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  1. Get a chance to put some rounds down range yet??
  2. Patterning a shotgun intended for turkey hunting is typically done at 40 yards. The pattern density at 30 yards is almost always too tight and difficult to read and, using a small target like that doesn't tell you where the real point of impact is. Oh and a large piece of cardboard with a 30" circle and an X (or a turkey's head/neck junction sketched in) right in the center is the proper way to do this. Just blasting a "turkey target" like that at 30 yards tells you little to nothing. That is unless you've already spent lots of time at the bench patterning in different loads and chokes
  3. 30 yard patterns don’t tell enough. 40 yards or nothing.....
  4. Lol, no rifles for me while turkey hunting. (And there’s nobody who enjoys rifles anymore than me!)
  5. I HATE when I get yellow nutsedge......good luck with the battle.
  6. Watching and hearing the start of the days-dawn is one of the greatest gifts we can get as outdoorsman. That said, it surely isn’t mandatory in killing a gobbler but it does give you a leg up and increases your chances in fooling him. (My personal success at killing a Tom that comes off the roost is dismal at best)
  7. Could just be a dummy camera set up to catch would-be thieves. The real cameras are strategically placed and LEO could be monitoring them 24 hours a day. Who knows? I'd steer clear of that stretch of ground.........
  8. I never saw this and already owe Tacks money so yea, I’ll take one also if still available.
  9. That's probably what I'd grab if I was looking for a decent 1911.
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