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  1. Lawdwaz


    Thanks for using them Kevin........It really makes my day to see the kids enjoying something that I absolutely loved when I was a little shaver. Ironically, I passed that park yesterday & today a couple times and I was surprised to see the amount of kids sledding during school hours. Nice!!
  2. Beautiful baby Olivia, so precious. You and Nicole are blessed, congratulations.
  3. Ohhhh, can’t be a spoiler. You’ll just have to wait for “daddy” to chime in.
  4. Vanguard has “Target Retirement” accounts doing just that for those with IRA or 401k money. Very low cost......
  5. Having a balanced portfolio can be tough (to swallow) in years like 2019 but who knows when things will "turn" and that balance saves your bacon...........
  6. What a bunch of horseshit......... From the clip....." However, antique firearms and even modern inline muzzleloaders do have their frustrations and limitations. So much so, that the hassle of operating them can be a deterrent for some hunters and can be considered a barrier to enter the sport. " Hassle???????
  7. THIS is the tip of the day for those that are paying'll take some experimenting before you figure out the best way to do it in your situation. I like to get as much water out of the tub or sink either by bailing or with the shop vac so that just the top of the drain is exposed. Now with the end of the vacuum hose perfectly square to the drain but about an inch above it, push the hose onto the top of the clogged drain and give 'er a suck. If it doesn't come on the first try, add some hot water to the drain, flush with the sink/tub bottom and give it another whirl. I've been doing this for 20 years with almost 100% success.......
  8. Red fox price is unbelievably low......what a shame.
  9. Ha, I don't think it'd last too long out there on the's inside the new addition as of 2 hours ago, hung on the wall.
  10. If you told me, "I'll give you $20 to tell me if your bow has camo lims or camo riser" I couldn't answer that question with out going down the basement. 100% black would be just peachy with me.............. I think I remember Elite had some bows with black risers and camo limbs and others with camo risers and black limbs??