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  1. jmelite

    2018 HuntingNY Gun Harvest Thread

    Shot this buck on my land in Cortland County on Saturday morning. Got in my stand @6:37am, and at 7 I see a big doe walking toward me. I'm getting my gun up, and I start to hear grunting, look back on the trail and this guy is following her grunting like crazy. Shot him at 7:05, and when I get up to him I'm amazed at the body size. Buck ended up having 19" inside spread, and field dressed at 207 pounds. This has been a tough season for me, as I had 104 hours in a tree stand this year and only shot 1 doe during bow season. Took me over an hour to get him to the closest logging trail 100 yards away, where I was going to try to get my 4 wheeler in. With over a foot of wet snow, I wasn't sure my 4 wheeler would make it, but it did. I'm a happy hunter right now! John
  2. jmelite

    Summer to fall has started

    I spent 21 hours in the woods in the last 2 days hanging 14 stands. Good news is I'm done in the woods till hunting season other than checking deer cams. I'm beat, but feels good to be ready for oct 1.
  3. I have 1 bag (45 lbs) of Eagle Seed Mix Soy Beans left over from 2017. I was hoping to plant this year, but have too many projects going with my property to get any plots in until fall. Seed was kept inside in a dry and cool environment and will be fine for planting. I do not have inoculant for these, but it can be bought at any seed dealer for $5-8 for enough for the 45lbs. I paid $115 a bag for this shipped directly from eagle seeds. I would take $60 picked up locally. I'm located in Cortland, NY. Thanks John
  4. jmelite

    Ramps, Where To Harvest Near Me

    After seeing pictures, my entire 28 acres is covered with leeks.
  5. jmelite

    Ramps, Where To Harvest Near Me

    I think I have them on my property. I've been told that's what they are. Show up in the spring and smell like onion?? If so I have acres of them. I'm in Cortland county. John
  6. selling used Lone Wolf Sit and Climb. condition is good, except for some wear on back of seat fabric from dragging on tree while climbing. (can be seen in pictures) $250. Located in Homer, NY. Local pickup or I may be able to meet somewhere. cell (call or text) (607)745-0260 or Thanks John
  7. I'm selling a new M60U Ultralite (Aluminum). It weighs 13 lbs, platform is 24"w x 33"d, and seat is 20"w x 16"d. I took it out of the box and assembled, but has never been used. I'm selling it with a HSS safety lifeline, and the a safety harness. I took a nasty fall from a treestand back in july of 2016 and just don't feel comfortable in hang-ons anymore, prefer ladder stands. I'm asking $160 and I'm location in Homer, NY. Prefer local pickup or may be able to meet somewhere. Can contact by email, text, or cell. or 607-745-0260. Thanks John
  8. jmelite

    decent one

    I hope he puts on some tine length, but either way ill be happy to harvest him. I'm trying to lower my standards and make hunting fun again. I own 28 acres and lease 55 more for a total of 83 acres and up until @2006 I would shoot a decent 2.5 year old buck every year. Then I got caught up in the antler craze and would only shoot 130+ for the last ten years. Shot a 142" 11 point in 2009, 138" 10 point in 2011, and a 132" 10 point in 2014. Been pretty lucky, but I hunt hard (350+ hours) a year from bow- late ML. 3 bucks in 10+ years, and I've managed to turn hunting into a job instead of having fun. I have 2 young kids that I hope will want to hunt someday, and I just want them to have fun doing it.
  9. jmelite

    decent one

    I have a real hard time judging bucks in velvet. should be a decent one, but what do you guys think?
  10. Tarter ATV 8-blade disc -(8) 16" blades adjustable from 0-20 degrees -48" cutting width -Two-way ratchet for depth control and transport -13" Tires -2" ball and 655 pounds -61"L x 76"W x 30"H paid $1250 plus tax and shipping 2 years ago, used 1 time for 1/3 acre. Works great, but a little big for my needs. $950
  11. Was surprise at how much antler this buck has for this time of year. Seems early???