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  1. kcclax22

    Need new tires - Falken Wildpeak AT3W

    What size are you looking at? I believe mine are 265/70r18. In SL, standard load, 4 ply. Pretty sure Lt's will have a little more tread depth also. I wish they had more options, I would prefer a 6 ply tire, just something in the middle, not just a choice between a 4 or 10 ply. Other than that I'm pretty happy especially considering the price.
  2. kcclax22

    Need new tires - Falken Wildpeak AT3W

    Moog, I'm currently running the Falkens on my 2013 tundra. I'm running the P's not LT's. I've got 15k on them right now, I believe they are a 55k tire. I should make it there, before they are shot. I ran them in the winter and I was pretty happy, they are a softer compound and grip well. Hang out till september for labor day sale through discount tire direct. Also I got a discount by joining tread lightly, Falken was a sponsor, I got $100 off after joining. All said and done I was in less than $600 installed. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. This is our first attempt at a plot. The bag suggested a spring or fall planting, and we just decided to give it a shot now I'm pretty sure the majority of the bag is the brassicas if it makes a difference. The bag claims the brassicas will provide cover for the clover and chickory to germinate later in the season. Did we waste our time? Any input is appreciated guys. Once again this was our fisrt attempt at a food plot
  4. My buddy and I planted a plot of Evolved habitat prograze turnip, rape, clover and chicory. We planted it the first week of June and it has done ok in the last month,we had to reseed a few spot where there wasn't very good germination. We've checked on it the atleast once a week for the last month and we went out there today and the brassicas were yellowing and pretty wilted. Saw something about a manganese defeciency. Also saw something about black rot, which would occour in warm wet conditions, sounds familiar. Anybody else run into this? Thanks for any help.
  5. kcclax22

    Huge Buck Ithaca/Cayuga Heights 16 pt?

    I don't know why someone would take pictures of a deer they took illegally, because you gotta figure it'll make it to the Internet for everyone to see especially that monster, just leaving yourself open to scrutiny.
  6. kcclax22

    Anyone Hear About Large Alabama Swamp Buck Hit By Car?

    Buddy had a picture on his phone looked pretty impressive, he was gonna try to get the real story.
  7. kcclax22

    Gun it with Benny spies

    Yeah he may be a little over the top at times but I think it's better than every other hunting show where they try selling all of their sponsors products, more than they worry about hunting. It's rage this, mathews that, scent lock this, under armour that. They've all got to go to Hadley Creek and at the last hour, of the last day they shoot 150 class buck. I can relate to Benny more than I can to a lot of the other shows out there. Just my 2 cents