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  1. whats your first date for hunting this fall?

    Good luck, hope you see one. I went up last year at about that time and it was a record breaking 93 degrees each day. We went fishing instead of bear hunting cause it was so hot. A person in a cabin near us saw a bear by our boats one early morn. Other than that nothing. We went and had a great time just fishing and having a few beers. Not going this year , we are gonna just make it a fishing weekend. Post up some pics of the trip if you can.
  2. Trail Cam Questions

    Sd cards usually are separate I have used the cheap ones and the expensive and they all have worked fine for me. Unless you want extra features or real high quality pics I don't see much of a difference. Esp if you just want to see what's out there. And I think it's plenty of time. I actually don't even put mine out til August anyway. But I use mine more for just finding out what's out there or if any big bucks. Best way to scout is of course to be there . But I would look for the most sign and trails and put them up there. Just to see how many deer come thru. I don't use them much to find places to hunt and more to see what's going thru the area I plan to hunt. But I really think they are fun. It shows you what is going thru or in the area that you may never see yourself.
  3. whats your first date for hunting this fall?

    ive always wanted to get into goose hunting but am afraid too - lol. Then im buying 100 geese decoys for yet another hobby. So i fish to take up fun time til Oct 1. I think Oct 1 has become a bigger opening day than the third sat in Nov nowadays
  4. whats your first date for hunting this fall?

    yeah those early season hunts can be tough. I go the Oct 1st just cause i cant sit at the office for the first day and know i could be hunting ......cant do it. But i dont hunt hard til end of Oct and then take a bunch of time off for hunting! Early season i hope to get that early doe on a field edge just before dark and restock the freezer. Hate those days i plan to hunt and its gonna be 80 out. - thats why i keep the boat handy too!
  5. So where does the fall hunting season begin for you? Early bear season in sept? Sept 1 early goose season? Maybe a sept squirrel hunt? Mine is generally the big Oct 1 southern bow opener. Once in a while i try an early bear hunt, but last time i went the weekend was record breaking warm in the end of sept and was 93 degrees.. blah. I dont really have a spot to goose hunt, that isnt on one of my deer spots, that i dont wanna tread through and start the shooting. Some seasons open in a mere two weeks! So whats the first hunt for you this fall?
  6. What's for dinner tonight?

    wow thats multi tasking - hope its not a push mower!
  7. R.I.P Aretha Franklin

    Elvis also passed on August 16th - crazy coinicidence
  8. Hunting giraffes why not ?

    no prob with it but wouldnt really be interested. I did see a show where they were hunting emu with a bow and thought would be pretty neat
  9. Lawdwaz has a birthday today !

    Happy B- Day all day!
  10. Beer

    i had this Genny in my hand the other day but didnt pull the trigger. Gonna have to try it now.
  11. Beer

    a guy at work got some to try - said he drank half of one and poured the rest. Blah - now he cant give away the 11 pack
  12. Give him the credit he deserves. Hes a POS all on his own. Lol
  13. Already couldn't stand him. Can only hope at least a few others that support him won't any longer.