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  1. I only use decoys if I plan to hunt a field or on a rainy day. But to answer the question...TOO MUCH!!! I used to use the cheap foam ones, since they were light & portable...but after hunting with someone who used quality decoys, I realized there REALLY is a difference. Birds that are pressured or have seen decoys before are more likely to check out more realistic decoys, or decoys that moved a little in the wind or my mechanical means. I think the better decoys that I bought cost about $125 each (DSD) at the time, and the gobbler was around $70 (Pretty Boy). Also, I believe that a REAL turkey fan in the gobbler decoy looks much more realistic than the nylon fan they give you. YMMV.
  2. Uncle Nicky

    Do You Like To Team Up Or Spring Turkey Hunt Alone?

    I usually hunt with others in the spring, but we go our seperate ways and keep in touch by cell phone; the strategy being 2 or 3 can cover more ground than 1.
  3. Uncle Nicky


    I killed one in Wyoming about 10 years ago. It was on a large ranch, not a fenced pen, but there were cattle guards and low barbed wire fences surrounding the ranch, so they would really need a good reason to try & get out. I killed a younger bull, about 200# of boned out meat, VERY close to grass fed beef, the family enjoyed every bite, I also got a nifty skull that I bleached & hung in my basement, and a beautiful rug that I will have made into a mountain-man coat some day. For a number of reasons, I'd use a rifle rather than trying to kill one with an arrow, but good luck whetever you decide to do.
  4. Uncle Nicky

    Woodland poetry

    Nice ditty, I think I read this in the bathroom at the rest stop on I-86 a few years ago...
  5. Uncle Nicky

    Hog Dogging in Georgia

    I gobbler & a jake for me, a buddy that rode down with me killed a gobbler, my buddy that lives there killed 1, and another fella from NC who came to visit killed a longbeard. Birds down there act a little differently, they rarely gobble on the ground, so you have to get in front of them (usually). Often they will come slinking in silently. They were mostly separated, but the jake I killed came out into the field with 6 others. Lots of hens since they don't have a fall season, and I knew fanning/decoys wasn't going to work this year on the first day, so I left them in the blind after that, I'd rather have live decoys come out anyway. We mostly hunted in the woods in the morning, and fields late afternoon.
  6. Uncle Nicky

    Can dog surgery be very expensive?

    I am one of those suckers who pays for pet insurance, it's about $30/month per dog. I had a spell a few years ago where both dogs needed minor operations (hunting dog had an infected paw form a porcupine quill, she also got cut WIDE open on a barbed wire fence another time, and the wife's pooch had bladder stones). Each one of these episodes was between $800-$2,000 per procedure, after the bladder stone surgery I decided to get insurance, since both dogs were relatively young at the time . The wife's dog needed another procedure after we got insurance, and the insurance company stepped up and paid the bill without waffling, so I feel good about the decision. I like my dogs more than most people I know, I took on the responsibility of caring for them, so I feel obligated. I justify the expense by packing a lunch each day, drinking cheap beer, and using an inexpensive cell phone carrier. But you do reach a point where a pet's quality of life isn't worth the monetary sacrifice anymore. Nobody feels good about turning out the lights for good, but it's all a part of being a pet owner. I'd like to think that if there is a heaven, my dogs will be patiently waiting for me when I finally show up.
  7. Uncle Nicky

    NAPS + Hunting.

    You probably need a more comfortable chair.
  8. Uncle Nicky

    NAPS + Hunting.

    I draw the line at napping in a treestand, but it has happened. I always thought that naps in the woods were a part of turkey hunting, especially when you're getting up at 4:30 AM for days in a row....I've lost track of the times when I've been wakened by a gobble or woke up and had a set of eyes looking at me. Yep, all part of it....
  9. Uncle Nicky

    Any Jeopardy fans ?

    I have a brother that was a child prodigy, skipped a grade in school, etc...won a local quiz show in Philly as a teen. Anyway, he got his chance to go on Jeopardy. He decided to bet it all on the last question and lost. It was right around the time Weird Al Yankovich came out with " I Lost on Jeopardy". There is a moral & irony to this story somewhere...
  10. Uncle Nicky

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Wild turkey & dumplings...WINNING!
  11. Uncle Nicky

    What's your go to turkey call ?

    Box call, but I carry a pot call, scratchbox, wingbone, and some mouthcalls also. But when the going gets tough, I usually revert back to the box call.
  12. Uncle Nicky

    Lost my dog today

    Sorry to hear it
  13. Uncle Nicky

    What Is The Best Job That You Did For Free?

    From time to time I transport dogs to new owners or foster homes for a dog rescue orginization. Actually, it costs money, but I don't mind.
  14. Uncle Nicky

    Worst Employment Ever Held

    Had some doozies, but most of the time it wasn't the work, so much as the co-workers. The worst was a job in high school calling people on the phone to take surveys, mind-numbingly boring, and the average person doesn't want to have their dinner interrupted to be asked what movies they watched this month or who they plan to vote for in the next election.
  15. Uncle Nicky

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Wild hog sausage topped with peppers, onions, and mozzarella cheese. Side of spaghetti and a garden salad. Mommas at work, just me and the pooches.