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  1. Very nice job on the mount. It looks great.
  2. So my reading comprehension is failing. So do we each get 1 - 12 pt. raffle ticket, 45 - Banner raffle tickets and 3 - $200 level raffle tickets or do we each get 1 - pt. raffle ticket each and all the other is split between all of us?
  3. Those are beautiful fish, well done!
  4. Fletch


    A Burlington and a Foam while grilling venison steaks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. GME, BB go like brrrrrr weeeeeeee wish I had put some in clov
  6. Lordy that first one is a pig, do you know what he dressed at or scored? Losing spots sucks but hunting public will A. make you a better hunter or B. make you find more private spots lol
  7. We had them real bad here about 10 years ago. They just stripped the trees. There were so many the ground looked like it was moving. We had them pretty bad the next year too and then hardly get many at all since. They did kill a couple trees. Stripping em once usually won't kill the tree but more can. I use to cut out and burn every nest I could reach back then.
  8. Bass fillets with sautéed almonds and Broccoli Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. True, I was paying like $11 a box of $50. I would feel like a lottery winner getting a box now for $20 lol!
  10. I think it is already improving. Sportsman's warehouse was selling 1000 round 9mm for 59 cents a round. Beats the 70-100 per
  11. So just asking for a friend.... So if said long guns were purchased prior to Safe Act and if said guns were sold today say standing on PA soil would any of the stupid FFL crap be needed? Just hate seeing the gubbernment getting more info on all of us......
  12. Go GME and BB!! to the moon!
  13. Fletch


    They did not have any of there usual Wham Whams which I like a lot, they had a Wham banana which I avoided. Neither site had that colab. I'm not sure Id like my stout with a fruit sour. Id try it though!!
  14. Stuffed veni loin and grilled shramp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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