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  1. Curmudgeon


    The way I understand it, this not very aggressive kitten tried to kill him.
  2. Curmudgeon


    Spoke to my daughter today. She runs that trail regularly. Her boyfriend runs there at night. The daughter says she's more afraid of the rattlesnakes there.
  3. Hunting for food. I like this. If hunting will survive, new people are needed. Picks&pgtype=Homepage
  4. Interesting article on Golden Jackals in the NYT. Jackals are similar to coyotes both physically and in the niche they fill. Apparently, they are spreading in Europe as beneficiaries of the suppression of wolves.
  5. Curmudgeon

    Biggest doe thread

    Thats an impressive bunch of big deer. I have a doe that - as of November- was the same height and length as her fawns. You had to look close to tell them apart. She outweighs them but not by much. In my efforts to reduce the local population, I passed oh her several times in 2017 when she was a yearling. She couldn't have been 80 pounds at 1 1/2 years. I'm impressed that such a tiny deer raised twins successfully into fall. I deleted all those doe and little deer shots.
  6. Curmudgeon

    Fishing habits of wolves

    A fascinating article on Minnesota wolves and their omnivorous habits. There is also an incredible GIS graphic showing pack boundaries from GPS tagged wolves. Wolves were observed setting aside spawning suckers and returning to fish. The researchers found beavers make up ~42% of their diet from April to October. Good stuff.
  7. Curmudgeon

    sum up your season!

    Crossbow was dismal. I always bumped deer going in and coming out but very little was seen when sitting. What was, was too far. Rifle was more productive. Since my primary goal right now is herd reduction, I shot an adult doe each week of the 3 week regular season. The rest of the family had a normal early rifle season. I attribute the dispersed wandering deer this fall to a lack of apples. There were few on the cameras. Whenever there was a dusting of snow, deer tracks seemed to be everywhere, quite literally. They were everywhere and anywhere, completely unpredictable. Last year there was a huge apple crop. I set up a blind close to 2 large, top-worked apples. A major scape developed under one of those trees. It was Deer Central Station. At one point I had five 1 1/2 year bucks in sight, 4 in range. It was fun but at the the I was waiting for another adult doe. The big boys were coming in at night.
  8. Curmudgeon

    Another black eye for hunters

    This guy near Ithaca shot a bald eagle that came in to his bait pile of dead deer because he thought it was a turkey vulture. Huh? Killing vultures is illegal. Baiting with deer you do not legally possess is illegal. Mistaking an eagle for a vulture at shooting range is really hard to do, even if it's a juvenile bald eagle.
  9. Curmudgeon

    Get the Lead Out of Bullets - NY Times Op-Ed

    Conservationists hunt with non-lead bullets. Yes Storm, we are still here, but lead affect IQ, and may explain some of what shows up on these posts. Present company excepted of course.
  10. Yes, I'm still alive. It's good to see some major media attention. Lead in gut pile - Lead Poisoned Eagle near Cannonsville Reservoir -
  11. This is second hand but still interesting information. My daughter was driving when a fawn ran across the road followed by a coyote which had an adult doe right behind it. I wonder would came out best in that event.
  12. Curmudgeon

    Coyote den?

    It has taken me longer than Rob, but I'm taking a break too. Have at it guys.
  13. Curmudgeon

    Coyote den?

    It is also "silly season".
  14. Curmudgeon

    Coyote den?

    Don't disagree with that, especially the "clouded" part.
  15. Curmudgeon

    Coyote den?

    No, I just have a normal sized amygdala.