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  1. Robhuntandfish

    Nice cabin and some land

    thats kinda what I did. Bought a cottage on the lake and its 6 minutes from hunting lease. Just minus the downstate condo. one of my buddies is thinking about doing that out in the Norwich area. Just park a camper on some land he might inherit and use it as a camp. Less town/reg hassles and upkeep. - I told him great- I already have to decide between three units I hunt to put in for doe permits- might as well add another - lol Always nice to have a getaway. When I had a camp only a handful of people ever knew where it was. Some college buddies once tried to find me while i was there for a weekend. Funny thing was they were within 200 yards of it at one point!. And they had quite an adventure looking for it. I brought them up a couple of times later for some hunting weekends.
  2. Robhuntandfish

    Nice cabin and some land

    I sure miss the little camp i used to have on Chase lake. But also prob wouldnt buy another. If I was gonna invest would just buy land with a house on it instead of having upkeep on two places. But I sure had some great times at camp. I looked at and considered a couple north of Camden/Florence/Osceola area but just figured leasing land is easier and less expensive. Plus i spend a lot of the summer on the lake and in the fall the hunting isnt as good up there as it is in Southern zone. If I ever did it would go with just a base camp with no electric/water - maybe one of those Amish sheds. Camp was great until you had two septics, two roofs, two sets of water lines, two yards to rake etc......
  3. looks like a big un. Do you have any problems with bears so close to the house? Buddy of mine in Owego has been woken up at night and had a bear on his deck at the sliding glass door. Would you shoot a bear if one comes by the stand?
  4. Robhuntandfish

    Pickling and Canning

    Just finished some pickled eggs.
  5. Robhuntandfish

    2019 Season (Biz-R-OWorld)

    Check your cams for pics around 2 am and you'll know for sure. Lol
  6. Robhuntandfish

    Todays chuckle

    Yeah no prob. You should see the one after that....gang violence...oh
  7. Robhuntandfish

    Todays chuckle

    relax it was for a chuckle.... see thread title......
  8. Robhuntandfish

    Todays chuckle

  9. Robhuntandfish

    Meet Stella

    Great looking pup!!! Gonna love yelling ... Stella.....
  10. Robhuntandfish

    What's for dinner tonight?

    what kind/flavor did you make? looks great And it feels like Deer meat as I have to look thru all that brush to find it. Were you outside eating under a tree maybe........
  11. Robhuntandfish

    Glory Lighted Nock

    I use nockturnals but you will love the lighted nocks! So much better to know shot placement and finding your arrows!
  12. Robhuntandfish

    What type of ML?

    i have a TC impact - lower price range of TC's - most accurate gun I have at 100 yards for one shot! My buddy has a TC encore and its a beauty!!
  13. Robhuntandfish

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    Ok got trout done. They are tasty. Making a smoked trout dip too. TF has made/posted it before thought I would try it . I'm sure I didn't make it the same but worth a shot.
  14. Robhuntandfish

    PA Elk Lottery

    Only place I could find the list so far. I'm not on it. Only 3 people from NY
  15. Robhuntandfish

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    Have trout in the smoker....and all of a sudden it just started pouring. So humid it formed in 15 minutes while I was getting it ready. Electric smoker....had to unplug it. Raining so hard cam hardly see out side .....grrr