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  1. I'm glad your friend is doing better and hope he makes a full recovery. Why don't I get the Jab ? I've had covid and am told by the experts that I have anti bodies that are stronger and longer lasting than any jab being made. It would also be my luck that I would be one of the.0019% that would have a severe issue with the Jab and die. "Since December 2020, more than 350 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in the U.S., and VAERS has received 6,968 reports of death (0.0019%), according to the CDC. (Numbers as of Aug. 26, 2021.)" I also know several vaxxed friends that have severe health issues after taking the jab and all of them said they would've never taken the jab if they knew it had such adverse side effects. Side effects that weren't known, because it wasn't tested long term before being administered. Like you, I watch what I put into my body and would rather suffer another bout of covid, before injecting something that may have side effects that I may never be able to recover from. Both Big Pharma and the Gov't have no liability either, and that's a big red flag I can't overlook.
  2. Exactly, but I'm not mandating you to not take the vaccine for the common good. My cousin is vaxxed, with booster and still got covid. Don't know how he got it, as he's been very cautious because he has a heart condition. He feels + looks like death, but hopefully now he'll have natural antibodies to help fight the Rona, if he lives. Docs are putting him on some type of drug cocktail that has a drug in it that rhymes with pectin and we'll see if his condition improves. I hope your friend gets well soon.
  3. Why are you wasting your time trying to educate the super educated experts here ? We were all hero's when we were needed, but fools now, because we don't believe in "their" version of science, even when their version is proven to be wrong and their caught contradicting themselves, because they don't know what their saying as their just regurgitating what their masters are telling them. They want it both ways, because in their limited brains, it's for the common good.
  4. I think we have multiple Hunting section's on this forum, that many who post here, also post in. I would go hunting, but I need to work for the Common Good !
  5. Turmoil or Subversion ? Trump was being impeached before he came into office, on what we now know was based on total lies from the top gov't agencies and courts, yet he still managed to get the job done in spite of that. Then came Covid and it was too good of an opportunity for the Dem progressive socialists to not manipulate into a weapon against Trump. The rest is history, that future generations will be paying for the rest of their lives. Lets Go Brandon !!!!!!!
  6. They don't need evidence, as it's for the Common good ! The common good trumps science and all other forms of rational thinking. Now, roll up your sleeve and get in line.
  7. So your going to work, potentially exposing others to covid, because a large percentage of Vaxxed slaves are asymptomatic carriers of covid. I assume your getting regularly tested for covid ? You could be exposing patients and not even know it, but I'm assuming you already knew that. Besides Joe Biden shipping tens of thousands of possible covid positive illegal immigrants around the country, the "I'm vaxxed, so I'm free" attitude of Asymptomatic vaxxed carriers of covid is probably the biggest cause of covid outbreaks. You'll never find that data though, because it doesn't fit the narrative. Hopefully we'll get some more data on the Mu variant that's spreading across Europe, as I hear from friends serving overseas, the Jabs aren't having a great effect on it. BMM, Common good ? Until Trump was out of office, the Dems were touting the Vaccine was laughable and many touted publicly (VP Harris) that they wouldn't take the jab. The Jab is just another useful tool, nothing more.
  8. I didn't try, I posted a response. This coming from someone that was told put a "Vaccine" into their body, from a President that can't even put a sentence together ?????? Roll up your sleeve slave, it's time for your monthly Covid jab and don't forget to wear the double mask produced by Fauci's mask company. Their laughing all the way to the bank, sipping margaritas on their yachts, while your masked up hiding in your basement.
  9. That's one of the problem's with using a red light, as something could've come in, but you never saw it. With bow season in full swing, it's likely they found a gut pile, road kill or another food source and aren't looking for a meal in your area. Give them a day or two and they'll be back.
  10. If it's easy to take the breech plug out, remove it and start fresh. Make sure the flash hole is clear before reinstalling the breech plug. Safety first.
  11. So the person here that's been bad mouthing the orange man, is the one most benefiting from his policies ? The true example of the typical liberal hypocrite. What you actually chase and gobble, is part of the orange man, as a way to thank him for your riches. Gobble Gobble it up.
  12. Their dream, any sane persons nightmare. They can spew out any type of claim they want, but there's no way it's going to be all electric in our lifetime, as the elctric grid is overworked as it is and adding more of a drain on it will shut it down. Solar can only go so far and all other so called "green" energy is to costly to produce. Since large animals are being deemed "carbon" emitters from the eco leftists, pedal powered travel seems to be the only option, but then again, the exertion when pedaling emits more carbon into the atmosphere too ! Send in Fauci !!!!!!
  13. If we appoint Fauchi and the Communist Chinese in charge of population control, the population will decrease enough so we can still drive dinosaur powered vehicles in 2035 !
  14. Still to warm down here. The woodcock are still upstate. I had them flying all around me at night, while I was sitting in an open field doing over watch on a cow herd last weekend. With the thermal, It's fun to watch them fly up into the sky, then come sailing down, almost landing on top of me. Abbey is looking good though.
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