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  1. At least we are #1 with bass fishing.
  2. Hang some pics, I forgot what a Beast 4pt looks like.
  3. They sure as heck don’t know weight either.
  4. I don’t like to think any animal is dumb. I’d rather say they aren’t as savvy.
  5. So how did you arrive at the 25-30 3.5yo bucks? Certainly not on inches.....
  6. Size of what; body or antlers? (or both?) And what is it about the soil in your valley that is so noteworthy?
  7. So if your father has killed 25-30 3.5 year old bucks, he's a hell of a trophy hunter and very picky on what he shoots. Even in the 70's and 80's when Trophy Hunting wasn't the "in" thing? Impressive...... Hard to believe none of them broke the 115" mark. Who (and I hope you don't say the butcher) aged all those bucks?
  8. I agree that would be 1.5 in WNY.
  9. How many bucks has your father killed, total?
  10. Good Lord, 103” compared to 116”?!?!?! Big damn deal….maybe pass on the dinks and shoot something worthwhile.
  11. Rare is the Opening Day of archery that I've hunted. I do have an idea where I'll hunt for my first outing, depending on wind directions of course. Not sure when I'll get out for the first hunt but am looking forward to it. Some left shoulder issues have me on edge a bit too, a torn labrum and severe tendinopathy in my long head bicep tendon make shooting quite difficult. I'm two weeks into some PT and things seem slightly better.
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