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  1. I also took a walk in the woods this weekend and like you, saw a lot of deer sign and nothing to aim at. We scouted some new DEP and State land that we plan on deer hunting this year, so the walk was worth it, even though my brother twisted his knee pretty bad. I was so tired from hiking in the deep snow, I didn't even think about doing any predator hunting in spots where we saw a lot of fresh coyote tracks around a deer carcass. Next time, when the snow melts.
  2. When I hunt in the woods with a thermal, I spot with white hot and have the rifle scope set on black hot. You can focus a lot better using black hot in the woods after you've spotted the target, especially with snow on the ground and the clarity of the thermal scope you have. SJC
  3. Manuals are reloaders cook books. Manuals and word of mouth was all we had back in the day. If someone blew up a gun, you knew to drop down a few grains. The Google is your friend, but too much info can also be a hindrance. There are so many variables in the load process, manufacturers can only give the info with a use at your own risk understanding. Like all things in life, technological advancements have improved reloading components over time too. I remember when there was only a few powder and bullet manufacturers available. Now you have so many choices, it's just to much sometimes. SJC
  4. Over the years, powder manufacturers have changed their powder recipes, as some were very temp sensitive or burned really dirty. Now those same powder's either burn slower or faster and can't be used in some of the cartridges they were used in before. The OAL with any cartridge will effect it's CUP , so a more compact OAL will result in more pressure, hence the lower powder charge for the shorter cartridge OAL. Always be on the safe side and start low and work your way up. If you don't have a chronograph, get one. It's good to follow books, but a chronograph will let you know whats what and let you dial in a load. Also remember that if your loading on the max side in the colder months, you'll be above max during the warmer months and vice versa. Speed is nice, but an accurate mild load will be easier on your brass and weapons. Good luck, SJC
  5. It's too bad that your first foray into night vision was with an ATN product. I was hoping your scope would be an anomaly, but ATN's track record has been worse than a crap shoot. Hopefully you'll try again at a later date, with a NV scope that has a better track record. I have four friends with Wraith scopes and all of them are killing animals. Practice makes perfect and they all have put hours in shooting their rifles at night to mitigate their misses. Now go out there and put that Nikon to use. SJC
  6. Night or day, no matter what the outcome, It's good to get the younger generation out in the woods and into some action. Your spoiling them using a thermal, but maybe that'll get them out another time with you.
  7. It's frustrating, but the only way to know, is to use it. Try to replicate what you did to make it freeze up. If it happens again, your going to have to send it in for replacement. Most have had no problems with the replacement. I read that the first gen 4K scopes had an issue holding zero, but not with the newer units and not with the newest firmware loaded. I've been there and am going through it again, but with a thermal scope not holding zero. Shit happens, even with expensive scopes. Hopefully your issues have been resolved and you get the wile e coyote. SJC
  8. That looks like a great idea, but with the amount of anti's in this state, half the hunters would be brought up on trespassing charges and or issued tickets for harassing wildlife. We get our fair share on deer drives, but no more than 1/2 a dozen per year. We've been hunting the same area for over 30 years and have been seeing and hearing more coyote than ever.
  9. I was hoping you ATN scope would be one of the 5% that wasn't screwed up. Make sure it has the most current firmware. If not, follow the instructions and from what I've read, it should fix your scope. I've Been there and accidentally ran over my ATN thermal. I wasn't so lucky to have been able to run over the X sight at the same time. How has your friends Wraith been holding up ? SJC
  10. It has a USB-c port that'll charge it, as well as use for aux power. SJC
  11. Don't forget AAA batteries for the remote. Cold sucks the life out of everything. Good luck. SJC
  12. I was hoping you'd get to shoot a coyote with your new scope, but it's also good your getting familiarized with it, so there will be no hesitation when the time comes to pull the trigger. It's amazing to see the animals you were probably missing, compared to hunting with the light. I had one day to get out afield during the cold spell and missed a shot at a nice sized dog that was hitting a bait pile. 100 yards, so it seemed like a done deal. Ends up my thermal is having some POI temp issues that I never noticed because I haven't taken a shot past 50 yards in a long time and haven't been out in the real cold too. I checked zero the next day and found it was almost a foot high and to the right, yet my recorded X/Y zero numbers never changed. I checked my mounts and found no issues. Looked Online and found that the scopes have been having POI temp issues, so i followed some other users instructions for testing it and found my scope was defective. Sent it back for an eval and hopefully like for you, a new scope will be in the cards for me in 2020. I just can't trust it anymore. Don't forget that your scopes are also good for the daylight too and you could spend some time at the range getting some trigger time, comparing daytime and nighttime performance. SJC
  13. According to King Cuomo, Only killers use suppressors and yet his State Police force and other NYS police agencies use them. It's good to be king.
  14. I was also going to say was this just a ball busting and I'm late to the party, Sorry. SJC
  15. It's great that you've taken another hunter out in the field, but Please elaborate on this post ? You might've been ready, but it reads like he wasn't ready, or am I reading this post wrong ? I've been lucky to have been able to predator hunt all over the US for the last 40 years and have made plenty of mistakes along the way, so LOL away. And yes, I've been there. More than once. I've hiked into stands and when I set up, I found that I had no ammo, batteries, call's or caller or one night I left my young nephew crying (who had no flashlight) that stopped to tie his boots while I was fixated on stalking a dog. Two years ago, I accidentally ran over a $4,000 thermal scope with the ranger. That's something to LOL about. SJC