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  1. Lawdwaz

    New aging app

    Well I had TF do it in a PM/Mega group chat and to say I’m astonished would be an understatement. I can’t post it now as I’m in the fart sack but might tomorrow. Night John Boy, night Mary Ellen.......
  2. Lawdwaz

    My 10yr old son goin on a hunt.

    Nice vice........ Good luck to your son! Looking forward to seeing pictures.
  3. Lawdwaz

    New aging app

    I wouldn't do that for a million bucks..................
  4. Lawdwaz

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    That thread was deleted by the was the right move.
  5. Lawdwaz

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    And thank you TF and others for the clarity.
  6. Lawdwaz

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    OK, sounds like we're getting somewhere........A couple things though, the system will let two folks have the same name? (Belo & Belo) And Jerkman is "Bill Schmidt"?
  7. Lawdwaz

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    OK, I'm getting tired of this name switching stuff. I need answers to who's who here and WHO you gonna be next. handle and all "close" similarities are locked up so pound salt.
  8. Lawdwaz


    Jeez, snot rockets would have been a little more appropriate.
  9. Lawdwaz

    School me on tractors

    I'm sure that's just a glitch.......maybe one of the (formerly) active moderators can lend a hand to a friend in need?
  10. Lawdwaz

    Ok ok, I'm sure this has been addressed but....

    You freaking guys and your swapped names have all fugged up.......... Belo my ass, I KNOW that's you Larry.
  11. Lawdwaz

    Pebbles island

    That’s what I thought......
  12. Lawdwaz

    Pebbles island

    Where is it???????
  13. We had a customer at work that ordered all their plumbing and other items (sinks, faucets, cook top and even light fixtures I think for a remodel job and I can't recall who he got them from. I'd like to call him but he's wanting a deck right NOW and we just don't have the time to do it till the fall so I hate to call him. It wasn't a big box store website, that I know. No biggie.......just thinking out loud. (with my fingers)
  14. A friend needs to order a faucet and have it shipped to Florida. Any experience with a online seller that you can recommend? Thank you