go back to business as usual, meaning the state will take all of that money generated by license sales and give it to anti hunter groups and other departments in the state that have nothing to do with hunting or the outdoors. Like it or not, politics are entangled in every aspect of life, including hunting and to ignore that is downright ignorant.
  5. The Leftists in power played their Hand in 2020. They were so hungry for power and their hatred for Trump blinded them so much, they elected the dumbest politician in Gov't, because they thought that they could control him, even after Obama warned them, "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f... things up." Seeing that most Americans were upset with the electoral process, the electoral procedures were changed to stop the shenanigans that occurred in 2020 and wouldn't you know it, the Dems are suddenly losing seats that they've managed to hold for decades. Go figure.
  6. Yeah, Blame the political section for the lack of interest in the site, not the fact that NY sucks and no one but the idiots that are too hard headed to leave for better and freer pastures are the only one's here to hunt, and our numbers are dwindling down. After reading over the hunting threads on this site for five minutes, Why would any sane person travel here to hunt ? It's downright depressing. Banning people, show's any visitor that NY is full of a bunch of cry baby hunters that can't handle a little diversity. It's very simple, If I don't like a topic, I don't click on it. Someone could make a million selling camo baby diapers and snot rags on this site !
  7. To your parents, you learning to do the laundry was an affirmation that you could be trusted to do something and that they could teach you to do other things that required higher thinking and skill levels. Kids now a days want to start everything at the top tier pay scale, without doing the ground work in the trenches to get there. Maybe parents should let their kids be kids first, before they're sent to code school and become boring pasty skin nerds that get beat up by girl scouts ?
  8. 14 hours ago, BowmanMike said: Check the fbi report. the number of citizens with guns stopping a crime is 3%. Unarmed people stop more crimes. I was always told, don't bring and arm to a gunfight. Do you know why unarmed people stop crimes, because their not allowed to carry guns. The only reason anyone in their right mind would confront an armed person, is because they have no other choice.
  9. Stop making sense or you'll be red flagged !!!!!!!!!!! Eleven exclamation points added to show importance.
  10. Here's a timeline. Many mistakes occurred before and during the mayhem, and those mistakes were costly. Timeline
  11. Except for the General chit chat and deer hunting sections, the political section is a hot topic here, so maybe they are listening ?
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