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  1. Is bubba back?

    he's a cull!
  2. Rats In NY City

    are we talking about the 2 legged rats or the 4 legged kid. the 2 legged are much worst than the 4 legged down there
  3. Mercury and Venus are in the west Jupiter is in south and Mars and Saturn are in the south east. It also could be the Death Star and Vader is on his way!!
  4. Any Members Here Into This Expensive Hobby?

    My expensive hobby is sending my kids to college
  5. 44mag lever gun
  6. Your right I don’t know why someone always ask (ax) its been the same time frame for at least 10 years
  7. Craziest thing you've ever found in the woods

    A dead body back in the eighties. My neighbor found a dead body last Thanksgiving. The guy was missing since September
  8. Ok here we go this is southern zone bow October 1 through November 16th gun November 17th – December 9th then bow , ML crossbow December 16th but ML goes to the 18th also crossbow is the last 2 weeks of the regular bow season.
  9. This is not in order My 1939 Remington score-master it was my grand-dads 22 lr it still shoots better than I can 11-87 12ga 444 marlin
  10. i just read that they stopped testing the 7.62
  11. Here’s what I know the army has looked at the 6.8spc. A 6mm-223 and the 6.5 Grendel. I would go with the Grendel but it’s not up to me. They’re going to say with 5.56 what they are going to do is get rid of the gas tube of the m-4 and go with a gas piston model maybe the HK416.
  12. There will be a mallard harvest restriction in place by the 2019-2020 duck season for the Atlantic Flyway. Due to a 34% decline in the Eastern Mallard population over the years. The restriction will be a reduction in the mallard bag limit from 4 birds with 2 being hens to 2 birds. I will be willing to bet that the limit will be 1 hen and 1 drake for the 2 bird limit. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they go to a 1 bird limit.
  13. CWD. Are we just lucky?

    So what FSW is saying is people from the CDC and other places like research institutions. that are doing work on CWD and even outdoor magazines that have reported on CWD are all stupid. But the small organization of deer farmers has all the answers. I’m not saying their wrong or anything but the stupid thing would be not to do your own research. (lookup studies on CWD)
  14. 45 vs 9mm

    Hey that’s my girlfriend you all are talking about!!
  15. CWD. Are we just lucky?

    There is a lot of good information out there on CWD if you want to look for it. It is up to you to decide on what you want to believe. Here are some facts, CWD is all ways fatal. If a deer gets CWD it will die from the disease unless something kills it first. CWD has along gestation period up to 3 years. Once CWD is found in an area it is probably there to stay and it will spread. As of now CWD has not jumped the species barrier. If CWD ever jumps the species barrier all deer hunting will end as we know it.