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  1. I have a pretty decent sized garden this year, having this new house is great for it. The fiance started a bunch of seeds already and babies them like a kid lol. Will get some pics in a bit
  2. But a car accident victim or cancer patient cant get my grandmother or yours sick?
  3. Cattaraugus creek in Chafee area has a few access points, rt 16, savage to name a couple. I wonder if stocking will be behind schedule though?
  4. Agreed my fiance's hospital is setting up for Corona treatment and changing things up to accommodate more patients. She said it's really going to get crazy and is expecting some crazy times at the hospital. Honestly me and her still working is a blessing but her being there is starting to be concerning.
  5. Solid deal I thought about It a bit but trying to be more responsible with money this year for my relationships sake lol.
  6. I've eaten freshwater fish for as long as I can remember, usually a couple meals a month sometimes more. If you ask me I'm just fine. Lol
  7. It was pretty bad at 4am this morning south of buffalo. Made the drive up and it got better the farther north I went. Winds are supposed to kick up more so the ride home will be fun. Just another day, this is buffalo (area)
  8. Between 1 and 2 feet 50mph winds at my place 35 min south of buffalo. Snowmobile season isn't over yet.
  9. Not just the Turkey forum that's dead
  10. We are out of town and I didn't get the gf anything. It did not go over well.
  11. I prefer 250 2 strokes all around