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  1. Want some pictures? Maybe western NY buck hunter is an idiot, but Burm john apperently has enough grey matter to know right from wrong
  2. Name: John Burmiester Lives: In NYC Works in NYC Education: University of Delaware Current Job: EDI Manager at BH Photo Video What is BH Photo Video: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%26H_Photo_Video What is EDI; Monitoring and controlling business data flow securely in real time. To compete and grow in the burgeoning universe of digital business, you’ll need to move data faster and more efficiently than ever before within your enterprise and trading community. EDI is a reliable way to exchange business documents quickly, but it doesn’t allow data exchange in the more open and mobile cloud environment that defines today’s digital business. Integration with APIs adds mobile capability, but also adds another data stream to manage. Instead, you need to bring EDI and API together into a single, all around integration system known as B2B 360°. In an API-enabled EDI platform, APIs are used to open the EDI environment and access B2B services via other applications, portals and mobile apps. You can monitor and control data between your partners and customers more securely and in real time. What is BH Photo Video: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%26H_Photo_Video B&H Photo Video, founded in 1973 and located at 420 Ninth Avenue on the corner of West 34th Street in Manhattan, New York City, is the largest non-chain photo and video equipment store in the United States The store targets professional photographers and videographers. Although it is visited by more than 5,000 customers every day from Sunday to Friday, most of the company's business comes from the Internet and corporate sales. Burmiester's Linked In Profile: Interests: SAP, ERP Systems, Gentran, Sterling Integrator, Operations, EDI, Technology, Web Development, Programming, Linux, AS/400, EDI, SQL, Data Analysis, Planning, Classic Cars, Photography, Fishing, and the Outdoors. Organizations Additional Organizations EDITalk.com Honors & Awards Additional Honors & Awards Sterling Integrator / Gentran Integration Suite Mapping Specialist EDI, B2B & SAP Developer Analyst Certified Sterling B2B Integrator / Gentran Mapping Specialist Experienced with implementing, optimizing, and maintaining IBM’s Sterling Integrator / Gentran Integration Suite / B2Bi on AS/400, Linux, and Windows environments. Extensive experience working with wholesale, retail as well as third party trading partners. Expert in EDI and B2B map development to and from databases (DB/2, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL), IDocs, XML, CSV, flat files, positional files, Oracle ERP, and JDE across multiple standards including X12, EDIFACT, and others. Expert in handling standard PO, SDQ, and cross-dock EDI (850) orders including the sending and receiving of ASN’s (856) and Invoices (810) as well as other common EDI documents such as: 214, 812, 820, 852, 855, 860, and 997. Extensive experience establishing connectivity to ERP systems as well as external systems and trading partners via FTP, SFTP, HTTPS, AS2 as well as the traditional VAN. Experience developing business processes in BPML automating communications, daily tasks, archiving, email and monitoring of EDI, B2B and other integration activities. Strong SAP EDI and B2B configuration knowledge including the setup and maintenance of partner profiles, output conditions, IDoc management as well as general SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) experience. Specialties: EDI, SAP, Sterling Integrator, B2Bi, Project Management, Vendor Compliance, X12, VICS, JDE, Database Planning / Administration, Programming, Vendor Compliance, Sales Analysis, and Inventory Planning, Build / Plan / Deployment of dynamic web sites and web applications. System and Server Administration (GNU Linux, Unix, Windows, and OSX), PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Java. Luxottica Group December 2011 – January 2015 (3 years 2 months)Greater New York City Area Lead a team that migrated all EDI and B2B partners from the AS/400 to SAP. Responsible for all EDI and B2B related setup and partner management in SAP as well as mapping, business process and partner setup in Sterling Integrator. Worked with ERP developers and end users to implement and support new EDI and B2B document types. Documented the complete EDI process, partners, and workflow as well as provided end user support and training. Created reports and historic EDI archives for compliance. Implemented a test environment that integrated into our corresponding SAP test environment. Implemented a change management process to ensure proper testing and migration of new maps,business processes from test to production. Oversaw and assisted in the development of UCC / GS1-128 labels and VAS ticketing. Provided daily production support within Sterling Integrator and SAP. Setup maps (XML,CSV, & flat file) and business processes for non-EDI capable B2B / eCommerce customers with inventory feeds, ordering capabilities, and order status feeds. Here is Burmiesters Ability to write and provide job references for his friends: Given (3) Andrew Boreyko Andrew Boreyko AS400/iSeries Project Manager / Sr. Programmer Analyst As the EDI Manager, I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew