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  1. the DEC has posted the DMP numbers and your chances of getting one are posted on there web site
  2. porky's that was funny
  3. Larry

    Jim Shockey

    At this time I think Hornady is making the best bullets out there. Nosler makes a good bullet but right now I think Hornady's are better. I have reloaded a lot of both they all work.
  4. Seeing it's a autonomous zone bring in the army and ring the zone don't go in though. Just keep them from getting out. Next turn off the power and the water and do not let any food in and just wait it out. After 5 days give them a list of demands that they have to do before they can leave. One of the demands would be is that they clean up there mess. Let them exit out one way and arrest all the leaders.
  5. Only sure way is to check the teeth.
  6. Hey turkey feathers looks like your fishing the genesee near fillmore. I'm going to be down that way this weekend but I think i'm going to the keeney swamp
  7. If they come down my street, I'm going to talk to to them in the international language of love. THE RACKING OF A 12GA. SHOTGUN. Let the shotgun sing the song.
  8. I have 3 shotguns locked and loaded I may-be a lot older then the last time I had to lay down fire but I can still lay down fire if I have to
  9. Actually practice and more practice will increase archery abilities.
  10. I don't foresee a new bow in my future. New technology or not I still shoot a Martin Cougar III. It does everything I need it to do. A deer is not going to know the difference between a arrow, Shot from the latest and greatest bow or one that is 50,000 years old. As long as the shooter does his or her part.
  11. I have to say Rattler is right on this one. You would be asking the very same ASS-HOLES who are fucking us over to shorten there life long terms in office. Remember these are the same people who think we are to stupid to take care of are selves.
  12. the first pile of shit is deer remember some people are born to shit and others have shit thrusted upon them!
  13. Hey Turkeyfeathers that's just not right.
  14. It looks like a Chupacabra to me