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  1. I would be surprised if this season ever gets off the block. Can almost guarantee no college football season this year. I think NFL and MLB are slim at best. NBA maybe cause of less players but a few of them are bailing on the season anyway.
  2. between shirt changes for Jerkman and beers for Biz and referee duties for Crappie your the slight favorite of even finishing.
  3. Vegas has the betting line at Aboa -110 as the favorite.
  4. Venison Philly cheese steak pizza with bionic cow rub on the grill..... Spinach and smoked sausage on deck
  5. I have this on my 12 works great. Plus I love the circle X reticle. The circle fits the kill zone perfect at 100.
  6. So curious on who vice is gonna be for Biden. That will be all the difference. What if its Michelle Obama announced at the last minute......Trump would be in trouble. I def couldn't vote for Hillary, won't vote for Biden but I am 50/50 on Trump. Not that it matters in NY cause it doesn't.
  7. Jay your slacking this year on the sheepies! You've been a smallie killer.