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  1. I run a small outdoor store where we have American made product sitting right next to Chinese made product (primarily kayaks). As an example the American made kayak costs $800 and the Chinese made product cost $500. The Chinese product is built just as well as the American product and outsells the American boats all day long. It costs more to produce product in the US and American consumers don't care where it's made as long as it's less expensive. If I just carried American made product I'd be out of business...
  2. Definitely not possible. Unfortunately working in the outdoor industry is a lifestyle choice. Not a career choice...
  3. Yup. Lewis County resident.
  4. sampotter- Between Long Lake and Tupper Lake
  5. You're only over in Pulaski. It could be a weekend gig... Please apologize to your wife in advance for me.
  6. Looking for work in the outdoors? We're looking for someone who loves the outdoors and has a fishing addiction to train as a guide/kayak guide/retail associate in our Adirondack location. The only pre-requisites are that you love to fish and have experience fly-fishing and spin fishing for bass and trout. Everything else we can teach. For more information e-mail,
  7. Can't be 100% sure from the pic but it is more than likely. I guide in the Adks on private property. We have a healthy moose population and all of the moose rubs/scrapes are up about 6'. Don't usually see them go down that close to the ground though...
  8. Very interesting comments... As a guide I know what goes into a hunt long before the hunters arrive. It's not just what they do once you arrive. In my case, I guide in the Adirondacks but live about 2 hrs from the property. Starting in May I am there at least once if not twice a week scouting, putting out trail cams, liming and planting food plots. Tree stands, ground blinds, fuel and time all cost money. I know how many clients have to be booked in order to break even. Tips are the only real profit for most outfitters. I know that most of you guys are in a much better mood when you kill something. Hence the tips tend to be better. But the guide really doesn't work any harder when your successful (except for game care) than when you're not successful.
  9. Sorry didn't get an e-mail when you responded. The bow is in Old Forge.
  10. Check out Tug Hill for archery season.
  11. PSE Deer Hunter - 28" Draw - 60-70lb Has quiver, sight, plunger rest (with spare springs), peep site, release, spare plunger or prong rest, spare sight pins, spare lighted pin, 7 Muzzy broadheads, 5 Spitfire mechanical broadheads, 3 Satellite broadheads and 13 XX75 2314 arrows (with field points). Ready to shoot! $125 OBO - Will consider trades. Located about 60 miles north of Utica.
  12. Reflex Excursion - 27-30" length - 60-70lbs Includes quiver, fiber optic sight, prong style rest and whisker biscuit, peep, release, 10 - 2213 XX75 arrows (with field points), 4 Carbon Express Eliminator arrows, 5 Muzzy broadheads and 2 misc broadheads. $250 OBO - Will consider trades. Located about 60 miles north of Utica.
  13. Each year I have pics of calves also. I think hunting them is a political can of worms... But we do have quite a few on this property.
  14. Some Adk pics. Small moose but cool to see...
  15. Yeah, they aren't looking that good right now...