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  1. My girlfriend and I went shed hunting yesterday for a couple hours. When we got back to the car I had two ticks on me, one on my pack and she had two on her. So much for the cold killing them! In all my years of hunting fishing and trapping I've only ever had one tick on me ever. Gives you the creepy crawlies knowing there is that mew tick super disease that gets you sick within minutes of being bit and is crazy deadly....
  2. Wow!!! Its amazing how some people can find so many sheds! Great job and ill be following this thread for sure. Good luck
  3. make sure your taxi is serious about doing it.... I posted pictures of my first grey/mount. ruined
  4. That's AWESOME! What type of APP did you use to track your "track"? (pun intended)
  5. my uncle had problems with it. tried phone first, put info in then nothing.... tried on line and it said that the tag number did not exist.... he then called a third party number and it said that it went through. said it was over an hour process
  6. Guy I'm hunting a lease with is out right now with the combine chopping. The deer are all over there within yards of the wagons and trucks!
  7. Throwing the two faced flag on this comment.... you don't like some posts (aka mine about the guys hunting my drive a couple weeks ago) and you wouldn't stay away from it until it was shut down... someone ruffles your feathers and you go off the deep end with assumptions and name calling and degrading of others on here. Literally my only post on this topic because I don't want to be called a two-faced child who puts post on that show my intelligence
  8. I used the LeverRevolution this year and dropped a doe with it. 150gr. Shoots very well with this ammo, did notice that the primers have a small dent in them from the ballistic tip while in the tube. hope my lever gun doesn't turn into a double barrel O/U one of these days haha
  9. Italian dressing or the pre made packets like previously stated. At the sportsman's show in Syracuse I get some there. Comes in a silver packet. Stuff is awesome, cant remember brand tho unfortunately
  10. Does he look a little skinny? Congrats to your dad!
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