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  1. Agree, I use turnips as well. Looks fantastic.
  2. Prayers First-light. We got my mom back from FL a week or so ago. Trying to get them to understand quarantine oh my. They think they will be free to do whatever in another week since they been inside for 14 days.... Got them some more groceries yesterday. None of us have been near them. We dropped groceries in the garage fridge. My wife went as I am sick and waved through the window.
  3. Found On Respirator Dead Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I am fine with patients coming upstate. As long as they are not Democrats!!! lol I had too..................
  5. Freakin lawyers and their 2 hour lunches lol!! JK, nice looking rig!
  6. Pretty sure that was Trump, all Congress, all the Senate.....couldn't Which is an aberration for all of them. There should never be anything tacked onto any Bill. It is crooked and always has been.
  7. Just because i'm adventurous it goes on whichever way. Never much cared and I am adept enough to figure out how to get paper off either way. And I think it really miffs others and that amuses me lol.
  8. Cuomo is a flipping tool. Always has been always will be. EVERY POLITICIAN in this country should be dragged out in the streets and shot after this. Bunch of self serving clowns.
  9. Wrong again but you seem to be on that streak.......... ignored.. Sorry to derail the OP and suggest Cb to start a separate post on why he thinks we should post dick picks on the forum for him. Later......
  10. Lol whatever. Since you like big black PP pics stare at it all you want. And if you read the content rules you might sound more educated than the idiot this post made you sound like.
  11. Can we stop with the photos that should not be on this site. It would suck not being able to hop onsite from work computer anymore because someone can’t follow site content rules. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. So basically you weren't there for necessities either.....?
  13. My daughter drove by grandmas and stopped to wave back and forth through the window as we are keeping them away from the grandparents who are high risk. I have worked from home for years so same old same old. Actually I’ve had some of our locations on OT all weekend to get up inventories as we are essential as long as I have enough healthy employees to keep going. Had cough and head stuff for a week but feeling better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk