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  1. Hard No! If he needs a loan for the vehicle you can send him the Vin # and info. But no $ no title!
  2. Looks like 10 points for Grampy and ApexerER. And a solid lead for Grampy with only this and next week left.....
  3. Looks like a damn fine buck to me ! Is he a 7 or an 8? Congrats and it worked out in the end. And sleep in this weekend , have a big breakfast and relax for a day. You've sure earned it.
  4. We might have a new leader on the board.......pending buckage from @Cabin Fever @grampy might be back in the lead and also points for @ApexerER
  5. updated scoresheet Week 10 Nov 29-Dec 5 Forum Member hunter picked Score Total Score Robhuntandfish Cabin fever 6 suburbanfarmer Gencountyzeek 4 cynthiafu none doebuck1234 Lomax 2 BowmanMike Grampy 9 13 Otto Cabin fever 6 Moho81 Robhuntandfish 2 Silent Stalker Turkeyfeathers 2 Swampbucks Lawdwaz Turkeyfeathers Gencountyzeek 4 Crappyice Otto Cory Gencountyzeek 6 Chef Buckmaster 8 14 mlammerhirt Lomax 12 Nomad none 2 Bruno1 Lomax Grampy Treeguy 9 9jNYstarkOH ChrisW 4 Lomax DonC 4 The_Real_TC111 Treeguy 8 ApexerER none Bfahy13 Buckmaster 8 8
  6. Thanks Chef. Been working 11-12 hr days and missed that. Will redo score sheet to reflect. Will be 8 points for @Chef and @bfahy13. Putting Chef in the lead!
  7. It truly was the greatest generation. To fight a true world war and defend our nation and way of life in a war that was fought with such terrible attrocities. My Dad was a ww2 veteran and just the stories about the country itself being so unified and focused were amazing. Everything at that time was focused on the war effort. He didn't get in due to age til near the end of the war, so he was here at home helping his family get by as his older brother was overseas already until he was old enough to enlist. He joined the army as he didn't want to be on a ship for months and went to basic. After that he was sent to Hawaii for a few days, then on a ship out to the Pacific. They were then stopped and turned back as there was a Japanese fleet in the way. They then went in the Panama canal and sat there for a few days. They were told to wait there until further word. No idea what was going on. Then they got word the atomic bomb was dropped and everyone was waiting to see what was to happen. (As he didn't want to be on a ship for months and that's just where he was even in the army) Then they got word that Japan surrendered and they were sent to Okononowa. Well it's not like there was TV and internet to spread the word. So they didn't know the war was 'over'. He said it was the worst thing he has ever seen. Flushing people out of caves with flame throwers. He only ever mentioned it once I can ever remember. He did catch a piece of shrapnel in his hand but never injured badly. Then he was sent to Korea and served out his time there. Eventually becoming the head cook there which lead him to be a chef later in the states. But was always so impressed with the people of that time and all they gave to keep the world from being overtaken by the axis powers and all that was given by every man and woman overseas and at home.
  8. Used to Bass fish a ton. Nowadays mostly walleye.
  9. Damn ! Somebody put a PA girth chart on that SOB! Looks like he swallowed a mallard. Nice bass. My PB is 6lb 2 oz for large mouth and 5lb 15 oz for smallie.
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