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  1. those cute little chipmunks and field mice that my wife likes to see around the house.(ahhh grinding my teeth).they do a lot of damage when over populated,for instance,chewed the weatherstrip under the overhead garage door,packed the defrosters squirrel cage blower with the insulation in the cab of my dump truck,had to dismantle and clean so I can see out the windshield and now I found that the dash lights are out too.tried moth balls,dryer sheets they work for afew weeks.rat traps work well and I am considering a gamo air rifle also.oh I forgot to mention the ferals cats are pretty thick here.
  2. was up camp last Friday to do some mowing and routine maintenance.went up to the area that I frost seeded back in march and so far I did not see any clover coming up.although it needs to be mowed hopefully that will help some.just wating on a belt for the swisher so I can get up there this week.
  3. google millers nurseries,we had good luck with them but i am not sure if they have a variety of nut trees
  4. i am gonna try grafting apricots from my fil trees to my peach tree.it will be my first attempt at grafting.the little research i did claims it should work.if it fails it would probably be on my behalf
  5. well,i spread 10 lbs. of clover king this morning on a 1/2 acre section we mow.there was anywhere from no snow to about 4 inches in spots.if 50% takes i will be happy and do the same thing next spring,only time can tell
  6. thanks hunts creek for the info.i am hoping to get up there in the next two weeks or so
  7. have not been to camp since ml season,was wondering how much snow on the ground.i want to try some frost seeding before it is too late
  8. well i got 10 lbs. of clover king from outside pride i'm hoping to frost seed by mid march,but i have 24 inches plus on the ground here in the poconos and my camp is 100 miles north of here,they probably have more snow cover.if we have a wet sloppy melt down will i still be able to first seed or will i have to wait till spring and till the ground?
  9. thanks for the info growalot.it just seems anything with the words deer or food plot attached to it is just overpriced marketing sales gimmicks.i'm just looking to get the best bang for my buck.i am also gonna try a small 1/4 acre area with the daikon radish to see how that works out
  10. growalot .where do you get your seeds from.i am looking at hancock seed co. on line
  11. i'm gonna try my hand at frost seeding.i have some old pasture i'm gonna try and refresh with white ladino clover come march
  12. yeah,this topic is on fire ,after a few maybe you could put it out
  13. ok maybe jessie ventura at vice
  14. good time to start the campaign for 2016. phil for prez with uncle ted nugent at vice prez.lets get this country back on its wheels.lol
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