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  1. There are a few places in or around Monroe county there's GCL, Rochester Brooks (a little pricey) but a good place, Brockport CC ,Bergen and Mumford and North Star. Are but a few
  2. I would go on a cruise in the summer to Alaska that's the only cruise I would go on.
  3. there will be a waterfowl meeting at DEC region 8 HQ on Sunday FEBRUARY 16 at 930am some of the topic's will be last season assessment and the DEC's 5 year plan for waterfowl seasons
  4. The DEC stocked them to reduce the deer herd
  5. sorry just seen this post. I have used the 265gr 44cal and 225gr 44cal ftx's in my 444 marlin. I all ready had cut back cases for the 265's you don't need to cut back the cases for the 225's. I've killed deer with both and they have gone though on all 4 deer. They make a nice hole. I also used the 225's in my 44mag. I didn't have to cut back the cases to use them in my 629DX or DW HV8 they cleared the cylinder. Only kill 1 deer with the 225's in 44mg it went though. I've gone back to the 265fp in my 444 they the best for the range I shoot.
  6. Larry


    The only reason I went with the 12ga was it's better on waterfowl when hunting big water. As for the 20 on turkeys I use a 870 20ga with #6 long beard but last year I used #7 tss shot the stuff is awesome, I wish 9's (tss) were legal in NY.
  7. Larry


    LARRY-ISM What I think is the best gun for hunting in NY if you could only have 1 gun. I was once ask if I was new to hunting and only had the money to buy 1 gun for hunting. What gun would it be. So here what it is and why. The gun is a 12ga shotgun with 2 barrels 1 bird barrel the other a rifled slug barrel with a good scope on it. With the 2 barrels you can hunt small game as well as deer out to 100yds. We all know there is not 1 gun that can do everything but the shotgun is as close as it gets.
  8. Larry


    LARRY-ISM My take on some of the issues that we are facing in hunting. 1 CWD This is probably the biggest threat to hunting. This disease is a wold wide threat to all deer. CWD is all-ways fatal to deer and right now it is only a deer disease. If it ever jumps the species barrier to humans it will destroy hunting as we know it. Remember the CDC rec amends you eat no meat from a deer that has CWD. 2 Antler Restrictions are not needed. If you look at NY and Pa. NY has been promoting the. The let them grow program now for about 3 years and with little in the way of AR's has a harvest rate of 2.5 year old's and better that is about the same as Pa's with 15 years of AR's. All you have to do is look at the harvest reports from both states. 3 Crossbows I'm a bow hunter and at this time I have no plans to use a crossbow anytime soon. But I would like to see them in all of the bow season. I would rather see someone who shoots a crossbow well then the person who pulls there bow a week before bow season and claim there a bow hunter. I also think you should have to take the bow hunters course to use a crossbow for deer hunting. 4 Harvest reporting I can say I have reported every deer and turkey I've killed. What gets me is when the DEC releases there harvest report for the year we have people saying it's not right. The DEC uses proven methods and data from the on average 45% of us who do report are kills. To the REST OF YOU REPORT YOUR KILLS it's the law. 5 One or two bucks a year. I'm for the two bucks a year. Even though I haven't killed two bucks in the same year since 2009. I hunt a WMU that on average I will get a DMP every two years. I like to hunt so I use my 2nd buck tag to keep hunting. I wont fill that 2nd buck tag unless the buck is bigger than the first.
  9. Larry


    LARRY-ISM My personal rules for hunting: we all have personal rules we follow when hunting you can call them ethics if you want. 1 I follow state laws even if I don't agree with all of them. Hunting is to important to me to jeopardize my hunting license. 2 I don't care how you hunt or what you hunt with as long as you aren't violating the law. 3 I don't care how big in this case the deer you kill is. I'm going to shake your hand. Whether It's a doe a button buck or the next world record. 4 I don't use antler size to determine if I'm going to shoot or not I use body size. 5 I wont shoot a deer on the last day that I wouldn't shoot on the first day. 6 Having fun (not the killing but the hunting) when it stops being fun it's time to quit hunting.
  10. Larry


    remember the key words. i don't give a crap what you think!
  11. what are LARRY-ISM'S ? LARRY-ISM'S are the little bits of wisdom and knowledge and what I think of life and issues of are times. My intent is to post these little bits of wisdom every so often not in any order but as they pop into my little head. I will cover hunting, fishing,life in general, and politics. If you are a SNOWFLAKE stay a-way. Oh one more thing the KEY WORDS HERE ARE “WHAT I THINK” LARRY-ISM'S My take on using the Race Card : If you're a asshole I don't give a crap what color you are you're still a asshole. I don't owe you anything. I'm not going to judge you one your color but on your actions so don't judge me on my color. Racism: Not all Racist are White when we under stand that then we can fix the problem of Racism.
  12. Jack and Jim were hunting Wild Turkey down by Knob Creek. While there Old Gran dad was drinking out of a Tin Cup.