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  1. Like an 870........there isn't much inside those things. Simple and functional.
  2. If it’s empty drive the two trigger group pins out and drop the assembly out. They’re pretty simple as far as I remember.
  3. Took my hunter safety as soon as I could but I really don’t recall if legally it was 12 or 14 in the mid 70’s. I thought it was 14……..if so I was 14 in 1975 and that’s be my first year. That makes this my 46th.
  4. Doesn’t look too big to me…..maybe FSW weighed it and he could share that information?
  5. For the price of those I’ll continue buying Bocce, LaNova and Sorrentino’s in a box. Happily
  6. Turkey boobs, stuffing, butternut squash and asparagus.
  7. Nice job Zeek, he’s really hooked now!!
  8. I sold a 150” (measured) perfect 10 point buck to a guy in Wellsville years ago. He said it was going in a bar down there. It was a sneak mount and fantastic looking. It was a matched pair of sheds from Amherst I picked up in 1986.
  9. Get Fast Eddie back here PDQ............
  10. This one came from that guy in Spaulding Lake's OTHER house he sold last year. He gave it to me when I was doing all that work for him....AND, I have another one on my basement workbench that is adequate. This thing is a serious vice......
  11. Plenty of caribou are killed with the lowly 22-250 every year. Maybe even a polar bear or walrus too?!?!?!
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