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  1. Two more down. These mice were always hanging out in no shoot spots, so I decided to use nature against nature and strategically placed some pieces of watermelon in those areas so the raccoons would do what they do best and scare them into shoot zones. It worked like a charm.
  2. That's the $2,500 AGM Adder TS35-384 thermal I use as a backup. My primary scope is the Nvis Halo X50, but it's a longer range scope that sucks for close range work, as you can see in this pic I took of the same spot I dropped the Mus with the Adder. There's a plethora of shorter range thermal scopes available for the hunter looking to get into the sport for under $2K. SJC
  3. The Cat strikes again. This time there's no doubt about it.
  4. Have to do some late job's tonight (5/24), so I decided to stay up late and do some hunting around the house. Spotted this Mus perusing the grapevines between the houses. It started out in a no shoot zone and then after it got tired of torturing me, it wandered behind the neighbors shed. Hunting and trying to shoot Mus with a pellet rifle at night will teach you patience. SJC
  5. Three of my buddies connected in Delaware county and my handicapped friend came real close Monday AM, but the weather screwed us up big time. Going to be taking him out again this weekend for another try, as the weather is supposed to be beautiful and the word Quit isn't in his vocabulary. Good luck to all.
  6. Otters are very susceptible to lead poisoning and I hear there's a lot of lead in your area of the state, so maybe it'll die of lead poisoning before it cleans your pond out. It could happen ! SJC
  7. Cat and Mus. Last night on perimeter watch I had this mouse that really pushed it. Wouldn't stop for a shot and when it did, I found that I didn't tighten the tank all the way in and the resounding click was all that happened when I pulled the trigger. After the click, that freaking mouse ran towards me and under the deck. I went inside and cleared the rifle and made sure it was working. Went out and found it lurking under the deck with the thermal spotter, not giving me a shot for about 10 minutes until I heard it scurrying under the ladder, trying to flank me. Bad move for the mouse, as I was dialed in and I dropped it before it charged. Another mouse bites the dust. https://youtu.be/XOyoi4MGWZI
  8. As noted in Airedales air gun post earlier this month, After varmint season ended I mounted my backup Adder scope on my "Black Cat" Fusion2 PcP converted .177 air rifle to do some genus Mus eradication around the homestead after seeing some running around while testing thermals earlier in the year. I found an old jar of almond butter in the cabinet and made a couple of bait piles to view from my deck. It didn't take long to put the Cat to work. Mus 1 Mus 2 And a confirmation pic of Mus 2
  9. I too have been using pump, spring, Co2 and PCP pistols & rifles in all sorts of calibers since I was a wee lad too. I've been using a 9mm PCP for hunting critters/varmints for awhile and updated my smaller pest control line up last summer with a Umarex Fusion2 .177 rifle, using converted 90g CO2 cartridges that I can charge with air. It has an awesome trigger, 50 consistent shots per cartridge, awesome accuracy with RWS + cheaper pellets, have had no issue with pellets feeding from both magazines and it's backyard quiet. Only issue I have with it, it's not left handed, but being it's so light I can cycle the bolt with no problems while supporting it with my left hand. There's a big accuracy consistency using compressed air compared to Co2 and saving money by not having to buy Co2 cartridges is a big plus too. After the coyote season ended, I mounted and sighted in my Adder thermal scope on the Fusion2 and it's ready for those pesky Vermin day or night. Yes, I mounted a $2,500 thermal scope on a $130 rifle ! I've been using the air force hand pump if I don't have access to my friends compressor and have been looking into getting a small 12v/110v compressor like you have for awhile. How do you like the compressor Airedale ? Home Depot has a couple of small compressors for sale now and I'll probably go that route for ease of replacement if anything goes wrong. Your thread just might get me to finally order it ! SJC
  10. Isn't Kathy Hochul the current NY Governor ? You claim your wife made her decision not to vote for Zeldin or vote at all based on the obvious lies about Zeldin's stance on Roe vs Wade that were paid for by the Democratic party and Kathy, the sole beneficiary of those lies.
  11. Take her to a vet, as it could be a myriad of possibilities causing the issue. If your vet confirms that it's another UTI, there are food/drink supplements to give your dog to help curtail the UTI from happening again. Some dogs are prone to infections. Good luck.
  12. Plenty of intelligent people were fooled by the lefts propaganda machine pulling on the feminine heart strings. Hochul was betting on that and won because of it.
  13. The Dems were lying about the abortion issue to get votes, as it wasn't being overturned at all by the GOP. Your wife was misinformed and that's what Dems do best, as they have nothing to run on, which is evident in the way the country is up a creek without a paddle now.
  14. I forgot to add and assumed that others would know that the parent case of the 20-250 is the 22-250. It's necked down in two stages. I've had good accuracy with first fully sized cases compared to fire formed cases. The bull barrel is 26"s long, has a 1-9 twist and is chambered for the long 55 gr Berger BTHP projo. The rifle weighs a ton, but that'll be addressed in the off season. The 55 gr is designed for long range shooting, not meant for the sub 100 yard shots I'm using it for. The first dog I heart shot at 75 yards dropped like a rock, with pass through. The dog I shot at 20 yards I hit in the shoulder and blew it's leg and chest to pieces, without pass through. I've had very good luck with the 40 gr V max in the 20 practical, but it won't hold up to the velocity potential of the 20-250, so I bought some tougher constructed 40 gr Nosler Ballistic tips that I'm told can be pushed to at least 4,500 fps. I'm happy with the 55's and have 500 of them, so I'll stick with them and mess with the 40's too. Hopefully I'll get to test it out past 200 yards on some chucks this summer.
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