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  1. BigVal

    Anyone run cams with sound ?

    That's cool I always wanna run video on my cams but my computer isn't fast enough to load them lol.
  2. BigVal

    People suck

    Scum. Take the easy way out and steal someone else's belongings. They just sicken me
  3. BigVal

    Who's NOT Ready

    Not ready at all but don't usually put in serious time til Halloween
  4. BigVal

    Profile picture

    No prob guys
  5. BigVal

    Profile picture

    When you are viweing your profile it's the little thing that looks like a mountain in a grey square at the top you click that and can choose a file
  6. BigVal

    2018 mushroom hunting

    My girlfriend thought this was a human skull at first, I said I think it's a mushroom?
  7. BigVal

    43 this weekend

    Down to 39 yikes let's home I have propane lol
  8. BigVal

    How much do use think he weighs??

    Sorry for the confusion, I do in the bear pics but not mine lol.
  9. BigVal

    How much do use think he weighs??

    I don't see any corn
  10. BigVal

    43 this weekend

    This heat sucks! And I hate wind. And idk how I put this in trail camera pics section lol. Maybe after checking them tomorrow I'll have some to add.
  11. BigVal

    43 this weekend

    Rob sounds like a good weekend, I ran the poker run on the st Lawrence in a friend's boat this year.
  12. BigVal

    43 this weekend

    Heading down to my dad's property tomorrow with the camper for some work this weekend. I've been way behind trying to get work done for deer season but the weather looks great and will be a nice chill in the air. About time! 43 Saturday night!
  13. BigVal

    How much do use think he weighs??

    How much do you think this one weighs? He comes to my cams pretty frequently. Side note idk if that's corn in the original pic... Big bear tho
  14. BigVal

    How much do use think he weighs??

    Uhh ohh couldn't delete before TF could see them!!!