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  1. Hunter Harassment is a real thing and the DEC won’t stand for it.
  2. I have a similar situation. Sow & cub though….(these are Screen shots from my trail cam video)
  3. Seems as though you’re the guy here that can’t let go. Lol
  4. You’re Niagara County? I don’t see any restrictions. Maybe I missed it……
  5. You need to contact bizzy, he has incredible talent at finding lost dogs. Uncanny
  6. Probably 2x what you paid 5 years ago.
  7. IIRC we’d often loose sight of them but luckily they all landed close to where we figured. Lol
  8. Not as a "competition", LOL Back in the mid 80's an old, now deceased, good friend and I would do it with compound bows for fun. (beer) After his back field was baled we would shoot our way to the back then shoot back to the house. It was about 700 yards deep and only 100 yards or so wide. If the bales were still present that for some great targets so we had that as well as the distance fun. That's Harry Drake IIRC above?
  9. Be careful of the first offer.... Sorry to hear about the loss. Very happy to hear you are fine.
  10. Yup yup yup to all the above. -figure out the insurance -call the Amish -go shopping
  11. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/name/maude-wilson-obituary?id=49934499 Very sad indeed. I saw Dan at the service yesterday and he was holding up OK, lots of love and support from his family & friends will get him through this difficult time. Sis was a great lady........
  12. I believe it’s the ballistic equivalent of a 280 Remington. If you find ammo difficult to source, the barrel could be pulled, re-chambered, set back and re-threaded by most any half competent gunsmith. Make it a 280 Remington!!
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