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  1. Congrats and some damn fine planning on your part. Right before season for your anniversary every year!
  2. I get fatter in Nov and Dec but the deer I am guessing not so much.
  3. Mine goes into storage as soon as the last one goes in for the year. Cause mine needs to be the first one out in the spring! Last season I put the boat away while backing thru a snow covered driveway to get to the barn.
  4. No swag from academy sponsorship? Last hour this is disappointing.... Just kidding of course. If you don't have enough I have a couple of rage I can send you if you need em. I stopped shooting them a couple years ago but still have a couple as backups.
  5. I always see nothing til about 10 seconds before last light then get pinned in my stand for 30 minutes waiting for the deer to leave so I don't bust em out. Lol
  6. i hunt some, but save all my time off for late Oct thru mid Nov. I decided i am not hunting afternoons in T shirt weather though. Never see anything and i just feel i am burning my stands. The opener i am planning on just hunting after work. Then weekends as weather dictates thru the early part of Oct. If we keep seeing frosty morns that will get me out more.
  7. I always tell the GF that girlfriend season is over and reopens again before Xmas. She just loves that......
  8. Looks big to me. Hell he's almost square. Lol. Hope u get a chance at him
  9. Looks like a deer crossed with one of Biz's cats.
  10. I actually got two in the mail this year. Lol.
  11. Copper pipe with a section of old garden hose also works. We used to bring them camping many years ago.