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  1. wildcat junkie

    What's your ML load?

    .54 Flintlock; 230 gr .535 pure lead round ball with .020" cotton patch and crisco lube over 120 gr GOEX 3f black powder .54 Percussion; Same load except the powder charge is reduced to 100 gr GEOX 3f .50 Percussion 180 gr .490 pureb lead round ball with .020" cotton patch and crisco lube over 90 gr GOEX 3f black powder .45 Percussion; 140 gr pure lead round ball with .015" pillow ticking patch and crisco lube over 80 gr GOEX 3h black powder .36 Flintlock; 60 gr .350 pure lead round ball with .015" pillow ticking patch and crisco lube over 20 gr of GOEX black powder. I started doing this in 1976. My .54 bag has accouterments for both flintlock and percussion rifles. This little leather bag carried a cleaning jag, ball puller, nipple wrench and a spare hotshot nipple for #11 caps. Never found a need for anything but #11 caps with real black powder. I like the "hot shot" nipple because ih constantly splits the caps making fast loading more reliable.
  2. wildcat junkie

    Creating Bear Habitat

    Only problem I see with that is it might attract unwanted attention from the local police.
  3. wildcat junkie

    New rifle.. What scope??

    I think Leupold took over the Redfield "Jr and Sr" mount/rings system when Redifield as we knew it went away. The Burris series of rings interchange with the Leupold std mounts and that is what I will now use. I am a died in the wool Leupold fan of 50 years but I do occasionally buy other products of equal or better quality that are made in Japan or Europe That does not cut the throat of American workers since both Japanese and the European manufacturers support higher wages than those that prevail in the USA. I will not buy Chinese optics because I do not support a system where the factories have suicide netting under the factory windows to prevent workers jumping to their deaths. Optics are of the few categories where there are still American manufacturers that have products that are priced anywhere near their Chinese counterparts. Anyone that buys the entry level Vortex scopes just doesn't give a rats arse about American workers. It pains me to buy Burris rings after 50+ years of using Leupold, but the asinine move by Leupold has forced my options.
  4. wildcat junkie

    New rifle.. What scope??

    I really don't remember what prompted me to purchase the Kahles scope over a Leupold at the time. I do remember comparing the images of the Kahles 3-9 x 42, a Nikon Monarch 2-7 x 32 and my old standby Leupold Vari-X II 3-9 x 40 at some snow covered brush out if my back door in the twilight. The old technology Vari-X scope from the 1970s was a bit inferior to the Nikon Monarch but the Kahles blew them both away. I could see details with the Kahless that where mere blurs with the other 2. The point was really driven home one snowy evening as a friend an I where walking the horse trails out of my woods well after sundown or even ethical shooting light for that matter.. He asked to see my rifle. He peered through the scope, then his Bushnell 3-9 scope and said "my scope is just as good as yours, I can see that stump over there through either just fine". I picked up his rifle, peered at the stump through the Bushnell it and then my Kahles. I handed my rifle back to him and told him to look at the stump again.. "Do you see the stump?" "Yes" "Do you see those tufts of grass around the bottom? "Yes" "Now look at the stump with your Bushnell. Can you see those tufts of grass now?" "No" The ability to see fine details with the Austrian glass in low light is penominal for a scope at that price point.
  5. wildcat junkie

    New rifle.. What scope??

    No, I would limp you in with the (by your own admission) "I don't give a crap about what my gun looks like" crowd. I don't have a problem with that. It's your right. What puzzles me is the fact that you, and some others here, seem to have an issue with my displeasure of a dubois product change that is now, and will continue to, diminish Leupold's sales of that product..
  6. wildcat junkie

    New rifle.. What scope??

    It happened about a year ago. I purchased some mounts and rings as a small Xmas present for my son's friend that is almost like a son to me. What really ticked me off was the fact that Leupold hadn't updated the images of their product on their website at that time. Even now, some vendors are still using old stock images.
  7. wildcat junkie

    New rifle.. What scope??

    Thank you for the perfect example if missing the point. None if those rings you pictures would be appropriate for a fine rifle. The majority of former Leupold std ring buyers where looking for a classic ring with simple clean lines. The rings you pictured are garish examples of the type of ring sought after by the Rambo crowd looking for something flashy that draws attention to their phallus symbol. The poll doesn't lie. Leupold just turned away over half of their loyal customer base. THAT is the point.
  8. wildcat junkie

    New rifle.. What scope??

    Here's the point many seem to be missing. Product changes are normally made to increase sales. In this case Leupold seems to have missed the boat completely. A while back I did a poll about the logos on the Accurate Reloading forums. More than half of the respondents would switch to another product as I have due to the addition of the logo. No other manufacturer of quality rings has such an obtrusive logo in their product. Of those that were not influenced by the addition of the logo, many would not have bought Leupold due to a preference for other products in the 1st place.. So, the fact is, this product change has and will hurt their sales.
  9. wildcat junkie

    New rifle.. What scope??

