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  1. Diamond hands! $200 after close. Watching some tech stops drop. Probably going to be a couple good pick ups while they dip. NVDA being one of them.
  2. I am pretty sure it grows in NY. I have never personally found any.
  3. I would guess a whole lot of different medicines have been developed using those cloned cells. They are used widely across the medical field. There are plenty of articles out there. Its not like they were killing babies to make medicine.....
  4. My mother got her first shot about 5-6 weeks ago. 5 days later she was in the hospital with Afib. spent 5 days in the hospital and came home on oxygen. She had COPD as well as a touch of pneumonia and this put a lot of strain on her heart. A week later she went back to the ER and passed two days later, which was about two weeks ago. She had other issues so the shot did not kill her but I will always wonder if the shot triggered her system to work harder thus causing the Afib and basically just advancing what was likely to happen over time. So my caution would be if you have other hea
  5. Gotta love when a company does what it should do. To bad it is not the norm. Two of my best customer service experience companies hunting related are Badlands and FirstLight.
  6. I had a few greens today mixed in and bought a couple new at nice 10-15% discounted I've had my eye on.
  7. Sorry I meant RKT not DRFK. I have a reading comprehension problem I see lol.
  8. DRFK is being artificially inflated to try to take off the ride on GME. The last month has been fascinating. I know a lot more about the market now than I ever thought I would lol. As well as how crooked it is. Can't wait to see how this all plays out as there is a BOATLOAD of power and money on top and they do not like to lose. And how many laws will be broken and will the market survive, change or cease to exist as we know it?
  9. Not that I liked it and had a few discussions with neighbors and the dogs loose it did not chase the deer off. I sure wouldn't want it happening but if it did once or twice it will not kill a spot. I had a year a few back where I had dogs chase deer past me while on stand a couple times. After talking to neighbor and animal control it ceased finally and the deer went back to normal. I also have neighbors that their dogs bark a lot normally but on their own property and the deer here could care less.
  10. Looking forward to your trip updates! Its always a blessing to spend time in the big woods!
  11. My neighbors dog takes unapproved walks in my deer woods before, during, after season and I still see plenty of deer. Just don't let the dog shoot at them with a rifle and you will be ok!! I'd avoid bedding cover though.
  12. Congratz Jerry! I'll be 54 this year and dream of retiring every day. Two kids one just outa HS and the other a senior in college. I plan on working until 59. My main concern is healthcare. Estimated healthcare costs for me retiring then would be $200,000.00. We are actually looking for my wife to take a career change and take a lower paying gov job to cash in on some health care benefits. Also tip on PT jobs. Lowes pays benefits on PT workers.
  13. Man loving the pepperoni! The cheddar Bologna is solid too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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