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  1. This election was already important but it just got critical. It doesn't seem like BO will be successful forcing in another liberal Justice as a lame duck Pres. against the Republicans, (although that didn't stop him from saying he would) but if Hillary, Bernie or God forbid Bloomburg takes it - our gun rights are gone. Things definitely just took a scary turn.
  2. I've got 6 - 50 round boxes of Magtech .44 Mag 240 gr SJSP left. Will include 150 once fired brass casings with sale for reloading. $200 Prefer to meet in Westchester for Sale. If interested email [email protected] or PM Thanks for looking!
  3. Mods - please close this out. I will list the 44 as a new ad. Thanks!
  4. That's pretty cool, good luck at the new spot!
  5. OK - Last update on this (I think) - The last 5/ .357 and 6 boxes of the .44's are Sold Pending Funds At this time I have 6 boxes of 240 gr SJSP Magtech .44 Mag left to sell Thanks!
  6. That must have been pretty exciting out of a snubby! How'd the hand feel after that?
  7. Beautiful Smith snubbie Tommy! Careful with those Buffalo Bores - Is the S&W J frame rated for that load?
  8. Thanks again Tommy, it was nice to finally meet you and put a face to the screen name! Pleasure doing business with you! If you decide to go for the extra 5 for 100 let me know! And Paul - good luck today!
  9. It was a pleasure meeting and doing business with you today NY Hunter, thanks and happy shooting! Good look with those boxes tomorrow!
  10. Looks like we have enough for a 4 man HuntingNY ride to Sturgis!
  11. Lawdwaz - I might have something close. I've got a Matte 3-9 x 40 Vari x II that I took off of the .270 I sold. My plan was to try to replace the 1.5-5 Vari X III I have on my 77/22 with it - but a quick check against the rings looks like I'd need to buy a higher ringset for the .22 as it looks like the front bezel is going to jam up against the folded down rear site. If it gets too expensive or looks like a no go I'll pm you some pics of it. I'll let you know how things develop with that project as it moves along. Right now I've got about 5 boxes of my .357 and 12 boxes of .44 ammo stock left to deal first. I thought I'd sell it easily at the Blue Mountain Range yesterday when I went shooting but it was Closed!
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