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  1. Larry

    Need advice!!

    Here's what I would do sit fo1/2 hour you said the arrow fell out. I would climb down go to the spot where you shot the deer and try to find a blood trail to the arrow. If you find blood look at the color and for bubbles if you find bubbles you have at lease one lung. Check the arrow to see how much penetration you have. Then I would sit at lease 1 hour or go get something to eat. Then get back on the trail if you have less than 8 inches of penetration you probably hit one lung then wait longer. Remember there is no mythic dead spot in the chest cavity.
  2. Larry

    Ok Age Him

    This is the fastest way to age a buck. Looks big enough and old enough to shoot then after you shot it if it's that important how old it is then look at the teeth
  3. Larry

    Antler Restriction

    Hoyt look we are not going to be hunting your lease. You guy are the ones hunting the lease so it's is up to you guys to decide what the rules are on your land. Just make sure its something all 4 of you can live with. Remember friendships are more important than any buck no matter how big it is.
  4. Larry

    So whats a "shooter" buck.... For you.

    A shooter buck is a buck that looks like its live weight is 200lb or better. I don't chase antlers I chase deer. One thing I wont do is shoot a buck on the last day of the season that I wouldn't shoot on the first day. the 2nd thing I don't do is if I kill a buck in bow season I will not kill another buck unless it's bigger than the first buck (here's where I use antler size)the last time I did that was 2004. I use my 2nd tag to keep going out like I said I like to chase deer.
  5. When I carry it's to hunt with a handgun. My go to handgun right now is my S&W 629 DX loaded with ether a 225gr FTX or a 240gr XTP my go to powder is H-110 with 296 as my backup. I have found I don't have to trim the cases back to use the FTX bullets they fit in the cyinder on both my 629 and my DW HV8.
  6. Larry

    Do you use pee?

    Here's what I told my doctor: hey doc you know I use to be able to write my name in the snow when I peed. Now I just pee on my boots! Sucks getting old.
  7. The better question is who hasn't taken a hard fall while hunting
  8. Larry

    Bird ID question

    Sounds like they could be woodcock
  9. Larry


    I would be more concern with the over population of raccoon's than coyotes for rabies.
  10. Larry


    So what has mange have to do with a 365 day season on coyotes. Just to let you know mange is caused by mites so do we need a year round season to hunt mites. I can come up with better reasons for year round season on coyotes than mange. Mange will kill them sooner or later.
  11. Larry


    wow someone's got mange that's got to itch
  12. You guys should read the health issues from ozone I would not run ozone in my car.
  13. I believe being over gunned is as bad as being under gunned. In a bolt action rifle and hunting east of the Mississippi I would pick a rifle in a caliber in 243 Winchester to 308 Winchester. My pick would be 7mm-08 there is no need for magnum caliber on whitetail deer just as there is no need to use a sub .243 cal. Just to let you guys know I use a lever gun in 444 marlin.
  14. Larry

    Bigfoot sighting

    I do have a big foot on trail cam and his one ugly mother f#$%*er