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  1. Such a divisive load of crap. The only racist terrorist group I'm aware of with any clout these days is BLM. Just a show of hands....who has been approached to join a white supremacist group, or knows someone who is a member of a group like this (first-hand knowledge only, please); if you'd prefer, send me a PM. I certainly don't, maybe I'm not a good prospect?
  2. You talk like a guy with a paper asshole. What organization is left to lobby in Washington to preserve gun rights if you don't support the NRA? $45 buys a family of 4 a meal at McDonald's these days, that is too much to cough up 1 time a year?
  3. I am done moving. I would stay where I am, and build 15 foot iron fences around my place, and an electric gate so I couldn't get uninvited guests. I think I'd be able to beat the odds & invest it wisely rather than p*ss it away like most lottery winners do. But I'd definitely up the quality of out-of-state hunting & fishing trips. I'd probably buy a decent hunting property nearby, nothing huge.
  4. $45 a year to belong to the NRA, what kind of hooker are you getting for that kind of money? Never mind, I don't want to know... If you own guns & hunt & don't belong to the NRA, than sorry, you're just riding on my & other members' coattails. You are missing the big picture, because you don't like a couple things about the organization, you'll forfeit your rights & eventually your guns. No different than voting for Biden because you didn't like Trump's personality.
  5. I bought a plow this year for my ATV because I moved. The option I had was sell the ATV (tried that, all I got were lowball offers) and buy a snow blower & tractor lawnmower, or keep the ATV & buy a tow-behind mower & snow plow (which I went with). It hasn't snowed yet, and the neighbor kid was looking to make a few bucks this summer cutting the lawn, so I'm still trying to figure out if I made the right call.
  6. Along with the $15/hour George Soros is paying you, it appears he's providing you with crack & a pipe to smoke it in also.
  7. Will we EVER be told the truth? I don't doubt that ANTIFA & George Soros had a hand in what happened last week, it just seems to be their typical way of operating. Maybe other groups had a hand in it, but who knows? (We never will). It's just simpler to blame Trump. I have never seen one man instill so much fear in the media & career politicians as he has in my lifetime. I have MSN as my computer homepage, mostly out of convenience; the daily attacks & smears on a man who is going away in 6 days is both funny & sad at the same time. Today's headlines are "Troops Gearing Up in the Capitol in Anticipation of 1/21 Riots", same as 1 week before last week's protest. They seem to have the inside scoop (LOL), where are they getting their information from?
  8. Absolutely. If you can't find appropriate ammo, stores are forced to close because they have no products to sell, and gun rights are violated, this will have a huge impact on our sport. There are people on this site who claim to be OK with that, and would be happy to turn in their weapons and only hunt with archery tackle, but that's a special kind of stupid that I will never comprehend.
  9. No, scary that idiots that own guns are voting their rights away. Why not just be a good citizen & turn them in at the next buy-back drive? Or better yet, I'll give you a better price for them, seeing as you really don't need them anyway. The very first thing that a corrupt or oppressive government that wants complete control over the people does is take their guns away. It'd been proven time & time again. Ask the people in Mexico, Cuba, China, Venezuela how "voting" is working for them these days. Simple Civics & History 101.
  10. Scary, isn't it? The founding fathers had vision when they wrote the Constitution, today's citizen doesn't see past their next stimulus check. And these are guys on a hunting site who probably own guns.