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  1. Visitor To Our Middle School

    He looks like he is hoping it's pizza day in the cafeteria.
  2. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Haven't tried those. I have caught gar , big ones , in dexter on the black River bay on lures Usually pickerel will hit about anything moving quick by them.. they are aggressive critters.
  3. 2 birthday boys today. Happy birthday Fletch and Moog !

    Happy birthday Men!! Hope you both have a great day
  4. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Was out on Oneida today with my buddies son. He wanted to pitch for those basses agian. We caught a few, nothing huge. Some bass, pickerel , panfish. Good day of fishing , but a bit slow on the bass bite. Nice day for sure though.
  5. Theyre like crack!

    There is nothing more addictive in the outdoor sports than fishing lures. They are so pretty and shiny , you can't help it. Walmart for groceries and two lures in the cart too......don't need em, but there they are. Lol
  6. What's for dinner tonight?

    Bacon wrapped BBQ chicken and salt taters, dinosaur sauce.
  7. 2018 Baseball Thread

    Should ALWAYS sign a starting pitcher! over anything really.
  8. Has Your Scope Ever Made You Bleed?

    he might not have thought it was so funny if he knew you got it from shooting! lol
  9. Yelling Goat rendevouz part deux

    Central NY ??? its still 2 hours for me. On this side of CNY we call that Western NY lol. Just kidding ...... I think its great that people can get together. Pretty cool. Been trying to catch up to Treeguy with a gracious invite to fish and work is killing me. 11.5 hours yesterday and no lunch and gonna be 10 today. Have a day off tomorrow but think my dancecard is filled even if I am still gonna get the day at all.
  10. Has Your Scope Ever Made You Bleed?

    no scoping yet but a fat lip from my thumb while shooting the shotgun a couple of times.
  11. how often is the buck you shoot one you have on trailcam?

    hoping for a wall mounter one day. Have yet to get one big enough for that. Been real close a few times. Maybe this is the year..... been chasing the one in the last pic for two years now.
  12. how often is the buck you shoot one you have on trailcam?

    yeah that big woods up there would think they prob travel farther for food sources etc. Plus so much hunting area.
  13. need to get some hunting thoughts going here! So how often does that happen that the buck you took is one you have on trailcam? I would say the last 5 years for me has been about 50/50. Now this first pic is kind of a cheat as I had him on trailcam 2 minutes before I shot him. Lol So I had the before and after, all in a 10 minute span! But i have far more pics of bucks I never see of course, and passed the 3nd buck pic at 10 yards last year trying to hold out for a big one - last pic. All these pics are from the same spot - they love this tree! Def hard scrape/lick tree every year. (we even named the stand next to it - scrapetree) But it is neat to get a deer you also had on cam - it makes you almost feel like you knew what you were doing?! lol sure.
  14. 2018 Baseball Thread

    pencil me in for that. Plenty of other options at a lot less cost that are just as productive.
  15. What's for dinner tonight?

    now thats a hard stare!! "OMG ive gone crosseyed......." Poor boy needs pie! I look that same way at Pie so i know the feeling