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  1. Moog are you selling this cause it shoots lowish on yotes? I know you trust Andrew without question but maybe it was the estimate and not the equipment.... just a thought.
  2. well that sucks John sorry to hear - but right attitude - time to move on - life is short .
  3. Dunno but i am willing to tow his car on my boat trailer for dibs in Nov
  4. Dan was shooting muzzleloaders as fast as you could load em! And i am now haunted by that deer pic on your property - lol. It bothers me
  5. if we are bidding on property - I will take Moogs when he moves up to Hornhunters. I dont need to be in the front row but my seats now near the bathroom suck.
  6. Yes. Actually I told him I just texted my GF and told her I wanted the Rock to play me in the perfect storm 2.
  7. best of luck and good thoughts to you Cynthia. Nothing better than the quiet of the woods to get away and clear the mind of troubles for a while.
  8. thanks much - would never think of these things. Havent done any real improvements like this. Looking forward to being able to cut the trails this year and keep them maintained. Plus maybe add in a trail across middle of the property. Going to be a lot of work
  9. just ask Andrew - lol - when we were on Erie in heavy surf- inside that breakwall seemed like a great spot to fish to me!! And hell Pygmy was singing in 6 footers too!
  10. thats such a tough one cause things can change so much. On lease i have after 2nd week of gun season thru a lot of the winter its just a dead zone because there isnt a lot of food. So deer are moving out to a couple of fields nearby and they bed close to that. But during the rut a lot of bucks are crusiers thru the property. I guess finding trails that are still there is the way to go. But hard to beat in season scouting.
  11. lol - I am happy to fish the pond with the old ladies .
  12. i really cant cause it is designated wetlands area and wouldnt want to take the chance and get landowner in hot water. He can keep open and maintain existing trails but cant really do much else to the property and still get tax break etc.