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  1. What a great series of shots. The fisher is great. Love the song birds. I too get flying squirrels on carcasses. Bravo.
  2. Here's some shots from the bone yard. Note the wing prints in the 30" of fresh snow.
  3. Nice shots. It looks like there is a 4th red-tailed hawk coming in for a landing in the last photo.
  4. I pulled the camera off of last weekend's gut pile. I got 13 scavenging species plus a deer. Scavengers included raven, crows, jays, Downie Woodpecker, Red-bellied Woodpecker, grey and red fox, fisher, minx, raccoons (2), Red-tailed Hawk and Bald Eagle. Here's a sampling. Coons Bald Eagle and American Crows Fisher Grey Fox Minx on left side behind sapling Red Fox Bunch of crows
  5. I butchered a deer this week. Lots of red-tailed hawks, ravens, crows, red fox and a coyote at the bone yard. One of the redtails is the borealis subspecies from the far north. It is about as dark as eastern redtails get. The first 2 photos are the borealis bird. The third photo is a normal eastern redtail. I didn't put a camera on the gut pile because the deer left the property. I don't put cameras on land I don't own.
  6. Use this thread for gut pile and bone yard photos this season. I haven't killed a deer yet but I slaughtered 3 lambs this week. I dumped the offal and butchering scraps late on Friday. My good cameras are looking for deer but I had this junky Wildgame Innovations thing someone gave me so I put it on the pile. Within 24 hours 9 eagles had fed along with uncountable ravens and crows. There are at least 6 young bald eagles, a sub-adult bald eagle and a full adult bald eagle. A golden eagle also spent a lot of time feeding. It was all cleaned up in a little over 24 hours. This adult bal
  7. No I didn't chrono them. I didn't even use a bench rest - just rested it on a plastic saw horse.. If I can hold a 2" group at 100 yards, that is really good. I'm really happy. I've shot only 1 deer over 80 yards in 45 years - out of 60+ animals.
  8. This promotion showed up in my inbox. BTW - I bought some of the Winchester copper ammo at $22.83 at Walmart. I put a few rounds through at 50 yards. It held a 1" group. I usually use Barnes or Federal Trophy Copper. It will be interesting to learn how this stuff works on a deer.
  9. Black powder is a much slower burn. You don't get the fragmentation. That doesn't mean there wasn't a problem. There is little base line data. If you really want to learn, you can find a lot of detailed info in the link below.
  10. I just read this thread. I'm not going to try argue against the outlandish claims. You guys are going to keep doing what you are doing. Ignore the panel discussion. The good thing is, if half of hunters switch to copper, half as many eagles and kids will consume lead. If they can't find copper this year, maybe they will bury their gut pile, or order ammo special through a dealer, or buy it next year. Six years ago when I started on this forum - because someone alerted me to a non-lead ammo discussion here - there were only a handful of us on this site using copper. Most were using it beca
  11. I was in the Oneonta Wal-Mart today and looked in the ammo case. Winchester. 270 and 30-06 cartridges with solid copper bullets for $22.83 a box. Their stock of everything was low. I asked about copper in other calibers. I was assured they were coming. Last I knew, Wal-Mart did not sell lead-free ammo. Now they do and it's the best price I've seen anywhere.
  12. Wow Rattler. No wonder I'm finding better things to do than spending time here. Have you nothing better to do? It's another winter day. I'll go do some inside work.
  13. It is well known that facts have a liberal bias. That's why you can't trust fact checking sites, Wikipedia either.
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