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  1. I go out whenever I can. I won’t make all day sits till after Halloween. I don’t take opening day of bow off. I’m taking off from Oct. 30th – Dec 4th this year.
  2. A guy I work has got it right. Here’s what he said. What would you rather have a asshole in the White House, and have a job a good 401k and have your rights. or have a nice guy and no job and have rights taken away and no money. ITS YOUR CHOICE!
  3. sorry about that this guy in the post is a 6pt not going to let him walk and he's big have some vid. of him but it's not the right for-mat so i can't post them
  4. His potential is over if he comes by me
  5. Here is some stuff I found on EHD Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) has been around for many years. It is believed that EHD can be first found and tracked back to around 1890 and has been responsible for die-offs of many different species across North America. Diseases such as blackleg, blacktongue, bluetongue, mycotic stomatitis or hemorrhagic septicemia were thought to have been the cause of many of these die-offs. After further analysis the true causative agent was never confirmed. After further review of the case history and other telltale signs and lesions, seasonal occurrence, and lack of a bacterial agent suggests that they might have been EHD. Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) is a hemorrhagic disease of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) caused by an infection of a virus from the genus Orbivirus subsequently called Epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus (EHDV).[1][2] It is an infectious, and sometimes fatal, virus that is characterized by extensive hemorrhages, and is found throughout the United States. Large-scale outbreaks in wild ruminants affect livestock and the production industry.[3] EHD has been found in some domestic ruminants and many species of deer including white-tailed deer, mule deer, and pronghorn antelope.[4] Seropositive black-tailed deer, fallow deer, red deer, wapiti, and roe deer have also been found, which essentially means that they were exposed to the disease at some time in the past, but may not be involved in transmission. Outbreaks of EHD have been reported in cattle, although it is rare for them to develop disease or die. Sheep may develop clinical signs; however, this is also rare.[2] EHD is often called bluetongue, but this is incorrect. Bluetongue virus is closely related to EHDV, and has similar clinical signs, but it is a different disease. Bluetongue is a serious disease in cattle, as well as other ruminants, and can have a significant effect on international trade. Testing at animal health laboratories is necessary to distinguish between the viruses that cause bluetongue and EHD.
  6. sure did got both back and all so let the police know. got them for trespassing
  7. I had a cam on a post one time where I hunt and someone took it. I had a old cam that used film so I put that on the post and put a cam in a near by tree. I came back in a week and that one on the post was gone. The one in the tree got a nice video of two guys stealing the cam and talking how dumb I was for putting it back on the post. I ask a guy I know down there if he knew who they were,he sent me right to the one guys house. I told him I wanted my trail cams back and he denied it. Then I showed him the video and ask who the dumb ass now.
  8. I would just run the late season to January 1st. But I'm all in on it but my wife's not.As for a split gun season that's not on the table and wont be any time soon if ever.
  9. Yes it is possible to over scout, but it's more likely to over analyze the info. that you have gathered.
  10. that's funny! If he shows i'll have to put a Rage in the Cage
  11. that is a bigfoot den. i would be calling the finding bigfoot guys
  12. Larry


    i'm just taking off from 10/29 to 12/6 and i'm still taking 2 weeks off when my wife has her knee replaced
  13. Black lives matter what a joke that is! The Black Lives crowd doesn't give a crap about black lives. where are they when a black is killed by another black. They come out when a black person is kill by the police but say nothing when a black person is murdered by another black person. You practice Genocide on your own race and say almost nothing that is as reprehensible, as the murder of George Floyd. my rant for the day