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  1. Looking forward to your range reports.
  2. Happy Birthday Jason! 40 yet?!?!
  3. You're correct, east side of Goodrich......
  4. Had to be quite a job hanging that beast.
  5. Pretty difficult to judge a deer from a photo. Since the poster said that's what they weighed, you have to assume they were weighed on a decent scale and not assumed to weigh what he stated. Needless to say the accuracy between different scales can vary.....
  6. 217lbs dressed, my biggest although I did kill one other at 205lbs.
  7. Cool.....12 years later. Good find Al.
  8. Well than burmjohn is alive & well, paying invoices and collecting some amount of money for his (or lack of) efforts. I find it incredibly hard to believe that no one has been able to contact him in this day and age and discuss the sale of this joint......
  9. Since you seem to have vast experience with Forum Management, are there expenses incurred here and if so, who’s paying the freight? In the same vein, are profits made and who’s collecting the bags o money?
  10. A good season for me; would have liked a buck with the bow or ML’r but didn’t see the “right” one. Passed a pile with the bow and a few in the late season. Most importantly the freezer is runneth’ over. Lol
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