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  1. One word........Moog. Thank me later.
  2. My ROI was a whooping $2.00 on my Mega Lotto ticket investment for last nights drawing. Anybody win bigger??
  3. I’m hunting for personal enjoyment so would choose without hesitation the rut. I don’t enjoy early season temperatures or the heavy foliage. To each their own.....
  4. Bucks like that are behind every tree in Region 8......
  5. My goodness, you guys (and your wives of course) are outstanding cooks! I'm sure they taste as good or better than they look...........
  6. LOL, I know what they are referencing but can't understand their "English" dialects. I know my ears are bad but don't know the magnitude of it.
  7. IF....... and I said IF I had a VCR, I'd hunt the garage sales till the end of time for that flick, just to know the the deep emotions you have.
  8. What does it mean (and I'm serious) if I couldn't understand 20% of what they were saying?
  9. I never got into any JW flicks.......actually I couldn't name a single one. Clint would be my favorite between those two, no question. I wonder if age of the poster will come into play here? I'm a spry 59 year old.
  10. That's 1:52 I can't ever get back...........
  11. That there is more valuable than gold these days, partner. Just be mindful of shipping live ammo.....
  12. That's terrible.......glad you guys and your aunt are ok at least.