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  1. Gold in them there hills....

    A guy I know pans in Livingston and Allegany counties and says there is gold in almost every stream that’s in the hills. But he also says you’re not going to get rich doing it he does it for fun.
  2. Pistol cartridge for Black Bear

    If I read the start of thread correctly it about finishing off a wounded bear and not hunting bear with a handgun. So I will assume the bear is on the ground but not dead. Here is my 2 cents worth I would use any gun with a bore diameter .357 or bigger. Now for hunting bears with a handgun I would consider the 357 mag bear minimum I would not use a 45long colt unless I reload, factory ammo has to be loaded so it can be fired in the old peace maker so you are looking at 800 to 900 fps. I wouldn’t use 44 special ether it’s ok for finishing off but not for hunting.
  3. The History of Elk in NY State

    With CWD now being so prevalent in some elk populations I think it’s highly unlikely elk will be reintroduce in NY.
  4. Bullhead

    My dad would say when you hear the peepers the bullheads are biting so I would wait for the peepers.
  5. The only thing that may save your ass would be you would have to make sure there are no pictures of you standing over it like it’s a trophy. Donate the body to science and go on every talk show and news show advocating now that they exist for full protection.
  6. Your heaviest arrow

  7. Let me say I don't believe in Big Foot. Now would I shoot a Big Foot only if I had to that would mean only if my life is in danger. Shooting a Big Foot is a classic catch 22 situation. Think about it you need a body to prove they exist but then you would be known as the guy who killed Big Foot. Also you would probably be sued by Jack-links for killing there front man!
  8. Here it is the 2017 Black Bear harvest data I can't attach the PDF file the bear harvest data is on the DEC web site.
  9. looks like I will take the drive to bass pro
  10. I have killed 2 deer with a 22-250 at 200yds both head shots. Out of the back of a hay wagon on a nuisance permit. I had to kill the deer on the permit so I could hunt the land. the land owner donated the deer to needy members of his church. The only reason I used the 22-250 was for safety concerns. the 55gr bullet had less chance of pass though and knowing. I would only take head shots I knew I would more than likely kill the deer in place. That being said I would not use a 22 cal. for deer hunting. I know you can kill deer with a 22cal but there are to many good deer calibers out there. If I had the choice of using a 223 or a shotgun 12 or 20ga setup for deer hunting I would take the shotgun every time.

    Just read in the Demigod & Comical that there is an all-points bulletin out for Wildly Coyotee in Westchester County. They better get them some of those Acme rockets.
  12. She Shot My Buck

    THAT'S FUNNY !!!

    Advice from Larry gut shoot them all
  14. Ok hey it was back in the 80’s while on a duck hunting trip up in Dexter NY. I picked up this girl in a bar and I found later her name was Lucy Rotten Crotch ouch!
  15. Weird set of coyote tracks

    Looks like a fisher when they run their feet will be side to side and front and hind will be on top of one another