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  1. I've had diesels since I was 17 (I'm 25) and dont tow as much as I used to, just personal trailers a couple times a week now. I gotta say the 3.5 is very appealing. But for now still chugging with a cummins. And awesome truck tug! Looks like a beauty
  2. Drank an 18 pack but it was light beer so I'm good to go today lol
  3. Sweet rig! I'm in the market for a raptor as well. Slim pickins right now! Enjoy
  4. I stand corrected. The lake was not flat on the ride back from sturgeon to buffalo. The bite was not hot but picked away.
  5. Who's going out for some erie perch tomorrow? Anyone? Lake should be flat early
  6. Paid 88 cents yesterday on the reservation. It's over 2 by work
  7. Ageeed, I was there around noon. I cant stand wearing one with glasses though so I opt for contacts.
  8. To my surprise the large majority in wal mart were wearing masks. And this is in springville lol. Still some not wearing them.
  9. I get 15 in my cummins on 35s and 26 in my forester. Love being semi close to the reservation
  10. I'll be getting into the chicken world soon, I'm sure I'll have questions lol.
  11. Trump 2020 Let's not be ridiculous here.
  12. Work in welding industry now, bunch of different jobs. Hopefully be in a local union soon which I'm high on the list for.