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  1. I’m not giving up my bow. I don’t consider my bow inferior. But I will use a crossbow when hunting in a ground blind. I can see where the cams are on a crossbow always think I’m going to hit the roof or my leg with one of the cams on my bow.
  2. Seeing I already have had covid. My doctor said I had to wait 90 days before I get a shot. I’m going to go with the J&J shot.
  3. Trail153 you should be able to defend your position
  4. A crossbow is easier to get good at shooting. But that’s not a bad thing. I would rather see a guy using a crossbow that shoots well. then a guy who brings his bow out 2 weeks before the season, and can’t shoot for crap and calls himself a bow hunter. I wonder how many guys would be in favor of having to qualify with there bow or crossbow every year to get your bow tags. Then see how many bow guys would switch to a crossbow because it’s easier to shoot.
  5. Trail153 why is that, explain why crossbows shouldn’t be included in the bow season.
  6. I went to the Dark Side last year. I bought a PSE Coalition it had everything I needed also helped I had 100-dollar gift card for bass pro. The only thing I had to do was get higher rings for the scope. For 300 bucks it's good enough. I would find what you like then try them out then buy what you like. Remember we don’t have to hunt with it you do.
  7. I’m looking to try the Genesee for smallmouths. has anyone fished it
  8. Larry


    Does anyone know where I can find large rifle primers
  9. That’s not what he said! Just ask (ax) the truth and reality czar. Is that CNN (communist news network or Clinton news network) your choice.
  10. what the hell is a cross gun, i"ve never seen one.
  11. Why is the Northern Zone even being talked about? The management plan does not have a Northern Zone holiday hunt. The hunt is for the southern zone. You need to read the plan. Dirt just to let you know the birth rate of bucks to does is about 1/1.
  12. I would buy a 44mag lever gun. I would also like 357Max in a lever gun could replace the Max with a 357 Legend.
  13. For those who are having trouble with what gender you are just use the KISS principle. Drop your pants or lift up your dress: if you have a Dick and Balls put down Male (M) if you don’t have a Dick and Balls put down Female (F) if you have both your choice. You can also use the PISS principle. If you PEE standing up Male(M) if you PEE sitting down Female (F). Don’t worry about the other stuff that’s put there for people who live in California.
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