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  1. Larry

    Xbow full inclusion??

    The arrows on that bow are illegal they are barbed.
  2. Larry

    Xbow full inclusion??

    It's not up to the DEC. to change the regulations to have crossbows legal though the whole bow season. The state law maker's have that authority and I don't see that happening with the ass hats that will be running the state after January. If it were up to the DEC. crossbow would have been legal in the bow season at lease 5 years a go.
  3. Larry

    Forgetting to Report

    just report it
  4. Larry

    Are these slugs still good

    Those are Brennekes they should be good
  5. Holly crap you were being followed by a Bigfoot your lucky he didn't catch up with you, you know it's mating season for Bigfoot's or is that Bigfeet. That wouldn't of been pretty!
  6. Larry

    the unwritten rule of claiming a hit deer

    this was not a DWI it was a deer it's not a big deal. who claims to of killed a deer
  7. Larry

    the unwritten rule of claiming a hit deer

    NYTracker this is not even a tough call if you are working as a group to recover hunter A's deer and hunter B finishes it of off it's hunter A's deer. No friend is worth a deer.
  8. Larry

    the unwritten rule of claiming a hit deer

    here's a story this was a more than a few years back I was hunting with my 44mag seeing I had killed a deer with my bow. I was sitting on the ground I heard some shots above me on another property and a big doe came running strait at me looked like it was going to run me over. So I shot it hitting in the middle of the chest between the front legs dropping it 10 feet from me. I finished it off and was getting ready to fill out my tag when this kid came running down the hill all out of breath saying he just shot at that doe. When I saw the look on his face I told him I just finished it off so I wouldn't run down in the gully he said it was his first deer. I helped him field dress it I ask where were you aiming he said the chest. I sent him back up the hill to get help with his deer and I wait for his guys to come. The kids farther came over while I was packing up to move and thank me for helping his son then ask what I used to shoot the deer I told him a 44mag he asked how many times did I shoot I told him twice. He said this is your deer no it's your sons I said I could not take that deer after I saw the look on his face you can tell him what happen here after he kills his first deer. Sometimes you have to do the right thing.
  9. What you have to remember is this guy is pissing in the wind. for one any bill that passes the house would have to go to the senate and pass there. then it would have to go to the president to be singed to be come law. Then after all that and all the court challenges. Law enforcement would not want to have to make tactical entry on millions of homes local law enforcement would be more the likely refuse so the feds would have to do it.
  10. Larry

    Shot through the neck.

    Hey I killed a deer without hitting it I was using a 10ga h&r slug gun and the shock wave of the big 10ga slug going pass ruptured all its organs.
  11. Larry

    Getting to the Field can be HARD!

    There is also the physical requirements to get into the field. I had a full knee replacement in May and it took 4 months to get back to work. It now takes longer to walk on uneven ground and there is the over foot of snow that makes it even more fun. Just remember family all ways comes first there is no deer worth time with family.
  12. Larry

    Antler restriction

    I don't go by antler size to determine whether or not I should shoot a buck or not. I use body size if a buck looks like it is around 200 lbs I'm going to shoot no mater how big the rack is. The only time I use rack size is if I shoot a buck during bow season I will not shoot a second buck in gun season or ml season unless the rack is bigger. The last time that happen was 2004. the other thing I don't do is “i won't shoot a buck on the last day that I wouldn't shoot on the first day”
  13. Yep let use OUR 1st amendment rights to take away OUR 2nd amendment rights. WHO DECIDES WHAT IS HATE SPEECH?