    It Isn't emblazoned across the whole damned car like it is in the rings. Your post seems to indicate that perhaps you are "dumb AF"..
  10. wildcat junkie

    Good rifle for daughter

    You can easily load the 7mm-08 down to. 243 recoil levels but you can't load a 243 up to 7mm-08 potential.
  11. wildcat junkie

    New rifle.. What scope??

    At one time I would have agreed, but I have learned to enjoy watching unalmed deer. One evening I watched a fawn trying to nurse on mama. She was having none of that. It is a time for me to relax and enjoy nature Sometimes when a buck appears, it may take several minutes waiting to the right shot angle. That can be a real heart pounder. Other times it can all happen in the matter of a few seconds. They don't always appear in the open either. The most satisfying shot I ever made was at 120 paces shot through an opening at the edge of the brushline with my Dad's 30/40 Krag. It took me several minutes to figure out a sight picture through the peep sight with 65 year old eyes using reference points between myself and the deer. I could see his nose and antler tips behind a beech sapling. His neck chest and the tops if his legs were visible through the opening. , I took him right through the windpipe face straight on.
  12. wildcat junkie

    New rifle.. What scope??

    The long shooting lane was a happy accident. In the winter of 1998-99, 200,000 board feet of #1 white pine was logged off of the 15 acres between the present location of the tripod and the end of the long shooting lane. The area was not clear cut but they cleared a lane up the middle to haul the logs out on a cradle pulled behind a skidder. The following summer, as part of the deal, they came in with a dozer and made a horse trail loop around the perimeter of the 15 aces. About every 2 years I take my Stihl 4-stroke weed wacker with a 3 blade head and keep the brush cleared from the lane. I mow the horse trail that circles the area and forms the last 70 yds or so of the lane at the end of summer every year. I no longer have horses, but I maintain the horse trails for easy undetected ingress and egress. The deer like to use the trails too at times. It also makes hauling a dead deer out much easier. My longest drag to date was about 20 yds.
  13. wildcat junkie

    New rifle.. What scope??

    I bought the Khales for $500 about 18 years ago. Unfortunately, that model is discontinued. In those days a Leupold 3-9x40 VX-II was in the $300 range. IMO $500 is not an exorbitant amount to pay for a scope. It is my upper limit however. After the holidays, my next optics purchase will be a Leupold VX-3i 2.5-8 x 36 to replace the VX-2 3-9 X 33 Ultralight Compact on my 8X57IS. The eye relief on the 3-9 x 33 is way to short and requires some imaginative mounting to allow proper eye relief when wearing bulky cold weather clothing. The 2.5-8 x 36 will set me back about $375.
  14. wildcat junkie

    New rifle.. What scope??

    There is a stand about 70 yards to the North. It only gets hunted about 2-3 times a season when the wind is out of the ESE, Southeast, South to Southwest so as to not spoil the area. By setting up the tripod at a distance I can watch deer and let small ones pass without leaving scent or otherwise alerting deer. 250 yds is an easy shot at unalarmed deer with a rifle that shoots sub MOA. All of mine except for the Krag are capable of that accuracy. I rest my elbows on the corners of the stand's padded shooting rails and could easily hit a softball at that distance.. Both of my scoped rifles are sighted in + or - 3" maximum point blank range. Depending on the caliber, (8X57 IS & 8mm-06 A.I.) they are zero at 230 and 245 yds and strike 3" low at 270 and and 285 yds depending on which caliber. The 3" high comes at 150 yds for either and 100yd they are between 2 3/4 and 2 1/2" high respectively. I alway aim for the center of the vitals regardless of range in my woods. This season both my son and I have watched 4 different yearling bucks from the distant tripod stand and never spooked any of them. The stand also has 5 other shooting lanes radiating like spokes that are 75 to 100 yds in length but deer sightings in them are less frequent. My technique is to watch the lane over a long period until something worth shooting shows up. There are about 5 deer trails that criss cross that general area. My place is a funnel located between large fields to the West, and a wide river on the East with swamps on the North and South.The main river crossing is right behind my kitchen deck. Unless the wind is almost directly from the ENE, blowing directly down the lane, I can hunt that stand day in and day out. If deer are present at the end of the day, I will stay until it gets DARK to slip out of the tripod. The added bonus of these late departures is a great opportunity to evaluate the low light performance of my optics. We seldom ground hunt the area and do not shoot indiscriminately. We do everything possible to avoid educating the deer.
  15. wildcat junkie

    Good rifle for daughter

    That's probably going to kick like a mule. The stock geometry is not good for recoil and a rifle can be too light for similar reasons. https://www.savagearms.com/firearms/centerfire/axis/axis-ii-xp https://www.savagearms.com/firearms/centerfire/trophy/11-trophy-hunter-xp-compact https://www.savagearms.com/firearms/centerfire/trophy/11-trophy-hunter-xp-compact-muddy-girl