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  1. Same bucks?

    No they aren’t. There'd be dramatic growth difference in almost a month.
  2. BEARysburg!

    It's neat to see them around although I know to many people in the country they sure can be a nuisance.......
  3. Yea, one man's trash is another man's treasure!! (I'm not calling any of this stuff "junk". It's just stuff I don't need and has to go!!)
  4. Mercury 9.8hp 110 Outboard. This is a 1966 manufactured motor and has been sitting in my basement since 1991. It is in exceptional condition and certainly looks like it was used very little when it was used. Mostly dust and cob webs on it now! I have the Mercury fuel can with hoses too, condition on them is unknown as I haven't looked closely at them. It belonged to my father in law and I never saw him haul it out of the basement. Fuel tank and stand included. $250 LOCAL
  5. Machinist tool box, made in Leroy, NY. Excellent shape, hasn't been used in close to 50 years..........$50 local pick up only.
  6. Dry ice....

    While hunting out west years ago, all grocery stores/Walmart etc. carried dry ice.
  7. Putting in new food plots

    Looks great John.............
  8. Always SOMETHING...<<SIGH>>..

    Sis is a lovely lady and they make perfect couple........ Good people, Dan & Sis.
  9. Thanks moog and others..... I know I posted the story about that buck last fall but he was heading north and then turned to the east. I was further north and just a touch west so I grunted (with that Vector call) and he stopped. He looked my way then kept going.....I grunted again and he turned my way! He came in and actually fed on something right in front of me for a moment. His head and body were behind some brush and there was no shot. After what seemed like a week he started to walk into an opening. I made a burp to stop him (I'm quite an expert at the "burp" noise) and it worked. While the shot was perfect, I had very little blood for the first 150 yards or so. It was getting to be dusk and I was doubting my shot, thinking it may have been a bit high. I stopped and contemplated waiting a couple hours or even till morning (I hate leaving them all night) when all of a sudden I hear snorting coming from his direction of travel. Sunnoffabitch...... I turned and went back to my buddies and left him all night. 1st thing next morning I find him not 30-40 yards from where I stopped the night before with a almost perfect shot. It was a touch high and his lungs took some time to fill up. If I'd have gone 15 FEET more, I'd have spotted a blood trail of gruesome proportions. I don't regret pulling out that night; decisions decisions!
  10. I don't know, it seems like they (YouTube) made it easier to upload videos? Maybe I just didn't spend the time with it either.....?? I much prefer video with my trail cams over still pics and posting them for others to see is cool.
  11. Got my 2017 rifle season mount!

    Dandy buck, congratulations.