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  1. LOL, come to WNY. We have snow.....
  2. Softer...LOL I don't have any idea why you'd have floor mats sliding around in this day and age. I thought all vehicles had the small hooks permanently added to the floor of the truck, OEM? The Weathertech's hook right in and ain't going anywhere. I had them in my 2011 Tacoma and the current 2020.
  3. I think around $2300 but I'll check for accuracy after dinner. Here..... https://www.magicglassandtrim.com/
  4. Those WERE the days my friend, we thought they'd never end. Those were the days oh yes those were the days. Da da da de da.......
  5. My customizing consists of floor mats from Weathertech (front only) and the made of gold (lol) cap from A.R.E. Then the Thule rack brackets for same. I haven’t had a bug shield in 20 years or a CB in almost 40. Never liked running boards or roll bars…..
  6. Very cool…….congratulations.
  7. One of my buddies told me years ago that white wasn’t a color. Lol Im on my 2nd white vehicle. My wife has a white Highlander and son has a white Vibe. Racist, absolutely not.
  8. Like a back up camera, all those safety features are really appreciated after a few months of use. I have a bunch of it on my ‘20 Tacoma and hope to have them and more on future vehicles. (Like the keyless fob, I hope I never have keys again!!)
  9. Not sure but when this heavily laden with water snow freezes tonight it will be especially tough on deer and turkey. This is when your neighborhood shrubs get destroyed by the deer.
  10. I just drove by his house and all the lights are off...........yikes.
  11. Maybe go back and read his last post........ Common courtesy is something that befuddles you?
  12. About 18” at my house. Here are some other local totals….
  13. That was last year’s breakfast sausage I gave you. We ate the last package this morning.
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