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  1. There are a lot of good videos & books out there on training, and even 1 or 2 sessions with a good trainer will cut the learning curve. Introducing the dog to birds as soon as possible and letting him know they are what you are heading out to the woods for is a big part of it. Play catch or hide seek with a dead bird or drag a dead bird around the yard on a fishing line & praise the dog when he grabs it. Let him chew one or two and get the smell/taste of a real pheasant in it's mouth. Some dogs have the prey drive, some are half-way aggressive, and others just become house pets; even in the best breedings there are duds in a litter. But a good breeder will let you return the dog if it isn't cut out for hunting (provided the family doesn't get attached, LOL).
  2. Cool, I volunteer my time with a pointer rescue organization, it's amazing how many people go into this blind without knowing what they are getting into. And how many realize that their bird finding machine that they enjoy for 4 months a year becomes an anxious, depressed, disruptive family member for the remaining 8 months of the year when they aren't exercised or stimulated properly. But sounds like you know what is ahead of you. Personally, without knowing anything about you other than what you've posted here, sounds like a lab or springer or Boykin spaniel is what you're looking for. A beagle would also be a good choice, but sounds like that's not an option. Feists and smaller curs are USUALLY good in the house as well, and will chase just about anything that moves if you let them, but treeing squirrels is their strong suit.
  3. Not to sound like a jerk, but a well behaved hunting dog that is fun to hunt with and does it's job well requires a LOT of training, at least in the first year or two. Not so much training on how to hunt or prey drive (that's either in the dog's personality/breeding/genes or it isn't), but in basic obedience and attention to commands. Growing up, my father had beagles, spaniels, and pointers at different times, all would chase rabbits or flush pheasants. Lots of guys I know use labs to hunt pheasants, they don't generally range far and are usually pretty easy to control, not sure how they'd work out for rabbits. Again, not to sound like a jerk, but every dog I ever saw that was high energy (which is what you usually want in a hunting dog) was generally a handful in the house unless they were given a LOT of exercise, and allowed a good run off leash as often as possible. Good luck!
  4. I braved the elements yesterday and got in on a 6-pack charter for cod off of Long Island. The weather wasn't bad for this time of the year, and the ocean was kind. I didn't get a limit but close to it. Cod is at the very top of my favorite fish to catch & eat, great start to the New Year!
  5. I am no expert, but I would start the dog from square 1, the same as you would with a puppy. And yeah, it will suck doing this while it is cold out, but.... Keep the dog crated most of the day. Then block out some time, and take the dog outside, and don't return inside until the dog does it's business. When it does, praise the hell out of it, give it a treat. Then let the dog back in the house out of the crate, but at the VERY first sign that it is going to pee or sh*t, rush it outside and stay out there with her until she does; again, make a big deal in a positive way when the dog pees or sh*ts outside. As long as the dog won't soil the crate, this ought to work. It may take a week or two, but if it's carried out consistently, the dog will pick up what's expected. Good luck!
  6. If you look long & hard enough (and are willing to put some miles on the truck), there is still a lot to hunt this time of year. Weather looks to be mild all the way through New Years, and ocean fishing is pretty hot now. Small game is open, I'll probably get out with friends with dogs & see if we can knock a few squirrels out of a tree (but sitting for them isn't all that productive when it's cold). There's goose & duck hunting all the way through March if you want to try for snows. And of course the VA fall turkey season is open until the end of January, my pup is raring to go NOW!!! I never trapped or ice fished, but that's also an option. Anything beats bickering on these internet forums!!!
  7. Looks like high of 45 degrees, moderate wind, & 2-3 foot waves, shouldn't be bad at all. A friend was there a week ago & they killed them. Biggest problem this time of year (and later) is finding a window weather that will cooperate. But yeah, if I froze 1/2 to death & didn't catch anything, I'd be in no hurry to return.
  8. LOL...the cold weather lull, where most seasons are closed & we start turning on each other. Weather looks nice this weekend, I'm headed up to Narragansett, RI Sunday & Monday to fish for sea bass & cod, it will make a nice Christmas dinner accompaniment. Anyone want to meet up? I'm doing 2 days on party boats, shouldn't be too crowded.
  9. I never really thought it was the call as much as the guy working the call. It seems to me that turkeys have a certain call, sound, & cadence for different situations (feeding, alert, contentment, searching, angry, happy, etc). Guys I have seen that are TRUE turkey whisperers (I'm not one) know these sounds & calls, and how to apply them in the right situation. The repetitive YAWT YAWT YAWT nonsense you see on TV shows may work in some situations, but not in most; if this is the only sound or call a hunter makes, he's just getting lucky when he kills something. But there is something to not using the same call day after day after day; turkeys DO pick up on pressure and can be fooled once or twice, but rarely more than that. Just my $.02....
  10. I don't have a picture, but I remember a friend had a chicken that was missing both feet, supposedly it had gotten frostbite. Maybe the same case here?
  11. Ceviche, made with sea bass caught yesterday.
  12. I always liked this clip. where James Bond fights Rosa Klebb. I work with an old hag that looks like her, I could picture her pulling some stunt like this.
  13. My mother is doing Thanksgiving dinner today, this should be interesting.... I made up a meal for deer camp in PA, got a last minute invite. Going to try & fill my PA fall turkey tag with my dog Friday (last day), then Saturday PA deer rifle season starts. Fried squirrel, biscuits, gravy, stewed okra, & greens. And of course a couple Heinekens to wash it all down.
  14. The world has changed. When I worked in a kitchen and in a supermarket meat room, we joked a lot with the girls, had Playboy calendars hanging on the wall, nobody thought much of it. Fast-forward 25 years now to the corporate job I am at, I have seen a number of instances that make me shake my head. We have a young, pretty girl in the office who dresses every day like she is going clubbing, yet she's filed 2 complaints with HR already (there about 4 years) about guys "staring at" or "stalking" her...one of the guys was let go. Needless to say, I give her a wide berth. So glad retirement is on the near horizon, I feel sorry for anyone young starting out in the current work environment.