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  1. Robhuntandfish

    Need help with Sausage and Jerky

    When making venison sausage I do 60/40 venison and ground pork. Gives you that sausage consistantcy and more fat.
  2. Robhuntandfish

    Dumb Things You've Seen At A Boat Launch

    Saw a 70+ year old guy pop a guy about 6'4 and in his 40's in the teeth at black lake cause he cut in front of him. Three of us launched while that mess was sorted out. My step Grandfather used to take his chair at the campground at Jacque cartier state park and sit and watch everyone. Someone would ask him what he was doing and he woudl say he has a lot of stock in good year and likes to sit here and watch his stock go up from the spinning tires. He even took a cold drink. have seen the infamous- boat to dock leg split and dunk - several times. have seen an amphibious car drive right out and into the water and across the st lawrence. One time the border patrol had two vehicles and were waiting on a guy at the launch coming from canada in a canoe in 2-3 foot waves with the canoe full of booze up to his legs. oh you gotta love it.
  3. Robhuntandfish

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    no attendant . Sometimes one on the weekends when its really busy. Gonna scout out the other launch . This one is a par 4 from my house so i usually go there. Other one is 2 miles but prob a lot more fisherman than pleasure boaters cause its pretty shallow and weedy. at black lake one time i saw two guys fist fighting at the launch cause of someone cutting ahead of them. While they were working that out we launched ! lol
  4. Robhuntandfish

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    sad part is - this is a private boat launch! lol. I pay a year round fee that is good for two different launches. But it happens everywhere. This guy was a winner..... just sat on his boat having a drink while we all lined up. Not a clue.
  5. Robhuntandfish

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    hes half beagle and half Australian shephard and loves to swim. No swim breed in there but he will chase a ball in the water as many times as i will throw it.
  6. Robhuntandfish

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Yeah I should know better though. Bike night in Sylvan beach, nice night, so it's busy. And afternoon is jet skis and tourists. It's funny , it's like changing shifts . In the am all fisherman and 99% good folks. Courteous at the launch and everyone knows what they are doing. Afternoon guys that can barely back the boat in and launch there jet boats and skis. And more often some pricks thrown in. We try to be off the lake by then. And a lineup of bars along the canal doesn't help. Never been stopped put on the lake fishing. The sherriffs are too busy with Dwi s and people doing stupid things. They don't bother the fisherman. Even the ones that have a couple beers. Last weekend two jet skis hit head on out by the beach about an hour after we got off the lake. Police boat had to chase one of them down for leaving the scene.
  7. Robhuntandfish

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Was gonna fish this Eve but annoyed at the launch so I left. Pull up and a guy is standing in his boat in the launch having a drink. I sit there and he does nothing. So I ask him " are you going out or in?" He says "going out, there is another launch up the road too" ......ok ahole.... So two other boats have pulled up behind me one is so big he has a wide load sign on it. So I say " well I am gonna launch here, I will pull up so you can get yours out.". He tells me it's gonna take 10 now I'm getting a little warm and " well if you get moving then the rest of us can get out on the lake Tonite " So he gets his trailer for his cigar boat and is working bon loading . Meanwhile the wide load boat guy is also getting annoyed. So he pulls out and a guy with another little race boat goes between us to the launch. Now the guy with the wide load boat is yelling at him telling him there is two ahead of him......yup I'm gone. Back in the day I prob would've cleared the launch . Lol. Now I'm just an old guy and get off my lawn! I should know better....general rule for me and my fishing buddies... Fisherman off the lake by 10:30 am before the idiots come out. Lol So took the dog swimming for the first time this year. That was nice.
  8. Robhuntandfish

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Great day on the water and some nice smallies! Good way to spend a nice day!
  9. Robhuntandfish

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    I think that's why we never won there. My buddy was trying to catch them and not bass! Lol. He was amazed
  10. Robhuntandfish

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    There is a ton of these in Canadarago lake. Fished there a few times and some bass tournaments. Would see them swimming around. Could never catch one though.
  11. Robhuntandfish

    How long is to long

    Impressive for sure. Not many can pull that off. Most would've asked someone to hold their purse.
  12. Robhuntandfish

    Let the games begin!!!

    looking to be W I D E !
  13. Robhuntandfish

    What's for dinner tonight?

    lol - whew - thanks fixed that quick! but still see what we have to do out in CNY for fun ! Damn WNY guys living right!
  14. Robhuntandfish

    What's for dinner tonight?

    that is stompin damn awesome!!!!!! ELK- you WNY guys have it made. We have to eat pasture cows out this way. Damn Jay that sounds amazing
  15. Robhuntandfish

    Banned from local Facebook group

    That's it I'm calling for a ban on here just for saying that. Lol. I would block you but your recipes are too good to ignore! Lol