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  1. sorry didn't see that only looked at the first post
  2. I use the cell-link the only problem I have had is the Sd card link from the camera to the module doesn’t lock into the camera very well and sometimes falls out.
  3. I’ll just load my own and save money. Instead of paying a dollar a round.
  4. I'm having the same issue and just had my second knee replacement. I'm finding it really hard to draw my bow sitting down. I think I'm going to get a new 45/60 bow and set it at 50.
  5. My favorite Marlin is my triple 4. I don't shoot factory ammo out of it. I load my own 265gr flat point or the 225gr ftx you don't have to cut the brass back with that bullets.
  6. Thing about this they are not only destroying are energy sector. They are also destroying are food sector. Look where they place most of the solar panels on crop fields.
  7. That's for his back up generator. For when we have rolling blackouts because we destroyed are energy sector by replacing fossil fuel plants with so called green plants.
  8. I winter in cold temperature they can lose UpTo 40% of there power just like any other battery. Ask the people who were stranded on I95 and there batteries ran down and they had to ask people with gas powered cars if they could warm up in there cars.
  9. The power grid is over 100 years old. There are about 11.3 million cars in NY if we switched all those cars to electric it would crash the grid. We are replacing the best ways to make power to wind and solar. Remember solar only works at best 50% of the time and is only 15% efficient. Wind is only about 25% efficient. Are climate Czar has said we can go to 0 carbon emissions and it won't change anything but we're going to do it anyway.
  10. Remember the permit law is for all semi auto long guns not just AR’s and such
  11. The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the permit law in NYC. If they rule that having to have a permit for a Constitutional Right is unconstitutional then they will go bat shit crazy in the Govender’s office. It will depend on how narrow the courts focus will be. Most of these laws are going to end up going tough the courts.
  12. Isn’t this old news didn’t this come out a few years ago. The guy also didn’t like the cold weather either. I for one am glad he thinks the hunting in NY sucks. I for one have killed more than my share of big bucks over the years. Now after my second knee replacement I’m just glad I can still get out.
  13. The closest to a land owner permit would be a DMAP permit. But the land owner would have to show a need for that permit. Then a certain number would be issued. They can only be used during the hunting season. Also I don’t think you have to have 50 acres or more to get them, you just have to show a need for them. (a tree farm)
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