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  2. After sunset when coming out of the wood,s deer hunting during gunning season it,s illegal to have a loaded hunting implement except permit Handgun,s. Shit, and how did wining get into this conversation if you get busted. Do you think your talking to children. What a dam remark to make. Do you think your better than anyone else in this club. Man that remark upset me.If I get God dam busted that,s my God dam business not your,s ok. Shit, I,m outa here.
  3. Your saying it,s ok to carry your Handgun in a open side holster while Deer Hunting is that correct if as long as your hunting with your center fire rifle?
  4. We,ll I asked a retired NYS Trooper about that and he smiled and never really gave me a straight answer on that. I,m quite sure your right.
  5. Oh by the way. I got my concealed carry Handgun Permit issued to me in 1964 and the only thing I,ve harmed is a Target.
  6. Dam right Turkeyfeather,s absolutely. From what I here is that if your Doctor feel,s your a potential threat to yourself or other,s than the certain parties are notified and they go Gun collecting. Now the individual that looses his Gun right,s can legally file an appeal through the court system and it can be overturned by the Judge.
  7. It,s perfectly legal as long as you carry it concealed that is if that,s what,s on your Permit. I carry my S@W Shield 45 acp along with my 300 Magnum Cannon.
  8. I got a E-mail on this from National Gun News. Take this for what,s it,s worth ok. The word is that Gun owner,s in Hawaii are given one week to turn in their Gun,s if their taking a legal medication from their Doctor that,s on the Hawaiian Police Blotter. If they do not turn in their Gun,s they will come to their homes and take them by force. UNQUOTE. This would be right down Cuomo,s alley as far as stealing our Gun,s away from us under the Hawaiian Police way of doing thing,s. The 2nd Amendment Constitutional legal reality of doing this is it legal or not . Good question. I take if needed the lowest medication for back pain because I,m 78 and my disc,s in my back are worn almost flat because of the labor,s of a long life. If I ever get a letter notification from a N.Y.S. Police Socialistic bastard ass holes telling me to turn in my Gun,s they miight as we,ll lock my ass up because when they come to my home. Someone has stolen all my Gun,s and I do not know where they are. This type of the Hawaiian Police way of doing thing,s could start a Revolution in this Country. That,s what the 2nd. Amendment was fastioned for, a radical Government.
  9. We,ll when I became a Club member, I bought at tack driving Mossberg 500 with a slug barrel. I cannot recall exactly how many deer I dumped with that gun in 8T but I will say one thing, every tag was a legal tag in my name. It got to a point that the club guy,s just new I,d get a deer every time I was down there except once. And guess what, on the way back after we cleared Penn Yann, one ran into the side of my Rambler station wagon. Ha Ha . Deer hit the pavement slid on it,s ass and bounced off the lower door panel behind me . I hit the brakes and looked in the rear view mirror and saw the deer and the hair flying behind me. I thought to myself, yeaaa, I just got my deer.My buddy was flipping out because he said 3 big does ran right in front of our car as I was braking and cking the mirror. Thank the man up stair,s because if I had not braked , we would of have deer in the front and back seat.And that Rambler would have been totalled. We both had party permit,s and buck tags and I end up bringing one home with a County Mounty Police tag.. This morning while walking in with my brand new 300 mag. I lost the clip in it while walking in. I had to turn around and play metal detector with my eyes and flash light and yes I found it. Made it to my watch in time. But, no luck today but man, I love being in the fall wood,s anyways. I had a great day. Got home, ate a big supper and a hot shower and relaxed in my potato chair.
