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  1. Not just the Turkey forum that's dead
  2. We are out of town and I didn't get the gf anything. It did not go over well.
  3. I prefer 250 2 strokes all around
  4. All dirt bikes for me. Maybe something for the street eventually
  5. Saw 2 boats on the niagara between peace bridge and railroad bridge today just saying lol
  6. I'd love it! Real nice of you.
  7. I saw 8 together (could have been more) in ellicttville a few years ago in may.
  8. Daydreaming about the upcoming trip to old forge
  9. Off topic and not an inconvenience but reminds me how it annoys me when the bank asks me why I'm taking out a large sum of cash. Like really. And tractor supply asked me my dob the other day but not use
  10. I've had a 401k for a while but I'll admit I don't quite understand thre percentages and stuff, plus I should learn other types of investments as well. Definitely need to start this asap.
  11. I have alot to learn that's for sure
  12. Congrats! I've been with the same girl for 4 years and have met her dad (not a fan) 2 times. I wish he was a good guy and there for her. I bought my house when I was 24 and it's been a great decision looking back, now thay I'm 25 lol. I will be engaged within a few months so I know the excitement and nerves he must be feeling.