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  1. Canned Hunts

    To the guy who started the post there are plenty of 120’s to 130’s in NY. I wouldn’t waste my money on a canned hunt. You may have to travel and there are no guarantees but that’s why they call it hunting and not shooting.
  2. They’re both baiting when you plant a crop. for the sole purpose of attracting and harvesting game animals and have no intention of harvesting that crop for human or domesticated animal consumption then what do you call it. You can’t call it habitat improvement.
  3. The end result is the same to bring game into killing range. One is legal and one is not.
  4. Extension

    Why in the hell would you want to make the season longer because people are not filling their tags? If tags are not being filled and I have my doubts on that, just from what I have seen. Then the main reason would be lack of deer so why would you want to hunt them longer.
  5. I am going to keep this simple. The only difference between baiting and attracting (food plot) is one is piled and the other is planted. I will add 1 more thing one is covered under the conservation law the other is consider agriculture in the end they are both used for the same purpose.
  6. Eating tag soup

    If you have the opportunity to fill a tag with a legal deer and don’t then it’s not tag soup. You made a choice not to fill your tag or tags. I’m not saying it’s bad just saying it’s not tag soup.
  7. Late born fawn

    with no winter coat it’s toast it will freeze to death by the end of next week
  8. Someone else got him :(

  9. My best day deer hunting this year any day I can get out. There are no worst days all days are good.
  10. How to keep your feet warm

    2400 grams of Thinsulate a pair of heavy socks and when its really cold I put a pair of toasty – toes in my boots for long sits in the stand
  11. 1: it does not matter what she was wearing. You as the hunter are responsible for identifying your target 2: sunset on 11-22 for that area was 4:50pm any shot after that time is hunting after hours. It does not matter what hours are in other states. 3: a person does not look like a deer. If in doubt don’t shoot. 4: this was not an accident. This is pure negligent on the hunters part This guy screwed up plain and simple by not following the rules and someone died.
  12. This is why you should bring rubbers with you while hunting
  13. go anywhere after this weekend and you may be the only one hunting there
  14. Give it a rest! A few years ago my son and I went and hunted the keaney swamp wma on Thanksgiving Day. When we left at noon I drove both roads and we had the whole place to are self’s. The season is just about right not to long and not too short. Only thing I would like to see is the days up to Columbus day weekend put in the late bow MZ season.