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  1. The Redfield, NY area has been a disappointment so far, very little deer sign or deer to speak of. I see more coyote tracks than deer tracks in the snow. I honestly believe the DEC has mismanaged the northern tier section of 6K with all the DMP's and the taking of either sex during Muzzleloader/ Bow seasons in this area. Sorry for the rant, but i get frustrated watching this area get worse every year. I have had a camp there for 40 years and since the allowance of DMP's in this area the population gets worse every year. Good luck to ya.
  2. Based on what it was feeding on I would guess it was an Osprey.
  3. Hello guys im new to site but not hunting. I would personally not rely exclusivly on a GPS to get around the woods. Bring a compass and know how to use it. I constantly loose reception with my GPS in some remote areas. GPSs are nice but not 100% reliable.
  4. Glad i didnt take this week off and decided on 11/12 - 11/18 for vacation. Feel sorry for anyone that did make plans.
  5. Hello everyone, i found this site few weeks ago and think it is great. Look forward to learning more from fellow hunters.
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