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  1. I have an 870 that I won in a gun raffle that I modified for deer hunting. I replaced the barrel with a Mossberg 870 barrel I liked the longer 24 in. I mounted the scope to the receiver then I fitted and screwed the barrel to the receiver. I still hunt Monroe county from time to time.
  2. I was able to get a brick of cci BR-2’s so I’m set I would have preferred Fed.210m’s but you get what you can get.
  3. Just got better and the cost went up 20% or more
  4. Before you can say if someone is a better hunter, you have to define what makes someone a better hunter. Is it someone that kills a lot of animals (I’m going to use deer when I say animals)? Is it someone who kills a lot of trophy animals? (that’s subjective) Is it someone with great woodman ship skills? Is it someone who follows the rules? Is it someone who hunts ethically? (and follows the rules) Is it someone who’s a good shot? Or is it a combination of all of the above? Now I’ll self-analyzed to see if I meet this definition of a better hunter first some background. This will be my 50th year of hunting this fall I still have my hunter safety card from 1972. I hunt mostly privet land for deer hunting. I hunt with bow, crossbow, gun and muzzle loader. Someone who’s kills lots of animals. I kill on average 2 deer a year the last time I didn’t kill a deer was 1990. I also take the whole month of November off since 2000. So, dose that make me a better hunter or do I just have more opportunity to get a shot. I think more opportunity. Someone that kills lots of trophy animals. Like I said that’s subjective. I think every deer is a trophy. I don’t care about antler size on bucks. I have for about 12 years now gone by body size, if a buck looks like it goes about 200lb live weight I’ll shoot it. the up side of using weight they usually come with deceit antlers. I also have more time to hunt Someone with great woodman ship skills. I think my woodman ship skills are good. I very rarely loose a deer after the shot. that doesn’t mean I haven’t lost a deer before it’s been a while. I’ve also helped find other people’s deer. I know the lay of the land I hunt like the back of my hand. there’s a reason for where every stand is placed. Someone who follows the rules. I like to hunt to much I always follow the rules. I may not like some of the rules but I still follow them. Someone who hunts ethically. I think I hunt ethically. I have my own rules I follow:1follow the reg’s. 2 have fun when hunting stops being fun it’s time to quit. 3 I won’t shoot a deer on the last day that I wouldn’t shoot on the first day. 4 I’m going to shake your hand no matter how big or how points your deer has. 5 it’s not about getting a deer I’m just glad I still can get out. Someone who’s a good shot. I think I’m a very good shot. I shoot all year round with whatever I hunt with. With my bow and my crossbow all of September is shooting whatever head I’m hunting with. I treat my crossbow just like my bow max range for me is 40yds. My muzzleloader, 444 and shotgun are sighted in at 50yds and can still make 100yd shot my 6mm and 6.5 are sighted in at 100yds and I can still make a 200yd shot. where I hunt a 70yd shot is a long shot. I only take high percentage shots that doesn’t me I don’t miss just not very often. Now what I think I rate as a hunter. I think I’m average or just above average hunter. I have also been blessed with more opportunity to hunt, I can for the most part can pick and choose the days I hunt.
  5. I’m sitting home waiting on test results to see if I have covid for the 2nd time. It could be the flue.
  6. Hey four season CWD is not harmless it is always fatal. It is non-recoverable to the deer that contract it.
  7. BIGFOOT did it. sure looks like a BIGFOOT kill to me
  8. The reason why I’m asking is with everything that’s going on today. With covid and other diseases. We don’t hear about the homeless getting as sick as the rest of us. Are they not reported or is there immune system more robust than the rest of us? Those of us that are older remember when all we had to clean with was soap and water. Now we have antibacterial soaps and cleaners. Have we made ourselves to clean and in the process weaken our immune system? What do you guy’s think?
  9. i have a small torque 1/4 inch rachet then i would use the rt size bit
  10. They look like they may be 1/4 28’s or a metric equivalent. If there loose I would look up the torque and tighten them with a torque wrench.
  11. I have not done or been on a deer drive in years. I see nothing wrong with them tough. When I was a kids, we would sit in the morning then drive in the afternoon. Us kids would drive and the adults would be the standers. It was fun, as for being the lazy that’s not true. It’s a lot harder to put on a drive then to sit in a stand all day. The land owner sets the rules on there property. If you’re invited onto someone’s land you better follow their rules weather you like them or not you have the option not to hunt there.
  12. only ammo they ship powder you will have to pay a haz-mat charge
  13. I plan on hunting Sunday. I planed on going down to camp to bring some stuff home so I'm just going to go down a couple of hours early. I'll be back in time for the Bill's game.
  14. Blackbeltbill stop reacting to the trolls. Who cares what they think.so don't bite
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