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  1. I just prime on my press after cleaning the pockets I just fill the primer tube and prime.
  2. I still use a lube pad. those cases can still be saved I would just load them at the low end with the cheapest bullets I have and fire form them back into shape. I have a 6mm rem br and it's really hard to find bass so I have to save all the brass I can. Back in the old days when I shot IHMSA and shot a 7mm TCU one of the best ways to make brass was to take 223 or 222mag brass and fire form them. 222mag brass was better it's longer then 223 brass and would size or fire form to size where 223 brass would always be short.
  3. If I remember correctly, when the back tags were paper. The print was permanent ink. today most of the ink is water based. Also if you lost your back tag you would have to go to a DEC office to get a new one and they would write your number in black marker on a blank tag. if you lost carcass tags you were shit out of luck.
  4. Larry

    Catfish fishing

    I never fished it for cats the guys where I worked in Geneva ( retired the end of January) fish it all the time over by Cross lake
  5. You can put a 100 deer hunter in the same and ask them what the best deer caliber is, and you will get a 110 answers.
  6. I have a load data book I keep all my reload info. in and what book I got loads from. I shoot everything over a chronograph or ballistic radar. I write down everything.
  7. I use a Martin cougar 3, arrows I have always used Gold Tips, as for broadheads I use Rage Hypodermic 100gr.
  8. Larry

    Catfish fishing

    The Black River at Dexter is good and the Seneca river is good to
  9. As of February 7th, spectrum will no longer be carrying CBS. Channel 8 in the Rochester area you will have to find an alternative channel to watch the Super Bowl
  10. I started having ammo sent to my sons house a few years ago when I couldn't find slugs. I found the slugs I needed online so I had them sent there and he brought them up for me. so now I just have stuff sent to him or I buy stuff when I'm traveling out of state. there's are no check points to enter the state.
  11. I had a good season killed two does. the place I hunt now has lots of does from years of shooting only bucks and letting does walk. so, there are lots of small bucks but not many good bucks. We are now trying to manage it better the downside. the land is in 9P so it's hard to get doe permits we are working with the landowner on getting DMAPS for the next few years.
  12. wonder if it was self-inflicted they had no one of interest at the time but that may of changed.
  13. Larry

    2023 DMP's

    The DEC has put the 2023 DMP numbers and probabilities on their web site. You have to use the search bar and type 2023 DMPs and it will pop-up.
  14. Glad I reload 35 rem's 200gr FTX's for my XP-100
  15. Has anyone fished the Canandaigua Outlet off Fisher Road just west of rt14 looks like it could be good for smallmouths and pike. I took a look off the Fisher rd. bridge the water looks like it ranges between 2 to 4 feet with grass and a hard bottom. Just want to know if it’s worth my time to give it a try. I know it’s stock with trout near Phelps.
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