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    The frozen tundra of northern NY state. Almost Canada eh?

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    On my farm 6-A, 6-C, 8-R
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    Custom Oberndorf Mauser 8X57 IS 1898 Springfield 30/40 Krag Custom K98 Mauser 8mm-06 Ackley Improved
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    J. D. Berry Yahweh long bow, Great Plains recurve bow,

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  1. Somehow the term "analytical mind" doesn't seem to describe the mental perceptions of Trump supporters.
  2. Northcountryman's assessment of acceptable policy behavior reminds me of the old conservative Reich mantra. "Its not fascism when we do it."
  3. Yet again you prove your point by being a perfect example of the behavior you criticize.
  4. https://www.zazzle.com/john_fetterman_kicking_authority_in_the_balls_hoodie-235004232280354423
  5. So they fixed the governor's race yet lost 4 house seats that would have given them a majority?
  6. The only flush I heard was that of the election denying Trump turds going down the tube. Herschel Walker is the only turd left and it doesn't look good for him now that he can't deliver a senate majority.
  7. Also allows for a reduced depth and thinner walled receiver hence the light comparative weight of the Ithaca M37.
  8. While the Democrats were "rigging" the POTUS election, how did they not end up with 60 seats in the Senate?
  9. Civil War era smooth bore cannon with "grapeshot".
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