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  1. Uncle Nicky

    How many strikes ?

    None of us know the whole story here, and I don't think you've gone into much detail... If this is someone you were "mentoring", I would lay it out to him that you went out of your way to help, and unfortunately you don't have the time & resources to keep coaching him. Maybe one more lesson in scouting & suggest some decent public land spots he can scout and hunt on his own. Point him in the direction of some internet sites where he can either get tips on hunting or access public land information. If he wants to hunt badly enough he will either get a bicycle or bum a ride from someone else to get there. If he's just plain lazy (or cheap), I'd tell him unfortunately the lease is for paying members only. And that you aren't running a taxi service and only have enough guns & scopes for yourself. If he's just a dick and trying to push you around, I'd bring him one more time (to a different location), get him all set up, head home, and turn off your phone. The walk home will give him lots to think about, and probably take you off his Christmas card list. If he's somewhat of a jerk but you still want the friendship (strange as it sounds, I have a couple casual fishing/hunting buddies like this), come up with some boundaries ON YOUR TERMS and stick to them. He'll either accept it or move on, and either is a win as I see it.
  2. Uncle Nicky

    Is it time to put in for rutcation yet?

    Luckily, my vacation days are somewhat flexible. Plans fell through on some days, but looks like now I'm taking off last week of October & first week of November. Deer hunting isn't the priority, but I'll have to rest my dog a few days, so I'll probably get in a few sits bowhunting somewhere. I chuckle at these rut predictions, it's like clockwork, deer move first week of November, and a week before & a week after. We love to over-complicate things.
  3. When I owned my camp, I let the neighbors know they could hunt my land as long as my truck wasn't there, and most offered the same arrangement back. I only had a couple people call or write me asking for permission, and I told them the same thing. I was 300 miles away most of the time, it just wasn't worth spending times hunting humans.
  4. Uncle Nicky

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Marinated wild hog loin cooked on the grill, rice pilaf, local squash & tomatoes, & Fentimans ginger beer.
  5. Uncle Nicky

    Top 10 BEST Pheasant Hunting Dogs.

    Yes, I see them quite a bit, number 4 in the video above.
  6. Uncle Nicky

    I jumped on board. Bought me a bucket hat.

    No, that's a Jones cap. I have one of these in orange, I think it's about 50 years old.
  7. Uncle Nicky

    I jumped on board. Bought me a bucket hat.

    I think it is for holding brush, for the full-camo effect.
  8. Uncle Nicky

    I jumped on board. Bought me a bucket hat.

    I pretty much only wear a "bucket" hat for turkey hunting. Got this beauty about 12 years ago. it is reversible, and blaze orange on the other side. People have called it a stovepipe hat & a porkpie hat, but I always thought it was more of a boonie-style hat. I also have a coonskin hat from a raccoon I shot years ago, I'm waiting for it to go back in style again.
  9. Uncle Nicky

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Axis deer chateaubriand, complete with sauce Bearnaise, baked potato, and asparagus. I have died and gone to heaven.
  10. Uncle Nicky

    What magazines do you get?

    None that I directly pay for. The NRA and NWTF send me a magazine for being a member. Seems like the days of magazines & newspapers are pretty much over, thanks to the internet.
  11. Uncle Nicky

    LOVE Texas Hunting!

    Just bigger deer, and it is the rut. Tough animals, I hit one behind the shoulder with a 165 grain 30-06 slug and it ran a good 400 yards before dropping over. Deer chest girth chart attached.
  12. Uncle Nicky

    LOVE Texas Hunting!

    My understanding is that they make a better mount later in the year when their hair turns darker, but yeah, I get what you are saying. We were planning to shoot 2 does for meat, but the fact that we only had 3 coolers to fly back with kept us from getting carried away. It is tempting....
  13. Uncle Nicky

    LOVE Texas Hunting!

    Some pictures from last weekend's long weekend trip to the Hill Country in Texas. Went primarily to kill a nice axis buck and a doe. Wound up killing a very nice buck and a cull buck (rancher wanted it killed instead of a doe) and my buddy also got a respectable buck also. Weather was extremely hot, but we had plenty of ice on hand and meat arrived back home in fine shape. Most axis deer rut in the summer rather than the fall. A LOT of eating here, axis deer yield more than a whitetail, I got about 60# boneless from the smaller deer, and about 75# on the larger deer. Can't wait to go back some day!!
  14. Uncle Nicky


    Too hot, but I have been doing 16-oz curls.
  15. Uncle Nicky

    Getting A Little Closer To My Lifetime Goal.

    Most springs I'll do a couple DIY outfitted trips (pay for land access and food/lodging), as well as the annual trip to GA to hunt with friends, and some public & private spots in NY, NJ, PA, or VA that I know of. Then in the fall I'm out with my dog every weekend I can find a state with an open season, usually NY, NJ, PA, VA, or MD. I also guide (unpaid) a handful of guys every fall to keep my dog in birds. I'm always on the lookout or networking on forums, Facebook, taprooms, wherever. I'm not especially wealthy, and I work a second job (tax return prep) to pay for my hunting & fishing addiction. The biggest expenses are gas, licenses, motels, and depreciation on my truck. I'm sure if I was hunting strictly pressured public land, I'd have a lot less success.