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  1. Awesome buck Tacks! When I saw the pic I was hunting and got the shakes and I didn't even shoot it. Congrats!
  2. Hunt #16- 6S Greenfield. Won't be hunting this spot again this season without moving stand. New neighbors there and no way deer are coming out in this field with them there yelling to each other and swearing at the dog all Eve etc..... Need to move stand to very top of hill away from that. Always see deer in this field somewhere for sure not Tonite. Saw a fisher walk just about under the stand Didn't see a single deer all day.
  3. It's like" squirrels gone wild" in the woods behind me Tonite.
  4. I think he is also the parking lot attendant there on weekends ! @blackbeltbill this is your skill set - someone else posting about a hunting brother out.
  5. Welcome in. Good luck and keep is posted on your hunting
  6. Happy birthday all! Hope your celebrating in the outdoors on a beautiful day
  7. Hunt #15- 6S Mosh pit stand. Light -10:15. Didn't see a thing. Perfect morning and get busted going in here about half the time but nothing.
  8. Hunt #14- 7F on 10/18 pm 3-dark. Had a big bodied spike at 12 yards. He came in and rubbed head in branches for a bit. He got a pass but thought about it. Body was big for a spike. Would've been meat in the freezer but hoping for a doe soon.
  9. Still hunting with a bow is a tough one but ground being wet today is an advantage. Good luck
  10. Crossbow season is certainly the best time of year to hunt. Best advice is to get out there. But would've looked a bit earlier before season for places to hunt. Good luck and enjoy the time in the woods.
  11. Well actually I do. Cause I read the posts. I have no idea what your talking about as usual. Carry on.
  12. Apparently you didn't read the earlier posts here.... The guy that got a tag for it wasn't the one that hit it.