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  1. Bailed on the am hunt, got some stuff done around the house. Driving to williamsville I saw a big boy by William street. Around noon
  2. Growalot? Bubba? Ahh crappyice got it katie Perez?
  3. My mailbox is on a swinging hinge type set up. It gets hit and all I have to do is pull it back in position. It's usually backwards facing the cornfield after plows go by lol.
  4. Ice fishing, snowmobile, going fast, boats, hunting, getting chicks and repeat
  5. Clock ran out on me. Small large and xl does came in and couldn't get on the big one til it was after legal. It keeps me coming back!
  6. I'm out here grinding, freezing my sac off have seen a spike and a small 6. Shoulda just shot one of them lol
  7. Headed to my dads today, I'll be on the ground doing some slow walking for a change up.
  8. In behind the house for a few hours. Doe and 2 fawn so far.
  9. This is him for reference not that it changes anything lol
  10. Yes I can use my neighbors to get eyes on him or from my other field depending on which side hes on that day. Just cant shoot from or onto my neighbors. Also your absolutely right I'll post the pic up later he gets to bed while it's dark and will hopefully leave during daylight. I'd gladly push him to my dad of it comes to that.