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  1. smarter than climbing up with a beer in hand, btw since I don't drink much carrying a 6 pack to camp alone will give me a hangover
  2. spray some on someone you dislike and invite them on a hike
  3. forgot to bring my release and was searching for it while an 8 pointer was pooping 10 feet away from me, hangover will do that to u
  4. I second that. I would think twice before taking a shot with a bow. But I generally hunt from the ground
  5. bump question remains the same
  6. awesome pics man, your dog doesn't look impressed though
  7. sounds like you need to pick up a bottle of Nyquil and climb up the nearest tree, kidding, wife come first atleast until Oct 1st consider yourself lucky you can just go to your backyard, my camp is nearly 2 hrs away meanwhile there are more deer than people in my development
  8. Belo, we are on the same page, didn't say if I do or don't disregard this law for safety reasons. Its not just bears, the other day had a happy yote approach me upwind 3 times and wasn't scared off so easy. Had he done it a 4th time he was going down. My buddies all agree that was 3 times too many and he would have gone down on the first approach. Pa-lawman, that was my concern if it was a sow with her youngens, whatever it was really sounded like it was giving a warning or got startled.
  9. not sure if they still make it but bought a Rain Skin top and bottom about 15 years ago when I did a lot of saltwater fishing, its still in great shape, I highly recommend it if you can find it, not cheap though
  10. interesting, never considered a fox, the foxes I have ran into usually run the other way when I see them, I have tons of them in my backyard but they just mostly make a yelping sound, this sounded too deep to be a fox but who knows, all I can say is it scared the crap out of me not being able to see it and only having a bow in my hands, if it was rifle season.....no worries, I backed off about 10 yards and waiting til it was alittle brighter, after my morning hunt I searched through the pastures for tracks but saw nothing, I hate the dec rules do not allow you to carry your legally owned firearm during bow season
  11. I hunt in 6c which happens to have a decent black bear population. I got up this morning and headed to my stand around 5:45am. It was still pitch dark, more so as it was rainy and cloudy. As I am crossing the pastures, not very fair from me I here a low pitched but high volume grumbling. Sounded like when you are hungry just much much louder( and yeh I had breakfast). I assumed it was a black bear either warning me or got scared as I was crossing in front of it. I googled black bear sounds and found similar sounds but other sites say black bear really don't growl. Anyone have any insight? I don't think it was a yote and cant imagine anything else which would be that loud.
  12. Sound advice. thanks!, The atv I was looking at basically looks brand new although a 2008, it has 250'ish miles on it, I was not considering a used one but this one came up at a great price from a friend of a friend, actually I wasn't even considering a 4 wheeler and was thinking more on a side x side until this deal came up, think I will seal the deal this week
  13. +1 on passing up on the deal, no road frontage/landlocked parcel means little value in the land for various reasons, biggest problem for me would be its resale value, if and when you decide you want to sell it you will be stuck with it until you find the one person who just wants to use it for seasonal recreation On the flip side if you can snag it for a cheap price and somehow buy an adjoining lot with road frontage you just hit the jackpot
  14. thinking of picking up a used wheeler but don't know much about them, looking for general advice on what I should be looking for when I go take a look at them, if anyone is really knowledgeable on them would love to talk to you in PM as I have a deal that sounds real sweet but have some hesitations, thanks
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