  10. Early year,s Deer hunting area 8T. I was not a Club member yet and my Club posted property lines were about 80 yds. from me where I was on watch. I had my buddies 12 ga. Mossberg bolt action 3 shot. One up the tube and two in the clip. It was the second day of the opening and I was on watch sitting on a real small cut off tree stump the farmer had removed in the middle of the field on the highest part of it. The grass was from memory I,d say roughly 3 feet high. There was a problem though, my buddy forgot the clip so I had a one shot gun. The accuracy of this Mossberg was real ok that is if you take your time aiming it when you lined up your target. The barrel on it was a Modified choke. After lunch I had wandered up to this location because the wood,s nearby around me was full of blaze orange dot,s (Hunter,s). Coming and going down below me crossing this massive size soil bank property back and forth. Man it was real quiet just nothing moving as far as deer go. We,ll sitting on this small stump for almost an hour my butt was getting real sore. I decided to get up and walk a little higher on the hill and look to find a larger stump to sit on. I did not have a hot seat I,d left it in the car. I stood up, bent over a little stretching my leg,s , back ect. or whatever and turned around and started to climb the hill. we,ll I had taken 8 to 10 step,s while looking down at the ground. Wow I said to myself as look at the large deer foot print,s.They were all over where I was standing.Man, whata hell was going on here I thought. I took about 3 more step,s and this massive size deer started to move fast at a quick crall away from me heading to the higher side off the hill justa haulin ass. The Mossberg butt stock hit my should and the safety come off and in my mind I,m screaming horn,s, horn,s but I couldn,t see any ,the deer,s had it,s head tucked down under it chest. I could have touched this animal with the end of the gun barrel in the early moving out stage. And, you guessed it, I had no party permit.Suddenly the head came up with a nice 8pt rack buck just hauling ass. I aimed the best I could in all the excitement and fired my one shot gun. The deer never broke stride. The buck as I watched it go across the farmer,s plowed field toward the road. It crossed the road down where we had a homasowed hunting camp that could sleep 13 guy,s. My buddy was at the camp with a club member eating some lunch and watched the buck cross the field way out in front of them and go down into that deep ravine where I got my 9pt many years later. Anyhow our club scored this buck the next morning on a push drive. When he came in view of one of our club guy,s on watch it was limping. I did get a hit on this fine animal but in the wrong place. This whole thing to me went down in a speedy moment blurr.And that,s the way hunting deer can be sometime. Before I leave this write up, I wanted to pass this hunting tip across I had picked up over many year,s of chasing deer. If you buy any new blaze orange vest,coat, pant,s or hat just before the opening, do not wear these clothes on the opening in the wood,s (unless) that,s all you have. Here,s why, deer cannot see blaze orange hardly at all I agree because I was in full blaze orange head to toe facing broadside to that 9pt. and it did not see me before I shot it.. But, when the clothes are brand new, most any movement to a deer can create a flash reflection effect and it will spook them. Especially if your partly in the sunlight on a watch ect.. Buy your new clothe on sale after deer season,s wind,s down. Come summer, hang them in the sun for as many times as it take,s so it,s enough to dull the blaze orange up. Could get you a deer maybe.I have many hunting stories that I will add when I recall them to write up. Just be patient with me ok. Good luck on the opening, my Jeep is all packed in my garage. I,m 78 but you can bet your sweet ass I,l be on watch before daylight. I have buddies I can call if I need help with one and oh my do I ever hope I need help. ha ha. TwoSeventy (God Bless You Guy,s and enjoy your hunt)
  11. That,s correct, Turkey Buzzard,s. That Skunk was almost totally picked clean from that trap. And as one of you guy,s said, that it was a surprise to catch a Skunk in that Raccoon trap. Also surprised was my trapper friend when he saw the Skunk in his Raccoon trap. He was suspecting Raccoon,s were the garbage varmint,s. Bazaar as I said. Anyway,s that took care of the garbage collector.
  12. Was visiting my friend the other day in the country not far from Clayton,N.Y.. He has a trailer with a large add on he built on. We were sitting on his back deck in the warm Sun talking old hunting ect. memories. We have been friend,s for over 50 year,s and he is a avid trapper, duck hunter, deer hunter and he,s getting around just as well as I am in the wood,s. I,m 3 days older than my buddy is and I still drag my deer out if the Good Lord provides me with the luck. I,m 78 but you know it just takes longer to drag one out to the road from my usual watch. I go a little way,s and when my ticker get,s to pounding pretty good, I stop for a rest. I use a really slick drag tarp that reduces the drag friction up to 46% so it say,s. We,ll let,s get talking about the Skunk in the trap thing. He told me that outside his trailer in the country where he live,s, some critter was getting into his garbage can,s. So he decided to set out a Racoon trap. Name or type of trap is a Duke DP Coon trap. You can find them on Amazon. My friend has 4 of them. He set one out with in a foot or so beside his trailer and baited it. Now the next morning when he was leaving for work he checked the trap and he had a dam Skunk in it. He dispatched the Skunk with a 22 and left for work thinking when he got back home he would deal with the problem then. Now later after work as he pulled in his driveway he got out and went to check the trap. He was very surprised to only find a little blood on the ground and just a bit of fur left in the trap. He new what had happened to the Skunk and it was not any 4 paw creature. You guy,s got any idea,s ? He told me what ate the Skunk. Take a guess. Remember, this trap was right next to his trailer and the next home nearest to his trailer was a 1/2 mile. He lives in a very open area. The closest wood,s to his place are 300 yrd,s or so away.
  13. Grampy, How are you doing. Is the stuff I sent you in working order ? TwoSeventy
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