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  1. Hunted my dad's place mid day with a doe tag. Right off the bat had a small 6 in the field, went up the hill a ways and had a spike on the ridge, then saw a doe with a fawn 125 yards out, but passed as I was really out for a walk on a beautiful day, then I dropped down low heading back towards the truck, caught movement 80-90 yards out, it was a big buck that I haven't has on cam since October! One of the drop tines I have dreams about lol. I watched him get up stare back at me and slowly walk off. Awesome encounter that would have ended differently if it was 24 hours later. Good job on the deer everyone! It's been a good season.
  2. Good or bad news that the boats already back on the trailer? Lol
  3. Right now? Probably 9 Right now at the house, definitely 0
  4. Boats hooked up ready to go it's gonna be a cold one lets hope the old Evinrude fires lol
  5. BigVal

    Xbow full inclusion??

    Normally id say what a waste of time but this crossbow thread was worth the read lol.
  6. You the man Jay!! Nice buck way to wait a good one out. Congrats
  7. BigVal

    I owe a lot to this forum

    That's what I'm thinking, he has some good posts every season
  8. 130 in great valley, 35 in orchard Park, 175 in Darien, 20 in Franklinville, couple small spots in other places but spend most my time in great valley on my dad's land.
  9. BigVal

    Why.....why do you stay?

    Family, fish Ontario, Erie, Niagara, decent hunting, like the seasons. Other than that it sucks here, family really keeps me here which is fine, wouldn't be able to live without them.
  10. BigVal

    Give King Andy your Facebook Password

    Never had Facebook Twitter Instagram etc, do have a snatch chat tho!
  11. BigVal

    First buck

    Mine was the Saturday before gun opener 2009 I believe maybe 2010? A six pointer in the pouring rain I called my dad and could barely speak lol he had worked overnight and headed out to help me track. One of the best days of my life
  12. BigVal

    Changing your own oil

    I do my own, truck takes 15 quarts. Do the car at the same time
  13. headed to the creek for some mallards! First real duck hunt of the season believe it or not, good luck today guys and gals
  14. Hunted the morning what a beautiful morning, dinner is in an hour and I just ate at my girlfriend mom's