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  1. I can't take credit for being anything special of a hunter but I demand to get credit for starting this thread on it's fantastic derailment........
  2. Who? And trailer for what? Man keep the thread on track please!!
  3. Cynthia you may be having a rough patch of luck but it is a testament to you that a bunch of other hunters can say you gave them a bunch of good luck this season! I hope you get some woods time and maybe even a crack at a nice deer! Thoughts and prayers....
  4. While I am highly jealous of some of those WNY guys props like WNY and Moog I am calling dibs on Hornhunter's lol. That man has seen like 34,897 deer this season!!
  5. I was wondering if anyone new if he is ok? Weird for him not to be on in deer season. Hasn't posted in almost a month after his boys took the nice bucks. I know he is a moderator so was wondering if WNY knew or someone. Hope all is well with him, we both came from a prior site before here.
  6. "Argentina or Irish red stag keeps creeping into my brain also." Now your talking!! I have never hunted Canada but fished, consumed large amounts of Canadian Beer and may have seen a ballet or two up that way. I have always had Anticosta on my list. Interesting enough I saw your FL location Crystal River. I will be fishing out of there on a day trip with my son first week of January.
  7. Vid was too difficult lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Took the last couple days off. Did pull up a live vid and pic of my buck. The vid I saw him in archery after I tagged a buck and the pic was the morning he was in front of my brothers stand up top and he was on another piece with me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Gonna be some changing weather so sooner or later one has gotta move for you. Hope you "Send it"!
  10. Yea do Not pick one of those days the wind hasn't made up its mind. You would actually prefer a decent consistent 5 to 15 mph wind to give you some cover noise as well. And some movement to the vegetation.
  11. My two best bucks I took when I was young and poor and didn't even consider mounting. The big non typ was archery and that deer dressed out just under 190. I sold the cape to the taxidermist who was redoing a mount for one of the NYS big buck club bucks. I always wondered where it ended up. That buck had a very noticeable reddish hue to the top of his head. I am gonna lean towards Biz on this one. I have never gotten him done since because it would not be him. I would know. I do like euros though and have quite a few. My rifle buck this year is getting beatled shortly. I'm not decided if I would dip one though.
  12. Can you use crossbow? I mean they shoot out to 200 right? Ok, I couldn't help myself lol!! I would make a move too before he changes pattern. You got to play the wind perfect. And do you see him come in or is he already there? You gotta get in without him knowing.
  13. I am 6'2" and about 220# I ordered XL and they fit well. I am a layer guy so I wear 2-3 layers under it so a wicking, a thermal and if needed a 3rd fleece layer. I left tags on until I wore around for a bit as you can return for different size.
  14. I always pack my top jacket in to stand so once I get there i put it through before putting jacket on. Not too difficult but yea if you take jacket off and on a lot it may be a PITA.
  15. So I got my gear in last week so when I got home Friday night I put it all on to test the fit. After I confirmed I liked the fit of both bibs and jacket tags off and into the wash. I wore them both Sat and Sunday and it was 13 Sunday morning.I am very pleased so far with the comfort, quietness and warmness. I am really not liking the pants not having regular slash pockets and am trying to reorganize where I put stuff but I will live lol. Love the slot for my safety strap, will never understand why ANY company would not have this on all jackets. The zipper openings on the sides of jacket open to slide your hands into a hand warmer pocket on the bibs is very nice. And the functionality of the hood is great. I usually take hoods right off and never use. This one is cut and has a pull cord to from the hood so it does not impede side vision and moves with your head. Both legs on bibs have full zippers down the side that I opened up while walking in to keep cool. I did go through some briars and the pants did not pull any snags. Will see how they continue to hold up. I will update after more use but so far I am happy.