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  1. almost 10 years and averages 2 to 3 deer a year. worth every penny. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012KJBR0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
  2. I'm surprised at how many of you don't have a scale. It's not a huge investment and nice for record keeping and just generally scratching the curiosity itch. Even if it's not science grade accurate, it'll get you close. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08669YYV7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Congrats to those who shot nice deer!
  3. is this a place where one can shoot 2 bucks in one season or by neighbor do you mean 2 or more hunters on 1 property?
  4. There's a funny meme where someone put a photoshopped 16 gun safe in their pickup cab. But yeah I think I saw somewhere where they sort of backpeddled and said hard sided. At the end of the day no matter the law your gun should probably be out of site anyhow and if it's out of site you should be ok. This gets more challenging at a gas station or check point if you've clearly been out or are going out hunting during deer season. But if you're IN your truck, as others have noted you're fine. Honestly the only gotcha here is the restaurant or gas station and you guys really need to stop eating and fueling up in your hunting clothes anyhow haha.
  5. is your buddy one of those walleye tournament guys by any chance? haha congrats to him, that's a lot of great meat!
  6. I've also found that guessed weight depends on how you drag them out. The harder the drag, the more you predict they will weigh haha.
  7. 15' or 15 yards? That's a great buck. Love hearing your hunting stories.
  8. nowhere near 150. That would be a big nanny doe, she looks mature but i agree around 130 or less.
  9. I have to admit, it takes a special kind if you can get grampy fired up.
  10. thanks for confirming you were who I thought you were and then not being man enough to admit it. chef said he would hand cash at the gate, just not to you or the owner, but a 3rd party. The ball is still in your court bud. If you like it so much here why'd you create an account over there? Finally, I don't necessarily think anyone anymore is trying to get anyone to go anywhere. But if buckmaster or other members want that info, providing it privately is different than whispering "hey candy over here, come join us". Good luck during your gun season. It's still amazing to me that you and I got along for a good 10 years. I never once attacked your business or your hunting like many others did. Then at the slightest mention of CWD you go ballistic with your science denying, antlers rule the world borderline personal attacks and we're all the sudden enemies. That's sad man, really it is. I think we've both said all we need to and again, good luck in letchworth this weekend.
  11. If you think that was a blow up, you live a sheltered life. I responded to you because the overwhelming majority who left are overwhelmingly happy we don't see hunting and fishing cluttered up with politics. You have this space here to post all the youtube conspiracy videos and misspelled incoherent thoughts here. Why would you feel the need to bring it there? Honest question.
  12. sorry i shouldn't have worded it that way. Just responding to the fact that we're all free american's. You and I are on the same page with regards to advertising.
  13. lol like who? You can't even make a new account. There hasn't been a new member since like February lol.
  14. nobody is forcing anyone to go anywhere. you can do what you want with the info you get sent in a pm. We're all adults right?
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