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  1. Made a big pot of soup. White canneli beans and homeade smoked sausage, spinach, carrots, celery, onions, chicken stock, garlic and herb spices. Garlic bread with it for dinner tonight. But had to try half a bowl for lunch.
  2. Yes the thought of beet cakes was too much.
  3. Lol. He's all mouth plus he's never had to look up so high it must've spooked him and you took his spot in the boat. We def should fish again this year! He'll be fine with it.
  4. Sorry for your families loss Fletch.
  5. I didn't have any beets to make Biz's Peta pancakes so made homemade sausage and biscuits. Made with venison apple sausage. Really good.
  6. This is more like it. But I know land values sure differ by area but this is an example of what I would look at for that price in our area ....https://www.landwatch.com/cortland-county-new-york-recreational-property-for-sale/pid/409007908
  7. Used to do a fishing trip with 6 guys every year for like 20 years. And they were some great times. But like others said life got in the way. Kids, sports, jobs, living in other states etc. But they sure were fun. The older we got the less booze we took with us. Lol. But fish all day, shore lunches, big meal, some drinks and playing cards and BSing. Good times. Have fun.
  8. ive done both used mixes and homeade. Its hard to pass on the amish spices i get. All premixed and very good for a couple of bucks. But i do usually add in or make a twist to it. Like i will buy cracked pepper spice from the Amish store but then add in Jalepenos and green tabasco, or one of my favs now is to combine smoked sausage, maple and add in some black pepper and sage for a country style sausage. Smoked sausage i alwasy add in a 1/2 an Octoberfest beer etc. Make it to your taste. But this year i did buy the moonshine breakfast sausage from Walrtons to try - it sounds interesting a
  9. isnt this what they hand out to PETA protesters to keep up their strength at rallies and wipe away thier tears ? Unless you had at least two forms of protien with this meal then this is unacceptable....
  10. wait for his staff to roll over on him so they dont take the whole fall.
  11. I'm NOT a conspiracy guy. But does anyone else think it's extremely coincidental that all these women are coming out at the same time he just happens to go under investigation? Why not at least one of them prior? I am not a Cuomo guy for sure but it seems toooo coincidental. Just an observation. I think the boulder is moving too fast for him to get out of the way this time and his days as gov are numbered.
  12. i would guess the price is why at 200K the price per acre is $4000. Not including the cabin. So if its bad shape then its just something to get rid of. At the original price of 300,000 thats 6 K and acre.
  13. they should have turned the whole operation over to Amazon. What has the govt ever taken over thats worked out well? lol They cant get out of their own way. And if they did give it to Amazon they should spring for Prime.
  14. i def enjoy doing this too. Usually i try something different every year as well as a couple regulars. Have made summer sausage, apple breakfast, country breakfast, maple Breakfast, sage, Jalepeno and cracked pepper, smoked, polish, and this coming season i have seasonings for Foothills Moonshine sausage and looking forward to making it. https://www.waltonsinc.com/foothills-moonshine-flavored-sausage-seasoning
  15. Right, a good problem to have if it happens. Good luck.
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