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  1. anyhow its been an entertaining friday boys. I'm off to be with my family. Maybe watch a movie, drink some wine and shag the wife. I have a busy weekend coaching basketball and enjoying my family some more. Go Bills! Will probably get to the farm and do some work and tree cutting if time allows. I'll be on the road the next 3 weeks for work. Next week is Ontario, Quebec City and then Montreal, that should be fun, and I'll say Hi to Justin for you all. Then Atlanta back to back. I'll say hi to Rafael for you all there too, maybe even stacy if she's out of hiding. So anyhow I can't go back and forth and tit for tat on this for a while and to be honest I think all that needed to be said was said. toodles and stay safe yall
  2. you can find every single post and topic made by any user by clicking on their profile picture. Nothing can be deleted or edited past a given window. It's all there man. You have never heard the term trumper? Come on really? Anyhow I voted for him 16 with great pride. In 20 I voted for the lessor of 2 evils with him. But moving forward I feel like he is a threat to the party and I'm honestly worried that if an when he gets defeated in the primaries that he will run independent and ruin any chance at all that republican's have. A trumper is a few of you hear that won't even respond to some of the things he's said and done or put an unbelievably silly spin on it. It's not any different than a lib who will vote without question and knowledge but just blind loyalty. People change, it's ok to move on past him and still credit him for what he did. The poll that I doubt you bothered to read that I posted above says just that and so does the foxnews article about his "tweet".
  3. bro my truck costs more than your trailer and I'm under 40. care to post a pic of your crossbow next to a big buck?
  4. Can you elaborate and back this up? Show 1 thing I have ever posted in 12 years and 15k posts that was anything contrary to my claimed political views. You know there is a process called the primary right? This process is when you vote for a candidate vs other candidates of the same party. Does me picking one republican over another no longer make me republican? In 2024 when I vote for DeSantis as my candidate of choice over Trump am I no longer republican? drooling with jealousy my mulleted man. The fact that you can't see I'm trolling you is pretty funny. You eat up the bait like a fat kid eats cake. I have a wonderful life and no reason to be jealous of you, I just like f'ing with you when I'm bored.
  5. Because I'm such an idiot. Just say it again. What do you think about his comments about the constitution? What is an "overpriced sport"? That's the definition you give to a product. The ticket sales and memorabilia and tv rights dictate how much the players get paid. That is supply and demand or reganomics. I actually didn't get my dick spanked (whatever that is, is that something guys with mullets do?). I just can't stand Bill. He annoys the piss out of me so I decided I'd take a break. Now I'm back here to ruffle your jizz collecting feathers. sure looks like a whole lot of people who don't care below. Not to mention the countless thin blue line flags, lights and stickers you see out and about. because i don't follow trump, I'm not a republican? lmao. https://www.axios.com/2022/12/15/trump-republican-favorability-polls Trump's favorability among Republicans dropped from 75% in October to 64% in December — below the 70% threshold generally viewed as a Mendoza line for support within a candidate's own party. I swear half you idiots just spew your thoughts with zero research. why does nobody on the last few pages cite a single source or fact when talking shit? yawn no. I'm mad because instead of gaining the house and senate during a time of extreme inflation, civil unrest and war, we still couldn't get enough votes because of this fractured extreme right bs that divides us. Look at the dems. It's not just Trumps fault. Other than DeSantis we have no real leadership unifying the party. We put up a tv news personality in a state he didn't even live in and a half retarded ex-football player in a quickly turning purple state (where the republican governor was re-elected easily). How can you sit there and see a divided party fail to elect a speaker and think this is all positive? The alternative is we keep losing and losing. yawn. I didn't say anything that wasn't true. That's what the guy does. He won't dispute it.
  6. and by whatever it takes to get through this tough world, you mean buying a $3k illegal crossbow instead of one that costs under a grand? got it
  7. you skipped 1. 2 things can be true. I always see an outpouring of support for police who lose their lives in service, and the same compassion for a person who almost died on the field playing a sport that millions love. Just because you're not a fan doesn't mean you have to be an insufferable prick about it. No comment on the salary? Your poor spelling, punctuation, grammar and incoherent ramblings are pretty pot calling the kettle black when you refer to others as complete idiots by the way. Just a friendly observation there. Don't you have some jizz to collect? Bring a tissue incase any gets on your face.
  8. Boeberts crazy hot ass barely won anything and she's looney toons, only maybe 3rd to Marjory and the pedo from florida. You can "stand up" all you want, but they're not getting another candidate in, so now they're like the kid at recess who somehow got the basketball and has a right to have the basketball but wont play with the 9 other kids who want to play a game and is just dribbling it in the corner to piss people off. What's the goal? F'n flordia pedo voted trump for god's sakes.
  9. I'm anti crossbow, so I have no idea why these laws are in place. As far as I'm concerned they shouldn't have ever been allowed in the first place. Why don't we ask the NYCC? they haven't posted on here in years after failed after failed attempt.
  10. man that's a rambling nonsensical rant if I've ever seen one. Let me see if I get it though. 1. No comment on his post still. Got it. 2. How were the american people shafted or screwed? Are you in the election fraud camp? 3. What does Damar Hamlin have to do with any of this? His salary (under a million btw) is the result of supply and demand. This is a conservative staple btw, get what you pay for. Would you instead want to raise taxes so that police officers also make millions? I remember the entire city of NY shutting down for a funeral of slain police officers, so I'm not sure what this has anything to do with the topic of the constitution or what even your argument it is. 4. The crossbow thread was about deer hunting. Vermin? What are you talking about here? 5. Finally, I would agree with you on the dems. You might be forgetting that I'm a republican. I'm just not a trumper and it appears neither is most of america anymore.
  11. there's a good source. justthenews.com and a tweet from dc draino. must be true lol
  12. I mean you can interpret that however you want. But that's exactly what big tech wants to do with the 1st and the left wants to do with the 2nd. You can't just pick and choose parts of the f'n constitution that get to be overturned because you lost the game my dude. He's still throwing a temper tantrum. All the candidates he supported lost or barely won. There was no red wave, we didn't even get the senate and his cronies are now embarrassing the party by not certifying a speaker. The dems are just laughing at it all as I would too if I were them.
  13. That's what I used to think too. My old man still feels that way. But at some point when you're running for ruler of the free world, you cannot discount that what you say also matters. what? I posted his exact words from his social media site. It's not a misquote or a headline, it's all right there man.
  14. come on man, you want to purposfully blind yourself? Here's his post exactly from truth social. The fox news article I linked above does a great job of dissecting this. They even mention how the average person sees the source and headline and just passes it off as liberal spin. So no spin needed, here it is. Defend it please. "So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!"
  15. 100% agree that his time in power was a great time for this country. But the dude also went off the rails when he lost. Does he have every right to be upset at how the media treated him? 100%. Should he probably have tried to restrain himself more with his tweets? Hell yes, but I get it. When you're attacked you fight back and I respected that. I hate to give it to the dems, but they did a good job of destroying that man and most of it was borderline unethical. That said, he has completely gone insane over the last few years and it'd take a blind man not to see that. Getting rid of the constitution? At what point are you not only not a republican anymore, but just not even american?
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