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  1. It does not matter who I buy a gun from, the last 6 shotguns I bought (all brand new) went back to the factory for some adjustment or another. Best to buy it in the summer, work all the bugs out, and the inevitable shipment back to the factory. But the answer is it could take a couple months, in some cases. Hope you get it back soon!
  2. Uncle Nicky

    PA Hunting Changes

    I've lived here most of my life, I am glad things are finally starting to turn around. Nothing is etched in stone yet, but the momentum is now in place. I have never understood the mindset of most of the people who live here, traditions, no matter how silly or outdated, are treated like gospel, and many are so reluctant to any type of change that it becomes laughable. But most of the old-timers (I'm one myself) are losing their say, and the younger generation sees through this. I welcome PA finally coming into the 21st century.
  3. Uncle Nicky

    Social Security???

    A lot of what I do ay my job is HR related, and I do tax returns as a side business....I talk to a lot of people who are retiring, retired, or thinking of retiring. There really are some people who enjoy working, and some who really had no outside interests or hobbies beside work...they are practically scared of what life will be like once they don't have a job to go to anymore. There are also some who live in an area or have a lifestyle that they know they won't be able to survive on their small savings and partial SS, so they work until they are forced out or they can't continue any further. I'm grateful that probably won't be my fate.
  4. Here is one I made last year, very crude but it has a decent sound. The electrical tape is to seal any gaps where the bones fit together. I finally found a rubber stopper that I'll use as a lip piece, it's on order now. Like a diaphragm call, I had a devil of a time getting the PERFECT sound out of it, but through persistence, I've gotten pretty good. Toughest sound to produce is a kee-kee.
  5. Uncle Nicky

    Who's Ready for the 2019 Turkey Season!?

    Good hatch last year in most places in the Northeast, things should be looking up.
  6. Uncle Nicky

    Social Security???

    B-I-N-G-O!! This topic has been on my mind a lot, since 62 isn't that far away. If you do take payments at 62 (tempting), then you are limited to how much you can make if you do decide to work. In my case, if I start collecting at 62 and my wife does too, that equates to about $30,000 in SS payments. Plus a part time job (both) up to the limits, roughly $30,000 more. If we relocate to somewhere with a cheaper cost of living it's doable, but things will be tight. I'd hate to start dipping into savings & investments or going the reverse mortgage route that early in the game. And, if one spouse dies early, the SS income (and part-time job income) then gets reduced in 1/2. That could be extremely tough. I'd also need to buy my own medical insurance out of the meager earnings, since Medicare doesn't kick in until age 65, and most part-time jobs don't offer medical insurance. Like most people these days, we don't have a defined benefit pension from an employer. As long as we are both reasonably healthy, I'll probably wait until 65 to collect, that way I can at least get some break with the health insurance and can work a full time job if I want without being penalized. Not as much as waiting to 70 to max out, but I don't see myself working that long, at least by choice. So many unknowns....
  7. WOW. Bill, I gotta agree, it takes big ones to post a self-made video on here. I tip my camo hat to you. I'm actually jealous that you have the time to scout and hunt as many days as you do. I don't see the advice as being bad. Maybe I missed something, but this video is about SCOUTING. Why in the world would you want to bushwack through the woods making all kinds of racket stirring thing up when all you are doing is looking for scratching, poop, & feathers? I've hunted my share of public land as well, I don't scout a lot because I use different tactics in the spring & fall, mostly due to not having the time or desire to burn gas traveling to potential spots. But I've noticed turkeys walk the roads a lot, scratch on the roads, and leave other signs of their existence right on the trails, sounds like a good (and easy) starting spot to me. Also, when you are actually hunting, staying on the roads makes the most sense to me, the birds are USUALLY going to be roosted off of the trails, and you want to slip in when it is dark as quietly & stealthily as possible.
  8. Uncle Nicky

    Hunting Virginia

    I've turkey hunted in VA, both spring & fall. Not really all that different than NY or PA, lots of birds in some areas, not so many in others. Flatlands & mountains, take your pick. I DO like that the season opens so early, and the last 2 weeks you can hunt all day. WMAs get pounded hard. Quantico & AP Hill have good bird numbers, but you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get on the base & hunt. If you have permission on any property on the Northern Neck, you are really in luck. Hope this helps.
  9. Yessir, I do know better, especially considering who made the suggestion...I never really liked this job much anyway....
  10. I Googled "What is Tube 8". Should have known better. I'm sure HR will call me down for a chat in the purple thinking chair later today....
  11. Uncle Nicky

    Great Day Today, What'd YOU Do?

    I took the dogs for a walk at the ballfield, that is the extent of my outdoor activity yesterday. The rest of the day I was chained to a desk working on tax returns, that is my life for the next 2 1/2 months. I WILL sneak out for a week and head to Georgia to turkey hunt in early April, work be damned.
  12. Good question, no real answer I suppose. I don't know how much experience can be gained hunting the same few farms or State Forests every year, with a 1 or 2 bird limit and not hunting fall birds, but not everyone has the same passions. And some guys like to walk all day, while others are happy sitting in a tent blind ambushing birds with decoys. I've been fortunate enough to have enough vacation time, a few bucks of recreation income, and some good friends and outfittters to tag along with chasing these birds all over the country, both in the spring & fall. While I am not what I would call a stone cold killer, I do OK, but more importantly, I have found out there are all kinds of ways to hunt and kill turkeys, some of it dependent on terrain, and some just plain personal preference. I take internet information cafeteria style, grab what seems good, and leave behind what doesn't make sense.
  13. Uncle Nicky

    When is technology TOO much...?

    Please don't see this as a poke at you, because I am sometimes guilty of it myself, but I truly worry that we are automating and robotizing (is this a word?) out of existence. Foreign contractors from India coming to take our office jobs, Mexicans taking our blue collar jobs, and self-serve cashiers & kiosks taking retail positions. Driverless cars to transport goods = driving jobs going away. The whole time our population (US citizens) continues to grow, what are these people of the future going to do for work? I read that at some point it will be cheaper to just send the masses a free check to live on rather than go to work, again, maybe a tinfoil hat theory, but still a little scary.
  14. Uncle Nicky

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Fried catfish, rice pilaf, and spaghetti squash. Not the most colorful meal I ever made, but it sure was tasty, not a morsel left on my or Mrs. Uncle Nicky's plate. These days, I don't put tartar sauce on my fried fish, just lemon and some hot sauce.
  15. Uncle Nicky


    This is the only Eucker I'm familiar with. I think he played for the Milwaukee Braves & did some Lite Beer commercials...