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  1. You are absolutely right Bill, a lot more actual members here. But its sure seems like NJWW is a lot more active in general than this site is. I will now go & eat a can of worms, and suggestions on what seasoning works best? LOL
  2. I'm on the NJ forum also, there are a LOT more members than this group. A lot of guys are still hunting coyotes, bunnies, & snow geese. Give it another month and people will have turkeys on their mind.
  3. I probably should, but rarely do. I've gotten lazy by carrying a cell phone when I head out, but that could break, lose signal, run out of battery, etc.
  4. Hard call. If they have a deposit in, might be best to just see what happens with the Corona virus, it may be a non-issue by the summer, maybe they could schedule for a later date. If I didn't have a deposit in, I'd just wait another year. I did the Alaska cruise with my wife 2 years ago. No regrets, the food was very good, always something to do to stay busy, and the landscape was amazing. Most of the day trips were complete tourist traps. If I ever go again I'd either go somewhere more off the beaten path, or better yet plan my own trip centered around fishing, but doubt the wife would have much interest in that.
  5. Congratulations. Reminds me of a joke I heard years ago.... A woman walks into a tattoo parlor... ...and says to the tattoo artist "I want this picture of Elvis Presley tattooed on my inner thigh." The tattoo artist doesn't bat an eye and proceeds to do so. The artist finishes the tattoo, and it's an exact match to the picture. He asks the woman "So, what do you think?" "This is awful! This looks nothing like Elvis!" "Ma'am, it's an exact match", the artist says, holding the picture in his hand. "I don't care what you think", the woman says, "try again on my other thigh". The artist once again tattoos a perfect match of the King on her other thigh, and once again the woman is furious. "You managed to screw this up twice! I want my money back!" "Ma'am, I don't know what to tell you. Both of these are identical!" "I bet I can go up to anyone on the street and they'll agree with me!" Says the woman "And if they do, I'll give you your money back" says the artist. So the woman walks out of the tattoo parlor and walks up to the first man she sees. She hikes up her skirt and says "Who does this look like to you?" The man says "I don't know about the twins, but the one in the middle is a dead ringer for Willie Nelson"
  6. Congratulations! Are you planning to hunt with them? I was looking at getting one some day down the road, but just a little too much dog for what I need (squirrel hunting). There is a great group out there if you do Facebook.
  7. Very nice. I remember reading a book or magazine article years ago, written in Davy Crockett's words. He & his dogs would kill a bunch of bears for winter as meat, some of the encounters sounded a little "hairy" (drum roll/cymbal crash). Most black bears are scared of humans. I ran across a sow & cubs once, she ran them up a tree then sat at the bottom of the tree. I took that as a sign to clear out, which I promptly did.
  8. He did it intentionally, there are a couple different angles posted out on the WWW. Not an excuse for being petty, but she did make faces the whole time during the last State of the Union address, held her own mini-address with Chuck Schumer last year afterwards, took the lead during the sham of an impeachment trial, and modified the introduction speech this year. I wouldn't shake her hand either.
  9. Actually, it happens a lot. The toms are anxious to get the party started, and the warm weather just accelerates things.
  10. I support Donald Trump, 100%. I was hoping he'd make a run way before he decided to give it a shot back in 2016. But in all fairness, the partisan BS has been going on for decades now. when Obama was president a lot of Republicans wouldn't get up & clap at the State of the Union speeches, and remember "YOU LIE" ? This is becoming better entertainment than anything the writers in Hollywood can dream up. Pelosi is definitely a sore loser, tough sh*t on her. She led the charge on the phony impeachment trial, knowing that there was no chance of getting enough votes to impeach; now she's acting salty? Time for that old cow to be put out to pasture.... I'm more worried about Michael Bloomberg than any of the other Dems that pile out of the clown car for each debate. He actually has a lot in common with Trump, but his politics & beliefs are scary, at least to me.
  11. Most years when it is warm like this, the gobbling slows down earlier. But hunting birds that don't gobble much is what separates the men from the boys.
  12. I really like the D-season, but with everything I have going on this year (and lack of vacation & sick days), I am probably only going to be able to swing E week (Saturdays).
  13. I won't go as far as to say I am an expert. But I've hog-hunted every year for the last 20 years, mostly in Florida & Georgia. Between myself, my sons, & friends, I've probably seen 100 or more hogs die, 95% has been hunting with dogs, a few times night vison with a rifle, a few times off of a baited stand. They become EXTREMELY nocturnal once they know they are being hunted. Hogs breed fast, no doubt about that. But they breed and become established much faster where there is more food for them and the weather is warmer than in PA or NY. Is it plausible that they can get north of the Mason-Dixon line & become established? Sure, but I highly doubt with the higher densities of hunters and harsher conditions, that they will ever become the nuisance that they are in the south & Texas. But if you ever see the damage that they can do to a newly planted field or what happens when an irrigation pivot wheel hits a spot where hogs have been rooting, you will understand the concern to keep them under control. They will eat eggs and destroy turkey nests, and occasionally get aggressive with humans, but they are mostly an agricultural concern.The farthest north that I'm aware of an established population of hogs is in Culpepper County, VA, but if anyone has different information, please let me know. I also think that a specific road trip to PA isn't going to be very productive, and once you are done buying an out-of-state license, paying for a motel or costs to drag a camper, etc. you might as well head further south and go where they really live. But that's just my $.02.
  14. I have never seen one, but supposedly there are some running around in Bedford county. Nowhere close to a population explosion, I'm not sure I'd make a long drive for hogs in PA, might make more sense to keep on driving south if you want to hunt true wild hogs. I had a friend in Tully, NY who has since passed away, but he showed me pictures years ago of a hog a neighbor had killed, supposedly there was a group of them living in the area, this was around 2007.