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  1. ok ,lets try again this year, i'm heading up tonight after work, anyone been hunting up there?
  2. I remember checkpoints through the years but never so close to the city, I have had several encounters with DEC in the past, all positive, one guy used to live near our camp and would stop cars with out of state tags or if he didn't recognize the vehicle due to camp break ins
  3. if the guy in a black SUV that got pulled over on the CIP is a member here, congratulations on the monster 10 pt you shot. im betting you got pulled over so the officer could get a better look, it was that impressive.
  4. nothing more satisfying than when those backstraps hit the cast iron from a deer you killed, dragged and butchered yourself!!
  5. the hunter handled it the right way, called the conservation officer and set the uninformed straight, wont change their attitude but he shut them up
  6. that's sort of the mentality, people here are resentful of the tourists from ny and nj also the people like me that have moved here and made it their home, apparently we have ruined their peacefull communities, not all of course but if the semi auto subject comes up you will hear "we don't need new Yorkers shooting up our woods"
  7. Saturday opening day was passed,no sunday hunting yet, maybe a 3 sunday trial next season,the sunday after archery,sunday after rifle opens and 1 to be determined. semi auto has passed for small game only. I have been living in pa for the past 10 years but my hunting is done in new York. not a bowhunter but I did buy a crossbow this season to take advantage of the being able to use it for the entire archery season
  8. how has everyone been doing in 6k so far this season? haven't been any posts this year so I thought I would start a thread
  9. remington 7400 carbine synthetic in 30-06 with a leupold vxll 3-9
  10. i had a deer tick on me last weekend up in 6k
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