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  1. Isn't West Seneca planning to do some heavy duty deer management? Bummer for those bucks as they'll be the first to go.
  2. On a VERY unrelated to gypsy moth issue, I had an amazing dinner last night at the 3 Legged Pig in Lakeville.
  3. Last weekend at Verona Beach the caterpillars were horrible. Today in Canadice they were just as bad but I could really see the devastation in the woods. I couldn’t believe the damage to the canopy in some areas. The sunlight getting through was like early April. How are they in your area?
  4. I could try and get a good angle from my bedroom window and plunk one in the boiler room then watch ALL the life come spewing out of him. (Her?)
  5. Not sure if this dinosaur got hit by a car overnight or someone poached it? No worries, he be ded now…….
  6. Red.....the Chevy dealer (Bob Johnson) on Rt 15 at the 390 in Avon has a GIANT pole and flag. Do you know how big it is???
  7. Lucky you! Our secretary at work is going and is as excited as all get out!! Snap some pics.......
  8. Hey Cory......have a great Birthday, looks to be a beauty of a day on tap and yours to enjoy!!
  9. Post another picture of the buck after you got him, my memory is foggy.
  10. Just about every day I get at least one coyote picture on this camera. That fawn is doomed......
  11. I'd also like to thank Rob for all his efforts and hospitality. I had a great time fishing with him and enjoyed the new boat! Thanks also to Tacks for putting this shindig together. It was great to see all the guys again and meet Lomax, Jason and Tacks buddy Larry. Also, thanks to Jerry for making a quick guest appearance. Sorry to hijack your journal Rob.
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