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  1. Larry

    Lost Deer

    The law states you can transport someone else’s deer. It needs to be properly tag and you need a note from the taker with his or hers information on the note.
  2. Here is my best recommendation DON’T OVER ANALYZE. Use the ladder stand if want to be more mobile just use a chair and hunt off the ground. You can do both you don’t need to carry the extra weight of a climber. I’ve kill more deer off the ground than out of a stand with a gun.
  3. it kicks like a 20ga with slugs
  4. I love the 444 its like hitting them with Thor’s Hammer. I load my own my best load is the Hornady 265gr flat point at about 2400fps.
  5. I bring 2 my primary is my 444 marlin and my backup is a Remington 700 bdl in 6mm rem.
  6. The best way I think to keep warm while sitting on stand. Ware the lease amount of close walking to your stand. So, you don’t sweat. Here’s what I ware: base layer, long sleeve shirt, insulated pants, insulated bibs, 4 in 1 gore tex parka with the liner not attached so I can take anything off if I want, I have an extra liner in my pack. I hate cold feet so my boot has 2400 grams of thinsolate heavy socks and toe warmers, gloves and a ski-mask. This for cold weather and for me that’s below 30 deg’s. I only ware base layer the shirt and pants to the stand. I always ware a hat because you lose the most heat out your head. You can always take off layers but can’t put on what you don’t have.
  7. I have one rule never date a woman that can beat the crap out of me.
  8. We are all going to die. We are not going to get out of life alive. What pisses me off is there trying to tell me where to stand when it happens to me! The odds are this is not going to kill me if get it anyway. I’ll take my chances seeing I think I already had it back in January when the Doctor said I had an upper raspatory infection and was sick for almost 2 weeks.
  9. To anyone hunting the park or 8M I have a 8M DMP I will not need. I have already put 2 deer on the ground I will be hunting in 9P and not making a trip to the park. Just send me a message it will be a first come first serve. I can mail it to you (would need to know by Tuesday) or we can meet somewhere on Friday as I will be going to camp and go by the park.
  10. Location 9P (Nunda-Swain) 11/13 Here’s what I saw 710am buck chasing a doe. 830am saw 2 does then heard grunting 10pt scent checked the does and started chasing them, then a smaller buck jumped up and started chasing them. 920am 3 does come by I kill the biggest doe with my crossbow 1st kill with that. A buck with my bow and a doe with my crossbow. I saw a lot of scraps and rubs and chasing.
  11. You think she’s smart. Candace Owens and Condoleezza Rice they are smart. she’s not and she not even black.
  12. 2 years and 1 day then it's the bitches turn