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  1. At A Loss, Asking For Advice

    In my experience, they'd much rather come up hill to a call than come down hill to a call.
  2. Far far from a lumber jack, I had a couple more trees to fell and buck today. One isn't seen in the picture but it is a nice ash tree that will be pulled out with the tractor when things dry out as it's down the hill a bit. The "double trunk" tree dead center behind the wood pile from two weeks ago is the one I could drop right in the pasture for fairly easy handling. There is a very narrow opening for me to drop it and although I've been cutting wood for many years, I rarely had to drop bigger trees and when I did, accuracy wasn't that important. Today I had to be spot on and I was nervous I'd bungle worked darn near perfect so I was pretty happy about it. I wanted it drop either right on that woodpile or just feet to the east....right where it is. I had lots of fun this winter working with the new saw and only have a few smaller trees to still get down and they'll be easy enough. All the wood is given to a couple friends in the area.
  3. Mute Swans....BTDT

    My friend has a couple mute swans that he got years ago. I hate 'em.........they are nasty pricks. Each fall when his ponds are 100% frozen over (seems I'm always there when it happens) I am heavily involved in the "Swan Roundup". We have to get them into his barn and in separate stalls as they'd kill each other before Xmas. It can be a real cluster.....last year I had to to a flying leap on each one and wrestle them down, secure them and then walk with the bastids to the barn. I'm not kidding on the leaping either.....!! Well today was the day we sprung 'em loose. You'd think it would be as simple as opening the barn door and kicking them in the ass; nope, they have to be carried to each pond and led right to the water. They aren't the smartest birds Ma Nature outfitted..... So these pics are of the first one to go out. My buddy and I corner him in the stall and one of us will grab him. NOT me this year, I was the wheel man to drive him down to the pond. As aggressive as they seem 99% of the time they are pretty docile once you have a grip on them. The second swan I just grabbed and carried to the closer pond with no great issues. More good times!
  4. Is it hunting?

    Another freaking stupid thread..........WTG
  5. Off to Canada, Eh ?

    Good luck Dan.........I hope the turkey are gobbling good for you & Gator. Stay out of the local (Canadian version) Legion unless you're celebrating a kill or commiserating over a gobble-less day.
  6. Is it hunting?

    And how does eating venison relate to......oh, wait. Never mind I see what you're saying. You are one smart cookie goose!
  7. Dealt........ Nice transaction too.
  8. 8 Year Anniversary Coming Up

    Relevance to the thread is missing my friend. I'd be thrilled to meet you again at the 'Goat when the taps are flowing and the deep fryer is frying. No boot in the ass or headlocks this time..............I promise.
  9. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    Nice to see you jokers so well versed..........
  10. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    I need to get up to speed on this internet thing........jeez, never heard of some of them.
  11. pic ID request. Is this a turkey?

    My, aren't we feeling frisky lately......... Gasoline; meet match.
  12. I'm not interested in taking anything from this site so I don't want you to mention other hunting sites here......... For me I visit Blade Forum once in a while along with the local Craigslist and eBay. This winter I have enjoyed some time at The Forestry Forum and I found some neat discussions and cool pics along with picking up some pointers. I have one more big double trunk black cherry tree to drop and buck for my friend then I'll probably cool it until next winter with the chainsaw fun and web sites. So what other sites or types of sites do you check in on?
  13. Coyote den?

    I'm gonna flick my Bic.........
  14. Coyote den?

    This weekend the temperature should be in the 50's...............................and sunny. This thread could die a slow smoky death.
  15. She makes me laugh

    NOTHING tops a gobble call...........they work all year in my neck of the woods.