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  1. Dan, send me more tomorrow if you get them loaded.....
  2. Hot off the wire, here's the bobcat Dan trapped a couple weeks ago.......................
  3. I need details on this field to fork deal. Usually I’m thinking fork to field......... Gross
  4. I bought new tires AND wheels online for much cheaper than what I could have locally. I don’t recall the size off hand though.
  5. NULA 7mm-08......confirmed zero today, one shot at 100 yards.
  6. Had a great hunt this morning against a snowy backdrop. It didn't last too long as I had a doe come through solo......she gave me about a 16-17 yard shot and I made it count. She headed back the way she came after the shot and after about 60 yards I saw the tell tale flicker of her flag. I didn't actually see her drop but I was confident enough to only give her 30 minutes before I climbed down and took up the trail. She was where I thought......... The drag was MUCH nicer than the buck last Saturday evening; 30 yards on level ground to a seasonal driveway.
  7. Sat last night and drew (not Andrew) a blank. We still have snow in the woods and I love to bow hunt in these conditions. This could be my last sit for archery, hopefully it is eventful.
  8. Going to sound like they’re walking on Frosted Flakes this morning. They’re GREAT!!!!!!!
  9. So you go walking around the woods/brush with a bow and find it gets hung up? Amazing...... That my friend is elementary. Sorry
  10. Ahh OK. Not a great reason to take up ML'r hunting but whatever works for you.
  11. The tough part of archery hunting, most of us have sadly been there and done that. Like the tracker said, hopefully he's back to chasing tail as we speak
  12. blackbeltbill (soon to be NunchakuNubbins) I'd like to ask you a question; you ever eat sardines?