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  1. Inflation & gas prices are just the tip of the iceberg, when you look at all of the things that are fundamentally wrong with what is going on today in our country. Complete dependence on China has to be the biggest problem we are facing; they produce most of the products we use today, in addition to a growing influence in the medicine we use & the food we eat. Try buying a car, lawn mower, or ammunition, in 60 years of walking this planet I have never seen anything like it. Donald Trump was on the money 100% when he said we have to cut the cord with China. They probably have a stronger military than we do now, which is a scary thought. I honestly hope the cargo ships sink in the bay and nobody gets a shiny toy this Christmas, maybe it will be the spark that's needed to wake the masses up. But I doubt so, most are content to keep their heads in the sand waiting for things to magically get better on their own.
  2. I was a teenager when they were preparing to impeach Nixon. His name was pretty much MUD at that time, but things were very different then. People were tired of the Vietnam war, civil unrest, and the Cold War. The whole situation with Biden is different, as I see it. We had a president (Donald Trump) that was very popular with the masses, who was trying to change the game in Washington and was interested in keeping America from going down the toilet; the Chinese and those in their pocket hated him, and did everything they could to see him fail, up to dropping a virus on us & rigging an election so that the corpse from Weekend at Bernie's could be propped up as president. But no, I don't remember the hate for the politicians in Washington & disgust for Biden that we see now being the same intensity in 1974.
  3. After 20 years on the WWW, I am tired of arguing with guys on this topic. You can kill a deer with an air rifle, 22LR, or a varmint rifle. But why do something that you know has a decent risk of failure or worse crippling an animal & feeding coyotes? As a boy my father always told me "use the right tool for the job", and that mantra carries over into hunting as well.
  4. Congratulations Bill! Maizy & I had a great opening weekend as well!
  5. Here's a novel idea....don't try to use counterfeit money, don't resist when confronted by the police, especially if you know you are in the wrong, don't use fentanyl, and you probably won't be put in a situation like this. Didn't we see a case similar to this 25 years ago in LA, when a man that was obviously guilty walked because "the people" decided they didn't want another riot? A police officer continues to kneel on a man's neck (who he knew) even though he knew he was being filmed. The man that dies was already on his way to dying from a fentanyl overdose. The officer whose career & freedom is on the line refuses to even try pleading his case? The videos I saw had a gap from the time Floyd was originally confronted until the time he had a knee on his neck. This case doesn't pass the smell test.
  6. Absolutely. I'd STRONGLY advise a first-timer to stick with a revolver that absolutely won't go off without a decent amount of pressure exerted, even if dropped. But really, a handgun is no less dangerous than a hunting rifle or shotgun, they are only looked at as more deadly because they can be carried without others knowing you have it in your possession, and statistically more people are shot at by handguns than any other type of firearm. Some people aren't bright enough to operate power tools, automobiles, or even use a kitchen knife at home, but we're not looking to ban these tools for our protection.
  7. For now, if I was making the rules, I would say leave the laws the way they are, with the exception of loosening restrictions in a few states like NJ or NY that severely regulate handguns & concealed carry permits. Make 30-round mags in rifles legal in all states. And abolish no-gun zones & handgun bans in some of the major cities like NYC, Chicago, & DC. After this went into effect, REALLY start enforcing the current laws so that fewer people who are on watchlists or mentally impaired fall through the cracks.
  8. I guess, why else would a non-hunter (or a troll posing as a hunter) spend countless hours on a hunting site trying to convince the weak-minded that gun control, voting Democrat, and socialism are good ideas?
  9. Deflecting. You come on a hunting forum, probably 99% members are gun owners, trying to convince us gun control is a good idea and that the current government has no intention on taking our rights away, even as they actively & publicly telling us that is exactly what they plan to do. That's not how this works.
  10. Don't quit your day job, standup comedy may not be your thing. No doubt 245 years ago there were those willing to fight, those willing to ride their coattails, and those who were happy to be servants. Not too hard to figure out where you'd have been.
  11. Not the current crop storming the border. They're just looking for handouts, by & large. Yes, they've been coached to use the word asylum, and I am sure they understand under the new presidency they'll get everything they hope for, & more. The world is laughing at our weakness right now. But talk to anyone who escaped persecution, and came here legally (I am thinking soviet Russia, China, Africa, Poland, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam). They understand what they left, and why they came here. Most have no desire to ever go back, unless the government they ran from can be changed. And they know that will never happen.
  12. No, I DO see that (that many who don't own guns want them abolished forever). The media has programmed these folks, I hope that some will wake up & understand history and what can & has happened before, before it is too late. We should do our part whenever possible to try & educate them, however frustrating that may be. The current crop of people slowly working their way illegally into our country from the south are thieves, plain & simple. I doubt most want to immigrate here & be absorbed into our culture & laws, most will head back to where they came from once they've pushed legal workers out of jobs, taken what ever free benefits they can mooch, & made enough to retire comfortably in Mexico or Guatemala.
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