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  1. I just bought a rhino 75 off Egads for $60 shipped. The lightest blind out there and perfect for quick set ups, plus it's pretty well built. The fist thing I do is take out the shoot through screens and spray it down with scent and UV killer. I'd advise you to use some type of tripod for holding your type of weapon above the bottom of the window, as it sucks when you try to rest the weapon on top of the window and make all sorts of noise. You'll need to clear out all the debris from inside the blind after you set it up and before you open the windows, to minimize the noise. Some type of folding chair and a seat cushion, plus bring some type of dark jacket + face covering, so you can match the inside dark color of the blind. Your face will stick out like a sore thumb otherwise. Remember to make sure the windows behind you and to any area you don't plan to shoot are up, as you'll be seen plain as day moving around inside and you might as well not even use the blind. I usually zip up those windows till it's just a slit, and leave it so I can just pull it down with a finger to check out things if needed.
  2. Welcome to the new world of hunting. Better late than never. Fortunately, there's plenty of state land around open for bow hunting in lower NY state. Unfortunately, most of that land is crawling with lyme infested tics and diseased deer now. Harvesting game is only one aspect of hunting , you also need to have a plan with what your going to do with your kill afterwards ? Gutting, dragging and transporting a deer to a processor or home is mostly overlooked when contemplating deer hunting. Hopefully you can find a mentor to guide you, but if you have any questions, I'm available. SJC
  3. Obviously, Mr Kelly doesn't know any Liberal politicians ? Can you also remind Mr Biden that he's running for president and it's 2020, AGAIN ? What a shame that the party of "bold new ideas", has a sick geezer as it's candidate. At least he'll get the help he needs after he scurries back to his basement on the 4th, but who am I kidding, as the libs will let him rot, like they do with anyone they suck dry for their political gain.
  4. Well, did you sell a body part and buy a thermal spotter ?
  5. Shoots100


    Buy another trail camera and a POS sacrificial/broken camera for bait and use this mount for the good camera. I had almost the same issue with a neighbor on my land upstate and a picture is worth a thousand words. I borrowed one of my brothers satellite cameras and knew exactly when the other camera was screwed with and had all of the photos on my phone, incase the main camera was detected and taken too. Some people just don't abide by the rules and you tried to do the right thing.
  6. That's why I go right to the 35 Gunner after bow season ends. One nice feature about the Pulsars, is their ability to have it sighted in for a couple of rifle profiles. I have a QD mount and mine is set up for the 35 G, 9mm PCP and the 20 Prac. I use a 34 grn HP nosler in my 20 practical and keep my shots within 200 yards. I've pushed it further, but like you, I don't like wounding animals, even a coyote.
  7. Excellent hunting. The .204 has it's limitations, one being lost prey when not hit perfectly. Nature of the little beast, but I'll bet it died later on.
  8. Thanks. It's funny, it was headed to the right side and when I switched from my spotter to the scope, I lost it and then found it had cut back to the left down a trail we cut with the brush hog. Thermal has it's limitations, but as you know, it has many advantages and I feel like I'm hunting blind when I only go out with night vision, even Gen 3 NV. I did introduce one of my brothers to the joy of driving at night with the PVS7's in his new Tracker EV. I had to make sure it was packed away in my bag before heading home !
  9. Had one come in and it hightailed outa dodge across the far field. I noticed this one coming through the tall grass and the 35 grn HP dropped it like a hot potato at 75 yards. Had a one more come in the next evening, but couldn't get a shot because of the leaf cover. A very lucky dog. I was hunting out of a ladder stand because the grass is so high in that area.
  10. Like us, predators want to stay dry and have every condition in their favor, unless their starving. I've never had good luck hunting in crappy weather, but have had great success after the crappy weather had passed and calmed down. Coyote are very wind conscience and don't like it when they can't get downwind of their prey.
  11. Your retorts are better than Bidens, maybe you can step in as his newest speech writer ?
  12. I'm sorry, I forgot that the constitution is considered "Just a Piece of Paper" to most Democrats.
  13. Say's the person who claims their Pro American ? The founding father's fled Europe because they were living under the same "Ethos" the Dems are trying to impose on the American public today, so I can't see how you claim your Pro American, unless your following ANTIFA's delusional version of America ?
  14. Biden was the first to jump the shark, not Trump, but those rose colored glasses have really clouded your vision. It was Trump debating Wallace most of the time, as Biden stood there looking as pale as a ghost. As was stated before, Trump is going to Crush Biden, and this will be very evident after the second debate, as Biden will be thoroughly flogged with the skeletons that he's been trying to keep hidden. They can only drug Biden so much and we'll be lucky to see him come out of his basement until the next debate.