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  1. Who owns a camper?

    Thanks! It's a 32' with three slides and way more goodies than I would have planned on getting like three TV's lol. We got it at Colton in Hamburg And couldn't get a similar one for anywhere near the price I was able to get to on this one. Really excited!
  2. Yesterday At Bailiwick Zoo

    Nice stuff brother
  3. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Awesome offer, good luck man. The riggers got a work out this morning
  4. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    If you ever are in buffalo and have some time give me a holler, be glad to put some eyes in your freezer, or try to at least lol
  5. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Banner day out of buffalo on eyes. All catch and release believe it or not as my dad and I are having people over for his birthday and didn't wanna fillet fish and cut the grass etc. Wish I took pics to share now that I'm home lol.
  6. Who owns a camper?

    We pulled the trigger on the keystone
  7. Who owns a camper?

    Awesome info guys! Really do appreciate it all. For us we have no kids but plenty of friends to stay with us, we have a truck that's capable of towing the majority of campers, and really set on a tow behind. The reason we're doing this now is so that we can travel mostly around the state and close border states together on weekends and for a few week vacations. Storage is not an issue luckily as I have plenty of space in a friend's storage lot. I ducked out of work early and looked at some. One that sticks out is a 32 foot bunk house made by keystone with three slides. Price is decent (don't want to spend a fortune) and the fit seems right. We will be back later together to talk about it and look at some more.
  8. Who owns a camper?

    Girlfriend and I are shopping around for a camper because she's sick of tents. I'm not crazy about it but she deserves it lol so what kinda pros and cons things to look for etc? She wants a bunk room model I know that
  9. 2018 Baseball Thread

    Def not Sanchez, he's in an awful slump yes but he's one of the best hitters in the mlb when he comes out of it.
  10. Why ?! Gene pool at its finest

    Also almost guarantee they were planning to blow smoke in her face
  11. Why ?! Gene pool at its finest

    That's amazing haha
  12. I rarely use senkos because it's almost cheating lol but the o rings are an absolute must
  13. I'll be out with pops targeting walleye and if they don't pan out we'll go catch some smallies. Always fun getting out together.
  14. Would you shoot a piebald deer ?

    No they're too majestic and beautiful
  15. Mating season

    Bears are like BigVal, they're always in mating season.