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  1. Not a large enough sample size. Late starter was only up 2 days while I was there. He didn't shoot any deer during his morning sits. Everybody else was out well before dawn. In the 10 days I was up during bow, there was one deer taken early morning, in the first hour after sunrise.
  2. At the hunting lodge I go to near Oneonta, most guys - including me - are out the door well before sunrise while one guy waits until a couple of hours after sunrise to head out. The later guy says he doesn't want to push the deer out of the fields and back into the woods before they would otherwise go on their own. I respect the experience and advice I read on this forum. What do you think is best, and why?
  3. What kind of success have you guys had with late season hunts? What strategies do you use?
  4. 4f near Cooperstown. First day in stand. I'm pumped! Good luck to all.