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  1. Wow Rattler. No wonder I'm finding better things to do than spending time here. Have you nothing better to do? It's another winter day. I'll go do some inside work.
  2. It is well known that facts have a liberal bias. That's why you can't trust fact checking sites, Wikipedia either.
  3. Mike, What's the earliest you find morels around here. I never seem to catch the first flush?
  4. Virtually every source cited by Rattler is bias, sometimes to the extreme. In the case of The Daily Caller, they also have problems with facts. Read everything with some scepticism.
  5. Apparently, rats dependent on food from restaurants are struggling.
  6. The main differences between Rattler and Curmudgeon is availability of time. Rattler's has a remarkable amount to devote to fnding information to back up his world view, and for endless arguing. Curmudgeon's life is the same as always. The virus changes nothing except for seeing the grandkids. I've been social distancing since before most of you were born. I'm barely able to manage the demands on my time. 5 or 10 minutes a day on is a luxury. If I can share something of value or bring someone a smile, those minutes are a success. Another success is disrupting the echo chamber. It's sometimes more of a feedback loop but whatever. Be well
  7. I'm not watching Rattler's propaganda. I offer this from Wikipedia.–20_coronavirus_pandemic Scroll down to the government section. considers Wikipedia to be among the "least biased" sources of information. Trump is an unreliable narrator. Believing him is like believing Humbert Humbert. And, who would believe Humbert?
  8. The people I spoke to said to inoculate when temps are reaching 40F regularly. I have no prior experience so followed their instructions. Everyone seems to agree the logs should be cut when dormant and stored in the shade for a couple of weeks.
  9. The sawdust spawn I used was soft and damp, not the dowels.
  10. I read French news because one of my kids lives there. Of note this morning, sex workers looking for government relief.
  11. Buckshot is going through walls. Birdshot is not.
  12. I saw an op-ed headline in my news feed yesterday, something like "When can I go back to hating Cuomo again?" I feel that way too.
  13. The tubular magazine in the pump has #4 magnums in it. If they are further away, I'll have time to change to 00.
  14. I just tried planting logs a few weeks ago - shitakes in hornbeam, oyster in poplar. A friend who has done this a handful of times came over and helped. She has had regular success. I'm hopeful. Of 3 friends who tried it on their own (no expert help) only 1 got mushrooms. She lent me the tool for injection sawdust spawn. I bought a drill and adapter for the angle grinder. Three of us did about 40 logs in 4 hours. Now I patiently wait.
  15. Have you noticed that Cuomo's approval on this issue is 87% - 70% among Republicans? Trump is under water again. Who among us are the outliers?