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  1. My 8mm-06 Ackley Improved shooting a 200gr Speer Hotcor at 2900fps has these POIs at various point of the standard duplex reticle.
  2. The .22 AVA is reputed to shoot the 22gr FX Hybrid Slugs with one hole accuracy at 50yds and sub MOA at 100. Unfortunately my AVA came with little pressure in the chamber and would not expel the tight fitting slugs although it did shoot the Crossman Premiers. Here is an FX slug that was chambered and then pushed out backward with a ramrod. From the looks of the rifling engraving, it's no wonder these are accurate in the gun. Although my SCBA tank isn't due for about a week, the YongHeng 4500psi compressor is on the Fedex truck out for delivery. I c
  3. The Indians (as well as the trappers) called him "Liver Eating Johnson". LIVER EATING JOHNSON He was known as "Liver Eating Johnson". LIVER EATING JOHNSON
  4. Well, if you compare it to Honey BOO BOO or Duck Dynasty, I would think it might be an improvement.
  5. My DeHann S/S printed both barrels precisely at the same point. In fact, they guaranteed they would. The interior finish was also top notch. The Turkish shotguns perform way above their price point.
  6. I need some plastic turret locks printed for my Kales 3-9 X 4s scope. I want to hand deliver the one good example as I do not want it to get "lost". I'm willing to make a day trip out of it if needed. Anywhere within 4 hour drive of Massena, NY.
  7. The AVA seems to like the 22gr FX Hybrid slugs. Ballistics with the FX Hybrid slugs is on par with 22rf short.
  8. https://youtu.be/oUpBxCbi5o8?t=6 Yes a tank is a must. Hand pumping 4350psi would be a chore. I have ordered a Yongheng compressor since I live in such a rural area. All the reviews rave about the gun as far as what you get for the price point. I went with wood for the added heft and I'm not a fan of "Tupperware" stocks anyway. Ballistics with the FX Hybrid slugs is on par with 22rf short. LINK TO AVA REVIEW
  9. What are you talking about? I've been an active member on this forum for some time and my signature hasn't changed in years.
  10. Winchester Super X in 28ga has 1oz of shot at 1205fps, only 10fps behind 20ga high brass. Mine was deadly on pheasants out to 35+ yards.
  11. I owned some DeHanns made by Huglu in Turkey. Very high quality for the price. Unfortunately CZ bought the production out and eliminated some of the nicer options.
  12. We certainly can agree on that. Too much chance for confusion in the heat of the moment.
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