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  1. I'm thinking the association with the soda bottle suggests road kill.
  2. Coyotes here crew up the rib bones. Actually, so do the foxes and skunks. Is that a soda bottle?
  3. Success. The screw hole plugs had completely fused with the melted rubber making it impossible to find them. A razor blade and a pair of needlenosed pliers revealed the screws. Thanks. Now I'll pursue getting the pad replaced.
  4. For some reason the synthetic stock's rubber pad melted/fused with the foam covering the floor of the gun safe. It's ugly but functional. I cannot see or feel any screws or holes in the recoil pad. It came with a wood stock too. The pad on that stock has screws. Thanks anyway.
  5. Then there was the time I dragged a deer a half mile uphill to home. I don't know what would have happened had my dad hadn't been there. He asked, where's your shotgun? A half mile walk back to where it was leaning against a tree next to a gut pile an another half mile back up hill.
  6. I've got a Remington 1100 with a slightly loose butt stock. I want to tighten it. It's got a 3/4" thick rubber recoil pad. It appears the pad has been pushed inside the composite stock and may be snapped into a groove or something. I've tried prying it out. It isn't coming out easily. I don't want to damage it. Any advice?
  7. Why the heck would someone pay premium prices for corn in fancy packaging in a sporting goods store? Go to a feed store for your corn. You'll save a bundle but it won't say "deer" on it. Or, better yet, buy it from a local farmer. Cut out several middle men.
  8. I'm all in favor of feeding deer in winter. It is perfectly legal to cut trees. I've been downing next year's firewood and thinning some young stands of hardwood. I've also piled up cull Douglas fir and dropped some large scotch pine. They're feeding on my balsam Christmas trees anyway. Anything I give them as an alternative means less damage.
  9. I accidentally bought replacements for normal Rage broadheads, not for crossbow broadheads. Is the only difference the collars? I have extra red crossbow collars. If that's the only difference, I don't need to return them.
  10. I recently got caught up on Adrian McKinty's Sean Duffy series. It starts with The Cold, Cold Ground. It's about a Catholic detective in the URC during the troubles in N. Ireland. Enjoyable.
  11. The reactions to this contest remind me of attitudes towards the Current Occupant: hardened positions, many devoid of facts and/or data. I see is as just a variation on the regular HuntingNY political echo chamber. All involved would benefit from reading Coyote America by Dan Flores. The world is complicated. This argument is simple.
  12. I'm glad someone is looking at old threads. I don't keep a camera out at the pond most of the year. However, to fill some of the off season space, here's some photos from the summer. I'm not interested in only game, or only vertebrates so see what you think. My granddaughters spent a couple of weeks here catching stuff and filling a kiddie pool last summer. Among the most interesting things they found was this leech. It stretched out to about 4" long. What's fascinating is the couple of dozen baby leeches attached to its belly. They stay with the parent until the parent puts them next to a host. Then, the young attach to the host and lead independent lives.
  13. I have no idea how long this has been around but it is a hoot! Merry Christmas everyone.
  14. This is an article in today's Times on feral hogs and their movement north into Canada. Technology&pgtype=Homepage Some long-time members might recall the eradication of hogs near Hancock, NY back around 2014. They had escaped from a game farm there. We found were APHIS dumped some of the dead pigs when we went looking for a Golden Eagle we were tracking. The eagle's last known location was in sight of the pig pile. Then, it dropped off the face of the earth. A Bald Eagle had been found dying of lead poisoning within a mile of the pig pile a week earlier but at that time no one made a connection. This was late winter so the poisoning wasn't from deer gut piles. Of course APHIS uses lead ammo and will not switch. Our eagle was presumed dead and on its back because its tracker battery died very quickly (solar cell charges it). We searched the area but didn't find it. APHIS had a contract with DEC to kill the pigs and remove the carcasses for burial or incineration. Someone got lazy and the landowner said they could leave them in a pile where he dragged dead livestock. APHIS got its wrist slapped.
  15. I wonder if there are data? There are certainly fewer deer regionally than before the bad winter kills of 00 and 01. That's about the time Otsego County went to rifles. I never drew any connection between population and implements. In the late 90s, herds of >100 could be observed at times. Those numbers made hardwood regeneration impossible. This line of thinking leads to a debate about what is the appropriate deer density. Foremost for me is forest health.