on an ongoing basis for over five years. He is personable and works extremely well individually and as part of a group, whether it's working from specs or putting out fires. Both management and end users have benefited from his business knowledge, and the user friendly applications have always come in on...more July 6, 2010, John worked directly with Andrew at The Luxottica Group John Viola John Viola AS400 Programming Manager John and I have worked together on numerous challenging B2B integration projects over the past few years. John is an outstanding programmer and colleague and has been an absolute pleasure to work with the past 5 years. October 6, 2009, John worked directly with John at Luxottica Group Craig Dunham Craig Dunham EDI Coordinator/System Analyst Craig has expert level knowledge in the EDI field. As you can tell from the numerous knowledgeable posts he has made on EDITalk and various other websites. Not only does he have a complete understanding for EDI, he is passionate about it. I have also worked with Craig while doing business with Big 5, his responses are always prompt and professional. October 10, 2008, John was a consultant or contractor to Craig at Big 5 Sporting Goods
  3. I think someone who works as a manager in EDI can answer simple questions...... About advertising on the internet... On a site he "owns". EDI is a reliable way to exchange business documents quickly, but it doesn’t allow data exchange in the more open and mobile cloud environment that defines today’s digital business. Integration with APIs adds mobile capability, but also adds another data stream to manage. Instead, you need to bring EDI and API together into a single, all around integration system known as B2B 360°. In an API-enabled EDI platform, APIs are used to open the EDI environment and access B2B services via other applications, portals and mobile apps. You can monitor and control data between your partners and customers more securely and in real time.
  4. Including that little guy with no chin and glasses?
  5. Send me an advertising prospective. That is how you do business. Second, you have not signed my petiton, Either has Burm Jon, who has also scanned my social media, This sites Facebook page did not link to our face book page. Maybe almost 6,000 people are on here to read junk instead of valuable info that myself and a few others provide. Lets see...
  6. You want to talk business, well what is this: http://huntingny.com/forums/index.php?app=contactus&module=contato&section=form&id=1 There is a link for 1) marketing 2) advertising. I do not see any of that happening on this site. Unless it is trolling to keep the desired (paid) topics on top or seem popular. So what gives? Is it this: http://support.proboards.com/thread/296608/original-roleplay-canon Original Roleplay vs. Canon Roleplay? Really now? I notice that the site, although needs more people to set up a dog forum, was willing to enable blocking signatures. Really. blocking signatures. Who complained about signatures and couldnt just ignore them? FSW and others complains about posts of mine, yet they follow them and spend considerable time posting in them. As a matter of fact FSW is so tired of my posts he also reads our facebook posts, when he started interacting on it I blocked him. Shawh Hu made similar complaints, yet he remained subscribed on my you tube channel for several years. A few people have contacted me through this site and provided their email addresses. When I ran them, they were in countries such as Japan, India, and China. Yet they carry on on here like they are in NY and are hunters. One guy who bounces off of Florida does the same thing. Then what about this guy reporting he sent a payment? If he really did not send a payment than he is probably an anti who wants to discourage donations. And if so he should be blocked. He is not blocked, so then his report should be addressed. I think few people are going to have confidence in a transaction of money albeit that. It is academic for me, because I am not donating, especially after all this and all prior, but that aside it would deter me.
  7. And what do others thump, there opinions and their rants? I am supposed to pay so they can read my stuff. Or I should pay the site to read their stuff? Or I should pay for them to tell me I am wrong or for them to insult me. What country do you live in? I am not donating to this site. Have you donated?
  8. You have people on here that contribute nothing useful or meaningful and constantly interrupt the topic discussed. If someone wants to keep their discussion light that is one thing, but then why do they pick fights? Lately, there are increasing inferences about who should be donating to you. I am not donating to this site. The information and content I provide should be appreciated by the owner of this site.
  9. No, but I do buy a non resident license with a dove hunting privileged in in Pa, Ohio, and SD.
  10. The use of air shotguns might present some additional economic opportunity and possibly allow hunting in areas closed to regular firearm use. These are things we need to examine.
  11. Details coming soon! As mourning doves expand northward Canadian Providences are instating hunting seasons. British Columbia has hunted doves for some time. Southern Ontario instated a season in 2014, and now Quebec. There is also a pending proposal in Manitoba and discussion elsewhere.
