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  1. Lawdwaz

    R.I.P. Rick Ocasek

    One of my favorite bands. RIP Ric.
  2. Lawdwaz

    Pennsylvania Bull Elk Lottery Winner

    I’d assume (here we go again) that it was gutted the night before and cooled out sufficiently.
  3. Lawdwaz

    Academy 2019

    Well we made the best of it! The low attendance could hurt our 2020 grant money Cuomo promised....... Hopefully we can close out the semester big next Tuesday.
  4. Lawdwaz

    Pennsylvania Bull Elk Lottery Winner

    I assume shot late on afternoon with a couple field pics then hero shots the next morning, hence the belly down view. Just assumptions from a laymen’s view.
  5. Lawdwaz

    Academy 2019

    Last minute cancellations have been coming in.......Jeremy and Jay S made it and I wouldn’t be surprised if Taco Tim shows. Sausage are going on......
  6. Lawdwaz

    Academy 2019

    TF is here!!
  7. Lawdwaz

    Academy 2019

    There’s life in ‘them hills!!!!! I’m here and ready to rock. Already lost an arrow......!! The grill is ready for some meat and the guys are on their way.
  8. Lawdwaz

    Happy birthday sodfather!

    Happy Birthday to the ORIGINAL JZ........
  9. Lawdwaz

    Logging Time

    Looking darn good!!
  10. Lawdwaz

    Caught in the act...

    Looks like a squirrel to me......
  11. Lawdwaz

    Pennsylvania Bull Elk Lottery Winner

    You guys want to see something cool, right now Google “Pennsylvania Elk Web Cam”. Awesome RIGHT now
  12. Lawdwaz

    Pennsylvania Bull Elk Lottery Winner

    UPDATE The season opened this past Saturday and I can only imagine the excitement. At 1:31am I received a text that I didn't see until about 5am. It read "Pa has a new archery record bull!!!!!!!"........that's IT, no hints on WTH happened. I waited till 6am and sent a text of congratulations. He sent me the specifics, briefly. LOL 57 yards, double lung, 60 yards and pecker in the dirt. His cell signal was very weak and he couldn't get the pics out. I finally got them this afternoon..... If I understand it correct there were 5 bull tag holders so potentially there are 4 tags to go on a bigger bull so we'll see what happens, not that it really matters. He killed a beauty of a bull elk in gorgeous country, approx. 140 miles south of Buffalo. Congratulations Jim!!
  13. Lawdwaz

    Academy 2019

    Is the Academy in session tomorrow? If so, I'll pack up the grill, sausage, bow, chronograph etc tonight.
  14. Lawdwaz

    Anyone Know These Guys?

    Lee Laskowski? You ain't got a prayer Biz, Lee will cork your target buck fo sho.
  15. Lawdwaz

    There are still honest people in the world

    Oh and I don't have a clue how many cell phones I've returned; 7, 8, or more??