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  1. Lawdwaz

    Warning - Check Those Tow Ropes!!

    All you have to do is wrap the end around a tree step, branch etc after you unhook your bow or’s not going to blow around then. Having one more thing to untangle/tie on/futz around with is just a distraction.
  2. Lawdwaz

    Anyone run cams with sound ?

    All I do is video; the two Browning cams have great sound. My Bushnell has sound also but it isn’t very good. Love video & good sound.
  3. Lawdwaz

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Where’s the beef???
  4. Lawdwaz

    Ithaca Model 37 12ga

    $350 local...........
  5. Lawdwaz

    People suck

    WTH......that blows.
  6. Lawdwaz

    Annual Preseason Meal

    Looks like a heck of a good spread!!
  7. Lawdwaz

    Warning - Check Those Tow Ropes!!

    Buy the spool, the gun is free......
  8. Lawdwaz

    Warning - Check Those Tow Ropes!!

    Lets talk Tuesday night.......
  9. Lawdwaz

    Warning - Check Those Tow Ropes!!

    PM me the address......I'll get enough in the mail for you AND your grandson.
  10. Lawdwaz

    Warning - Check Those Tow Ropes!!

    26.5 miles left too.......
  11. I'm going to juice this deal up a bit. For another $50 I'll add approx. 140 pieces of once fire brass, RCBS FL & seater dies (sans the lock rings) and 10 Federal Premium 120gr Nosler Partition factory loaded rounds.
  12. Yes, you are correct. I switched it already as it looked weird.....
  13. Thanks for the try Dom but you're out to lunch on that. The rust was caused by the previous owners neglect in leaving the gun in a gun rack (with the trigger guard up if you've ever seen a gun hung like that) and some rain water leaked onto it. I saw the gun rack/roof issue when I got the gun from an old timer in Lyndonville NY on a horse trade......about 25 years ago. I know all about oil from skin etc but amazingly have never had an issue with any of my guns. I do keep a couple silicone rags handy and wipe my guns down frequently after fondling.
  14. When I first saw the name (ignorant as I am) I thought ODYSSEUS was a relation to Dr. Seuss.......And he was one of my hero's as a young boy.
  15. Cool........I'm not up a Greek Gods. Here's a copy/paste for anyone curious: Odysseus was a Greek hero famed for his intellect and cunning. He created the plan to sack the city of Troy using a giant hollow horse. He is also famous for his long odyssey, or journey, trying to return home after the events of the Trojan War. Odysseus is one of the most well-known of the early Greek heroes.