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  1. Changed it up late last night me and my dad are behind the house hoping to get our first off my property. REALLY hoping he gets a shot at one. Good luck all
  2. This will be my last year hunting my dads property so probably going there. Tempted to hunt behind my house though
  3. Mo money mo problems. Seriously though I wish I was more help. Lol good luck to her.
  4. I have a couple spypoint I must be lucky they work great. Not the best pic quality but for the price very happy. And they send to my phone and my dads which is cool.
  5. I wish I was one of your buddies lol
  6. Haha thanks guys, looking around for a decent deal, checked out a couple and she decided she likes the feel of the rams quite a bit more than the others. Which is fine with me, it could be worse lol.
  7. Holy hell I need to get some lessons from moog and lawd guys are killers! Congrats guys
  8. Thanks for all the feedback so far guys, I should update with some background. The truck we buy will probably tow a 9k pound camper like 4 or 5 times a year, and some lighter stuff more regularly. It would be nice to have it get good mileage like Jeremy was talking about, and I have a hd truck for my heavier stuff. I'm a older cummins nut (haters keep on hating) lol. But would be nice to tow our camper with the half ton so that it's a nice ride for us and our someday kids.
  9. I believe I'll end up with a couple year old truck, I really thought about new or even a lease but she will put alot of miles on it so probably like a 17 and up truck
  10. Most my friends go with chevy, I'm a dodge guy but that's based on my love for older trucks.