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  1. Cain't have a hand gun in your possession while bow hunting but I'll keep it quiet......
  2. Blame it on the USPS.......
  3. The 165gr bullet just screams to me as the right bullet for so much that a 30-06 is used for. Big bears, moose etc the 180gr or bigger is a better choice.
  4. What, a child of your own? Who are you and what did you do with the “Joe” from 6-8 years ago?? Lol, nice to see you around Joe, ALL the best to you and your boy this fall.
  5. Not too shabby for 26 year old handloads!!
  6. I could see me on that thing, I'd be a shoe in for the circus...............
  7. I've got some on hold for him at Pella, just waiting on the 50% deposit before ordering.........
  8. Doubtful any fawn born now will see spring of 2021
  9. Thanks for posting the pictures and the nice little tribute. RIP mom & dad
  10. Overall Length (and this has nothing to do with clothing)
  11. Were they a "couple" in real life?