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  1. My Dad had a Woolrich outfit like that. He used to head out of our kitchen door in Western PA in the late 1950s before sunrise with his 30/40 Krag and come home after sunset.
  2. File the rear sight down. That's how I adjust the sights on my muzzle loaders
  3. .535 round ball 100gr ffg GOEX 35" Sharon barrel 1:70 twist .015" grooves (.540/.570) My possibles bag does double duty for my .54 flintlock too.
  4. $1.06 Trigger Job Pays Off I picked up a M5 - .08 X 15 socket head screw and nut to replace the factory travel adjustment screw. That converted the 2 stage mushy trigger to a single stage trigger and reduced the sear engagement. Having a crisp clean trigger pull paid off. Crosman .22 Premier HP @ 1040fps Before; .252" c -c at 25yds After: .033" C-C @ 25yds Granted, the 2nd target only has 3 shots in it, but I still think it's an accurate representation.
  5. Back to my bird feeders. Pest activity has fallen off sharply. I only put 2 "on the ground" this morning. Looks like my vigilance is paying off. Also, desirable birds visiting the feeders has increased markedly. I saw one of these guys just a few minutes ago.. First one I have ever seen.
  6. I had a horribly mangy looking feral cat amble by yesterday. I would have shot it but my woman would have had a fit if I did that.
  7. Yes that's am viable option. Birds killed by wind turbine are not intentional either.
  8. Then there are all the bird killed by domestic cats, aircraft and motor vehicles. How is that legal?
  9. What you are describing seems similar to what used to be called CB caps, primer only .22rf ammo. It's more than just the quietness that makes the air rifle appealing, its the cost of shooting it. After the initial investment in the compressor ($300) and SCBA tank with fitting, (about $150) I can shoot all day for little cash outlay. Using 100 as a quantity that is easily cost visualized, 100 Crosman Premier HP pellets costs me $1.35 including tax. Beware, the "dark side" is adducting. Compare that to About $20 for the same amount of super colibri. Even if I go to the mor
  10. Total score since yesterday evening, 5 starlings and 2 of those unidentifiable birds we won't mention.
  11. The PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic) guns have evolved to where many features that were only to be found on 5 $ figure guns are now available for $300-$450. Once the significant cash outlay for the support equipment is made, it cost less than 2 cents a shot, less than the cost of a CF primer.
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