  12. Air Shotguns add a new dimension to dove hunting. Note the comment about the overhead utility lines, we are going to recommend the DEC prohibits dove hunting within gun range of lines to prevent damage to them. They are taking Eurasian collared doves, which are similar to our native mourning doves. They are spreading and it is not too uncommon to find this introduced dove across NY. The impacts of ECD are not known at this point. If you want to hunt doves in NY, sign our online petition at this link: http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/petition.html For info on Eurasian Collared Doves go to this link: http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/eurasian-collared-dove-hunting-ndash-endless-opportunity.html
  13. Mike - The Audubon name is in the public domain so it gets confusing at times. Audubon NY didn't even know about the video until they saw a news item. They probably have google searching daily for anything with the name Audubon in it. If they pay lip service to this issue, we have accomplished something. Yes, there is a policy on their web site but try to find one thing they have actually done. As to whether DEC can be trusted to include non-lead info in educational programs, the rank and file people in the trenches want something done. That's where the WMA idea came from - within the agency. Once you get near the top of the F&W division, politics takes over and this issue is radioactive. My guess is that for Cuomo, the cost benefit calculus doesn't work well on this one. There is a new Chief Biologist who seems well informed and open minded. There will be a new head of the Division soon. The old one is retiring. It will be interesting to see if things change. My intent was discussing possible actions that might actually work. Many people do not understand the different levels of the Audubon Society, but that is not me. If they are serious about getting the lead out they need to start thinking outside the box. Legislation and education of older hunters is inside the box. Many states already ban lead on wildlife management areas. Some of these bans have existed over 20 years. A model after that is no surprise. I did not hear that from any DEC staff, however, I already told you who I heard it from. I am sure dec staff has made recommendations to follow that, but this is going off topic. Hashing over the executive control over following the suggestions of other DEC staff is not a productive use of time. The DEC makes recommendations but the final say is with the Legislature and Governor. The Legislature and Governor are in turn influenced by the public. That said can we move on? Also, you are contradicting yourself. The change in staff will not change anything which requires legislative approval. Even natural resource plans and changes in regulations are subject to public review. Sometimes if public outcry is loud enough, even a plan or regulation can be legislated - example the mute swan plan. Whether it is Audubon, Audubon - NY State, a county chapter of Audubon, some other organization, or a coalition of organizations is not the focus of my comment. I was referring to the action, not the entities. Regarding the policy goals of Audubon NY. I had refereed to that earlier because several people had indicated your video would encourage or facilitate legislation. The video is speaking to hunters, not anyone else. It isnt telling anyone to contact the Legislature to ban lead ammo. However, it would be remiss not to mention that according to their website, Audubon - NY does seek a policy change. The reason it would be remiss, is because the credits on your video list the Delaware County Chapter of Audubon. The chapter is not the same as A-NY, I understand that. It is not me you need to explain that to.
  14. They are antis. Did you read the report we just published? The topic isnt about me. If they had any interest in fostering a letter writing culture to advance hunting they would be sticking to the topic. They not only do not have any interest in that, they are disrupting the flow of information to those who might be interested. Antis and/or looking for boyfriends, guaranteed.
  15. No doubt if this hunting in the classroom passes, there is going to be a citizen advisory board, and as with things of this nature it will be codified that a designated number of this board represent the NYS Conservation Council; the FWMB, and the CFAB. That means business as usual. Changing the subject slightly, I do not wish it, but it is likely, that if Audubon et al lobbied for certain stipulations regarding education they would experience a push-back. That might provide a perspective to the magnitude of push back that would result from legislation to ban lead ammo, a push back that would be much harder than from a simple education proposal.
  16. Another thing to look into is the recent legislation in NY to teach the tradition of hunting in public schools. You might work with the sponsors of that legislation to include a stipulation that the course includes ammunition education. it might not fly with the sponsors if they are wing nuts, but a deal can be hammered out in the assembly environmental conservation committee and/or the Governor before signing into law. That might not even be needed, (to codify it into statue) depending on how the bill is written, it might leave the curriculum up to the DEC.If so, then the DEC can be trusted or during the regulation setting process make suggestions during the public comment phase > published in the state register.
  17. Or Audubon needs to start an ammo manufacturing plant, Audubon knows how to fund raise. Plus there will be goverment subsidies available.
  18. Part of the problem is you are not dealing with high or medium functioning children or a captive audience. You indicate experience with students, but how long have you been interfacing with sportsmen? This is not going to fixed with legislation and its not going to be fixed with education. The only solution is offering bribes in the form of ammo subsidies. I suggest you and your cronies direct your efforts to that. You can argue logically and put out every study ever done and it will not override what they believe. Make the good stuff cheaper and they will buy it. You dont even have to mention facts - all that does is politicize the matter. All you need to explain is the price, with some free range time to sight in with it.
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