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  1. They were excellent.....a bit greasier than I like but I guess I'm not surprised. Very tasty and I'd buy again!!
  2. Today I made it.....a quick stop for ONLY sausage cost me $52 lol I'll follow up with a full review after supper.
  3. I’ll look into the shipping cost. Do any of the die sets interest you?
  4. Great, I’m fasting for blood work in the morning and can’t go grab a slice. Sweet dreams?!?!?!
  5. We took our kids probably 10 years ago......we all enjoyed it.
  6. people tell me “You should go in the 30's between the round house and the weather buoy and just jig crawlers“. Thank me later.
  7. I didn't make it to NCP.........a major detour happened and I didn't go that direction. Maybe tomorrow if I don't fry at work.
  8. I might just run by the "NCP" today and buy some, ready to give a second (highly coveted opinion) on said sausage.........
  9. Happy Birthday Brad.............Fresh Batteries and New Cards For You!!