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  1. Big Chris getting it with the handgun! Nice
  2. No I work hard for my land and my dad worked hard for years for his. I have swapped a deer hunt for goose permission before but that's it
  3. BigVal

    Reelin For A Cure 2019

    You the man great stuff
  4. BigVal

    Happy Birthday Lawdwaz!!!!

    Happy birthday hope it's a great one
  5. BigVal

    Reelin For A Cure 2019

    That would be awesome! But I'll be headed up to Wellesley island! Keep us posted
  6. BigVal

    Reelin For A Cure 2019

    Good luck and enjoy! Sent a little something to help, Nick Also that's a great cause, Also im jealous I wont be out there
  7. BigVal

    Life expectancy

    I'll be lucky to make it to 50 if my work trend continues lol. But seriously early 80s
  8. BigVal

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    Put a cam up friday afternoon at my new house and couldn't wait any longer to check it lol.
  9. BigVal

    How many Hunt alone ?

    I hunt alone alot. Every single time I have shot a deer alone my dad has shown up to help/enjoy with me.
  10. BigVal

    Boldt Castle

    4 more days of work and I'm headed up for 10 nights!! Cant wait
  11. BigVal

    FYI boaters..

    This should be what they look like. Mines taped up from cracking.
  12. BigVal

    FYI boaters..

    Same took it when I was a kid so I could drive jet skis. It sucks and most dont need it but there's some clueless boaters out there so it's not the worst thing.
  13. BigVal

    Check out this buck

    Holy hell I gotta get my cameras up
  14. BigVal

    An owl and an eagle chainsaw carves

    Both sick but I have a soft spot for the eagles like always lol awesome
  15. BigVal

    Loosing Huntine Land Permissions

    I have been fortunate enough to have plenty of private deer land but for waterfowl it's generally 10-15 no's before a yes, and even then its likely other people have permission. Key is continuing to ask. Good luck rob nothing like your own place to hunt and tell people no lol.