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  1. Deer safe zone

    " I would like to apply for a pistol permit, these guys are my references"
  2. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    I'm up, I'm up.....having breakfast because it's 7 here. If it's less of a temp than I can count on my fingers I'm gonna wait. But gonna go to one property for a mid day stroll and to pickup final trail cams for the season. Then for the afternoon try a 2 hr sit til dark on the edge of a beanfield. Good luck those who go out.
  3. Venison chilli recipes

    I would try both. My theory is then the gas would smell like sweet potato pie ....right....
  4. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Can always eat at the goat if no venison in the freezer. Good luck with the folks and their health for sure.
  5. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    I was thinking the exact same . But gonna chicken out for tomorrow morn. Just too cold. Sat morn will go but. But yeah every afternoon for sure. I look at this way . Not many days for options left so anytime is better than no time in the woods at this point. Good luck.
  6. Nyack "Coywolf " update

    i dont fear coyotes or coyote attacks of any kind. But the coyote population has boomed in the last few years for sure. And if you notice the Turkey population has also seemed to decline. And many of the guys I hunt with always say how they never see rabbits anymore. I think I would look at it like they are a predatory competition to a hunter. The more predators for the same food source lessens the food source (and eventually the predators of course) . I lost a deer to coyotes this year and remember when you never had to worry about that and it wasn't that long ago. It would seem the population is getting a bit out of control. Just as the south would say about feral pigs. It is detriment to their eco system and would believe an overpopulation of coyotes will also do some damage esp to small game numbers and even deer if it continues unchecked.
  7. Microsoft BS phone calls. Do you get them ?

    best one i got was from a lawn service place and they said "we went by your house and noticed you have a lot of crabgrass and weeds in your lawn and we can help you out with that" I had just got the phone hooked up as we put up a new house and it was nothing but mud and stone in the yard from the construction. So I said - why dont you stop by again and show me the crabgrass and come to the house and we can discuss it and that I would be home all week. - I sure hope they drove all the way out to check cause guess what-- they didnt knock on the door or call back.
  8. Let's play CSI

    This is all that was left of the hide. Head was gone as well.
  9. Shoulder roast

    Cut it all out to about an inch thick and spread out flat. Cover with diced onions, celery and bacon strips, and a little dinosaur garlic honey BBQ sauce. Roll it up like a pinwheel. Put a couple more slices of bacon on top. Then roast covered with foil at 375. Once it's looking like it's done prob like an hour, take off the foil and let the bacon crisp on top. Just made that last weekend. It was great.
  10. cant stand not being able to hear if a deer is walking in. Sometimes they are like ninjas. Sometimes its just a stick breaking and they are there or have heard a buck snort/grunt and know there is a buck nearby. At the most only shooting once or twice. If was for a lot of duck hunting and shooting a real lot prob would.
  11. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    have 3 days off after today for hunting but im thinking midday and afternoon hunts . 10 degrees most of those mornings. Umm nope, too cold for these toes........I left a warm bed and a good woman for this??
  12. What's for dinner tonight?

    if your a teenage girl at the mall.........maybe
  13. What's for dinner tonight?

    Whats for dinner tonite, tomorrow night and the next night and prob a Homeade soup. Venison sausage, taters, white and yellow corn, carrots , asparagus, onion , celery, chicken broth and a little half and half. Thickened with a little bit of instant potatoes. Ended up having to work tomorrow, bit am off to muzzle hunt Fri,sat sun. This will warm some cold bones after.
  14. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    was gonna be off tomorrow but bagging it because of a high of 18 and also should be at work. But still off friday, Sat , Sun and looking to take the very last day of muzzle. I think this was supposed to be the year I filled that tag with a big buck and will be damned if i give up at the very end!
  15. what would the old hunter in you tell the young hunter you were

    "not because I find fishing as being so terribly important, but because I suspect that so many of the other concerns of men are equally unimportant and not nearly so much fun" - Robert Traver Agreed it is a hobby but also important. When I look back at times with my Dad it always involved fishing hunting camping, that set the scene for some of those most important times in life you never forget and an outlet to the ones you wish you could forget.