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  1. nice . Fresh new growth. Keep it cut and frost seed some clover in there next year.
  2. i put in for all the three seasons in the areas that have a good amount of open stateland.
  3. i am willing to take the chance if its overlooking the field with those Velvet monsters! #fatguyinalittletree.
  4. we still have to wear at work- considered a health care field/facility and waiting to hear from governing state body to open things up. Still capacity restrictions etc to deal with. Hopefully lifted here too soon.
  5. now we know how WNY has all the deer. They all walk there to get out of CNY in the fall. Must be leaving cause of the weather....
  6. I have no blossoms on my zucchini. Hoping that changes soon. Cory those long hots look great. Love them cooked in olive oil and then over pasta .
  7. 100% attendance to the state fair announced by the gov today
  8. https://www.pgc.pa.gov/Wildlife/WildlifeSpecies/Elk/Pages/default.aspx
  9. can you get them to join here and make a post of all the tracks. Prob the best thread all year - keep up the good work and congrats on the new help!
  10. im going to have a ton of cherry tomatoes. Prob have 20 little ones already. and 6-8 regular tomatoes growing. But i planted early and the weather held up so it worked out. Peas are starting to blossom too. But so far the green onions havent grown much since they took off early. Looking forward to a pea pod salad
  11. Awesome . Thank you! Order is in and also some lighted nocks!
  12. Ordered these to see how they are. Same place I always get arrows. Not ordering too many til i try them.
  13. Lead story on news out here . People are nuts. and she drove it into the lake....
  14. The Swiss chard was great. First of anything out of the garden. It topped a venison burger. And some homemade horseradish from a friend .
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