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  1. do you clean the barrel with bore butter, or use it to lube a patch/lube the sabot?
  2. "I've never bought a rifle/ML combo with a scope included. So,..have to assume they are NOT boresighted during assembly. May be why you weren't able to adjust shot placement with the included scope. Save you a lot of headaches if you initially take ML w/scope to a gun shop and pay to have it boresighted." According to the manufacturer, the combo was boresighted. Actually the rifle shot a nice group @ 50 yards, but 3 inches high and right, and windage/elevation adjustments-even extreme adjustments, would adjust nothing. Traditions did give me a new scope-no questions-so they may have a problem there. Mine worked fine after adding a Bushnell scope.
  3. I do not see it as a powder issue...some bullets will not load 1st time with a clean barrel. Had trouble loading 1 of the sabots that came in the pak with the rifle. I believe those are Barnes, but no id. Costly to try different loads, have to buy a 20 or 25 pack then the store will not take them back. Someone should sell a variety pack that one could experiment with...hey, maybe I will try that!
  4. And do not, never, ever, drink the beaver water! I could tell you about a trip to the Moose River Plains years ago, and we only just washed our pots in the beaver creek.
  5. Would like to share my first experience with inline muzzleloading, for those who may be considering it. After hunting for many years with my .50 Hawken, I decided I needed a scope and better bullets, so I bought a Traditions Buckstalker with scope. Nice little rifle, light and handy,but when I tried to sight it, it grouped about 3 inches high and right, and scope adjustments would not change it. Sent the scope back to Traditions, and after almost a month they sent a new one. Meanwhile, Gander did loan me a scope for BP season. Meanwhile, I tried 4 different sabot loads, and only the Powerbelt .50 would actually load without beating the ramrod with a hammer. Even the no-name bullets that came with my rifle would not load. Costly experiment. Now I am trying to reach someone at Traditions, thinking my barrel may be bored wrong. Should have kept the Hawken.
  6. I have tried 4 bullets in my new Traditions Buckstalker, and Powerbelt copper is the only one that will load and shoot accurately. May have an issue with smaller than .50 barrel, but Traditions will not talk to me.
  7. youngster from early summer.
  8. I believe it is Apple Creek Ranch.
  9. It is not often we see triplet fawns on Tug Hill, but these were caught on our fieldcam a few times. Mama in the background.
  10. this was captured on one of our trailcams. they are almost too big to be still nursing.
  11. we have taken a couple of bucks with wounds like that, one on Tug Hill and one near Syracuse. shooting at the antlers maybe? or need more practice?