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  1. Buckshot is going through walls. Birdshot is not.
  2. I saw an op-ed headline in my news feed yesterday, something like "When can I go back to hating Cuomo again?" I feel that way too.
  3. The tubular magazine in the pump has #4 magnums in it. If they are further away, I'll have time to change to 00.
  4. I just tried planting logs a few weeks ago - shitakes in hornbeam, oyster in poplar. A friend who has done this a handful of times came over and helped. She has had regular success. I'm hopeful. Of 3 friends who tried it on their own (no expert help) only 1 got mushrooms. She lent me the tool for injection sawdust spawn. I bought a drill and adapter for the angle grinder. Three of us did about 40 logs in 4 hours. Now I patiently wait.
  5. Have you noticed that Cuomo's approval on this issue is 87% - 70% among Republicans? Trump is under water again. Who among us are the outliers?
  6. The report can be found here: After the season, I started a thread about the frustrations of many hunters in my area (Grumblings 4F, 7M & 7P). Deer were hard to kill, even though there is no shortage. Looking at the maps on page 7, 4F had a greater than 20% decrease in the antlerless take. 7M & 7P each had a 10-20% reduction over the previous year. Buck harvests were stable. My priority is always anterless deer. Killing bucks does little to help with our population problems.
  7. My wife's sister works in the hospital in New Rochelle, lives alone and is worth a lot. We can't convince her to write a will.
  8. Curmudgeon


    Rattler, It's good to see you are alive. No one's been trolling me lately. I was worried about you.
  9. Curmudgeon


    How much ammo should I have on hand for the apocalypse?
  10. What about the PREGNANCY rate?
  11. I don't like either but Trump is definitely worse in a crisis.
  12. I left the property for the first time in 2 weeks yesterday. (That's not because of C19, it's just normal.) It's a different world. Gas is cheap and some things are hard to find in the supermarket. I'm guessing for most of you, this is not news. Anyway, I can't keep up with this thread but thought this article The Incompetence Pandemic was interesting enough to share - On the home front, SIL works in the hospital in New Rochelle. My son's business services the restaurant industry in France - an industry that is now closed. The Mrs. has not canceled her trip to France for the grandkids spring break in April, as yet. I'm probably going to continue as normal, isolated and happy about it.
  13. I just found this coverage of the Humane Society making its case on -- Someone spoke to the bad optics of these contests. You may not care what the general public thinks. However, the politicians do. From a messaging standpoint, they are winning. "participants were “piling up dozens of dead coyotes, weighing them for cash and prizes before discarding some in a trash dumpster.” Jack Danchak, president of the sportsmen’s Federation: “We’re helping to deplete an exploding coyote population,” he told the newspaper. “They are all over this state.....are increasingly targeting not only wild turkeys and deer, but sheep, chickens and goats being raised by farmers.” And if given the chance, will go after small pet dogs and cats, he added. “wildlife management professionals and scientists stress that killing coyotes in these contests will not yield more deer and turkey for hunters.” The group, citing a Pennsylvania wildlife biologist, stated that “wild carnivore species like coyote and foxes do not ‘overpopulate.’ They self-regulate their own numbers based on available habitat and food sources.” "New York’s wildlife belongs to all of its citizens, not just those who selfishly use and kill animals as disposable objects in a contest for cash and prizes.” Danchak way overstates the case, and is full of bunk on the "exploding population". The dumpster thing looks really bad. With the current makeup of NYS government, they have a winning issue.
  14. Bobcats fed over 2 hours. Those times mean little. One left, the smaller approached from a different direction. I chose photos of the cats in the same spot. Besides an obvious size difference in multiple photos, one has a weird ear. Different cats.
  15. Several days back we found a dead 2019 fawn right above the sheep pasture. The hind quarters were consumed. It was a really small deer. I assumed coyotes had killed it. The snow was crusty. I could not see tracks. Given the amount of meat left - all the front and the entrails, I expected the predator to return. We checked 4 days of photos today and no coyote showed even briefly. A grey fox spent a lot of time feeding, as did 2 bobcats. They alternated feeding in a very short time. As you can see, there is a remarkable difference in size. One is a very large cat. What do you think? Bobcat killed?