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  1. i dont think they are all related - some of them maybe a broken wire or a bad ground. I would say mostly it is age and from what i remember a pathfinder (?) is a hard ride suspension? So a lot of jarring going on there. But a '98 is a 22 year old vehicle so in 3 years it is actually considered an antique. 15 years is considered a classic. I think its just wear.
  2. yup we got about 8" forecast was for 1-3 and mostly wet roads. Trying to deliver supplies to different locations this wasnt helping. Roads were terrible i was even fish tailing in the pickup once.
  3. Mods must be busy with life like most people should be. I agree with you not cause of work so much but also cause its too much, its not a porn site. Uneeded. Before all this hand slaps wouldve been out. Also kids can access the site. Obviously some of them already do.
  4. I bought some ammo at a local store Bucks and Bolts. They actually had ammo i shoot so i got an extra box while i was there. The 20g 7's are for when Bill and I decide there IS now a season for doves. Lol
  5. hard to judge by the numbers - 4 confirmed cases here in Madison county and 1 death. Tough to judge. Have to use nationwide or worldwide numbers to tell.
  6. yeah not yet. Too much work chaos right now. And the ice has sunk and still bergs out there. Not gotta have a titanic situation.
  7. Ice just came off this week so hopefully out there soon.
  8. The hunting NY forum winning streak continues! Congrats. And welcome to the best time of the year for hunting.
  9. But it's because he's drunk so should be allowed.
  10. They are 6ft apart, those perch are just huge. 12 lbers.
  11. What a thing to say. I'm sure his family might think differently.
  12. Local school here in Canastota just announced a positive test for a staff member.