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  1. 5 pounds of Landjaeger and 3.5 pounds of Mango jalapeño Y Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a pair of Columbia Bugaboos for my light early season. Wicked comphy and waterproof without any care. My heavier set are Danner and I’d say they are really good, not great. They take some care to keep em waterproof and the leather beats up. I try to support USA made. Sick of China shit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Deer it’s what’s for dinner! So good. Freezer getting cleared out. I just mixed up 5 pounds of ground for landjaeger jerky and 3.5 pounds for mango habanero jerky will put that in the dehydrated in the morn.
  4. 412 is a big ole bear, and that white crescent is awesome, congratz!!
  5. I'm trying to figure if I can adapt this https://www.sitkagear.com/products/mountain-hauler-6200-shoulder-yoke/optifade-subalpine to the LW
  6. I was not impressed on how they recommended packing it. Its sloppy and noisy. I've already planned on improving that.I think the seat comfort has a lot to do with setting it perfectly.
  7. Just got my new Wide Sit and Climb on the front porch today. Excited to get it in the back yard this weekend. Get it set up and make some mods to it.
  8. I've only had the neighbors dog on cam once over the summer. After I chatted with him its been better. Only a random yote as well maybe once a week or so. Have foxes every day almost. With that many fox sightings it pretty evident the yotes aren't hitting the area hard.
  9. Thanks, I thought it was a cool pic too. A perfect frame lol. That is an old stand I put up close to 20 years ago. Shot a few deer out of it.
  10. Great idea, I just tossed a couple of junk cams. I should have saved for bait!
  11. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk