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  1. That’s all set after the comment period it will be law. It does not need legislature approval. So, if the DEC keeps it in it could happen this year. I don’t know if I’m for the September hunt or not I live 8G. it’s more lack of access then not wanting to kill deer. The access problem needs to be fix. I don’t think more opportunity is the answer.
  2. I’m not going the recommend a brand of bow to you. Because you’re the one that has to shoot it, not me or anyone else on this forum. What I will tell you is fine one you like that shoots good for you and don’t worry about what name is on the bow. As for arrows there’s 100 different arrows out there. The arrow does the work along with the broadhead the bow is only away to get them to the target. I will tell you what arrow I shoot and that is Gold Tips I’ve been using them for over 30 years. They work.
  3. have to go with ny hunter
  4. The deer scent I use the most is North country scents. But I’m going to try Wyoming County White Tails. Like anything else they seam to work under the right conditions.
  5. What the f—k is a cross gun can someone show me a picture. I have never seen one.
  6. I would have to disagree with the 243 not being able to go though the shoulder. I killed a deer at over 100yds with my 6mm though both shoulders using 100gr inter-loc. The bullet was nothing special. The deer just dropped where it stood. Remember dead is dead you can’t make them deader. With a kid it’s all about recoil and putting the shot in the kill zone.
  7. You can’t go wrong with a 243 a friend of mine son shoots one and has never lost a deer he has shot with it. I use a 6mm Remington and I’m really impressed with its performance. I also use a 444 marlin so I hunt with extremes small and fast and big and slow.
  8. You’re not shooting steel shot you’re shooting copper plated lead shot. you can use a full choke tube.
  9. found primers I'm good. 200 for 4.99 a 100
  10. The 2020 deer harvest report is available on the DEC web site.
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