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  1. I don't have a picture, but I remember a friend had a chicken that was missing both feet, supposedly it had gotten frostbite. Maybe the same case here?
  2. Ceviche, made with sea bass caught yesterday.
  3. I always liked this clip. where James Bond fights Rosa Klebb. I work with an old hag that looks like her, I could picture her pulling some stunt like this.
  4. My mother is doing Thanksgiving dinner today, this should be interesting.... I made up a meal for deer camp in PA, got a last minute invite. Going to try & fill my PA fall turkey tag with my dog Friday (last day), then Saturday PA deer rifle season starts. Fried squirrel, biscuits, gravy, stewed okra, & greens. And of course a couple Heinekens to wash it all down.
  5. The world has changed. When I worked in a kitchen and in a supermarket meat room, we joked a lot with the girls, had Playboy calendars hanging on the wall, nobody thought much of it. Fast-forward 25 years now to the corporate job I am at, I have seen a number of instances that make me shake my head. We have a young, pretty girl in the office who dresses every day like she is going clubbing, yet she's filed 2 complaints with HR already (there about 4 years) about guys "staring at" or "stalking" her...one of the guys was let go. Needless to say, I give her a wide berth. So glad retirement is on the near horizon, I feel sorry for anyone young starting out in the current work environment.
  6. Good heavens, reminds me of the movie "Hannibal".
  7. I was thinking to take a drive-by to see the action, but my understanding is that the state is going to trap and transfer a number of these nuisance birds. I'll save the gas & toll money I guess.
  8. Shot my 2019 NY buck with a Model 99 .358. Honestly, I have lost track of what has met it's demise to this rifle, dozens of deer, a couple fall turkeys, a couple hogs & a bear I think. Many offers to sell it over the years, but it's going in the coffin with me when that day comes.
  9. Yes, presidential elections are always in leap years.
  10. I've made sopressata & pepperoni in the past, but in the recipes I has used the meat was raw, I used Prague powder #2, and was VERY specific about temperature & humidity....I know for a fact if this wasn't followed correctly the sausage wouldn't dry correctly and there would be "air pockets", which aren't good. I gave it up when I moved to a house that didn't have a basement. But this looks to be much simpler. I follow the recipes & techniques you have posted, the only questions I have are: 1). At the risk of sounding dense, this works using only Prague Powder #1 as a curing agent? 2). Do you dry the sausage at room temperature? 3). Do you have any problems with flies or mice showing up inside? Thanks for any input in advance.
  11. I have seen them at Assateague, pretty sure they are on the other side of the island also (Chincoteague). I believe there is a drawing you can apply for to hunt them there. Everything I have heard is that they are very spooky creatures, and pretty much have to be baited to get them to come out of the marsh, at least in Maryland. I would love to get a chance to hunt them some time.
  12. Yes, a lot. As i get older, my outlook on hunting has changed. I'm just as happy getting a new person or friend a deer or turkey as I am getting one myself. The memories of the animals you kill and the meals fade with time, but the memories spent helping others and time spent with relatives seem to stay with you (at least in my case). One of the best fishing trips I ever went on was last summer, not only because the fishing was very good, but because it was with a lifelong friend dying of cancer. We both knew it would be his last time fishing in the ocean, he could barely crank the reel and I had to pretty much hold his hand the whole time. But it meant so much to him and his family that I brought him with me, I was getting embarrassed at his funeral after a while with all the accolades that were coming my way. I'd do it all over again in a minute.
  13. Because I don't care much about professional sports, and I have no interest in being a golfer.
  14. Do you think it has anything to do with all the people planting food plots snd putting out minerals these days?
  15. Just my $.02, but I've mentored and taken a LOT of people hunting in my life....and will still continue to do it. If I was there, I would have helped you for free, not all hunters are greedy or lazy. Good deeds have a way of coming back, hopefully today will be your day. Next time I would lay some ground rules out...