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  1. I'd say Wintergreen
  2. Both amazing days but thinking 11/2/19 lives in infamy. Almost all of these were bucks but one I think and it was bow season. Both were awesome days for a lot of people. 11/2/19 Biz, bigpaul,Nomad,Green Drake, Steuben Jerry, Wolc, ChrisW, FLXmatt, sodfather,Al Bundy, turkeyfeathers,
  3. Wow what a day. Ok deep breath and congrats to ..... @50calpeephole @UpStateRedNeck @SpacemanSpiff @Bolt action @Lomax @ATbuckhunter @The_Real_TCIII @MPHunter @BigVal And to @Just Lucky when he finds his buck in the morn! Hell of day and congrats on the bucks, does and yotes!
  4. Hunt #34. 11/28. 1:45-dark. 7F Littlefield stand Haven't hunted here all season. But I've officially been in every stand now this year. Didn't hunt it cause of tagging an early doe then buck on Halloween. It's mostly for bow and xbow. Real tight spot, no shots over 35 yards. Great deer trail that crosses main trail and a huge scrape next to it 12 yards away. Didn't see anything but was thinking one was gonna be in view any minute.
  5. If it happens here it will happen fast. No shot over 35 yards here. Haven't sat in this stand all season. Mostly a bow and crossbow spot. Huge scrape and beatdown deer trail to my left at 12 yards. Would love to join the buck parade today.
  6. If the deer can make me out in orange in the stand then it's already too late for them with the gun. I always wear it in the stand. Plus IF anyone else happens to walk anywhere near they know a hunter is here and they shouldn't be out here.
  7. Hunt #33 11/28. Light-10. 7F opener stand. Didn't see anything. Heard one grunt I am pretty sure in the thickness to my right but never heard anything else. Corey was in wayback and saw nothing.
  8. Guys are downing them. Congrats folks. I'm out, don't have a lot of faith for much action here. I should join the duckers on neighbor property they were booming this morn.
  9. You say you got scoped, but is the true story that you caught that trespasser with this nice buck and had to get handy and take the buck away from him? He got a lucky punch in before you suplexed him in the woods and took his deer.......
  10. Sightings and cam pics way down here too. End of breeding season, eating to recoup at night , hunkered down in daylight. Find food sources and hunt afternoons when they get hungry and get up just before dark to eat , or in between food and bedding for mornings. Or drive/push out bedding areas to jump them and get them moving. Best way is with more than one person or a couple, but once you blow them out of security they might not be back for a bit, so it's risky. Hunt cold snaps and be near food now. I will still hunt but my best hunting ahead is prob in muzzleloader when I can back to my spot in 6S after gun season and hunt the AG fields in the afternoon.
  11. Hunt #32 11/27 1-dark. 7F CSS stand. Saw nothing. Pulled cam card there and not a single deer on cam. It gets tough from here on out. Rutting activity dwindling, and not much food available here to keep deer. Still a chance but it gets tougher now.
  12. Used to be the day after Thanksgiving was the second busiest after opening day. I heard one distance shot at 6:45 when I was getting ready at truck. And nothing else all day
  13. Hunt #31 11/27 light -11:00. 7F point stand. First time sitting here for me this season. Nothing seen. Pulled some cams and a lot less activity for sure .