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  1. BigVal

    Tractor supply chicken...

    All this really blows my mind lol another awesome one
  2. BigVal

    And on Easter this happened.....

    My cat got one this morning too! He enjoyed the choice pieces and left the rest for me
  3. BigVal


    Jeesh give him a break. I woulda bought them for 20 bucks too, hes just showing some knives he got. Doesn't have to turn into a debate on who believes drugs are the problem and who thinks the person is the problem.
  4. BigVal

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Got all the mowers going. One scag seems to have a bad head gasket but I'm ready to go. Likely to start next week
  5. BigVal

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    To fish chautauqua in the rain or to sleep in hmm
  6. BigVal

    New eagle WIP

    That's sick every eagle you make is amazing I keep liking the new ones most lol
  7. BigVal

    I hate this time of year....

    Get on some browns! I agree with the downfalls of spring but the fishing is always awesome this time of year
  8. BigVal

    Happy birthday First-light

    Happy birthday!
  9. BigVal

    My new place

    Awesome I appreciate it! Same goes for you
  10. BigVal

    My new place

    Thanks! Town of north collins in 9h
  11. BigVal

    My new place

    Thanks everyone things are moving along nicely I cant wait to have the key and go ahead to do what I want with it.
  12. BigVal

    My new place

    Yes definitely going to live there , the house is dated but solid and livable, will update as time goes on
  13. BigVal

    My new place

    Thanks everyone! It hasn't sank in yet that I'll be able to hunt, shoot, hike, do whatever right out the back door. Lawd this one is in erie county actually around north collins, g man I'll definitely be working on the ford as a project its bee sitting but Is all there and actually solid. I'll update with more pics as I take them itll be a little while before close but the plans are running through my head
  14. BigVal

    My new place

    Haha yep I'll be in the market for another tractor just thought it was a cool pic