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  1. Maybe it's the areas we live in. I moved to the border of Delaware & Maryland a few months ago, both states that traditionally vote "D". Every other house is flying a Trump flag, very few Biden signs anywhere. A little less back in my old neighborhood in PA, but still overwhelmingly Trump supporters. My opinion of course, but I don't see Trump as being all that hated, but I do see the media trying to sell this to us on a very regular basis. Hillary wasn't especially likeable, but I see that things are much different this time around. The corruption, lies, rioting in Democratic cities, & prolonging the Corona fiasco for 7 months has a lot of people disgusted, and ready to pick up guns if it comes to that. Harris is a hack who will probably be the president in 6 months if Biden does win, she's more "deplorable" than Hillary (IMO, of course). And I can't even wrap my head around the fact that the Democrats are trying to run a man who should be in a nursing home as the president of the most powerful country in the world. So many of our freedoms are at stake this time around, I can't even fathom how anyone would willingly vote in socialism & more government control of our lives, especially knowing what we know now.
  2. I'm predicting it's not going to be all that close, now is the chance to expose the Biden cartel for what it really is, I'm not hearing much at all from my liberal acquaintances in the last few days, I'm imagining some of those on the fence or reluctant to vote for Trump may be doing some soul searching. Seems to me the doctors on his team have their own agenda, I haven't trusted anything that came out of Fauci's mouth since March...for someone who is supposed to be an expert, he seems to contradict himself & change his policies every other week. But I do agree that the Democrats will likely contest the election when they do lose. The best thing Trump can do in the next debate is to stay calm, and give Biden more rope to hang himself with.
  3. And this is EXACTLY why I am such a fan of Donald Trump. Irregardless of his Twitter antics or his behavior at the debates. I'm not naive enough to believe that he has no skeletons somewhere either. But his wealth was accumulated while a businessman, not while a politician. And the fact that both the career Democrats AND Republicans are scared of him draining the swamp speaks volumes to someone like me. He is proof that you don't need to be a career politician to run for office & be an effective president.
  4. I will start...opening day saw a couple decent breaks, but no shots fired. Sunday was a different story, caught a flock of hens & juvies sneaking into the woods from a cornfield, and 45 minutes me & a buddy tagged out. I cannot put into words the pride & love I have for my dog Maizy, I would put her up against anyone's turkey dog. Almost 6 years old, and she is truly in her prime.
  5. Like the title says, post a picture & a story if you would like
  6. Yes, it definitely looks like an eventual plan to take our guns away, one small grab at a time. The second amendment is pretty simple, and I suppose open to interpretation. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." It seems to me that the founding fathers are saying we need to be able to own guns, so that we can fight an oppressive government if the time ever came that we needed to. In today's day & age, I'd think that would include semi-automatic rifles that can hold multiple shots; Biden calls them "assault weapons" on his website, which he clearly claims he wants to stop future sales of, and strictly regulate those already in circulation. How much clearer does it need to be that by voting Democrat this election, you are voting to have your gun rights taken away as well?
  7. Now, you are talking like a guy with a paper a**hole. If you really believe this, and call yourself a hunter or outdoor person, you are more clueless than anyone that you have called out here with your "superior intellect". Actually, every time I respond to you I feel a little bit dumber for wasting my time & effort. Moving on.....
  8. Like your boy Sleepy Joe would say, "Awww...C'mon Man". Someone who really wanted "pointers" wouldn't start out the gate with the liberal noise, especially if they wanted to be accepted in hunting circles. How much is Soros paying these days, $15/hour? Anyway, your logic is circular. Liberals are dead-set on gun control in the Canadian or European model. This doesn't help anyone who is truly interested in hunting or owning firearms.
  9. Yes. I'm still fishing & crabbing right now, I'll probably head for the woods in a week or two once it gets colder & fall turkey opens up. I don't have a lot to add since pretty much all the hunting threads are on bow hunting right now. I really don't visit this forum much these days, since I semi-retired. Right now I'm especially interested in who & what my fellow outdoors people are voting for, this upcoming election may very well decide the direction our country & gun rights decide to take. This forum was mostly a time killer for me when I had my office job (yes, rednecks with masters degrees do exist in the corporate world ). So, you've searched my profile & I've given you my resume. Why are you here, other than to stir the pot with leftist dribble?
  10. My comments make complete sense to me, and probably many here. What you trolled back with is a lot of 75-cent words that really don't seem to even go together. Are you saying that being white means you are treated special in this country? Or are you just deflecting again?
  11. White privilege died back in the 1960s. There is no white-pride month, no NAAWP, no WET, no white lives matter, no white panthers. My ancestors didn't own slaves or even show up in this country until the 1900s, so I have nothing to feel guilty about or pay reparations for. Affirmative action only benefits black people, and every dark-skinned person in this country has the same opportunity to advance if they decide to choose that path. Why do so many people immigrate here from Africa, Jamaica, or Haiti if this is such a hateful country towards dark-skinned people? It's pretty obvious that all of the attention on race & skin color is just another ploy to keep us all divided rather than united. Do police profile dark-skinned people? Probably, but they also profile shady looking & acting light skinned people. Don't act like a thug, show a little respect when questioned by the police, and drop the no-snitch mentality. It really is that simple.
  12. Get well Mr. President & Melania. We need 4 more years without a liberal president!!!!!
  13. Just like Sleepy Joe, you keep deflecting. I have my answer. They left has been slowly trying to chip away at the second amendment since the 1980s, but Biden is the first candidate to admit that this is part of his agenda. Elect a liberal congress, president, and Supreme Court justices, and watch the dominoes tumble. First goes semi-auto rifles, then handguns, and next thing you know you have to sign your hunting rifle in & out at the police station like they do in England & Germany and they count out how many shells you turn back in. Earlier this year liberal Canada banned semi-auto rifles, and you think it can't happen here if all the wrong stars line up?