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  1. I have been using a case for the past 6 or 7 years. A buddy (who I've cleaned a lot of deer for) picked me up the one below as a gift. The 3 Inch blade is great for field dressing and the 5 in blade is a great utility knife when you're in the field. They're sharp and hold and edge. I sharpen once a year and use a steel in-between. https://caseknives.com/collections/sporting-knives/products/leather-hunter-two-knife-hunting-set-w-leather-sheath
  2. I just picked up a Ruger Super Blackhawk at auction (Hessney out of Geneva, if you haven't seen them check them out) and I'm looking to have a leather chest holster made to fit. Does anyone have any recommendations for leather workers in the Syracuse to Utica area? The Oneonta area is another area I'd be interested to know if there is anyone around.
  3. I didn't see any brows on the night time picture as well, and I would agree the day time picture looks like taller antlers. As far as the camera, all the Wildgame Innovations pictures are off of the same individual camera in the same location.
  4. Pulled my cameras for the first time this season and have at least one good one, but I can't tell for sure if these are 2 different deer or the same one. The night time images are all the same deer but the day time image looks like a heavier deer to me but that could be wishful thinking Thoughts?
  5. I'm looking to see if anyone has any suggestions for smoking a venison neck roast. I have a roast that I've had in a corning liquid for about 5 days and can't seem to locate a good guide for a successful smoking temp. Everything I've read says to smoke around 185° but that seems low to me. I'd be thrilled to hear your success stories or suggestions Thanks!
  6. So I'm interested in everyone's opinion on whether or not this is the same deer. I'm thinking yes but you never know. the stealth cam pic isn't a great shot because i had the camera set too high (since been adjusted) and of course the moultrie shot is blurry. Either way, I'm starting to get excited for the season
  7. These are a bunch from my 3 pulls this season, finally got a picture with some bone in, not a great shot though. The Moultrie cams get great reviews but they don't seem to do motion well, a majority of pictures I get from them are blurry, the cheap Wildgame Innovations camera seems to take better pictures for me.
  8. A good friend of mine plated radishes and had really good results but I'm not sure how well they would work in the woods. and as for the ferns, that picture was taken in late fall last year so that might have played into it, either way i planned on throwing down lime to be sure. Thanks for the input
  9. I'm looking for some good feedback on different no till seed out there. I'm looking to plant 2 plots on my hunting property that is all wooded with mostly hard woods with pines sprinkled in. In one area there is, not so much a clearing but an area where the prior owner dropped quite a few trees, allowing for a good amount of light to get through the tops of the trees (pictures posted). The other area is pretty well wooded with obligatory light reaching through the tops. My question is, has anyone had success in similar conditions with a particular product, and/or are there any suggestions based off of previous results you've experienced? Look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions, thanks in advance.
  10. Yes and Yes to the questions asked. I've done had my bow tuned professionally and done the research to see what is compatible. I'm really just looking to see what other bow hunters use/like
  11. I'm looking for some insight on string decelerators. I want to put one on my Martin Exile (2011 model) to help with noise. I'm interested in what products are out there and what suggestions experienced bow hunters have when it comes to brands/kits they like the best.
  12. thelep

    Hunting in 6K

    I'll hold off on the exact location until the offer is accepted, haha but thanks for the insite
  13. thelep

    Hunting in 6K

    We are in the process of purchasing a house located in the town of Constantia, zone 6K. I have predominately hunted southern tier and was wondering if anyone hand any incite into the hunting quality of 6K. All input is appreciated, thanks.
  14. thelep

    GoPro Mount

    I've done some more research ... check out Hi-Tek Sports Camera Mount cheaper and great reviews
  15. I had a friend get the new license and have the same problem with his DMP (ie. carrying over to the next tag). I have a Yellow license for 14-15 Walmart didn't have the new printer yet so i would expect this to be common knowledge by DEC. In your case you probably got a fairly new DEC officer who didn't know what he was talking about.... As long as it reads 2014-2015 your legal
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