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  1. Mornin' funny...

    Hahaha awesome
  2. My fine feathered friend

    Triple banded!! Lol that's cool
  3. technology

    I wouldn't let a robot drive my truck Or be my truck
  4. Reccomend ed species for charter.

    Some bassholes boat
  5. Tahoe/ Yukon Owners.. ??

    Definitely, or an i6. My girl loves driving the Cummins haha.
  6. Tahoe/ Yukon Owners.. ??

    The GF mom drives one, it's sweet. I think it's a 16? I like vehicles from the 90s though. And girls from the 90s.
  7. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    Lol it's funny.
  8. Happy birthday Pygmy!

    Happy birthday! I'm with wooly that's what makes a birthday!!
  9. Beer

    I literally just left mother's and saw this. Pretty decent dinner.
  10. Back in my day......

    Back in my day I never saw an opening day on Monday, though I wish it was that way.
  11. Pfluger president 30,35, or 40?

  12. Trap squirrels and grill them professionally

    I'd probably just shoot them....
  13. Happy birthday Moho81

    Happy birfday