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  1. I'm getting married friday so that works. Lol
  2. Cool to see this come back up! That house fell through but ended up with a house on 30 acres so it worked out
  3. 8 foot bed no cover is my favorite. I do like an aluminum cap to give the option.
  4. Forgot to update, here's a zoom pic to deter any web scouters lol. 65 birds
  5. Sitting on a field for geese now, should be a good one
  6. Tractor. Gear drive or hydro, enough said on that
  7. Thanks everyone, another good one!
  8. Thanks guys! I'm on Wellesley island for the week, I wish I could say I was waiting on some new dekes but looks like boat parts will be taking priority . Slight miss on the old lund
  9. Team 4, gonna be a slaughter!
  10. Nice, my brother has an outlaw. Way more fun than my lund lol
  11. Happy birthday hope it was a good one
  12. Not my business but my dad and I both own parcels in wny, southern erie and cattaraugus counties. Franklinville property values certainly aren't the same as areas of Allegheny county for example, they generally fetch more pr acre, even vs. Farther out parts of catt and chautauqua counties. Obviously the actual land and access etc also plays into it. But as long as both sides are happy that's what matters. I would say it's a reasonable deal, glad you guys are happy tree guy.
  13. BigVal


    In all seriousness I wont have much time this year but I have done a little scouting. Found a few fields by my house to be holding geese and numbers of birds moving around to be a bit low. The usual roost spots have birds on them as well. I'll probably hunt a couple times to do some early training with my new pup.
  14. BigVal


    Count me in too I'll bring my call a layout and gun