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  1. Awesome. Nothing more beautiful than a fall Brook trout in all those colors. Looks like a great day. I always found myself saying ...one more spot , one more spot...
  2. thats not the hole! But sure looks promising! Nice buck. Hope you down that one.
  3. I bet we both shared some of the same water at times then. Thats awesome. That river is so beatiful , i miss going there. Im sure youve been here then! Gleasmans.
  4. looking like some action there! your killing me i want to check my cams. Going in this weekend for a quick card pull on the wheeler. Cant wait.
  5. one of the best hunts i had all year was up there last season on a still hunt. Passed a 3 point but i really enjoyed it. I dont go often as my regular hunting spot is 6 minutes from the house in southern and has a lot more deer. But i def enjoy it as well. Good luck up there this season!
  6. Thanks I will try the dry brine for sure. My brother went to school with Danny Miller in lowville. We used to stop there and get steaks for camp all the time. Nice place. I will be up there at least one day this season for a still hunt for the day.
  7. Miller's is def great! I might take a deer there this year even though it's an hour away. Did the independence come back? 35 years ago it was great and then for quite a while couldn't hardly buy brookie out of there. Used to fish the Sperryville area and once I got 2 - 14" brookies out of the same hole. Beautiful stream. Spent a lot of time on Otter, Crystal and Sunday creeks too. My Dad had a camp on Chase lake.
  8. If you have enough room for indoor storage for 30 stands. Lol I dont take them down cause I just have to store them outside which water gets in the rungs then and pops them. So I leave them up but I do replace the stands themselves as we need to and always replace the straps every year.
  9. That stuff is awesome. Turkey feathers and Lawdwaz both had me try it from Constanzas. Great stuff
  10. Chased red squirrels with a BB gun when i was 8 up at camp. My mom tells my Dad when i was 12 that she was thinking about getting me a BB gun for xmas. LOL So my dad wrapped up my current hidden BB gun at camp for Xmas and then actually gave me a new .22 at camp. Hunted from an early age and got away from it and did a lot more fishing and working in my younger days. Hunting only on occasion. Got back into it a lot about 12 years ago.
  11. Happy Birthday @SpacemanSpiff hope its a great day!
  12. The signature line at the bottom is now working. Was hoping that didn't go away permanent. I need my Ron Swanson quote. Lol Strike that it only shows up my computer but not my phone. Kinda odd. But not a big deal for sure
  13. Feel like I am ready for season. Shooting has been good. A couple of more times in the next week but bow feels dialed.
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