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  1. A guy I work with told me today his neighbor's son died yesterday, 58 years old. My buddy didn't know if he had any underlying health risks, not that that really matters right now. What he was though is positive for covid 19, sad deal for that family and any family. Not being able to comfort a loved one, even if it's an adult child in their dying days or moments. I can't imagine the grief..........
  2. Oops I was too quick on the trigger. Insulated and waterproof for hiking? Hoffman Boots
  3. Ask 100 guys, get 101 opinions. OK, I’ll go ahead and say Vasque.
  4. Lawdwaz


    My long deceased mother absolutely loved doing, never.
  5. I have two pair of prescription orthotics from Hook’s Shoe Store. I think they’ll make them for anybody (I paid for one pair and insurance paid for the other) but the price is steep....$325 or so. I have other foot issues and they are wonderful. Also, Hook’s has a great selection of real shoes, not horse shiit Walmart stuff.
  6. This is from a man that knows his fish fry’s!!!!!
  7. I had it last year and had another bout of it start up in February, It's getting better now that I'm not on my feet all day. When I would get out of my truck after driving home from work, getting out of my chair before heading to bed or when first getting out of bed in the morning the pain is excruciating, almost crippling. But, within about 30 seconds of moving around it is somewhat better.
  8. I might have done that once....
  9. We'll keep your mom in our thoughts FL.......
  10. Good man! I've been pondering it's been years since I've donated. I don't know if mine is worthy these days?
  11. Lawdwaz

    Drop away rest

    I have the inexpensive (subjective) QAD Hunter on my bow too. I'm not the best shot (lower percentile in my class at the Academy) but did manage to kill three deer with it during the 2019 archery season.
  12. No have to keep going. It gets better!!!
  13. Bizarre isn't a strong enough word......... It really makes my life look incredibly boring.