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  1. we hunt a lot of swampy areas on our lease. Biggest issue is getting in there without getting busted. So thick and water esp when it freezes and is crunchy. So we tend to leave those mostly as sanctuary and hunt the edges and trails into/out of it. But depends on how big and how to access it I would think.
  2. i wanted one of these just cause they are cool! Neat little gun. But i wouldnt hunt deer with a .410. I would put one down with my Judge with .410 but to do that have to carry .45 for it to be legal.
  3. i always double fry my wings to be crispy. Do they come out like that with one run? sure would be nice - less mess to deal with regular fryer.
  4. part of baseball has always been cheating - from spitballs to steroids. Sign stealing happens in little league for crying out loud. Just now it was done with technology. I think the hangup is throwing games. Its like taking a fall in boxing (which is the most corrupt of all the sports)
  5. My favoritist boat i ever owned was a Lowe. Had a 14 ft SC with a 25 hp. It wasnt big but even used to fish bass tourneys with it.
  6. Thanks Bob! Hard sell at 6 degrees this morn but maybe someone is longing for open water......
  7. That's right . You've been focused on that for a while. Hope it happens. Even if you have to sell game worn. Go for it.
  8. Why don't I think of these things....good idea.
  9. Nice rig Paul! A little more boat than I'm looking for. That could take on Erie though. But Andrew would have to drive it for me.
  10. i teared up when i ate them! courtesy of TF! damn great.
  11. wouldnt this same effect happen in the spring then when crops are now avail?
  12. exactly my thought. I wouldnt last a night in the woods but if deer eat a belly full of corn they die? But a chickadee wont? so when the corn grows in the summer and they start eating it why is that different? Also so if someone feeds them constantly with corn it also wouldnt matter. Just had some doubts on the science of it. Dont feed deer or intend to but where i hunt there are acres of corn they never cut and i am pretty happy about it. Easy winter so far and food to boot.
  13. have a question sorta about deer feeding. If one of the reasons its bad for deer is digestion issues with corn (yes i know there are other stated reasons) then is it bad for the deer to have standing corn all winter? Never understood this. The place i hunt in 6S still has a ton of standing corn in the fields and would think that would be good for the deer. You always hear that its too much for their stomachs to handle in the winter ? doesnt make sense to me.