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  1. Robhuntandfish

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Venison jalapeño sausage, cheesy grits with a cornbread crumble topping. One of my favs!
  2. Robhuntandfish

    2018 Football Thread

    i was gonna watch a little football yesterday in between hunts. So i checked to see who was playing station had the bills game, the other the Jets game..... um nah ( sorry bills fans) . and they wonder why ratings are slumping. The national anthem knee is like only 2 minutes of annoyance that i could avoid, but not to watch these stinkers.
  3. Robhuntandfish

    Luna and Kunox's Tracking Journal 2018

    i would love to train my dog to do this and it would be so much fun but I would never get out to hunt myself. But these stories are great and hope kunox is feeling better soon!
  4. its like trying to talk to the girl and look at her eyes
  5. Robhuntandfish

    Is technology helping or hurting the hunt.

    while in the woods hunting i rarely check this site or use the phone other than texting another buddy out hunting. I dont want the distraction and part of hunting for me is the getting away from it all. But i do like the technology of being able to text buddies that i am hunting with. I dont think having it hurts hunting at all. I enjoy hunting even more being able to share and read stories on this site , but i still do that after i am done with a sit.
  6. Robhuntandfish

    Is losing deer an inevitable occurrence?

    yeah that sucks and most all of us have been down that road. You def put some effort in there! I have had this happen and haunt me all season. Lost one last season to coyotes that i shouldve went after at night but thought my shot wasnt as good as it really was. Tough day for sure for you . But it isnt an exact science for sure thats why its not grocery shopping and is a challenge. Sometimes you can still go thru all the right motions and not have a good ending. I have lost a deer or two along the way both gun and bow. Have made some bad choices along the way and have made choices I thought were right and the outcome wasnt. All i hope is it makes me become a better hunter. Good luck rest of the season.
  7. im thinking you should specialize ! Moog - Hunting Lawyer. You specialize in Hunting related occurrances and litigation. Also would be a good TV show! and specializing you can charge extra!
  8. Robhuntandfish

    Yesterday I saw so many deer it was ridiculous

    wow thats a great day ! Shots taken or not still great. Right place right time for sure. Love those days! they dont often happen
  9. Robhuntandfish

    Happy birthday WNY Bowhunter

    Happy Birthday !! !
  10. Saw three on way out about 50 yards from the truck. But nothing in the stand of course.
  11. Dunno if this is a good or bad sign. But looks like a hawk ordered the squab here earlier.
  12. I have 3 day work weeks the next two and then 2 day work weeks til after Thanksgiving. None of them were scheduled for raking.
  13. Robhuntandfish

    Moving a stand mid season

    I have a field of about 7 acres of corn I am hoping they cut soon. If they do a stand goes up 10 minutes later. They planted the corn right right to the treeline on each side and it's basically unhuntable and inaccessible until they do. But as soon as it's cut have a spot for a stand ready to go and I will hunt it hard for a few days. Just hope they do it before bow season is over.
  14. Brrrrrr I say. Sat from before light and made it to 9:45. Like others said wind is tough. Pretty early to be this cold. Wonder if Indian summer is gonna hit in the rut? Saw a good size doe one minute after I nocked an arrow this morn but out of range. Nothing after but snow.