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  1. Grow Alot

    And who is on the far side of me????
  2. rust prevention oil for muzzleloader question

    I'm not familiar with the guts of your gun but I wouldn't be afraid to wipe down almost any part of it with a LIGHTLY oiled cloth. The only part I'd shy away from is the touch hole area, other than the threads. LIGHTLY Store in a dry place and call me in the morning..........oh wait, scratch that part.
  3. Rifle for my daughter

    Nice choice.....
  4. rust prevention oil for muzzleloader question

    Run a lightly oiled patch down the barrel time you shoot it, a few dry patches will get all the remaining oil out and you're ready to roll, Joel.
  5. Grow Alot

    Ha, I bet you were a bit nervous. There's always next time............................................
  6. Rifle for my daughter

    Lots of good ideas here.......keep us posted On what you do John.
  7. Grow Alot

    Larger than life........he is.
  8. Squirrel hunting today!

    I heard that place is CRAWLING with rabbits...................
  9. Can-demonium

    We'll have some cans that are older but we don't eat much canned food at all. Tuna yes, occasional soup but I really don't like canned soup. Misc canned stuff for chili and we don't make that very often. 98% of our vegetables are fresh but once in a while, depending on the meal I like canned peas or or corn. At hunting camp each year I find some dillies......I don't remember what it was (could have been red cabbage?) but this past fall I found something with a 1986 expiration date. On the plus side, a few years ago I found some Crown Royal with a tax stamp dated 1957.
  10. Watched a dog take down a deer today

    Yaaaaa, I ain’t buying it either.
  11. Here you go.......
  12. Yea, somebody sees him in Dick's (of course) trying it on and kicks his azz when he leaves the store.
  13. Krylon.............(if your daughter would let ya!)