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  1. The only down side to having the knee replaced is the recovery time mine took 4 months. I'm still active and work for a living so I had to make it all the way back to full motion. The most important thing is to do what the doctor tells you no short cuts and go to all your PT. good luck!
  2. That's not it at all he said he couldn't figure out what happen. I just told him. Not a big deal everyone misses from time time. Quit over analyzing. There at lease 10000 things that can go wrong.
  3. You can bring as many guns as you want. Just remember you can't shoot a deer with a rim-fire or with bird shot. You more then likely not going to see any deer if your shooting guns off at other things. So make up your mind on what you want to hunt.
  4. 265gr Hornady 44cal interlock flat point in my 444 marlin.
  5. I don't know if this will help. Something similar happen at Rattlesnake Hill WMA. Rattlesnake sits in 2 counties 1 county was rifle the other was not. The DEC would use what county you were parked in, to determine if you were legal for rifle or not. Now both counties are rifle now
  6. the DEC punches holes in the tag so they don't check the same deer twice. I ask the DEC tech. Why they put the holes in the tag.
  7. Larry

    True Albino

    this is cool while picking up my sons deer from a processor in Ogden, in the pile of deer getting ready to be worked on was a all White deer so I went to check it out. The deer was a true Albino pink nose,eyes, ears inside and the hoofs had no color and it was a spike. I was told it was killed in Wheatland ny. Sorry I didn't take a pic left my phone home.
  8. Hey my son ran into this while out
  9. I will if I have tags but I will field dress the one I shot.
  10. hey is that a BIGFOOT track
  11. Good old 444 marlin (THOR'S HAMMER) with 265gr flat points reloads. I don't like to chase them down now that i'm getting older.
  12. After about 40 years of reloading there are a couple things I've learned. One muzzle energy means little if you can't put the bullet where it belongs and once a bullet passes all the way though a animal any remaining energy is useless. Two there's a lot to be said for momentum and DEAD IS DEAD you can't make it deader. So a 44mag would be good enough for the average range a deer is killed in NY.