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  1. Looks like it was a productive day for the hunters today. A special congratulations to Grampy and Steuben Jerry's daughter, well damn done!! PS......Age and dressed weight please.
  2. Lawdwaz

    Huge Thanks to Reeltime!

    I took it to my buddies place the weekend before. We didn't put it in his barn for the winter because he had some other things to jockey around before my boat goes in. The plan was to do it on Friday but with the coming snow he put it in the east end of the barn but it couldn't stay there all winter, it had to go in the west end. Well I thought maybe I could swing it around to the west end door but the snow proved too much. I got the truck & trailer stuck, mostly because the ground was so soft. I got late word today that it is out of the field and up in front of the east end door again. Maybe at some point this week/weekend after the super cold temps I can haul it in the other end and put 'er to bed. Pain in the azz............
  3. Lawdwaz

    Huge Thanks to Reeltime!

    "STUCK STUFF", not stick stuff................that's what I get for rushing.
  4. Lawdwaz

    Huge Thanks to Reeltime!

    Friday I had stuck vehicles including; my Tacoma, a Silverado, all wheel drive Toyota mini van and my boat. All were freed easy enough with an M tractor and some snatch-um straps. Except the boat, it’s going to have to stay where it is till a hard freeze. I love stick stuff extraction except when it’s mine!
  5. Lawdwaz

    Huge Thanks to Reeltime!

    Hopefully Reeltime is a more frequent poster here, me missed him.
  6. Lawdwaz

    2018 HuntingNY Gun Harvest Thread

    Here's my story........Friday was a total mind blower with the 11" of snow we got in Ontario Country. Two of us spent 7-8 hours moving snow, gettin cars/trucks/boats stuck and unstuck. (the boat is still stuck and will have to wait till the ground is frozen) We put up a ladder stand that will have to be moved AGAIN as I made an honest mistake and discovered it early afternoon yesterday while perusing OnX, my bad. Oh and we had the Great swan roundup for my buddies PIA birds. Myself and another guest got them up to the barn and the one on my side made a break for it.......I cornered him into the side of the barn. The 11" of snow helped to slow the big SOB down. I tackled him and carried him into his cell (horse stall) where he/she will spend the 5-6 months with its partner. Saturday was a bust for me. I should have known better than to go where I went with the winds that were forecast, all I saw was one doe all day. I'd rather not even think about what a dumb move that was....... So today was a different story. I made it to my spot by 6:30 despite the terrible snow conditions. Around 6:55 I spotted a lone deer way out in a mowed field, probably 400 yards and heading parallel to my position. He disappeared for a hew minutes and I thought I'd never get a crack at him. I watched for him to appear at one of my two possible shooting lanes and he went to the better of the two......sunrise today was 7:07am, exact time I shot him. Approx. 150 yard shot, .243 with Barnes 80gr TTSX, 8pt and dressed weight of 198lbs. I let him lay for about an hour before gutting him in hopes of a crack at a good doe. I did see one but the shot was just a touch sketchy so I passed. I didn't need a rodeo....... I have one buddy who has a great sense of humor, he sent me this picture and I should have sent it to Bizzy, he'd get a kick out of it. The End
  7. Lawdwaz

    Has anyone seen my missing taxidermist ?

    Just a thought; have you driven to his house/shop?
  8. Lawdwaz

    My deer

    Nice shooting Paula!!
  9. Lawdwaz

    A scoring challenge.....

    More importantly what did he weigh and how old is he?
  10. Glad this storm didn’t fire up 24 hours later.......there’d be some real happy deer if it did.
  11. Lawdwaz

    Roy Clark

    He was a good one, RIP Roy
  12. Lawdwaz

    Cigarette smokers

    Smokers speed on the highways more than non-smokers. .....heard it from John Tesh
  13. Lawdwaz

    Grinder Recommendations

    I have the Cabela’s Carnivore 3/4hp. Thinking this is the third year I’ve been using it. It’s also a Beast at 40+ pounds; it stays in the basement and I bring the meat to IT.
  14. Lawdwaz

    I Never Thought I’d Say It.......

    Sorrentino’s, Main & Mill (BTW, a few fell off but most made it down the hatch)