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  1. Seriously impressive quality, my favorite thread on here
  2. Congrats! I do 34 miles one way but it's worth it! Enjoy retirement!
  3. There's a big demand for them right now, dont short sell yourself especially on the unopened packs.
  4. So sorry no words can Express the feeling.
  5. Totally forgot to update, we got her a 2021 gmc sierra, the elevation edition. I did smack a deer with it when it had 1500 miles I'll get a pic when I have it back lol. She loves it!
  6. Got hit hard in north collins! Bring it on, sleds are ready to go
  7. I'm with ya, I pass tons of deer every season until I feel like the time is right or I'm ready to make the kill. I take alot of jokes for it with my friends and all but that's fine, I love the hunt and honestly go out knowing that I have no plans to kill sometimes, even though I'm still holding my bow or gun. I actually think it's a good thing to be in touch with that feeling.
  8. Nice! I live a few minutes from the site of the langford tractor pull
  9. Thanks for the serious replies, I am doing alot of out of town work in the new year and dont want an issue
  10. Does anyone know how I can monitor the temperature of my freezer on my phone? So if I'm at work and the freezer craps out I can see that? My freezer is fiber I just like to play it safe.
  11. Forgot about this 8 pointer Team 4
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