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  1. Robhuntandfish

    What's your ML load?

    Exact same load here. 777 2 pellets and 245 grain power belt for a Thompson center impact.
  2. Robhuntandfish

    Scopes for sale

    Does the Bushnell shotgun scope have the circle X reticle?
  3. Lol. Yeah glad the last week of bow was such a good one. Was a tough season til then. Saw two big bucks on opening day of gun but never had a shot and never saw a deer since. It ain't over, smoke pole on deck!
  4. Robhuntandfish

    What's for dinner tonight?

    You just gave me a memory of my Dad. He used to make this every winter.
  5. Well I get the safety award for gun season. Never took it off alll season. 21 days without an incident.
  6. Robhuntandfish

    Snow cover

    Interesting. Yeah never realized that. Can't remember a gun season of all snow. Sure was the worst fall weather I've ever seen. Bow was a rainy mess.
  7. Congrats Zeek, upstate and hocky,. Does down! Way to finish up strong.
  8. The neighbors did shoot, as I was headed to the woods. Lol. We saw nothing. Not even a fresh track
  9. Were representing 7F in cny! Headed out too. Good luck hope you keep the streak alive and drop one! My buddies birthday and gonna do a push on the lease and see if something drops.
  10. Robhuntandfish

    What's for dinner tonight?

    That's the goods right there!!!
  11. Pristine silence and postcard snow.... hopefully interrupted by a round of gunfire!
  12. Robhuntandfish

    Guns Leaning Against Rubs picture thread.

    Fine.......gosh ....
  13. Robhuntandfish

    Guns Leaning Against Rubs picture thread.

    Eff that it's cold out.
  14. Wow I guess! Looks like something wooly started making into a bear.
  15. Robhuntandfish

    Shooter from the great room

    Duck behind the Xmas tree and send it!