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  1. 3.8# weight loss this week, 113# total over 35 weeks, 3.23# average per week. 228.2# After a week long visit to Pennsylvania where I ate steaks and drank copious amounts of wine, I only posted a .2" loss over 2 weeks. I got back on track with the program. With my new job that keeps me on my feet walking most of the day, I managed a significant weight loss this week. Only 11.8# from my next milestone and token award for 125#, 36.8# from my ultimate goal of 150# weight loss that will get me down to 191.2#
  2. My son and I went out on the St Regis ro have one more go at trout before the season closed. I tied onto a broad shouldered Smallmouth Bass that gave me quite a fight on my 4 wt fly rod as I tried to untangle my landing net from a zipper tongue on my vest.
  3. 2# weight loss this week despite rainy weather that kept me off the bicycle most days. I'm hoping to post a total weight loss of 125# by October 31st which is 5 weeks away. If I can keep up my average weight loss of 3.4# per week, I should make it with a pound to spare.. After that, I will go into maintenance mode until XC skiing weather comes after Christmas. Exercise has been my key to the rapid reduction in weight. Ultimately I want to lose 150# to get down to around 190#. I went shopping for some long pants a few days ago. I was expecting to get into 42 waist. To my surprise I ended up buying 2 pair of 40 waist pants and even fit into a pair of 38s! I am now down to the weight I was in 2010. Once I get below that weight I will be going back even further. I weighed 215# briefly in 1990 before gaining 20# by September of 1991.. 2# weight loss this week, 109# total weight loss over 32 weeks, 3.4# average weekly weight loss. 232.2#
  4. 7mm-08 = 20th century version of the 7X57.
  5. I have the .135" aperture in the Pacific K-2 sight.
  6. 120 paces through a hole in the brush. Took me a looong time to dope out a sight picture, but I took him straight on right through the windpipe?neck vertebrae. He dropped in his tracks.
  7. After a 2.2# weight gain setback last week ( celebrated too much I think) I had a spectacular rebound and dropped 5.4# over the last week for a net weight loss of 3.2# to add to my total. 5.4# weight loss this week, 107# total weight loss over 31 weeks, 3.5# average weekly weight loss. 234.2#
  8. 2017 2019 Mid ride ice cream break
  9. According to my scales, I'm now down 2.5# below my lowest WW weigh in weight.235.9# -105.3# over all. I hope to drop a few more pounds before the Thursday night weigh in.
  10. P. O. Ackley considered the Arisaka to be the strongest bolt action.
  11. GOD NO! I want one that has already had a hysterectomy and gone through menopause. We did really well, with an incredible love life that lasted over 23 years, until all that crap happened. First the hysterectomy put a damper on our love life. Then, since she kept her ovaries, about 5 years later the menopause kicked in.
  12. Well, I tossed my wife out about 4 weeks ago because she insisted on having my permission to whore around or she would leave along with her income.. She's almost 15 years younger than me, so now my life's goal is to outlive her so she never gets any of my Social Security.