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  1. Larry

    2023 DMP's

    The DEC has put the 2023 DMP numbers and probabilities on their web site. You have to use the search bar and type 2023 DMPs and it will pop-up.
  2. Glad I reload 35 rem's 200gr FTX's for my XP-100
  3. Has anyone fished the Canandaigua Outlet off Fisher Road just west of rt14 looks like it could be good for smallmouths and pike. I took a look off the Fisher rd. bridge the water looks like it ranges between 2 to 4 feet with grass and a hard bottom. Just want to know if it’s worth my time to give it a try. I know it’s stock with trout near Phelps.
  4. The DEC has released the 2022/23 Deer Harvest Report. The report is on the DEC web site. 231961 deer were harvested in 2022/23 season and 64% of the bucks taken were 2.5 years old or older. Remember the DEC uses statistical modeling for their report. The modeling has an accurate rate of +/- 3% or better.
  5. You guys know this is a Troll right. We all know this would never happen.
  6. that's not going to happen. there will be no case or shelled ammo in the muzzle loader season.
  7. I have BR-2’s message me if I can help
  8. Sounds like bow technology is ahead of string technology, and they have literally reached the breaking point
  9. You can get 6mm Remington brass at gaff & son's. If you go this route you will have to fire form them after seizing. This may be easier than finding 257 brass. It's a little work but it's not hard to do.
  10. You can use 6mm Remington bass and neck it up or 7-57 bass and neck it down. I prefer to neck up then down. The 257 Roberts is a 7-57 necked down. It should be straight forward to do.
  11. I'm done 3 deer this year don't need anymore so I'm going to sit home and watch football. Then do some duck hunting or grouse hunting.
  12. I would check Runnings and see what they have. I always have a primary powder and a backup. Like my 444 I use IMR4198 and H4198 is my backup. My 44mag H110 and backup is W296. Primers 444 Rem9 1/2s backup CCI200 or Fed 210s. I never run out of powder or primers.
  13. Oh well, sometimes you eat the bird and sometimes the bird eats you.
  14. Only reason there's a scope on mind is because I have to much respect for the animal not to use one. When I can't see the front site clearly even with my bifocals. I can only see the front or the rear clearly not both.
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