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  1. Always good to spend time with your kids. I'm out hunting now with one of my son's wish he would see a deer
  2. My son and I are in the Keeney swamp we are the only ones here I saw 3 I've killed 2 between gun and bow just trying to get my son a shot we are hunting just till 11. I have 12 people coming for Thanksgiving dinner so we best be home
  3. My son and I are hunting the Keeney swamp this morning we are the only car on the lower road no one's here just seen 2 doe's I filled my9p doe tag Saturday
  4. 2 for 2 one with the bow and one on opening day both Does have seen plenty. out right now behind my house just hunting till 10. Have 12 coming for dinner tomorrow. My son and I will be hunting the southern tier tomorrow morning
  5. Hunted Saturday and Sunday shot a nice fat doe on Saturday shaw a lot of deer all doe's and 1 4pt. I know there are more bucks there got them on camera. Going out behind the house tomorrow for a few hours. Then on Thanksgiving with my son who's coming up from NC.
  6. I would check again if I were you
  7. It's only legal if it's a center fire rifle is less than 22cal when a deer season is open. Before sunrise
  8. I don't give a shit. My rifle is going to get transported the way it always has in the back in a case.
  9. I always have a camera in my pack and have gotten some good video. Just can't post them here easily
  11. Just going to shoot my rifles one more time. Just to make sure there dead on. Thicker shorter range I will use the triple 4 longer more open range I'll use the 6.5 creedmor.
  12. Basically you have to follow gun season rules. You have to use regular season tags and DMP'S to shoot doe's. The bow only zones are different you have to read the regulations for that.
  13. I am using a spy point data link on one of my Bushnell's and it seems to be working fine. I have it set to transmit twice a day midnight and noon.
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