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  1. It hurts me to say I will be on my way to Las Vegas
  2. 12, its not for sale guys shes just wondering. I'll get the story tonight when I see her
  3. Posting for my girls mom, was given this and wants to sell. It's in pretty good shape. Anyone have a good price line? Prices seem all over the place. It has a smooth bore barrel on it and the scope pictured. The bluing is all in great shape pics are deceiving and have hand oil on it lol.
  4. Here's some of the past rigs, real truck porn
  5. Doe 50 yards out in corn big boy 100 let's hope he closes the distance
  6. Just geese and ducks. 20 or 30 mallards in cut corn behind my property. Ugh and I'll be on a plane for opener next weekend
  7. Got home early I'm headed out behind the house in a few min nice and breezy
  8. My uncles when I was a youngster in Boston ny, first spot I actually hunted rather than observed was great valley which I still hunt.
  9. I'll be sure to get some good pics of the 11 or the 13 when I knock them down